Basic Information[edit | edit source]

  • Affection can be increased to 150% for Gold+ Rarity units.
  • Limit Breaking requires a Personal Item present.
  • Units with 101+ Affection will receive additional stat bonuses and additional Quotes.
    • However, they will not be getting any new events/scenes.
  • Collab Units will not be available for limit-breaking.

Personal Item Information[edit | edit source]

  • Personal Items can be used to Limit Break the affection caps of your units.
  • For Females, the required items are given as follows:
Gold Sapphire Platinum Black
Gold Ring Icon.png
Gold Ring
Sapphire Ring Icon.png
Sapphire Ring
Platinum Ring Icon.png
Platinum Ring
Black Ring Icon.png
Black Ring
10xDemon Crystal Icon.png 20xRainbow Crystal Icon.png 25xDemon Crystal Icon.png 35xRainbow Crystal Icon.png 25xDemon Crystal Icon.png 35xRainbow Crystal Icon.png 40xDemon Crystal Icon.png 50xRainbow Crystal Icon.png
  • For Males, the required item is:
Medal Icon.png
25xDemon Crystal Icon.png 35xRainbow Crystal Icon.png
  • Each Item increases affection by 10%, meaning it requires 5 Items total to reach 150% per 1 unit.
  • You cannot use Personal Items on units who have not reached 100 Affection. 
  • You can use Personal Items on un-Awakened units who have reached 100 Affection.
  • You can only use Personal Items on Units of matching rarities.
  • For the Daily Fame Requirement of "Using 1 Affection Item on a Unit", using a Personal Item on a unit fulfills this requirement as well.

Obtaining Personal Items[edit | edit source]

  • Clearing in-game Events is one way of obtaining Personal Items. This includes from Completion Bonuses, reaching a certain amount of Stars in SR Events, or reaching a certain number of Items in IC Events.
  • Another way of obtaining them is via trading using Demon Crystals or Rainbow Crystals.
    • There is a limit to the number of Personal Items available for trading every month.
      • This limit will be reset monthly.
  • The last way of obtaining them is via distributions from Campaigns.

Regarding additional Affection Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • Units with Affection over 100 will gain an additional Affection Bonus.
  • Increasing a unit's Affection beyond 100 will increase this additional bonus, but will not increase existing affection bonus parameters.
    • For example, if a unit had HP/ATK for their base Affection Bonuses and gained DEF for their post-100 Affection Bonus, only DEF would be increased beyond 100 Affection. HP/ATK would remain unchanged.
  • Affection Bonus increase is linear and equal across all 5 steps.

Rewards upon reaching 150 Affection[edit | edit source]

  • Upon reaching 150 Affection, you will receive rewards based on the rarity of the unit you increased the affection for.
Rarity Reward
Gold 1 Sacred Crystal
Sapphire 2 Sacred Crystals
Platinum 3 Sacred Crystals
Black 5 Sacred Crystals

Even if duplicates of a unit reach 150 Affection, rewards will still be given out as per usual.

For example:
Katie (1) reaches 150 Affection: You get 1 SC
Katie (2) reaches 150 Affection: You get another 1 SC
Thus it should theoretically be possible to reuse the same Gold unit by resetting it's affection via Silver/Gold barracks.

Calculations[edit | edit source]

5 Rings are needed to reach 150 Affection for a unit.

  • Gold Rings: 10 DC / 20 RC
  • Platinum Rings: 25 DC / 35 RC
  • Sapphire Rings: 25 DC / 35 RC
  • Black Rings: 40 DC / 50 RC
  • SC per Gold Unit: 1 SC every 5 Rings, or 1 SC every 50 DC / 100 RC
  • SC per Sapphire Unit: 2 SC every 5 Rings
    • 2 SC every 125 DC / 175 RC
    • 1 SC every 62.5 DC / 87.5 RC
  • SC per Platinum Unit: 3 SC every 5 Rings
    • 3 SC every 125 DC / 175 RC
    • 1 SC every 41.67 DC / 58.3 RC
  • SC per Black Unit: 5 SC every 5 Rings
    • 5 SC every 200 DC / 250 RC
    • 1 SC every 40 DC / 50 RC

Icon Display Information[edit | edit source]


  • Units who have reached 150% Affection will have their icons in the Affection menu updated to reflect that status.
  • Units who are eligible for Limit Breaking will have a star-shaped icon displayed above their face icon in the Affection menu.

Future Implementation Schedule[edit | edit source]

  • The Limit Breaks for certain rarities of Female and Male Units will be implemented in batches in future updates.

Affection Bonus List[edit | edit source]

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