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Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Defense Magic Drone
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Can employ Sorcery Drones.

While in your 1st Barracks, all allied units gain 2% Defense, and all allied Machines gain 5% Attack.

Arge (Black) AW Icon.png
AW Icon.png
  • Begins with 3 token charges; Can employ up to 1 simultaneously.
  • Sorcery Drones have 0 Block, 200 Range, ???, and do not count toward the deployment limit.
    • While this token is deployed, when Arge (Black) is defeated, she is fully restored after a short time, and the token is removed.
  • Result calculated before sortie (truncates after the decimal point).
  • Stacks with Abilities of a different name (adds 2%/5% to the boost rate).