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Ability Name Effect Units Notes
New Year's Celebration Bag
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This unit has Gold Get!.

Gold Get!'s activation chance is increased.

On mission clear, awarded Gold is increased by 7%.

This ability row will have background highlighting on the following page(s): Leeanne (New Year's).
Leeanne (New Year's) AW Icon.png
AW Icon.png
  • 30% activation chance.
  • Leeanne (New Year's) only needs to be a member of the active team for the mission clear bonus to take effect.
  • Owning this unit is enough to add the mission clear bonus to commission sortie.
  • Stacks with the 3* clear Gold Bonus (1.5x), as well as Gold Get!.
  • This ability's mission clear effect is overridden by Staff of Fertility, Fortune Bringer, Peddler's Savings, and Wealthy Merchant's Wit.