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Title Attribute & Artillery Support
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Can employ Bombardment Points.

While on the active team, grants the Prince special abilities depending on the equipped title.

Anna (Uniform) Icon.png
  • Begins with 9 tokens; Can employ up to 3 simultaneously.
  • Bombardment Points are traps that perform a physical splash attack (150) when triggered.
  • HP Up Title - Regenerates 15 HP/0.5s
    • Regeneration disabled by paralysis.
  • Attack Up Title - Attacks ignore defense
  • Defense Up Title - Block +1
  • Skill Effect Up Title - Magic Resistance +10
  • Awakening - Cost -3
  • Result calculated before sortie.
  • Stacks with Abilities of a different name.
  • Does not stack with the ability
    Title Attribute Endowment.