Healer Alissa drops from the following Event Missions.

  • Event and Mission names in Bold are no longer available.
  • Mission names in italicized Red no longer drop Alissa.
  • Mission names in bolded Green have Alissa as a Completion Reward.
  • Mission names in bolded and italicized Purple have Alissa as a no longer obtainable Completion Reward.
  • All other Missions are repeatable via Revived events or Daily Revivals.
Alissa (Up to Date 07/01/20)
Event Mission Cha Sta
Cloris Icon Save the Witch! Witch's Madness 45 5
Horus Icon Swordswoman of the Boiling Sands Assault on the Capital 50 3
Beatrica Icon The Treacherous Pirate Fire Fight 50 1
Rita Icon Shadow Sniper Creeping Shadows 30 3
Anna Icon Anna's Great Adventure A Stolen Home 20 1
Eliza Icon Anna and The Snow Beauty Broken Seal 40 5
Corin Icon The Alchemist and the Philosopher's Stone The Army of Hell 90 12
Miranda Icon Holy Hammer Warrior's Challenge Magic and Armor 55 7
Sera Icon The Priest Warrior and the Great Mithril Soldier Awakened Mechanical Soldier 70 8
Reanbell Icon The Ghost Ship and the Admiral's Resolve Ship of the Ghosts 30 3
Reshia Icon The Dark Knight and the Sacred Forest's Guard New Orc 40 4
N/a Gold Rush 9 Men's Training 30 2
Revy Icon Witch Doctor and the Youma Queen Dastardly Trap 40 5
Rumaria Icon Vampire and the Holy Avenger Incessant Fluttering 40 5
Kokoro Icon The Witch Who Leapt Through Time Escape the Capital (Past) 50 5
Sereina Icon Angels' Plot The Archangel and Sky-dancing Angels 55 7
Elias Icon Imperial Healer Brutal Elder Troll 70 6
Shino Icon Nurarihyon's Daughter Mononoke of Wind and Lightning 80 9
Erica Icon The Pumpkins' Magic Armor Soldier Re-Summoning of Majin Bifrons 70 6
Reve Icon Memories of the Battlefield Eastern Warriors (Memory) 30 2
Phyllis (Yukata) Icon Prince Army's Summer Festival Water-Splashing Tournament Preparations 40 5
Sayo Icon Memories of the Battlefield
~Recollection Chapter~
Young Prince (Memory) 30 2
Aleese Icon Imperial Knight and the Fires of Rebellion Second Joint Exercise 70 6
Prince Keraunos IconNephty Icon God-Slaying Sacred Spear Giant Soldier Guarding the Sacred Spear 40 4
Lan-Fa Icon Lingering Scent of Flowers that Remember the Deceased Sand-Manipulating Evil Hermit 50 5
Hyuna Icon Evil Bird Archer Unrelenting Pursuer 70 6
Sonken Chuubo Icon Koihime from Another World Greatest Match Between Rulers 70 6
Noire Icon Devil-Conquering Avenger Sealing Crystal Labyrinth 40 4
Shadia Icon Spear of Rebellion and Maou's Awakening Dark Knight's Chosen Path 40 3
Camilla (Christmas) Icon Holy Night's Healer Praying to the Stars Rescue Drill: Sliding Courage of Makai 55 7
Homura Icon Kijin Ōtakemaru and the Black Scarlet Wings Tengu Village Defensive Battle 50 7
Mammon Icon Majin of Greed and the Power of Destruction Desired Battle to the Death 70 6
Estrie Icon Bloodsucking Princess and the Broken Magic Sword Giant Corpses' Immense Strength 40 4
Eir Icon Monstrous Bugs Nesting in the World Tree Clash with Spider Queen 50 5
Berna (Bride) Icon Red Rogue Bride The Poor Adventurers and the Value of the String 40 4
Mao (Yukata) Icon Ayakashi Tanuki and Yukata Fistfighter Erlang's Game 70 6
Renarde (Halloween) Icon Jungle Halloween Party Pumpkins, Bones, and the Gates of Makai 55 7
Ertel (Christmas) Icon Demon Santa's Toy Factory Battle in the Toy Factory 40 5
Raichi (School) Icon Two Stars Aiming for the Top Corps' Commander Cheering Everyone On! 50 5
Diera (Bride) Icon June Bride Midnight Pursuing the Brides 40 4
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