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Anna's Great Adventure (アンナの大冒険) is a gold rush-style type urgent mission that originally ran from 11/20/14 to 12/04/14.

Start Date End Date
25/02/2016 10/03/2016
19/09/2019 26/09/2019
14/11/2019 05/12/2019

Rewards Edit

This is a hybrid of the star rush and gold rush event types. In a star rush, the player earns rewards by completing missions and earning stars. Unit rewards will be received based on the amount of collected stars at the end of the event whereas additional rewards are granted instantly. Gold Rushes are similar to Story Missions in that they have 3 drops and a completion bonus. However, the completion bonuses are (almost) all of gold rarity, as the name of the event implies.

By their nature, Gold Rushes have low drop rates, and so repeated runs will be necessary to receive rewards.

Condition Reward
Earn 1 star Anna
Earn 3 stars UP cost -1 (-1)
Earn 5 stars Skill level 2
Earn 7 stars UP cost -1 (-2)
Earn 5 stars Skill level 3
Earn 11 stars UP cost -1 (-3)
Earn 13 stars Skill level 4
Earn 15 stars UP cost -1 (-4)
Earn 17 stars Skill level 5
Earn 18 stars UP cost -1 (-5)

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Completion
Sta Life Enemies
A Mournful Battle
20 150 750 15 8
Bouquet Icon
Soldier (Unit) A Icon
Soldier (Unit) A lv5
Soldier (Bow) A Icon
Soldier (Bow) A lv5
Soma Icon
Soma lv1
1 15 15
A Stolen Home
20 200 1200 15 8
Cyrille Icon
Spirit of Silver
Soldier (Heavy) B Icon
Soldier (Heavy) B lv8
Soldier (Unit) B Icon
Soldier (Unit) B lv8
Alissa Icon
Alissa lv1
1 15 45
The Hidden Ninja Village
30 200 1200 15 8
Kagerou Icon
Kagerou lv8
Ninja (Unit) Icon
Ninja (Unit) lv8
Hayate Icon
Hayate lv8
Katie Icon
Katie lv1
2 25 25
The Forbidden Island
30 200 1200 15 8
Mortimer Icon
Mortimer lv8
Bandit Minion A Icon
Bandit Minion A lv8
Bergan Icon
Bergan lv8
Julian Icon
Julian lv1
2 15 26
The Grand Elder Stirs X
大長老の奮起 極級
40 240 1500 20 8
Gadoras Icon
Gadoras lv10
Ryujin Soldier Icon
Ryujin Soldier lv10
Crystal Icon
Fleur Icon
Spirit of Time
2 15 41
Mission added in Revival
Demon King's Remnants
30 200 1800 15 8
Russell Icon
Russell lv8
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
Cyrille Icon
Silver Spirit
Happy Icon
2 15 54
Fire Incarnate
20 200 1200 15 8
Calliope Icon
Calliope lv8
Bandit Minion B Icon
Bandit Minion B lv8
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
Crave Icon
Crave lv1
1 15 24
The Princesses' Stroll G
姫達の気まぐれ散歩 神級
50 250 1800 15 8
Diamond Icon
Diamond x2
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
Victoire Icon
Spirit of Awakening
2 20 38
A Strange Group of Monsters
20 240 1200 40 8
Sara Icon
Spirit of Bronze
Cyrille Icon
Spirit of Silver
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Carrie Icon
Carrie lv1
2 30 77
Mission added in Revival
Demon King's Shadow
50 250 2700 10 8
Renarde Icon
Renarde lv12
Cyrille Icon
Spirit of Silver
Bouquet Icon
Fleur Icon
Spirit of Time
2 10 66

Notable EnemiesEdit

Enemy Unit
Sherry (Awakened)
Sherry (Awakened)
Magic 8000 900 500 146
Initial: 22
2 UP
Lilia (Awakened)
Lilia (Awakened)
Magic 12000 700 500
MR 10
Initial: 25
2 UP
Carrie AW Sprite
Physical 15000 1000 700
MR 30
Initial: 53
3 UP
Maou Garius (Spirit) Sprite
Maou Garius (Spirit)
Melee Physical 55000 2200 400
MR 40
Initial: 64
0 UP
At 50% health, gains ranged attacks, higher attack speed, and an aura.
Prompts BGM change.
Ranged (144) 141
Initial: 64
Move: 61
Missile: 12
3 UP
Has aura
Prompts BGM change.

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations taken from Nutaku version.
A Mournful Battle

Anna: Time goes by so fast, don't you think, Prince?

Anna: It's been a long time since the day monsters overran our peaceful land.

Anna: That gigantic horde of disgusting monsters that appeared at the castle... All of the soldiers who were mercilessly slaughtered...

Anna: And the day I persuaded you, with the burning city at your back, to escape the royal castle... I can remember it all like it was yesterday.

Anna: That dark, wet escape path was my last hope.

Soma: I can still hear the sounds of the monsters' footsteps chasing me that day... It took everything I had to get you to the exit...

Anna: The giant horde of monsters that chased us...

Anna: To face them was to face overwhelming despair, but the soldiers still threw down their lives to ensure the great hero's blood lived on.

Anna: When I think about what they did, I feel like my heart is breaking... Prince, let's go and honor their souls today.

Monster: Gya-gya!

Anna: ...! A monster! At a time like this!? You won't even allow us the time to lay flowers before the graves of our fallen solders...

Anna: ...Prince! Let me stand on the front lines today!


Anna: The monsters finally seem to be gone. Now we'll be able to take our time and pay our respects to the spirits of the dead.

Anna: ...

Anna: Well then, should we head back, Prince?

Anna: (So much time has passed.)

Anna: (I wanted to stand on the front lines out of respect for our fallen soldiers.)

Anna: (But when I saw those monsters right in front of me, I was too terrified to move...)

Anna: (I was supposed to be honoring the soldiers... I'm so helpless.)

Anna: (After what I did, I don't deserve to face the soldiers.)

The Goddess Aigis: Human child... You seem to have worries weighing on your mind.

Anna: Aigis!

The Goddess Aigis: Go to the land where the fallen soldiers rest, you will find your answer there.

Anna: The land of the fallen soldiers...

The Goddess Aigis: Whether or not you decide to move forward is all up to you. But I have faith in you, Anna...

Anna: Oh, Aigis...!

Anna: What in the world was that just now...?

Anna's Introduction

Anna: I received a divine revelation from Aigis just now, but what does it mean? I'll find my answers where the fallen soldiers rest? I'm certain that's what the goddess said

Anna: Is it all up to me to decide?

Anna: When I think back on this journey, it hasn't been very long, but so much has happened.

Anna: The things Aigis told me must mean something. I just know it.

Anna: I have to go and find out what the goddess was trying to tell me.

Anna: Prince, let me come to the front with you.

Anna: This journey is what I need to change myself. I feel it inside.

Anna: Please...

A Stolen Home

Weak Monster: Gya-gyaaa!

Anna: ...Monsters!

Weak Monster: Wait. We not bad monsters.

Weak Monster: We no do bad things to humans.

Weak Monster: So, we teased by other monsters. Lots of red things come... Our home gone. Help...

Anna: What...!? I can't believe this. Monsters asking humans for help...?

Anna: ...Alright. Your eyes are honest. I'm going to trust you're telling the truth.

Alissa: Yeah! I don't think theses guys would do anyone harm. I guess some monsters don't like to fight!

Alissa: They may be monsters, but if they want peace then, as a healer, I want to help them!

Anna: Let's help them get their home back, Prince.

Weak Monster: You our saviors!


Anna: You should be ok now. You can return to your home.

Weak Monster: Thank you. We go home now.

Weak Monster: You nice people.

Anna: There's no need to thank us. Take care.

Weak Monster: Ok. One day I treat you to feast. Feast!

Anna: ...No, you really don't have to. As long as you're able to live safely and peacefully, that's enough for us.

Weak Monster: So humble...!

Anna: I never imagined monsters like those existed. We've never met any like that before.

Anna: I guess when your home is taken away, it always hurts, whether you're a monster or a human.

Anna: Anyway, I'm glad they got their home back. Well, let's hurry onwards.

The Hidden Ninja Village

Anna: Where are we...? We must have taken a wrong turn... I've never seen this place before.

Anna: Excuse me, is anyone here?

Ninja Underling: Who're you? I haven't see you around here before. What's the password!? ...Mountain!

Anna: Mountain? U-Umm... M-Mountain!

Ninja Underling: There's somethin' sketchy about you. Scram!

Anna: Prince, they don't seem to be listening! They're headed this way!

Katie: Those ninjas don't care about fighting fair, Prince. Their specialty is surrounding their enemies from a distance and attacking with throwing shuriken.

Katie: They could defeat us before we even have a chance to land a single blow...

Anna: I have to do something to help you, Prince...!

Anna: I know! Even though I don't have magic powers, there should be a way for me to use continuous healing ability.

Anna: I'm pretty sure I read something about it in an old book...!

Anna: It'll be gradual this time, but I'll help you continuously recover energy.

Anna: I won't be able to heal you dramatically all at once like the healers, but I'll try to make up for it by staying close and supporting you!


Anna: Phew. Those irregular movements of theirs were really frightening, huh?

Anna: If we didn't have experience battling ninjas, we might not be standing here now...

Anna: But really though, I can't believe they had a hideout here... I thought ninjas were supposed to be good at intelligence gathering and strategy.

Anna: They originally served their master and worked to protect the world from the monsters as we do...

Anna: But now, with the monsters running rampant and their master at the hands of those same monsters,

Anna: the ninjas have no choice but to side with the monsters...

Anna: They may be our enemies again in the future... We're going to have to be very careful from here on out, Prince.

The Forbidden Island

Anna: There sea breeze feels nice, doesn't it, Prince? We had our fair share of experiences here too, didn't we?

Bandit Leader: Damn it! What's the deal with these slimy bastards!? They just keep comin'... Plus, I can't find the treasure anywhere.

Bandit Leader: What the hell is goin' on? How's it lookin' over there?

Bandit: Nothing but slime.

Anna: Huh...? Bandits? Why would they be here...? We're surrounded by the sea.

Bandit Leader: ...! Looks like we've got some competition. This is no time to be messin' around with the slime.

Bandit: Ack! Help, boss! I can't move in this slime!

Bandit Leader: Be a man and deal with it! The info we got from that pirate was definitely the real deal!

Bandit Leader: All we gotta do is defeat them and the slime, and we'll be rich!

Anna: Urgk... It looks like they're heading this way.

Julian: Monsters don't make distinctions between humans. Thanks to the bandits, the monsters are heading this way too.

Julian: Although, they don't compare to the monster horde that attacked the castle.

Anna: Prince, I'm going to use my healing abilities to help you again!

Anna: Also, the green monsters should have had their magical ability reduced by half... Be careful, Prince!


Anna: It looks like this area is finally free of monsters.

Monica: Hm? I feel like I've seen you guys somewhere before.

Anna: You...! Aren't you the pirate we met before!?

Monica: Oh, I remember! You're the group with the prince who helped me look for the treasure! I made a lot of money thanks to you guys.

Bandit Leader: Hey, you! You lied to me! There ain't no treasure around here!

Monica: Oh? There's no treasure? Hmm... Somebody probably took it. I didn't know much about this place the last time I was here.

Bandit Leader: What the hell...? We came all the way down the mountain to the sea for nothin'...?

Monica: What are you mumbling about? You guys are bandits, right?

Monica: You've been outlaws your whole life, what are you complaining about all of a sudden?

Monica: Whether you choose to trust the intelligence you were given or not is your responsibility.

Bandit Leader: *grumble....*

Monica: Well, there's no treasure here. Let's move on to another spot!

Monica: Actually... I heard a rumor about a new spot with treasure. Do you want to hear about it?

Prince: ...

Monica: Hehe... You're not interested at all, are you? I like men like that!

Monica: I'll tell you, but in exchange, you have to help me!

Monica: There's poisonous gas in the place I'm going next. I'll never be able to make it alone.

Monica: Besides, it's not every day I get to go treasure hunting with a guy as hot as you... You've gotta come with me!

The Grand Elder Stirs X

Anna: This gigantic hole, it can't be-!

Grand Elder: ...Oh! You there! Perfect! Please, stop my countrymen! There're not listening to me anymore...

Anna: You're the ryujin's Grand Elder!

Grand Elder: I was just about to try and to stop them.

Grand Elder: We fought as enemies in the Millennium War, but that's a thing of the past now...

Grand Elder: That era is over.

Grand Elder: There's no point in quarreling now that so few of our race remain.

Grand Elder: Now is the time to work together for the prosperity of both our races.

Grand Elder: ...However, some of the ryujin refuse. Some of us have taken up arms to suppress those opposed to coexistence.

Grand Elder: Now, the ryujins are split into two factions, fighting amongst themselves.

Grand Elder: I'm getting old. That probably one reason why I don't have as much political influence as I used to.

Grand Elder: But now, the opposing party is grabbing military power and starting to lead the troops up to invade the surface.

Grand Elder: No matter what I do, I can't seem to stop them. I simply can't abide anymore meaningless fighting.

Anna: I see... In that case, we'd be honored to help.

Grand Elder: I'm counting on you. Humans and ryujin must learn to coexist.

Anna: Prince, the ryujin have thick scales. A normal sword will be useless against them...

Anna: There must be some way... I believe I once saw a scroll describing a treasure blade... It said the blade could be infused with magical power.

Anna: Prince...! I infused your sword with the power of the treasure blade. Now, not even their thick scales will stand a chance!


Grand Elder: I finally managed to talk some sense into them... They no longer wanted to take up arms against their own kind

Echidna: Are you alright, Grand Elder!?

Grand Elder: Ah, the priestess. Yes, as you can see, I'm fine.

Echidna: Thank goodness! I can't believe you risked your own life to stop the fighting...

Echidna: You've changed a lot from the days when you hated humans. I'm so glad...!

Anna: I remember you...!

Echidna: It's been a long time. Thank you for helping me that other time.

Echidna: You saved me when I chased from the kingdom of the ryujins...

Echidna: The things you did then made me realize how kind humans can be. Now I know I was right.

Echidna: If Prince hadn't saved me then, the ryujin and the humans would probably still be fighting today...

Grand Elder: Yes, if you hadn't acted as you did back then, Priestess, the fighting would have had to continue.

Grand Elder: And we ryujin, outnumbered by humans, would have been defeated...

Grand Elder: I've gotten older as well... Spending all my time cooped up underground with my old comrades made me a prisoner of fate.

Echidna: This world we live in now is nothing but chaos. Even the monsters have lost all semblance of order.

Echidna: But the blood of the great hero pumps in Prince's veins. I know he can bring peace to the world. My people and I really believe that now.

Grand Elder: Thank you for your help, Prince. I intend to use the time I have left to bring my people together as best I can.

Grand Elder: Even an old soldier like myself can be useful sometimes. I'm still not ready to admit defeat to the younger generation.

Anna: Now is the time for the ryujin and the humans to come together. Let's do our best to create a world where we can all live in peace!

Fire Incarnate

Crave: Hmph. Just as I thought, this scorching cave will be perfect for training.

Bandit Leader: Hey, hey, hey! Why's it so hot in here!?

Dwarf: Hm? You're hot? Pfft, what a weakling. And you dare call yourself a bandit...

Bandit Leader: Sh-Shut up. I just mean to say I'm all fired up 'cause I'm excited for the treasure, that's all!

Bandit Leader: But anyway, does that treasure really exist or what?

Dwarf: My people have many ancient books. One describes something capable of imbuing its owner with "great power."

Dwarf: We've been searching for it for ages! There's no doubt it's amazing.

Bandit Leader: Oh-ho, that does sound amazing. I've heard that old treasures are usually hidden away in places that humans can't easily access.

Bandit Leader: The treasure is here, I can feel it!

Crave: What's all the commotion about? I'm never going to be able to train at this rate... I'm outta here.

Bandit Leader: Hm? I felt like I saw someone but... I guess I was just imagining things. That's what happens when you're in a cave this hot.

Anna: Phew! This place is seriously hot, Prince.

Bandit Leader: Hey!! Who's that there!?

Bandit Leader: ...You guys again!? You're always showin' up when I'm lookin' for treasure. You're obviously here to swipe our treasure!

Dwarf: I'm not giving you our treasure!

Anna: Prince...! It's the bandits! What in the world is going on!? They're headed this way!

Anna: It's extremely hot here. The heat is sapping the soldier's strength. Please be careful!

(Small Efreets appear)

Dwarf: Wow! That's... The great fire spirit!

Dwarf: That's what the blacksmith god used to forge the legendary weapon!

Dwarf: It seems a little small, though... Meh, whatever! That just makes it easier to carry home!

Dwarf: Plus, it'll fit perfectly into the pot in my workshop! I'm sure it'll get bigger soon enough if I take care of it!

Anna: That fire monster... Is it a summon beast...!? Only a summoner should be able to handle that thing!

Anna: Be careful, Prince! They seem to consider us enemies, and they're heading this way!

Anna: Those monsters are using powerful magic to attack! I've imbued your armor with power to make it a little more resistant to magic!

Bandit Leader: Hey, hey...! You're tellin' me that fire monster is the treasure...? I couldn't sell that thing for a single cent! Damn it! I've been fooled again...!

Bandit Leader: I could have a thousand lives and never see the day I defeat that monster! We've gotta hurry, defeat the prince, and get outta here...!


Anna: Phew! I didn't think we were going to be fighting that summon beast today...

Anna: And that doll made using ancient technology seems to have been unsealed as well.

Anna: This cave really is dangerous. We should probably keep our distance.

Anna: Ok, there's no reason to stay here any longer, Prince. Let's get going.

The Princesses' Stroll G

Sherry: Well, well, well... And who might you all be? Only highborn princesses like ourselves are allowed to enter this place.

Anna: I'm sorry, we had no idea. We're lost.

Anna: My name is Anna. This is the prince I serve. He's descended from the great hero of the Millennium War.

Lilia: Oh? Are you really descended from the great hero? I wonder... I think they're lying, Sherry.

Sherry: I agree. Let's test and see if he's really descended from the great hero.

Sherry: Don't let your guard down just because we're princesses. Our legendary treasure blade possesses all kinds of magic.

Anna: Magic...!? Be careful, Prince. Their sword seems to possess a mysterious power.

Anna: I gave imbued your armor with more power, Prince! Now you should be a bit more resistant to the power of their treasure blade...


Lilia: You guys are pretty strong! What a surprise!

Sherry: It seems you really are descended from the great hero. It was an honor to meet you.

Sherry: This place is usually strictly off-limits to men, but we'll make a special exception for you.

Sherry: Get in touch with us the next time you drop by and we'll give you an official welcome at the palace!

Anna: I'm glad they understand. Well, let's move on to the next place!

A Strange Group of Monsters

Monster: The prince! He's here! He's here!

Soldier: Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Enemy troops are headed this way!

Anna: Troops...? Be careful, Prince. The monsters are moving differently from usual.

Anna: Perhaps you should head back and observe for a little while before handing down orders.

Anna: There are so many more enemies than usual here. I'll give you some power to help you face them!

Kerry: Whoa, whoa...! My horse is out of control! Somebody stop him!


Anna: We finally defeated them. But I still can't believe the monsters organized themselves into troops before attacking. How odd.

Anna: When I first began this journey, I was helpless before the monsters.

Anna: But after asking you to allow me to stand on the front lines, I was able to learn a new ability.

Anna: I never would have been able to do this without you, Prince.

Anna: It was a deviation from my duties as executive officer. Thank you for indulging my selfish request.

Anna: I intend to continue using the abilities I learned on this journey to support you, Prince.

The Goddess Aigis: Human child... You seem to have found your way out of your confusion.

Anna: The goddess Aigis!

The Goddess Aigis: That power of yours will be vital to the prince and to the future of the world. I have high hopes for you.

Anna: Yes, Aigis. Your divine revelation led me to learn so many things.

Anna: My power isn't much, but I'll do my best to use it for the good of the prince and to bring peace to the world.

The Goddess Aigis: Now, with my power waning, I have no choice but to rely on you all.

The Goddess Aigis: Descendant of the great hero... The evil power in this world remains strong.

The Goddess Aigis: The monsters cannot be defeated and peace cannot return to this world without your power.

The Goddess Aigis: You are irreplaceable, but you also have many allies.

The Goddess Aigis: You must not forget that. They will do everything in their power to help you.

Anna: The fighting will probably only intensify from here on out, Prince.

Anna: But if we work together with the people who've become our allies, I know we'll be victorious!

Anna: Let's create a peaceful future for the world!

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