Anna and Snow Beauty

Anna and The Snow Beauty (アンナと雪の美女) is a farming-type Urgent Mission that ran from 12/18/14 to 12/25/14.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units


Sta Life Enemies
Great Snow-Capped Peak
20 140 750 20 8
Kagerou Icon
Kagerou Lv5
Foot Soldier Icon
Foot Soldier Lv5
1 10 17
Soldier (Heavy) A Icon
Soldier (Heavy) A Lv5 -
Assassin of White Snow
25 180 1125 20 8
Calliope Icon
Calliope Lv8
Atla Icon
Atla Lv8
2 10 36
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal -
Witch of Snow-Capped Peak
30 220 1500 15 8
Eliza Icon
Eliza Lv10
Gustav Icon
Gustav Lv10
3 10 24
Hayate Icon
Hayate Lv10 x2 -
Additional notes:

Blizzard weather effect happens at certain timings

Broken Seal
40 300 2250 15 9
Lauren Icon
Lauren Lv12
Alissa Icon
Alissa Lv12
5 10 50
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
Ancient Monster
55 420 2700 35 8
Eliza Icon
Eliza Lv15
Valerie Icon
Valerie Lv15
7 15 27
Elaine Icon
Elaine Lv15
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) x2
Additional notes:

Blizzard weather effect happens at certain timings

Great Invasion of Evil Spirits
100 200 1500 25 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 10 29
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Snow Wolf Sprite
Snow Wolf
Physical 1800 370 130
MR 20
Initial: 8
1 UP
Immune to adverse effects of blizzards.
  • Blizzard: ATK x1.3
  • Heavy Blizzard: ATK x1.5
Blue Snowman Sprite
Blue Snowman
Ranged (120) Magic 1200 200 20 171
Initial: 25
Move: 101
Missile: 6
1 UP
Immune to adverse effects of blizzards.
  • Blizzard: ATK x1.3
  • Heavy Blizzard: ATK x1.5
Yeti Sprite
Melee Physical 6000 820 220
MR 20
Initial: 12
2 UP
Immune to adverse effects of blizzards.
  • Blizzard: ATK x1.3
  • Heavy Blizzard: ATK x1.5
Eliza Sprite
Ranged (96)
Magic 6000 450 100
MR 10
Initial: 40
Move: 161
Missile: 6
3 UP
Immune to adverse effects of blizzards.
  • Blizzard: ATK x1.3
  • Heavy Blizzard: ATK x1.5
Ranged (120)
10000 800 150
MR 10
Baphomet Sprite
Physical 8000 700 150
MR 5
Initial: 24
2 UP
Prompts BGM change.
Ancient Blue Demon Sprite
Ancient Blue Demon
Ranged (170)
Physical 12000 700 300
MR 15
Initial: 60
Move: 41
Missile: 10
2 UP
Ancient Purple Demon Sprite
Ancient Purple Demon
Ranged (170)
Physical 13000 1400 300
MR 15
Initial: 50
Move: 161
Missile: 15
2 UP
Attacks all units within range.
White Baphomet Sprite
White Baphomet
Physical 5200 900 400 177
Initial: 24
2 UP
Black Archdemon Sprite
Black Archdemon
Physical 15000 1000 150
MR 90
Initial: 46
1 UP

20000 1200 Has an aura.
Prompts BGM change.

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Snow Capt Land

Soldier: "Report! The forest around the temple is covered in snow!"

Anna: "Covered in snow? Even though it's winter, we've never had snow fall on the forest around temple..."

Anna: "Strange..."

Soldier: "...! Enemy attack, enemy attack! Monsters are heading this way!"

Anna: "Prince, let's prepare for battle for the time being!"


Anna: "I wonder why snow is covering the forest around the shrine all of a sudden. We must investigate the cause..."

Snow-white Assassin

Anna: "...! This is... It looks the entire forest is covered in snow."

Anna: "However, that's not all."

(snowman appears)

Soldier: "What!? There's a monster that looks like a snowman!"

Anna: "That monster... We don't have time to ponder about it now. Prince, it looks like we have no choice but to repel them!"


Anna: "I knew it, there's no doubt about it. That snowman is the Ice Guardian Eliza's..."

Anna: "Prince, emergency discussion."

Eliza Introduction

Anna: "There's a mountain in this country that's usually closed off with ice."

Anna: "Towards the end of the Millennium War... There's a story that has been passed down about when the Goddess Aegis sealed the monsters..."

Anna: "You see, among the various places that they were sealed, one of them was that mountain."

Anna: "A clan of witches that manipulates winter live there, and have been guarding the seal for many generations."

Anna: "Although I'm from a lineage of those that served as parliamentary secretaries for this kingdom, the clan that guards the seal also served the kingdom like I do."

Anna: "Perhaps the current seal guardian is Eliza. When I was young, we often played together."

Anna: "The snowman from earlier was one of those that Eliza uses as servants. Maybe the temple being covered in snow was her doing."

Anna: "Whether or not that is the case, we won't know if we stay here. Prince, let's head to the snowy mountain, and check on how she's doing."

Snowy Witch

Eliza: "You're... Anna!"

Anna: "I knew it, you're Eliza, right? Eliza, what's with all of this snow?"

Eliza: "Please flee at once. Due to the monster's revival, the seal is about to be released. Not even I can handle it."

Anna: "In that case, you also get away from there!"

Eliza: "Well, right now I'm preoccupied with the monsters that suddenly appeared..."

Anna: "Even so..."

Eliza: "However, my duty is to protect the monsters' seal. I can't leave this area."

Monster: "Gyaggya!"

Anna: "Prince, monsters! Kuh... I can't see very well in this snowstorm."

Anna: "Prince, please be careful. I doubt you can fight like you normally do. Please give your orders with care."

[Weather: Snowstorm]
[-Enemy Movement Speed Decreased.]
[-Enemy/Allies Range Decreased.]
[-Certain Allies Abilities Increased.]
[-Certain Enemies/Allies Not Influenced.]
[-Enemies Not Influenced Attack Power Raised.]

(Eliza Appears)

Eliza: De... feat. Me..."

Anna: "That behaviour... Don't tell the monsters already...! Prince, she's probably being controlled by the monsters."


Anna: "Eliza, are you OK?"

Eliza: "Forget about me, the seal... We'll have problems if that were released."

Anna: "Understood. Prince, let's go check on the place with the seal."

Broken Seal

Anna: "There's... a large fissure in the ice!"

Soldier: "Report! Monsters are pouring out of the fissure in the ice seal!"

Anna: "What... Let's deal with the seal later. Prince, prepare to engage them!"

Ancient Monster

Anna: "Eliza. The seal has been released."

Eliza: "No way... I kept guarding it for all this time, yet..."

Ancient Monster: "It has been many years since I've been sealed within the earth. As I thought, the air outside is nice..."

Eliza: "That monster! It's a demonic monster that trampled the humans during the Millennium War long ago...! Such a thing..."

Ancient Monster: "Hoh. One of the guardians of that vexing seal. I haven't forgotten my grudge over being sealed deep within the cold earth."

Ancient Monster: "I'll have my way with you!"

Eliza: "Ugh... Guu... hh! My body... is moving on its own..."

Anna: "Eliza! What's the matter...?"

Anna: "Prince, we must hurry and save Eliza... She's my precious friend. Please do whatever it takes to save her!"

Great Demonic Invasion

Soldier: "Report! A horde of monsters are marching toward the goddess's temple!"

Anna: "Prince, it appears the monsters that were released from the seal are coming down the mountain. Prepare for engagement!"

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