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"So I'm finally free! Thank you, Prince...!"

Dragon Princess Anya is a black dragon princess.

Obtained from:

Stats Edit

Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min
Anya Icon
Lv1 1568 435 523 0 2 - 32 HP+420
Holy Sword
Lv80 2210 608 728
Anya AW Icon
Lv1 2092 582 692 20 2 - 32 HP+420
Holy Sword
↓ ↑
Shining Sword
Claiomh Solais

True Dragon's
Lv99 3250 729 884

Lv1 2613 595 692 35 2 - 32
Lv99 3900 756 884

Lv1 2222 649 731 20 2 - 32
Lv99 3380 810 923

Skill Edit

Name & Effect (edit info)
Holy Sword
For X seconds, physical
damage received is reduced
by 50%.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged



Anya 6☆
X Reuse
30 89
33 88
35 87
38 86
40 85
  • Only affects self.
  • Applied after defense.
  • Only reduces physical damage.

Skill Awakening Edit

Unit Skill Effect Reuse Initial
Anya AW Icon
Normal Holy Sword Ascalon For 40 seconds, physical damage received is reduced by 50%. 85 1
Awakened Shining Sword Claiomh Solais For 40 seconds, attack increases by 2.0x.
Attack all nearby ground enemies simultaneously (range 120).
50 5

Ability Edit

Ability Name Effect Units Notes
True Dragon's Scales
(edit info)
Magic Resistance +20.

While on the active team, all allied Dragons and Dragon Riders gain 10% HP.

Anya AW Icon
AW Icon
  • Boosted stats already displayed in unit's status.
  • Result calculated before sortie (truncates after the decimal point).
  • Stacks with Abilities of a different name (adds 10% to the boost rate).
  • This ability also affects
    Evil Dragon Knights.

Class Attributes Edit

Class Name (edit info) Traits/Effects Notes
Dragon Warrior Full power has been sealed away.
Power will not decrease in Makai.
Dragon Princess
Blocks 2 enemies and can ignore enemy defense.
Power will not decrease in Makai.
  • Considered a magic attack in damage calculation.
  • Enemies with Magic Resist will take reduced damage.
True Dragon Warrior
Blocks 2 enemies and can ignore enemy defense.

Can attack all blocked enemies.
Power will not decrease in Makai.

Dragon God Warrior
Blocks 2 enemies and can ignore enemy defense.

Can attack all blocked enemies.
Power will not decrease in Makai.
Magic resistance increased. During skill use, ATK and DEF increase by 1.3x.

  • Large HP increase, small ATK increase
  • MR+15
Dragon Ruler
Blocks 2 enemies and can ignore enemy defense.

Can attack all blocked enemies.
Power will not decrease in Makai.
ATK and DEF increases by 15% per dragon deployed (Dragon Riders inc.). Stacks up to 5x.

  • Small HP/DEF increase, large ATK increase
  • Evil Dragon Knights also count towards the stat boost.

Affection Edit

Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them. Edit

0% So I'm finally free! Thank you, Prince...!
15% There's no longer a need for our races to fight, then?
30% We'll repay our obligation by giving our all for you!
50% You had me by your side when I was at my worst.
60% Now we'll have a world where we can coexist.
80% I'll bear your child, and that child will be a go-between.
100% I've made up my mind! So don't run away, Prince!
130% 今日はどこに行くんですか? 山でも谷でもどんとこいですよ!
150% 王子様となら、どんな未来だって創っていけるって思います!
Adjutant I've been waiting for you, Prince! What are your plans for today?

Scenes Edit

30% Nude, Missionary (Virgin), Massive Creampie
100% Nude, Dominant Cowgirl (Creampie)

All-Age Conversation Scenes Edit

Translated by Petite Soeur (Patreon)

Anya #1:

My ears prick up to gleeful humming and when I begin to follow it, I notice Anya walking with a skip in her step.

Anya: "H—m, hm, h—m~♪ ... Ah! Prince-sama!"

"You're in quite a chipper mood, aren't you?" I said and Anya nodded with a great big, beaming smile on her face.

Anya: "The curse has been removed and I'm now free! I can't help but feel happy and..."

She, who was stuck in that dragon form, had her seal removed. Now, from her life as Drania, she is now living as Dragon Princess Anya. To her, the form she had previously must've been one of suffering.

Anya: "I'll do whatever I can to properly repay Prince-sama in the future... I've never been this happy before!"

Smiling innocently, she's so cute, I begin to feel a strong urge to embrace her. As if I'm being sucked into her blue eyes that reflect the sky, I feel like my body itself is being bound to Anya.

Anya: "I'll go anywhere, so long as it's with Prince-sama! These feelings are the same as I had in that old form."

Without averting her gaze, Anya looks at me and speaks. Her form is different, but those eyes filled with resolution are the same as the ones she had in her old form.

"That makes me happy." I smile back to her smiling face.

Anya #2:

I feel as if Anya's courtship's been increasing in intensity day by day.

It's not like I hate it, but sometimes I worry whether I'll have the stamina to keep up with her.

Anya: "P~r~i~n~c~e-s~a~m~a!"

While I was thinking that, Anya came up from behind with light steps and hugged me.

While embracing me, she talks to me in a position where she's hanging from my back with her feet dangling.

Anya: "Caught you! Did you know I was looking for you?"

"Did you have some business?" I asked and Anya answered 'no' with a blank look on her face.

Anya: "I just wanted to see Prince-sama! Is there something wrong with that?"

I smile wryly at her straight answer. "There's nothing wrong with it." I respond and Anya smiles with a happy look in her eyes.

I tried to blurt out something to that smile, but I forgot how to speak. Perhaps I've realised Anya holds a large space inside of me. I sighed with a shake of my head.

Anya: "Prince-sama and I will be key in creating the future. Of course, you'll be keeping my company, right?"

No matter how I answer, It's meaningless; she's already made up the answer in her head.

She's fixated on the bright future ahead of us, so I embrace Anya in an effort to respond to that.

R18 Conversation Scenes Edit

Translated by Nutaku

Anya #1:

Anya: "My dear Prince..."

Anya looks embarrassed as she holds her naked breasts in her hands.

You bury your face in her soft tits, poking her tiny nipples with your fingers.

Anya: "N... ku, My Dear...Prince. I, I can only show my thanks by doing this. Be my first."

Anya: "So, please, touch me, make yourself feel good..."

Anya: "I had been in my ugly form for so long, it's the least I can do for My Dear Prince for releasing me..."

You give her a kiss as she keeps talking.

You twist your wet tongue inside her mouth.

Anya: "Aa... n,nnn!"

She struggles to make coherent words, as if out of surprise.

She sucks hard on your tongue. You keep fondling her massive tits.

Anya: "Ngu! Strong... so strong! ku... fuu...."

She twists her body happily, nipples getting harder.

Anya: "An... I love when My Dear Prince plays with my tits..."

She is left smiling happily in a trance.

Without complaint she opens up her legs.

You place your hard cock inside her radiating pussy.

It's so tight as you get deep inside.

Realizing that is the wetness of a virgin pussy, you give it more power.

Anya: "Hiinn... aa, ann, My Dear Prince inside me... I can feel it..."

Anya: "A... nkuu, it's so ti-tight when you push it in... My Dear Prince"

She screams out in pleasure, pussy getting wetter as she squeezes it tighter.

Wanting to increase the sensation, you take a finger to her nipple and rub it tenderly.

Anya: "Aaa, nfu... I love My Dear Prince's touch, kisses, and cock... I love them all...!!"

Your start moving your hips further, and you speed up.

Out of her natural obedience, her responses get more intense.

Anya: "Aa, aa, ann, ha...nn, Uu... aan, My, My Dear Prince..."

Anya: "De-deep inside me... Aann, ann, your cock is, rubbing so much... It's so warm... I'm starting to feel so strange.

You feel your desire grow as she speaks, feeling the sensation rise within, you blow your load inside her.

Anya: "Haan... It's so warm... inside, it's so wet inside...!"

As you swing your hips to get it all out, she starts to tighten her pussy.

Anya: "I, I feel, so... so strange... I'm going to cum!!"

Overcome with it being her first experience, her body starts shaking fiercely.

Anya: "Afuu... My Dear Prince, it, it felt so good..."

Anya: "I, I feel that I am one with My Dear Prince now..."

With a happy look on her face, she reaches out her hand, and clenches tightly.

Anya #2:

You hear light footsteps and feel a heavy shock simultaneously.

Anya: "My Dear Prince, let's do it today too, sound good?"

She had already started taking off her clothes before she knew it was OK.

Anya: "This is another token of my appreciation, so don't try to get away!"

Anya: "Fufuu, our offspring will be a bridge between our races!"

She takes out your cock as she speaks, pulling it closer to her pussy.

Your cock responds to the soft touch of her skin, and the feeling of her tight pussy.

Anya: "You're not hard yet. But you will be very soon."

Anya: "Fufu, because My Dear Prince knows, he can have me anywhere... n... fua..."

Hearing those words, blood rushes to your cock and it grows bigger.

Anya: "Afuu, n...., oh it's much better. My Pussy and your cock are a perfect match"

She starts moving her hips intently.

She may be a bit childish, but she sure knows what a guy likes.

You start fucking her really hard, after a while she really feels it, and her juices flow.

Anya: "A...nn, yaa, my Dear Prince, when you move like that, it, it makes me want to cum..."

You weren't in the mood for sex before, but your cock's hard and you start fucking her.

Anya: "An, nnn...! I feel so happy when My Dear Prince moves so, aggressively..."

Anya: "I want kids but, feeling your cock inside makes me so... aaann, happy...!"

Her pussy tightens on your cock, trying to squeeze out your sexual desire.

Her pussy shows the signs of pure pleasure as you move your cock inside.

Anya: "Haan... haa... My Dear, Prince, it feels, good! So good...!"

Her pussy squirms inside.

She spasms a little again and again, sending the message that she is about to come.

Your dick gets warmer as it responds, you're seconds away from blowing your load.

Anya: "Aa,aaa... Aguu, th, that feels, so, good! My Dear Prince, I, love it..."

She closes her eyes tightly, just when you think her body's gone stiff, she rises her hips in the air.

Almost instantly, you thrust your cock right inside her and release your cum.

Anya: "Hiyaaaan! My Dear Prince's cock is, right up inside me...!"

Anya: "I, I can feel the warmth flowing afuu... haa... will we, make a kid?"

You leave your cock in her, as your hips twitch uncontrollably.

Anya: "Nn, don't take it out... This way I can feel my Dear Prince's warmth inside me"

Anya: "I think our chances of having a kid might have improved... fufuu"

She smiles sweetly as she speaks, short of breath.

Extra Conversation Scenes Edit

Translated by Petite Soeur (Patreon)

2nd Popularity Contest Event Units Category - 3rd Place

Anya: "Prince-sama—! Listen! Prince-sama—!!"

Anya: "I, I you see! Somehow, you see!"

Anya: "It seems I won during the popularity vote—!!"

Anya: "——Huh?"

Anya: "Could it be you knew?"

Anya: "Muu, I thought I would surprise Prince-sama..."

Anya: "But since it's like that, a change of plans! Prince-sama, let's go play together in celebration!"

Anya: "Is that a no? It's OK, right? Let's go play together."

Anya: "——Yay~♪"

Anya: "Well then, Prince-sama, wanna hold hands~? We're off on a date!"

Awakening Materials Edit

Required units (edit info)
Victoire Icon
Onyx Icon
Material 1
Gadoras Icon
Goliah Icon
Sabein Icon
CC Icon
Material 2
Leeanne Icon
Bernard Icon
Dwight Icon
Danan Icon
Garrett Icon
Bernice Icon
Matilda Icon
Leeanne (New Year's) Icon
Filine Icon
CC IconCC IconCC IconCC Icon
Material 3
Sanosuke Icon
Iroha Icon
Chizuru Icon
Kojurou Icon
CC IconCC Icon
(edit info) Money Orbs
Black 300,000G 3 x Rune Fencer orb & 3 x Battle Master orb

Trivia Edit

According to legend St. George killed a dragon with a sword/lance, it is unsure which, and that weapon was called Ascalon. The name was derived from the city of Ashkelon - now part of Israel.

Claíomh Solais, rendered "Sword of Light", or "Shining Sword", or "a white glaive of light", is a trope object that appears in a number of Irish and Scottish Gaelic folktales.

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