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  • For skills that reduce Cooldown length, they overwrite class Cooldown length, rather then reduce them. So Cooldown length will always be unaffected by awakening class bonuses for skills that "reduce" Cooldown length. This limitation does not apply for Animation length, however.
  • Classes that can be deployed on either melee or ranged spots (Youri, Rocket Troopers) are currently under the Melee subsection. This may change in the future.
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Characters in the game have various attack speeds that influence how frequently they make attacks and, in turn, how much damage they can deal over time. For the most part, characters of the same class have the same or similar attack speeds, so the tables below are organized first by class.

  • Frames per attack indicates how many frames it takes in total for each attack including the attack animation and the cooldown period before the next attack animation begins. This is the important value for determining damage over time. Note that there are 60 frames in a second.
  • Attacks per second is derived directly from the previous number, rounded to the nearest millisecond. It is omitted in cases where measuring damage over time doesn't make sense.
  • Animation length is the number of frames spent in the attack animation.
  • Cooldown length is the number of frames spend in the standing animation between attacks. (Added together with animation length, this should equal frames per attack.)
  • Initial delay is the number of frames elapsed between the start of the attack animation, and either dealing damage (for direct combat units) or launching a projectile (for indirect combat units). For units that fire multiple projectiles, the delay for each projectile is listed separately.
  • Projectile speed is the speed at which the unit's projectiles moves. This is approximately how many pixels the projectile will move in 1/30 of a second. Note that this reflects distance traveled by the "shadow" of the projectile along a straight path, not accounting for the arc.

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Standard information for a class or token
A unit with persistently faster than normal attack rate or timing
A unit with persistently slower than normal attack rate or timing
Information about a skill or non-constant ability

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