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Awakening (覚醒) is a second Class Change that grants the unit an increased level cap, new art, and either a new or upgraded passive Ability. Skills are not changed via Awakening, so players will not have to worry about skill levels resetting. Most classes' UP costs are not affected, but there are a few exceptions, i.e. Ninjas.
Not all classes will receive their Awakenings immediately - they will be added over time.

Awakening a unit is a requirement for a number of other systems, including:


  • The unit must be of Gold or higher rarity
  • The unit must be CCed and at max level (or max level for units without Class Change, such as Princesses)
  • The unit needs to have 100% Affection/Trust

Awakening Methods[]

Method 1[]

  • A Spirit of Awakening, purchased from the Trading Post for 100 Demon Crystals
  • Either 100k, 200k or 300k gold, depending on if their rarity is Gold, Platinum or Black respectively
  • 3 class-specific Gold Units or CCed Silver Units
  • Specific type and amount of Awakening Orbs, gathered in special Daily Missions. The amount required varies by rarity (1 for Gold, 2 for Plat, 3 for Black) and the type depends on the class. Certain classes will require 2 types of orbs.

Method 2[]

See also: Trading Post

Great Awakening Jewels.png
  • Using Great Awakening Jewels, players can instantly Awaken a unit regardless of pre-CC/CC'd state, level or Affection/Trust.
  • The number of jewels needed depends on the rarity of said unit:
    • 2 for Gold, 4 for Plat/Sapphire, 6 for Black.
  • Great Awakening Jewels can be obtained from Shop Packs or occasionally distributed during certain Campaigns.
  • The interface for using the Jewels can be found within the Trading Post menu.