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Battle of the Goddesses (女神たちの戦い) is an April Fools' Day-limited urgent mission, that ran from 01/04/17, 0:00 to 24:00.

With Goddess Keraunos ambushing the Aigis Shrine during Prince's absence, his remaining army is now at a loss at how to defend the shrine...Whatever will they do...?

Facing powerful, revived Majin such as Furfur, Amon, Bifrons, and even strong Oni like Shuten Douji, this is a tale of bravery and heroism of one unexpected warrior...

Start Date End Date
01/04/2019 04/04/2019
01/04/2020 09/04/2020
01/04/2021 08/04/2021


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Special Conditions
Life Enemies
Battle of the Goddesses
10 20 450 15 8 Sortie members are fixed
Unit Points do not regenerate over time
5 64


Goddesses map.png

Notable Enemies[]

Enemy Unit
Black Oni (Youkai) Sprite.png
Black Oni
Physical 10000 1250 650
MR 20
Initial: 30
1 UP
Majin Furfur Sprite.png
Majin Furfur
- 33000 1100 200
MR 70
Initial: 30
3 UP
Does not attack.

Counterattacks with true damage when struck. Will not retaliate against untargetable units. Deals 21% of ATK as true damage in retaliation.

Shuten Douji Sprite.png
Shuten Douji
Physical 88000 2200 400
MR 30
Initial: 35
3 UP
Majin Bifrons Sprite.png
Majin Bifrons
Ranged (300)
Undead Demon
Magic 33000 1500 600
MR 70
Initial: 65
Move: 241
Missile: 0
3 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 20HP/.083s (240HP/s).
Majin Amon Sprite.png
Majin Amon
Physical 33000 1100 1000
MR 80
Initial: 50
0 UP
Units within range 140 suffer 20 damage per 0.167 seconds (120 damage per second).


  • Credits to Anon423 for the translations (ULMF post)
Story Text

Dan Icon.png Dan: Fuuaaahh... So much free time. Guard duty is so boring. I bet Prince is fighting with some strong monsters right now.

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: Don't say such stupid things. We are entrusted with guarding the Aigis Shrine while Prince is away. This is a matter of utmost importance!

Dan Icon.png Dan: Yeah, even if you say so, there's still too much time, my skills are getting rusty... Isn't there some ridiculously powerful enemy somewhere nearby?

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon.png Soldier: --- U-urgent news, Dan-san! A large flock of monsters is pushing towards the shrine! And almost all of them are impossibly strong!!

Dan Icon.png Dan: W-w-w-what?! Hey, h-hey, Prince is away now! Shit, are you saying we have to handle all of this on our own?

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon.png Soldier: Haha, just kidding! Dan-san, you were looking so bored, so I decided to pull a prank on you.

Dan Icon.png Dan: Good nerve tricking me like that...

Soma Icon.png Soma: Dan-san, it's not good to get angry like that. Besides, since today is April Fool's Day, it's a suitable day to tell some lies.


Keraunos Icon.png Keraunos: Fufufu, now that Prince is away, it's a good time to attack the Aigis Shrine. I've brought lots of strong monsters specially for this day. Everyone, go and kill and destroy everything mercilessly, as much as you want!

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon.png Soldier: R-r-reporting! Enemy attack! Goddess whoever she is... Keru..Kere...Keraunos appeared near the Shrine! Majins and Oni are also there!

Dan Icon.png Dan: Yeah, yeah, got it. Go tell Mortimer such dump jok... Holy shit, it's real! What do we do?!

Daniela Icon.png Daniela: Seems like she aimed for Prince's absence... But even if Prince was here, fighting a Goddess, Majins and Shuten Douji all at same time is hopeless...

Ricardo Icon.png Ricardo: But if the Shrine is destroyed, it would mean the loss of Aigis' blessing. In that case, humans would lose the strength to fight the monsters! We should believe in a miracle and hold them off on our own!

Keraunos Icon.png Keraunos: Believe in a miracle? Fufufu, fuahahaa... Well, so be it. Go and die in an ugly manner while hoping for something from my powerless sister...

Valerie Icon.png Valerie: Everyone, don't lose your hope! We still have a way to win, we can summon Aigis!

Alissa Icon.png Alissa: Summoning Aigis-sama?!.. But where will we get the human to become her vessel? And there's no guarantee that it will even work...

Valerie Icon.png Valerie: Well, that's true, but... Nah, forget it. For a human to become her vessel, it would mean that one has to lose their life. Let's do as Ricardo says and just make it somehow on our own.

Dan Icon.png Dan: (If there's a vessel, we can summon Aigis-sama... Well, so be it. Either way, I chose this path because I wanted to fight some strong enemies)

Dan: Sorry, everyone, start without me, I need to use the toilet.

Katie Icon.png Katie: What? What are you saying at such a time! Oh well, no time for Dan, everyone, get ready!

(Some time passes)

Katie Icon.png Katie: The Majins and the other strong enemies don't seem to have moved yet, but when they do, we can't hold them back. Was it really, a pointless fight from the very start...?

Aigis Icon.png Goddess Aigis: Don't give up, humans. For now, I, Goddess Aigis, will lend you my power.

Alissa Icon.png Alissa: A-Aigis-sama manifested in the real world? Awesome... Did such a miracle really happen? But didn't Aigis lose her physical body...?

Aigis Icon.png Goddess Aigis: I'll explain later, for now we should focus on winning.

Katie Icon.png Katie: The power of revived Aigis-sama is enormous, now we should be able to deal with the Majins and Shuten Douji.

Katie: ...but with great power comes with a great unit cost. Everyone, we must focus on storing up enough unit points to put Aigis on the field!


Keraunos Icon.png Keraunos: I-impossible! Something like summoning Aigis!! However, to think they would sacrifice a human to achieve victory. So, Aigis, do you like the sweet taste of victory gained via human sacrifices?

Katie Icon.png Katie: Keraunos retreat confirmed! Thank you, Aigis!

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: But what's with this physical body? I've heard it's impossible to perform such a summon unless someone volunteers his body.

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: Who cares about minor things now that she's returned to physical world... Anyway, Dan is slow, does emptying one's bladder really take so much time?

Dan Icon.png Dan (Goddess Aigis): I'm right here.

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: W-wha... Why am I hearing Dan's voice from Aigis?

Valerie Icon.png Valerie: Ah, so that's what happened... Dan, you sacrificed yourself to summon Aigis.

Katie Icon.png Katie: Why did he... Dan, the person who becomes Aigis' vessel loses his life!

Dan Icon.png Dan (Goddess Aigis): I know that very well. Aigis got revived at the cost of something like my life. However, is there any better way to spend one's life?

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: You idiot, taking up everything on yourself... No one wished for such a victory.

Dan Icon.png Dan (Goddess Aigis): Mortimer... And everyone... Crying for someone like me, thank you very much. It was fun to be with all of you...See ya.

Soma Icon.png Soma: Dan, please don't go... (Sobbing)... Please, someone tell me that this is all just a joke...

Aigis Icon.png Goddess Aigis: Humans... Do you truly wish for the salvation of Dan, who has became my vessel?

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: Of course! If you save Dan, I'll give you all the treasures I've accumulated so far!

Aigis Icon.png Goddess Aigis: Understood... Then I'll teach you how to save Dan.

Katie Icon.png Katie: Really?! So what's the way to do it?

Aigis Icon.png Goddess Aigis: To use the revival power stored up in my body... I set it aside for the final battle, as it was a holy power required for my revival.

Aigis Icon.png Goddess Aigis: I don't have enough power to revive gods, but if I use up it completely, it should be enough for one human. In other words, I might be able to revive Dan with it.

Goddess Aigis: Well now, humans, you have to choose.

Katie Icon.png Katie: To use up all the power stored for final battle... Dan's life vs the fate of the world, for us to have to choose which is more important...

Prince Icon.png Prince: ...

Katie Icon.png Katie: --Prince?! You came back... A-a-actually...

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: ...Dan-san?! Who would have thought that such a thing would happen... Prince, we don't have time, please make a decision!

Prince Icon.png Prince: ...

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: That's right. No need to falter. Aigis-sama, we wish for Dan's revival.

Aigis Icon.png Goddess Aigis: Understood. Since that is your decision... Well then.... Haaa--

Dan Icon.png Dan: Nnn. Uhh.

Soma Icon.png Soma: Dan? I'm so relieved, Dan revived!

Aigis Icon.png Goddess Aigis: ...And now I'm returning to the Shrine.

Dan Icon.png Dan: Ugh... My head hurts... And I can't move my body.

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: You were dead just now. Bear with it.

Dan Icon.png Dan: I've got it, stop clinging to me, Mortimer! That aside, Prince, why did you do this? Should've ignored someone like me.

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: What are you saying, Dan? You are our dear comrade, we can't just cast you aside. Isn't that right, Prince?

Prince Icon.png Prince: ... (Nodding)

Aigis Icon.png Goddess Aigis: ...

Goddess Aigis: (Nevertheless, without even a second of hesitation to save his comrade...)

Goddess Aigis: (Fufufu, this is the strength of humans I've believed in... These are the pure hearts I wanted to protect... Prince, I entrust the future of the world to you)

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