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Bewildered War Maiden (戸惑いの戦乙女) is a star rush urgent mission running from 28/01/2021 to 10/02/2021.


This is a star rush type event. The player earns rewards by completing missions and earning stars. Unit rewards will be received based on the amount of collected stars at the end of the event whereas additional rewards are granted instantly.

Condition Reward Condition Additional Reward
Earn 5 stars Elaine joins Earn 5 stars Gold Armor
Earn 6 stars Thrud joins Earn 6 stars Demon Crystal x3
Earn 7 stars Skill Level 2 Earn 7 stars Gold Armor
Earn 8 stars Skill Level 3 Earn 8 stars Spirit of Gold
Earn 9 stars UP Cost -1 (-1) Earn 9 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 10 stars Initial Level 10 Earn 10 stars Demon Crystal x5
Earn 11 stars Skill Level 4 Earn 11 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 12 stars Skill Level 5 Earn 12 stars Gold Armor
Earn 13 stars UP Cost -1 (-2) Earn 14 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 14 stars Skill Level 6 Earn 15 stars Gold Armor
Earn 15 stars Initial Level 20 Earn 16 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 16 stars Skill Level 7 Earn 19 stars Demon Crystal x7
Earn 17 stars UP Cost -1 (-3) Earn 21 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 18 stars Skill Level 8 Earn 22 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 19 stars Initial Level 30 Earn 23 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 20 stars Skill Level 9 Earn 24 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 21 stars UP Cost -1 (-4) Earn 25 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 22 stars Skill Level 10 Earn 26 stars Spirit Queen
Earn 23 stars UP Cost -1 (-5) Earn 27 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 24 stars Initial Level 40
Earn 25 stars Initial Level 50
Earn 26 stars Freude
Earn 27 stars Onyx


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Assault of the Heavenly Spear Knights
20 150 1050 10 8
Soldier (Bow) B Icon.png
Soldier (Bow) B Lv5 x2
Sara Icon.png
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 38
Beer Icon.png
Beer -
Prideful Battle
30 200 1275 10 8
Mischa Icon.png
Mischa Lv8
Russell Icon.png
Russell Lv8 x2
2 10 30
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet -
Underhanded Tactics
40 250 1500 10 8
Eunice Icon.png
Eunice Lv10
Phyllis Icon.png
Phyllis Lv10
3 10 60
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1)
Thrud's Wish
50 300 2250 15 8
Merone Icon.png
Merone Lv12
Kagerou Icon.png
Kagerou Lv12
5 20 64
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Crystal Icon.png
Great Kingdom Youkai Brawl
70 350 3000 10 8
Alissa Icon.png
Alissa Lv15
Iroha Icon.png
Iroha Lv15
6 10 78
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon.png
Demon Crystal (2)
Missions added midway through the event
Anti-Giant Barricades
40 270 1800 10 8
Cecily Icon.png
Cecily Lv10
Cassis Icon.png
Cassis Lv10
4 10 58
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold
Choice Sake Icon.png
Choice Sake
However Many Prayers
50 300 2250 20 8
Leeanne Icon.png
Leeanne Lv12
Percis Icon.png
Percis Lv12
5 25 58
Maya Icon.png
Maya Lv12
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1) x2
Allied Elves and Dwarves have 70% reduced ATK/DEF.
Determined Thrud
100 250 1800 10 8
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
2 10 50
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon.png
Spirit of Rainbow'
Obstructing Lion Statues
70 350 3000 15 8
Finan Icon.png
Finan Lv15
Miranda Icon.png
Miranda Lv15
6 15 36
Niel Icon.png
Niel Lv15
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
Tenkai: Allied units' ATK reduced, allied units and enemies regenerate HP.

Notable Enemies[]

Enemy Unit
Heavenly Spear Knight Sprite.png
Heavenly Spear Knight
Armored Celestial
Physical 2800 840 250
MR 5
Initial: 12
1 UP
Rushing attack.
280 119
Initial: 16
1 UP
While blocked.
Advanced Heavenly Spear Knight Sprite.png
Advanced Heavenly Spear Knight
Armored Celestial
Physical 6400 1500 480
MR 15
Initial: 12
2 UP
Rushing attack.
500 119
Initial: 16
2 UP
While blocked.
Thrud CC Sprite.png
Armored Celestial
Physical 6400 1050 620
MR 20
Initial: 12
3 UP
Rushing attack.
350 119
Initial: 16
3 UP
While blocked.
18000 1860 103
Initial: 12
3 UP
Rushing attack.
620 119
Initial: 16
3 UP
While blocked.
Celestial Soldier Sprite.png
Celestial Soldier
Physical 5000 700 300
MR 30
Initial: 40
2 UP
Becomes stronger after attacking 3 times.
True 1400 282
Initial: 56
Silver Celestial Knight Sprite.png
Silver Celestial Knight
Ranged (103)
Physical 2500 150 300
MR 5
Initial: 75
Move: 11
Missile: 5
1 UP
Becomes stronger after attacking 3 times.
Ranged (373)
True 300 161
Initial: 87
Move: 11
Missile: 5
Golden Celestial Knight Sprite.png
Golden Celestial Knight
Ranged (103)
Physical 5500 400 600
MR 15
Initial: 75
Move: 11
Missile: 5
2 UP
Becomes stronger after attacking 3 times.
Ranged (373)
True 800 161
Initial: 87
Move: 11
Missile: 5
Chiyome Sprite.png
Ranged (180)
Physical 16000 800 300
MR 10
Initial: 8
Move: 1
Missile: 7
3 UP
Cannot be attacked unless she is engaged with a blocker.
Shino Sprite.png
Ranged (160)
Physical 18000 1100 300 96
Initial: 23
Move: 61
Missile: 10
3 UP
Cannot be attacked unless she is engaged with a blocker.
Kasumi Sprite.png
Physical 14000 500 250 63
Initial: 23
3 UP
All Youkai enemies gain 30% ATK/DEF (inc. self).
Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Sagiri Sprite.png
Ranged (160)
Physical 13000 800 200 61
Initial: 23
Move: 31
Missile: 10
3 UP
Cannot be attacked unless she is engaged with a blocker.
Nurarihyon (Sword) Sprite.png
Nurarihyon (Sword)
Ranged (149)
Physical 18000 1200 350
MR 50
Initial: 48
Move: 181
Missile: 10
0 UP
All Youkai enemies gain 50% ATK/DEF (inc. self).
Upon reaching 0 HP, switches to 2nd form.
Nurarihyon Sprite.png
Physical 30000 1650 600
MR 50
Initial: 28
3 UP
Gigas Sprite.png
Physical 120000 3500 10 291
Initial: 70
0 UP
Domalde Sprite.png
Physical 15000 300 2000
MR 45
Initial: 32
3 UP
While present, all enemies regenerate for 20HP/0.0833s (240HP/s).
White Crusader Sprite.png
White Crusader
Physical 9000 1700 2000
MR 5
Initial: 30
2 UP
Increases attack and defense of all Holy Knight enemies by 10%.

Upon reaching 0 HP, switches to second form.

Resurrected White Crusader Sprite.png
Resurrected White Crusader
Undead Armored
Magic 100000 1000 10000
MR 90
Initial: 30
2 UP
Increases attack and defense of all Holy Knight enemies by 10%.

Degenerates at a rate of 666HP/0.1s (6660HP/s).

Angel Mage Statue Sprite.png
Angel Mage Statue
Ranged (159)
Splash 266.67
30000 600 4000
MR 10
Initial: 80
Move: 241
Missile: 6
3 UP
Angel Statue Sprite.png
Angel Statue
Physical 30000 2800 4000
MR 10
Initial: 90
3 UP
Finan Sprite.png
Ranged (120)
Armored Human
Splash 133.33
18000 1100 1100
MR 15
Initial: 40
Move: 81
Missile: 6
3 UP
Lion Statue Sprite.png
Lion Statue
Physical 24000 2400 4000
MR 10
Initial: 68
3 UP


Menu Fame.png

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 4 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 対巨人の防衛柵 (40/4) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 幾ばくの祈り (50/5) with 7 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Assault of the Heavenly Spear Knights

Thrud Icon.png ???: "——This is the physical realm. The land Otou-sama protected..."

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png ???: "Thrud, we're not here for sightseeing. We're on a mission from 'father' to scout the military might of the Kingdom."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Y, yes, Nee-sama! But Nee-sama, is this mission really an order from Otou-sa——"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png ???: "——Thrud, quiet. An army, perhaps the Kingdom, is fighting with monsters up ahead. We'll attack here, get ready."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... Yes, Nee-sama."

Thrud: (My elder sisters, what's the matter with them? Even as a joke, it's in bad taste. Calling that kind of man by Otou-sama's name...)

Thrud: (No, but our orders are absolute. We, the Heavenly Spear Knights, were born to be the spears of the gods!)

(time passes)

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "Prince, monster reinforcements from the back of the woods. Geez, no matter how many we defeat, they won't let up."

Elaine Icon.png Elaine: "For the sake of protecting the nearby villagers. Let's pull up our spirits a little longer and do our best."

Carrie Icon.png Carrie: "... But it's only recently the monsters have started coming this near human settlements, right?"

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "Indeed, since Makai's far away, the number of attacks has decreased, but..."

Dahlia Icon.png Dahlia: "... Do you suppose the monsters are frightened by something, that has led to them fleeing their nests?"

Elaine Icon.png Elaine: "Hmm... Even if we think about it, it doesn't change what we do! Prince, let's clear away the monsters at once!"

(Thrud Appears)

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "——People of the physical realm, please draw your blades. You have been challenged by the Heavenly Spear Knights, tasked with the glory of scattering your lives."

Dahlia Icon.png Dahlia: "Heavenly Spear, Knights...? You commit this outrage knowing you're in the Kingdom's territory!?"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "The physical realm was created by Tenkai. Its rise and fall is all in the hands of the Lord. Please know there's no room for questioning!"

Elaine Icon.png Elaine: "Not good... Prince, they're attacking!"

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "What? We just have to receive their cavalry attack. But that speed is no ordinary skill. Don't forget to support us from the rear!"


Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png ???: "——I see, I thought Demigod Gorgon-sama being defeated was the work of Demigod Tram-sama, but... It seems even the Prince possesses power as great as hers."

???: "However, we don't have the numbers on our end, having drug out your main force..."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Onee-sama, since our goal is to scout, isn't our mission complete...?"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png ???: "Thrud, our mission was supposed to be scouting their military might. Now that we've drawn out their main force, we need to report their battle strength to father."

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "Hear me! People of the physical realm! We're the daughters of the Godslayer, the Heavenly Spear Knights!"

Heavenly Spear Chief: "From here begins the land's purge. If you cherish your homeland, then challenge us at your full might!"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Heavenly Spear... Knights!? Why, you!? 'He' should've already disappeared!"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "You're Tram-sama, you look in good health. However, the health of our father, our father's life, also depends on this battle."

Heavenly Spear Chief: "Tram-sama, I ask that you also quickly return to Tenkai. From here, we won't be showing you any mercy."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... Tram-sama, ex, excuse me! Please tell Nee-sama and the others, Otou-sama is——"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "Thrud, don't say unnecessary things. Come, first let's join with the reinforcements."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "... Why are they in the physical realm?"

Clissa Icon.png Clissa: "Tram, do you know them?"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Even I cannot grasp the situation, but... I do. I'll explain what I know."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Heavenly Spear Knights... Who are they? In any case, let's listen to Tram-sama."


Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "——The Holy Godslaying Spear, Gungnir. Your spear that slew Keraunos-sama, Garius, and Demigod Gorgon."

"Its first bearer, the deity who assembled the Heavenly Spear Knights. That said, like me, he was a Demigod who lost the power to weave Divine Wedges."

Mithria Icon.png Mithria: "Let's see... In other words... Holy Spear Gungnir's original owner has waged war with the Kingdom?"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "No, 'he' should be eternally slumbering after exhausting his power during the previous Millennium War."

"After he entrusted his hope in the humans of the physical realm, and sealed Holy Spear Gungnir, OK?"

Elaine Icon.png Elaine: "... Meaning they're serving another Demigod, rather than its true master, right?"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "It's natural to think that way. That child——Thrud also said something."

Sophie Icon.png Sophie: "The Heavenly Spear Knights are similar to angels, they're beings created to help the god they serve. So it's possible they're under the influence of the device to control angels..."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "It's highly likely... If their will has been stolen, that would explain why they're serving a Demigod other than 'him'."

Atnates NPC Icon.png Atnates: "How about we go destroy that device? Though we have an idea on its location."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "We don't have enough time for that... Though the device is in Olympus, we don't have the means to break through its barrier."

Ambrose (Platinum) AW Icon.png Ambrose: "Ah—, while we're investigating that, the Heavenly Spear Knights are gonna rampage in the physical world."

Tuan (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tuan: "That means we have no choice but to deal with them. Where's the problem? It'll be the same as always."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Indeed, we'll be exposing our hand to the enemy, we cannot be quiet and ignore them rampaging in the physical realm."

Tuan (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tuan: "Yosh, well then, let's go search for that bunch's location——"

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "——Prince! Report! The Heavenly Spear Knights have appeared!"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Now that we've spoken. Prince, let's head out to repel them!"

Prideless Battle

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "——This is the Kingdom's outpost? Nee-sama told me to kill everyone, but..."

Thrud: "It's because she said it was a scouting mission that I also joined, yet... This is war..."

Thrud: "——No, don't waver, Thrud. I have Celestial soldiers depending on me. All hands, to positions! Begin march!!"

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "——Prince, the Tenkai soldiers are already forming ranks!"

Elaine Icon.png Elaine: "But it looks like we made it in time. It was a good thing we rushed!"

Carrie Icon.png Carrie: "Huh, the enemy aren't just lancers, there's other Celestial soldiers mixed in?"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "I wonder what the enemy is thinking, using Celestial soldiers. They cannot demonstrate their true power in the physical realm."

Clissa Icon.png Clissa: "... Do you suppose they're sacrificial pawns?"

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "I don't like it... Even if you say we have no choice, everything has its limits."

Clissa Icon.png Clissa: "Mm, I agree. Some commander, not believing in their soldiers' abilities; they're not the Kingdom's—our enemy."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "I fear these are scouts to measure our abilities. They must be here to determine how effective we'd be in Tenkai hereafter."

Tram: "——Even so, we need to strike them down at full force, Prince. To decrease the number of casualties, open wide from the beginning!"


Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "——Kuh... Strong...! Everyone, retreat!"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "——I came to see how you're doing, but... Thrud, why are withdrawing the soldiers without permission? The Celestial soldiers are to be used, you know that?"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Nee-sama...! But they cannot demonstrate their true powers in the physical rea..."

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "They're the same as foot soldiers. We are the beloved of father, we'll have no problem in the coming battle."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Even so! Nee-sama, that person isn't Otou-sa——"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "——Yare, yare. You cannot discern your own creator? Father has changed forms and returned to our side."

Heavenly Spear Chief: "Now then, let's spread the fires of war, Thrud. The humans being on the verge of despair is precisely why they're demonstrating their true powers."

Heavenly Spear Chief: "We are to determine whether the physical realm are worth bothering father's hand."

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "... The Heavenly Spear Knights are starting to retreat. No, they must be moving so they can fight in various other places."

Carrie Icon.png Carrie: "Those horses are so not fair! No matter how long they gallop, they don't give the slightest hint of exhaustion!"

Tuan (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tuan: "The Heavenly Spear Knights, we cannot consider them anything other than the cream of the crop. However, I don't feel any pride in their methods."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Those children were originally supposed to be kind-hearted guardians of the people..."

Clissa Icon.png Clissa: "If they're such children, then let's ensure we stop them. I bet they'd be in tears once the mind control's removed."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Fufu, right. Come, Prince, let's hurry after them!"

Dastardly Tactics

Goblin Icon.png Goblin: "——Gyagya! Woods! Burning! Achichi!!"

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "Wha... Prince, bad news! The forest is on fire...!!"

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "... Could this also be their doing? They're starting to piss me off..."

Thetis Icon.png Thetis: "The monsters are pouring from the forest. ... It'll be hard to deal with them."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Our team will deal with the monsters. Also, send a messenger to the nearest city so we can put out these flames."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "... This deed without consideration for the physical realm. I wonder if the one scheming behind the black curtain is even a creator deity."

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "——Nay, our father is a man that surpasses all creator deities."

Heavenly Spear Chief: "Come, rabble of the physical realm, shouldn't you be dealing with the overflowing monsters?"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... Nee-sama, why are you doing this? There were many other things we could've done, surely...?"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "Thrud, enough, you also carry the resolve of a soldier. There'll be some sacrifices in his path to rule over Tenkai, they should be honoured."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... Yes, Nee-sama.

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Thrud! It looks like you're open to reason. Why are you doing this? Who is giving you your orders?"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... Tram-sama. I can't say, I swore I would fight alongside Nee-sama."

Thrud: "I'm sorry... I don't want to kill you...!"

Tuan (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tuan: "Cheh... Prince, a pack of monsters are coming! We have to deal with the Heavenly Spear Knights at the same time, whatever you do, don't get careless!"


Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "Hmm... Still not enough... The power that slew Maou Garius, could it have been born in anything other than the deepest despair?"

Heavenly Spear Chief: "So that's why father is concerned; he must've thought you lot were strong warriors, but..."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "You're the commander of the Heavenly Spear Knights, right? I won't ask you why. It's obvious you've been robbed of your will."

Tram: "——However, remember. Your father fell during the Millennium War."

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "Fuh... Say what——"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Sh, she's right, Nee-sama! Otou-sama, our father who bore Gungnir! He's eternally slumbering!"

Thrud: "Come on, let's return home? We've done enough scouting, Nee-sama!"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "Kuh... Shut up... Shut up, shut up, shut up! Our great father has not perished!"

Heavenly Spear Chief: "Thrud, you also behave yourself and open your eyes... Our father is that man...!"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Nee, sama..."

Thrud's Wish

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "Come, Thrud, call the other team. We'll give these physical realmers, who've slighted father, a despair deeper than anything..."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... Enough, let's stop. Nee-sama, Otou-sama didn't come back to tell us to do this, you know...?"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "You're still saying that, Thrud!? The people of the surface are great sinners who've stolen father's spear!"

Heavenly Spear Chief: "If you were to side with such people, you would bear the same sin, Thrud!"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "...! ... Under, stood. I'm sorry, Nee-sama, I'll also fight..."

Thetis Icon.png Thetis: "Haa... How disgusting. Making a girl shed tears to further someone else's goals."

Clissa Icon.png Clissa: "Eeh, truly. War is a cycle of such things... Someone must break the chain."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Prince, the Heavenly Spear Knights are coming. Please prepare to engage them. Let's stop those girls here!"


Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "Why... My despair is deeper than the physical world... To ascertain the true strength of the Kingdom... So why won't this spear reach...?"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Nee-sama, let's retreat! If we stay here, we'll be swallowed up by the forest flames!"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "Kuh... But...! I can't show mercy to that man who stole the spear...!"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Please be quiet, come on, I'll lend you my shoulder. ... Also, you're the Prince, right?"

Thrud: "Prince, and Tram-sama, I'm going with Nee-sama. ——I beg of you, please stop us."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "... The Heavenly Spear Knights, and the Celestial soldiers, have started to retreat.

Carrie Icon.png Carrie: "Prince, the guards from the nearby city have arrived to support us. Let's put out these flames!"

Fuuka Icon.png Fuuka: "Hurry! If we waste time, the damage will spread! There may still be monsters, so move in teams!"

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "... How are we supposed to stop those girls?"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "Angel Arael, the Heavenly Spear Knights... I'm sure there are many other victims of our black curtain schemer."

Tram: "I don't know their goal, but to bind someone's heart for such a thing cannot be forgiven."

Tram: "However, first let's stop those girls. We cannot let them accumulate any more sin."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Right. Prince, let's walk with the fire brigade and search for the Heavenly Spear Knights' trail."

Anna: "Let's put an end to their wicked deeds!"

Kingdom Youkai Rough-and-Tumble

Suzune Icon.png Suzune: "——Popon! At last the Prince and Nurarihyon face each other! How will this story be concluded!?"

Orku Icon.png Orku: (*Fidget, fidget*... What's gonna happen!? I never thought Kabuki could be this heart-racing!)

Rhyno Icon.png Rhyno: (Fufu, I've done my homework, see? This time, I believe the Prince will——)

Nurarihyon Icon 2.png Nurarihyon: "Hyoh, hyoh... Come, deliver the fatal blow, Prince of humans!"

Benibotan Icon.png Prince: "I won't let you torment the people, Nurarihyon. Your evil deeds end here. The Kingdom, and its Prince, shall deliver their ultimatum through this blade!"

Pallios Icon.png Pallios: (Benibotan is so cool~!! Uugh, but it's gonna end soon, right!?)

Shino Icon.png Shino: "——Hold, you! Prince, have you forgotten!?"

Benibotan Icon.png Prince: "Muuh, who are you!? Name thyself!"

Shino Icon.png Shino: "You say you don't know, so I shall tell you. I am Nurarihyon's eldest daughter, Shino!"

Kasumi Icon.png Kasumi: "We three sisters are the next generation of Nurarihyon. We won't fall behind mere humans!"

Sagiri Icon.png Sagiri: (Cheh... Why am I in this performance...?)

Shino Icon.png Shino: (Sagiri, standing on stage as sisters is not bad. Look, you're making the Prince's eyes glisten.)

Sagiri Icon.png Sagiri: (... Kuh. Fine, understood!) "If you intend to slay the Youkai Supreme Commander, then come, we three sisters will be your opponent!"

Chiyome Icon.png Chiyome: "Wait for me. Four against one is not fair, so I, Chiyome, shall assist you in the name of justice."

(Performers Appear)

Pallios Icon.png Pallios: (Ahh, that's a new member of the Kingdom Army! How nice, how nice, I also want to join in.)

Benibotan Icon.png Benibotan: (Hm, huh? Chiyome! That's Nurarihyon's side! You're supposed to be fighting on the Prince's side!)

Chiyome Icon.png Chiyome: (Ahh! I messed up—. What now? What should I do—?)

Benibotan Icon.png Benibotan: (Fufun, not flustering at times like these is the hallmark of an actor! Come, let's begin the great stand-off!!)


Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "——That's all folks, today's performance has ended."

Pallios Icon.png Pallios: "Haa~, they were so cool...♪ This is the Kabuki of the East Country, huh~♪"

Rhyno Icon.png Rhyno: "The Kingdom's style of plays also make it easier to understand this country. This is due to their untiring effort..."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "——We'll be holding a send-off party for today's performance. Form a line in which you arrived, please wait just a moment."

Orku Icon.png Orku: "Send-off party?"

Eldora Icon.png Eldora: "Fufufu, there are days during the Kingdom's plays where the actors will see the audience off at the exit!"

Pallios Icon.png Pallios: "Eeh—!? Wh, what should I do!? My heart's not ready yet!?"

Orku Icon.png Orku: "Fufu, Shino-sama's figure before my eyes... My heart won't stop pounding...!"

Benibotan Icon.png Benibotan: "——Fuu, good work everyone! Please look after us during our next performance!"

Chiyome Icon.png Chiyome: "Well then, this stage ends here, thanks for coming—♪"

Anti-giant Defence Barricade

Soldier (Heavy) B Icon.png Heavy Sentry: "——Just when I thought the monsters' damage has started to lessen, we're now at war with Tenkai...?"

Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png Sentry: "I thought we could have time to let even the Prince rest his body."

Soldier (Heavy) B Icon.png Heavy Sentry: "That's because that man is always thinking about helping his comrades and Kingdom. Since war will be continuing even after this——"

Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png Sentry: "——We'll have to support his back! Like that, right?"

Soldier (Heavy) B Icon.png Heavy Sentry: "Yeah, that's right. We'll have to remain ever vigilant; there's been reports that giants have been sighted in this area!"

Soldier (Bow) A Icon.png Bow Sentry: "... Fuh, you want to show the Prince your good side? Cause the Kingdom's main team is stationing in the nearby city."

Soldier (Heavy) B Icon.png Heavy Sentry: "Wha... No, well, I guess. I won't deny it. Yearning for the Hero is the fate of one who has chosen the warrior's path."

Soldier (Bow) A Icon.png Bow Sentry: "——Hahah, it's OK, don't mind me. Cause I also yearn for the Prince——Hmm, what're these tremors? Like some kind of giant is walking..."

Soldier (Heavy) B Icon.png Heavy Sentry: "... Could it be a giant!? Hurry, contact the city guards. We have to erect the barricades and block the highway!"

Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png Sentry: "Well then, I'll report to the Prince! Let's hurry, this road is too close to the city!"

(time passes)

Lumian Icon.png Lumian: "——Already set up the barricades along the highway! Great work, everyone. As expected of the Kingdom patrol team!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Elene Icon.png Elene: "... No time to chat. There's many homeless giants."

Lumian Icon.png Lumian: "Do you suppose they've migrated from some giant settlement to this area?"

Elene Icon.png Elene: "We'll investigate the reason after we defeat them. Prince, let's make good use of the barricades and defeat the giants. Come, the battle's starting!"


Lumian Icon.png Lumian: "——Fuu, giant subjugation complete!"

Elene Icon.png Elene: "... The direction the giants came running from. I see, though it's small, there should be a giant settlement."

Lumian Icon.png Lumian: "You're saying this attack was the work of giants from that settlement?"

Floga Icon.png Floga: "Hm... No, please wait a minute. These giants, it looks like a strange spell has been engraved into them..."

Floga: "... Aahh! Look here, marks received from the blades filled with the magic of the Celestial soldiers!!"

Elaine Icon.png Elaine: "Could it be the giants were attacked by Tenkai and were in the middle of fleeing...?"

Floga Icon.png Floga: "We can't know for certain, but... This unique magical signature is no doubt that of the Celestial soldiers."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "... So they're changing their tactics from attacks to prevent the physical realm from participating, to attacks seeking battle power from the physical realm."

Tram: "Prince, I believe there'll definitely be more attacks from Tenkai. And they'll be systematic attacks, OK?"

Soldier (Heavy) B Icon.png Heavy Sentry: "——What? Leave the safeguard of the citizens to us. The Kingdom Army is full of veterans who safely pulled through the decisive battle with Maou."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Everyone... Right. We're not fighting this alone. We're fighting alongside all our comrades."

Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png Sentry: "Yeah, she's right. Prince, we'll cover your back!"

Many Prayers

Domalde Icon.png Domalde: "——I see, the destruction of the Evil Goddess Aigis' temple was what the Lord wishes?"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "That is correct. The Lord will be very happy at our righteous act."

Domalde Icon.png Domalde: "......... Very well. However, there may be normal believers who've been deceived by the Evil Goddess Aigis' priests in the temple."

Domalde: "Before the temple's destruction, I ask for a moment of your time. I require time to find victims of their sinful heresy."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "H, he's right. Fighting is the warrior's role, to deliver the citizens from tragedy——"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "——What are you saying, Inquisitor? Are you implying the evil cultists are warriors? Those who believe in the evil goddess shall all be cleansed."

Domalde Icon.png Domalde: "... I see, that is certainly correct. Then at least give us time to offer a prayer to our Lord."

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "Cheh... Very well, pray as you like."

Domalde Icon.png Domalde: (... The Lord's servant? Suspicious. Even if they were truly servants, is our Lord one who would permit such barbarism?)

Domalde: (However, neither is the enemy a monolith. The girl Thrud, my words may yet reach her.)

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "Oi, how long are you going to be praying!? If you're warriors, show your devotion on the battlefield!"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "N, no, Nee-sama! We should give them time to pray. Even if it's towards a heretical goddess!"

Domalde Icon.png Domalde: (... Is she helping buy us time? Though I do not understand her true intentions, I am grateful. ——The sound of cavalry hooves are approaching.)

Thetis Icon.png Thetis: "——Confirmed the Holy Knighthood and the Heavenly Spear Knights! It looks like Aigis' temple is safe!"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "N, Nee-sama! The Kingdom Army! Let's deal with the Kingdom Army before the temple!"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "... I thought we could deliver a despair deeper than anything if we destroyed their place of faith, but..."

Heavenly Spear Chief: "Well, whatever, this is still within the margin of our plans. Let's deal with this bunch here."


Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "This is... the Kingdom Army's main team? At last, they've started getting serious."

Heavenly Spear Chief: "Thrud, begin the final operation. I'll depart ahead of you and suppress the aforementioned village. You unite with the Celestial soldiers and follow."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... Yes, Nee-sama."

Domalde Icon.png Domalde: "... Yare-yare, you saved us. I should give you my gratitude, Thrud Ojou-san."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... It's thanks to you buying us time. Nee-sama, she's actually not a person who would do such things. That's why I must somehow put an end to this evil..."

Domalde Icon.png Domalde: "In some way, our warriors are the same. Though I cannot be your strength for what's to come——"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "——No, I'm grateful for all the help you've given until now. May my father, wielder of the godslaying spear, bless you."

Domalde Icon.png Domalde: "And may my Lord, wielder of lightning, bless you. ... Currently, the Holy Knighthood cannot be of help. The ones you should reach your hands for help in this situation are——"

Clissa Icon.png Clissa: "——are only us. At last, we speak, Thrud."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... Valkyries of the Kingdom. *Sob*... I don't know what I should do anymore...!"

Clissa Icon.png Clissa: "It's OK, don't cry. I pursued you so none of you need to cry."

Thetis Icon.png Thetis: "After all, a smile suits such a cute girl. Come, shall we go stop your Onee-san together?"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Together... I'll stop Nee-sama...?"

Emilia Icon.png Emilia: "Does a battle maiden pretend to be friends with her comrades that have been manipulated? ——Surely, that's wrong. If you have the strength to fight, then you can stop them."

Clissa Icon.png Clissa: "... It'll be OK. Believe in us."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... Yes!"

Determined Thrud

Village Chief Icon.png Villager: "Hiiii, help, someone heeelp...!! ——Eh...? You are...?"

(Thrud Confronts Nee-sama)

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "——I've come to save this village. Please don't step away from my side!"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "... Thrud, what is the meaning of this? Do you intend to betray father?"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "I... Not once have I betrayed Otou-sama, not once have I betrayed Nee-sama. I've finally opened my eyes, that is all."

Clissa Icon.png Clissa: "She doesn't want to make the Onee-san she loves cry. This girl is simply a Valkyrie who fights for only that. ——You have a good sister."

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "You joined hands with the Valkyries of the physical realm...? Whatever, doesn't change our plans."

Heavenly Spear Chief: "Father said this. Spread evil and outrage throughout the physical realm to draw out the Kingdom Army's true value."

Heavenly Spear Chief: "You shall trample the village. Freely use and discard the Celestial soldiers, they're merely pawns."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... Your Majesty, Prince, I know this is a selfish request. Please let me offer my spear to fight to protect this village."

Thrud: "To protect Nee-sama's pride, to protect the lives of the physical realm, to fulfil my true mission as a Valkyrie."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "I shouldn't have hesitated from the beginning. I should've done this much sooner. I, Heavenly Spear Knight Thrud, shall fight!!"

(time passes)

Village Chief Icon.png Villager: "Uwaaaaah!? Who're they!? Stay away! Stay awaaaay!!"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Kuh... Your Majesty Prince, Giant Celestial soldiers are attacking the villagers!"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "They're sending out Celestial soldiers after the villagers. How low can their plan stoop...?"

Tram: "Prince, take care in the distribution of your fighting power. You'll need to also protect the villagers!"


Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "——I see, it's precisely when they're protecting someone that humans demonstrate their true worth."

Heavenly Spear Chief: "That concludes scouting out their military might. All hands, retreat, I don't care if you leave the wounded Celestial soldiers."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Nee-sama! Wait!!"

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "I don't intend to have a traitor call me sister. Thrud, when we next meet, we'll be enemies."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... I know. Nee-sama, Nee-sama, I'll free you without fail. I swear on the name of this spear and Otou-sama."

Heavenly Spear Chief Icon.png Heavenly Spear Chief: "......... Pitiful sister."

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "... The Heavenly Spear Knights are starting to retreat. Prince, first let's quickly extinguish these flames."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "I'll also help! If it's simple, I can do what I can!"

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon.png Solais: "——The war with Tenkai, I thought it would be nice if we only won their nonintervention in the physical realm, but..."

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "Somehow, it looks like they're even more motivated to meddle here."

Arge (Platinum) AW Icon.png Arge: "It's because what you call gods are not great beings. They've created humans in their own image, they're beings with similar desires."

Tuan (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tuan: "Territory or power, wealth or fame...? Whatever it is that motivates them, there's no need for us to hesitate."

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "This is the feeling of the Millennium War from the beginning. So long as the Prince says he wants to help, reaching out a helping hand to all is the purpose of the Kingdom."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Right... In that case, it looks like we have no choice but to go. ——To Olympus."


Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "——This is the staff room of His Majesty, Prince..."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "You thought it would be a more gorgeous room? Newbie Vaklyrie-san~♪"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "T, Tram-sama! No, I thought it was like father's staff room. It's only filled with what's necessary, you could say...?"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "——However, it's decorated with the portraits gifted by his vassals, see?"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Fufu, that's correct. Father's Holy Godslaying Spear, I was wondering what kind of man inherited it, but——"

"——I'm relieved from the bottom of my heart that it was handed to a true hero."

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "But I'm shocked there's soldiers called Valkyries in Tenkai the same as the Kingdom."

Solais NPC Icon.png Solais: "——Oh my, it's rather the opposite. Hero King-kun, the wielder of the Holy Godslaying Spear, took on that name to refer to his battle maidens."

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "... Umm, in other words, meaning the horse-riding division were named Valkyries after Kami-sama's army corps?"

Arge (Platinum) AW Icon.png Arge: "Indeed. The allies who fought with him against Maou Garius named the Kingdom's cavalry division with the name of the Godslayer Demigod's daughters."

Clissa Icon.png Clissa: "Meaning, Thrud is... Valkyrie Onee-chan?"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "... Ehh? Ummm...?"

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "Indeed, that would make you our Sempai in the same unit division. Since we're going to be fighting together, please look after us and give us guidance!"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "N, no way! Even among the Heavenly Spear Knights, I'm still a newbie!"

Thetis Icon.png Thetis: "Isn't it good, Onee-chan? Born in a different country, fate has taken you to the same unit division."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Eeeeeh!? Y, Your Majesty, Prince! Don't laugh, please help me—!!"

Lion Statue Blockade

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "——Up ahead is the base of the barrier that continues to Olympus. I believe I will no longer be able to pass through, but..."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "This expedition doesn't require us to tread upon Olympus. Rather, investigating the stationed teams and lay of the land is our main objective."

Sanara (Platinum) AW Icon.png Sanara: "They've deployed a barrier and defensive forces to guard against intruders from the outside, and then sending forces to the physical realm at the same time... It's clear their military power is greater than ours."

Ambrose (Platinum) AW Icon.png Ambrose: "Once we figure out the enemies' gear and characteristics, it'll be our victory. And if we can determine whether the opponent is one we can fight, it'll be a sure victory~♪"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Is that so...? You mean war isn't just charging in from the front, right?"

Carrie Icon.png Carrie: "What kind of organisation are these Heavenly Spear Knights...? We don't have enough lives if we were to rush them?"

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "No, umm... There wasn't an enemy who hasn't rushed and won, so..."

Mischa Icon.png Mischa: "As expected of the daughter of a Demigod..."

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "——Oi, cut the discussion there. Those moving bronze statues... The shape is different, but familiar..."

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "A product of the force that takes the lives of the negligent into the bronze statues, turning them into soldiers. For the time being, let's call them Bronze Lion Statues."

Tuan (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tuan: "But those movements, they're like real lions? It's hard to believe they used to be bronze statues."

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "——Meaning those wings are also highly likely to not be decorations. They're running at us, ignoring the road."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "——Well then, Prince, let's begin scouting out their military might. Let's return with as much information as we can regarding the enemy side."


Yuugen (Platinum) AW Icon.png Yuugen: "——Prince, it's almost time we withdraw. Let's retreat before the enemy's main force comes!"

Tram (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tram: "If we can overcome the the barrier's defensive forces in a local battle with our Kindom's current strength, we might be able to break through."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon.png Solais: "They cannot concentrate their entire force at a single point. If we can break through part of the barrier with our main team, it may be possible to overrun their defensive forces."

Arge (Platinum) AW Icon.png Arge: "... Agreed. The enemy must have also grasped that."

Tuan (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tuan: "A king that knows their own weak point reins supreme. Daring us to split our soldiers means they're either absolutely confident in their barrier——"

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "——Or after they've received a report from their soldiers, they must be confident in their main team to repel our attack."

Thrud Icon.png Thrud: "Also, Nee-sama——the Heavenly Spear Knights are also on their side. The ones that were dispatched to the physical realm were only part of their soldiers, so there'll be a great many more soldiers at Olympus..."

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "Strengthening our soldiers to overcome their barrier. We have a mountain of work to do."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "However, there doesn't exist a force besides us that can deal with this situation. Let's proceed one step at a time towards victory!"

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