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Calliope and the Night of Terror (カリオペと恐怖の夜) is a farming-based urgent mission running from 14/09/17 to 21/09/17.

New Units:

Missions[edit | edit source]

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Mischievous Witch's Test of Courage Tournament
20 180 750 10 8
Calliope (Dress) Icon.png
Calliope (Dress) Lv5
Sara Icon.png
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 21
Bouquet Icon.png
Bouquet -
Paralysing Fang Runnning in the Forest
25 220 1125 10 8
Calliope (Dress) Icon.png
Calliope (Dress) Lv6
Crave Icon.png
Crave Lv6
2 10 28
Cyrille Icon.png
Spirit of Silver -
Shadows of Enemies Hiding in the Dark Night
30 280 1800 10 8
Nenya Icon.png
Nenya Lv8
Niel Icon.png
Niel Lv8
4 10 40
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1)
The Imminent Nightmare
40 360 2250 10 8
Calliope (Dress) Icon.png
Calliope (Dress) Lv10
Ertel Icon.png
Ertel Lv10
5 10 35
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold x2
Bouquet Icon.png
Additional notes:

Destruction of the barricades will not affect star rating.

Decisive Battle at Dawn
55 500 2700 10 8
Calliope (Dress) Icon.png
Calliope (Dress) Lv15
Khuri Icon.png
Khuri Lv15
7 10 40
Soma Icon.png
Soma Lv15
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
Additional notes:

Destruction of the barricades will not affect star rating.

Mist-Clothed Crimson Blood Princess
90 680 3600 15 8
Calliope (Dress) Icon.png
Calliope (Dress) Lv20
Palace Icon.png
Palace Lv20
12 20 90
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Ruby Icon.png
Ruby x2

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon)
Mischievous Witch's Test of Courage Tournament

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Fuu, with this, preparations for the test of courage competition are complete..."

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Metus, Memento, thanks for your help~♪ To be honest, I didn't think you two would help out this much."

Memento Icon.png Memento: "When you asked us that you want to do an even more incredible test of courage competition than the one before, I couldn't possibly bring myself to not help out."

Metus Icon.png Metus: "I quite enjoyed many of the things during the last test of courage. I shall scare the hell out of Darling this time as well~♪"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "You two are full of motivation, aren't you? I'm also going to wear this one-piece in order to disguise myself as a ghost, and..."

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "... Fufuh, what do you think? If it's this pure-white dress, I'm a ghost no matter how you look at it?"

Memento Icon.png Memento: "Um~mm... You look more like a lady out on a date than a ghost?"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "You're dressing more fashionably than you usually do. Could it be you want the Prince to think you're cute, I wonder?"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "That's not it! I merely want to scare the Prince, that's all..."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Prince, this looks like the place where the test of courage competition is being held. Since it's an event set up by Calliope-san and the others, it should be quite scary."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......" (Nod)

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "——Hey!! Wh, what should I do!? The Prince and the others are already here!?"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Oh my, it's already that time. It'll be lonely not being able to chat with Darling, but since we're setting up the next event, I'll leave the rest to you, OK?"

Memento Icon.png Memento: "Se~ee ya, Calliope! We have a bunch of stuff to get ready, so make sure you scare the daylights out of the Prince and the others, OK~?"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Yeah, please leave it to me! Yoosh, well then, 2nd Test of Courage Competition, start~♪"


Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "——Hmmm? That's odd. Why are lesser vampires in our venue...?"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "... Ahh, I see! Those're also one of things Metus and Memento prepared~♪"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Speaking of which, I thought necromancers couldn't use anything but skeletons, but it's not surprising that they can also make such nasty-looking things."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "... A-amazing, Prince! Those lesser vampires are so well-made, they can be mistaken for the real things, don't you think!?

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "It looks like they also replicated the paralytic poison for this event... While I believe there'll be no danger of getting hurt, but... Please be a little careful, OK Prince?"


Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "Haa, haa... That left an impression... It's a more realistic test of courage competition than the last one, right Prince?"

Phyllis Icon.png Phyllis: "H, hmph! Th, this, this much... I, isn't scary in the sl, slightest!"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Phyllis-san, ah, excuse me... You've been clinging to me all this time since earlier, is there something wrong?"

Phyllis Icon.png Phyllis: "——Ugh!? S, sorry... This is, umm... There's no particular meaning, so I'll be grateful if you pay it no mind..."

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Fufu, Phyllis-san, were you that scared?"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "But this result is also to be expected, right? After all, everything was planned out by me!"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Now then, the test of courage competition has only just begun. The next venue is going to be even more frightening, so look forward to it, OK Prince?"

Paralysing Fang Runnning in the Forest

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Sorry to have kept you waiting, Metus. Are the preparations for the event here also perfect?"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Yeah, this is as perfect as it will ever be. By the same token, Memento is also already heading to the next venue according to schedule."

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Fufu, speaking of which, this time it feels like you're really not going easy on them, huh? I see you've also prepared vampire wolves for this one."

Metus Icon.png Metus: "... Eh? What do you mean? I don't remember preparing anything of that sort?"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Oh, is that so? Then those vampire wolves were made by Memento."

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Well, whatever, as long as we have those things, we have everything we need to frighten the Prince and the others!"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Look, look, don't space out, you also please get ready. Darling and the others look like they're about to arrive at the venue."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "—Prince, this looks like the spot for the next event."

Julian Icon.png Julian: "Geh... This time's vampire wolves! That Calliope, she's seriously trying to frighten us."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "However, being frightened is what we came here for... Prince, since she went to all this trouble, let's enjoy ourselves to the fullest!"


Julian Icon.png Julian: "Haa... Haa... Sh, shiiit... Those vampire wolves were scarier than the real thing... Tsk, how tasteless..."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "A, as expected, just now... ... I also felt a chill..."

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Fufu, I made even that Katie scream. If this keeps up, I might make her cry during the next event~♪"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Cry, huh...? Yes, that's it. Darling's crying face, I also want to see it~♪"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Well then, Memento is also waiting, so let's immediately head to the next venue to get that ready as well."

Shadows of Enemies Hiding in the Dark Night

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Now then, now theen, this time, I'll scare the Prince personally, so I sup~pose I'll hide around here~♪"

Memento Icon.png Memento: "——Aah, not faaair! I was just thinking of making that my hiding spot!"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "What're you saying, these things are first come, first served, aren't they?"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Speaking of which, Memento. You're really amazing. For you to even create something like those goblin zombies, I'm impressed by your dedication this time~♪"

Memento Icon.png Memento: "... Eh? Goblin... Zombies? What do you mean?"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "What do I mean? Look, aren't those them over there? Those are also things you made to scare the Prince, right?"

Zombie Goblin Icon.png Goblin Zombie: "... Gya...... Gya... Human... found... Human... eat..."

Memento Icon.png Memento: "......"

Memento Icon.png Memento: "No, no, no! I didn't make those! Calliope, you know my specialty is skeletons, right!?"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Eehh!? Th, then what in the world are those——Hey, th, this is not good! Those goblin zombies are starting to head this way!"

Memento Icon.png Memento: "Uwawawahh!? Wh, what do we do!? I'm not at all ready to fight, the way things are, we're gonna get eaten!"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "——Prince! There's something off about Calliope-san and Memento-san...!? For some reason, it looks like they're being attacked by those strange goblins!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "As I thought, those aren't part of the test of courage... Prince, let's go rescue Calliope-san and Memento-san at once!"


Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Uuugh... S, somehow we're saved, but w-why are there real monsters...?"

Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "——Fuh... Foolish humans. It's truly comical that you still haven't noticed that you've been dancing according to my plan."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Ah, that's... The Vampire Duke!? No way... Why is he in this kind of place!?"

Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "I penetrated the gap in your defences after I calculated your comfort level when you frighten one another in jest. ... Now then, my kindred, trample over the kingdom's territory!"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Kuhh... There's too many vampires! Darling, do not fight now, run away!"

Memento Icon.png Memento: "Look, you also hurry! If they catch us, we'll also be turned into vampires!!"

Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "Fuhahahah!! Where are you trying to flee? My kin are already occupying your territory, you know?"

Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "However, this is also amusing... Kukuku. Like slowly peeling the skin off a cornered rabbit, I shall plant the seed of fear in you humans as well."

Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "Now then, the noble banquet for vampires shall commence! Foolish humans, paw at the ground! Amuse us!"

The Imminent Nightmare

Hector Icon.png Hector: "Haa, haa... S, somehow evacuated the townspeople... How did things go with the other teams?"

Leo Icon.png Leo: "Each team completed the barricades they were in charge of, and although the vampire's invasion route will be impeded, unfortunately they've been hastily made... I confess that I have my misgivings about how long they'll hold."

Soldier (Unit) A Icon.png Soldier A: "We managed to stockpile enough food, so we'll be able to hold out for a while, but... *sob*... Why...? How did things turn out like this...? If this is a nightmare, hurry up and wake me..."

Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png Soldier B: "Everyone, quiet! Someone's coming from up ahead——Muh!? That's... P, Prince!?"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Thank goodness... Everyone's safe!"

Soldier (Heavy) A Icon.png Soldier C: "Oooh! Anna-dono, it is good that you're safe! ... Oya? I see no sign of Calliope-dono? I was certain she was with you..."

Memento Icon.png Memento: "Haa? What're you joking about? If it's Calliope, she's always been by my side——Eh, huuuh!? No way... She really isn't anywhere, Prince!!"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "We were attacked by vampires multiple times before we came here, so everyone being in a crisis is to be expected, but... But not noticing that one of our allies has strayed... How insensible."

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: "Oi, now's not the time to be yapping! Look, those vampires are breaking down the barricades and heading this way!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Prince, please prepare for battle! Any further invasion must be prevented no matter what!"

[Even if barricades are destroyed, doesn't affect ★-rating.]

(Calliope appears)

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "... Oooo...... Priiince...... oooo..."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Ah, that's... Calliope-san!? Prince, please look! Calliope-san is over there! Let's go rescue her at once!"

Racua Icon.png Racua: "——Wait, Anna! You mustn't approach her carelessly."

Racua Icon.png Racua: "That expression and that speech... There's no doubt Calliope's body and mind have fallen into the Duke's hands."

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Honestly, she had to get captured by a troublesome enemy. Darling, let's defeat the small fry at once and go rescue Calliope!"


Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "O, ooo... What, wrong...? Why... do, you... bully me, Prince...?"

Memento Icon.png Memento: "H, hey! Calliope! Wait a sec! Where do you think you're going!?"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "Kuh... There's too many vampires...! Pursuing Calliope any further is too dangerous!"

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "No way... Calliope-san retreated alongside the vampires..."

Memento Icon.png Memento: "She didn't respond at all to our voices, could it be... Calliope turned into a vampire...?"

Racua Icon.png Racua: "No, the possibility of that is essentially zero."

Metus Icon.png Metus: "You sound awfully confident, but do you have proof?"

Racua Icon.png Racua: "For vampires, the decline in the human population triggered by the monsters' revival has led to an increase in the value of humans, so it can be argued that there is no merit in them making a human into a vampire needlessly."

Racua Icon.png Racua: "Also, since a lot of trouble goes into capturing humans alive, they'll sate their thirst by carrying out blood collection over a long period under calculated acts of violence, so the optimal solution for the Duke is..."

Racua Icon.png Racua: "——The perpetual blood collection system. Earlier, he declared that as his ambition, so this is most likely one of the series of advancements towards that process."

Khuri Icon.png Khuri: "Now that I think of it, it makes sense for them to set their eyes on the land where many humans live under the rule of the Prince... Turning the monsters into vampires and having them attack our forces was all part of their calculations."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Prince, we must do whatever it takes to put a stop to the Duke's plan! For the sake of the people of the Kingdom, let's keep the land safe no matter what!"

Decisive Battle at Dawn

Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "My kin... What's taking you so long? Destroy the base of the humans at once."

Zombie Goblin Icon.png Goblin Zombie: "Gya... Gya... Human... strong... Defence... Hard... Attack... Difficult..."

Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "I'll brook no excuse. If you have time to complain, then risk your lives to attack their stronghold."

Zombie Goblin Icon.png Goblin Zombie: "... No way... Unreasonable..."

Racua Icon.png Racua: "Fuh... It seems you've gotten quite flustered, Duke. Well, that's to be expected. The way things are, the night will end and your plans will return to foam."

Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "Spare me your words, shame of vampire-kind... By the looks of things, you seem to still be supporting the humans, but enough of your childishness, why don't you open your eyes?"

Racua Icon.png Racua: "Open my eyes, you say?"

Racua Icon.png Racua: "Fuh... I don't want to be told that by you who continues to immerse yourself in your vile dreams of a perpetual blood collection system."

Racua Icon.png Racua: "Tossing aside your pride as a vampire, I feel nothing but ugliness from you who made monsters into your own kin... If there's something from your heart you desire, then how about taking it yourself, Duke?"

Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "Racua... As I thought, it seems we're not compatible. ... Very well, I shall purge that foolishness beyond redemption with my own hands."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "——Prince! The Duke looks like he's joining their forces! Prepare for immediate deployment so that we may rescue Calliope-san!"


Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "——Kuh, uugh... Curses... The way things are, the night will end..."

Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "Can't be helped... No choice but to withdraw from here. However, don't think this is the end, humans..."

Vampire Duke Icon.png Duke: "I'll turn many more monsters than before into vampires, and with a great army of my kindred... Someday, I'll create the perpetual blood collection system without fail..."

Memento Icon.png Memento: "...... S, somehow, it looks like he was able to retreat, but by the looks of things, we'll be fighting him again at some point, right?"

Racua Icon.png Racua: "Yeah... In any case, we were able to safely rescue Calliope-san. Let us now rejoice in her return."

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "... Hm, uugh...... Ah, huh? Why was I sleeping in this sort of place?"

Khuri Icon.png Khuri: "——Calliope-san!? Thank goodness, you came to your senses! Are you hurt? Do you feel pain anywhere?"

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "W, wait! The way you're hugging me hurts! ... Anyways, how did the test of courage competition I prepared go?"

Metus Icon.png Metus: "What about the test of courage competition? Geez... It's your fault that I was scared spitless, OK?"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "In any case, I'm glad everyone is safe. Prince, that was good work."

Mist-Clothed Crimson Blood Princess

Silvia AW Icon.png Silvia: "——Prince-sama, I have taken Calliope-san. If you want her back, then defeat I, Vampire Princess Silvia!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Silvia-san!? You carried away Calliope-san... What in the world is the meaning of this!?"

Silvia AW Icon.png Silvia: "Anna-san, you needn't ask. It has been written in a book of human fairy tales."

Silvia AW Icon.png Silvia: "'Prince-sama exterminates the wicked vampire and rescues Princess-sama, and so they lived happily ever after...' it says."

Silvia AW Icon.png Silvia: "To be honest, I wanted to be treated as the Princess-sama... But no matter how I look at it, I'm a vampire. So Calliope-san will be Princess-sama for now."

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope (Unnatural): "——Prince, help me—! I'm here—!"

Silvia AW Icon.png Silvia: "If you want to rescue Calliope-san, then please accept the challenge of I, Silvia!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... It doesn't feel like Calliope-san is in any real danger. Prince, in order to ascertain Silvia-san's true intentions, let's rescue Calliope-san from this place!"


Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope (Unnatural): "You saved me, thank you, Prince. I'll be your Princess-sama—."

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "Calliope-san, you sound awfully monotone... ... Could it be Calliope-san is playing another trick on us?"

Silvia AW Icon.png Silvia: "It's not a trick, it's a test of courage! Say, Prince, were you frightened?"

Silvia AW Icon.png Silvia: "A test of courage competition was being held in the kingdom now, right? So I thought I wanted to participate, so I ended up helping Calliope-san."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "So that's what happened..."

Silvia AW Icon.png Silvia: "However, I also still want to be treated as the Princess-sama. Calliope-san, I want to play the Princess-sama role, so please play the role of the wicked witch next time."

Calliope (Dress) Icon.png Calliope: "Sure. Well then, I guess I better change into my regular clothes. I need to prepare for my next trick..."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Calliope-san is completely back to her regular self. I'm relieved that Silvia-san would never seriously attack people."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "If it's a test of courage with this kind of vampire, then I'll gladly welcome it. Well then, Prince, that was good work."

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