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Capital of Mysterious Light
Capital of Mysterious Light.png
Mission Type Story Mission
Charisma Cost 80
EXP 1280
Base Gold (3★ Gold) 4200 (6300)
Life 3
Initial Unit Points 10
Deployed Unit Limit 10
Number of Enemies 79
4★ Conditions Ally DEF -50%
Prerequisite Sea Route to the Capital of Steel
Unlocks Stolen Giant Security Machine
The Prince and his company arrive safely

at the Steel Metropolis, but they are greeted by the sight of a district that has become a den of monsters. Suddenly, a girl's scream marks the beginning of a new battle.


Capital of Mysterious Light (怪光の都) is the second mission in the Capital of Steel chapter of Story Missions.


Enemy Unit
Mutant Sahagin Sprite.png
Mutant Sahagin ×22
Ranged (104)
Magic 8000 200×4 120
MR 15
Initial: 60
Move: 301
Missile: 1
1 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 65HP/.083s (780HP/s).
Mutant Goblin Sprite.png
Mutant Goblin ×41
Ranged (150)
Physical 3300 580 0 105
Initial: 18
Move: 61
Missile: 2
1 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 65HP/.083s (780HP/s).

Uses melee attack when blocked.

Initial: 12
Mutant Gillman Sprite.png
Mutant Gillman ×2
Physical 15000 1100 800
MR 20
Initial: 45
1 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 65HP/.083s (780HP/s).
Mutant Ogre Sprite.png
Mutant Ogre ×14
Melee Physical 15200 1800 50 171
Initial: 55
2 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 160HP/.083s (1920HP/s).


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon)
Capital of Mysterious Light

Julian Icon.png Julian: "Oi, oi. Isn't this suspicious to you? There isn't anyone in either the port nor the city."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Also, there's all this green liquid spilling from the waterways... Do you suppose it has something to do with the monsters' power?"

Leeanne Icon.png Lean: "We should ask the residents. I hope they're all safe somewh——"

Picky Icon.png ??? (Picky): "——Pl, please stay awaaay...!!"

Picky Icon.png ???: "Uugh, guess this's it for me... Encountering the mutants while alone..."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Was that a voice just now...!?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Oh no, the girl over there's being attacked! Also, by the number of footsteps, it sounds like she's being pursued by many enemies!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Prince, let's quickly rescue that girl!"

[Mutant Goblins will regenerate HP. Recovery effect will disappear once a certain amount of time passes.]

[Mutant Ogre will regenerate HP. Recovery effect will disappear once a certain amount of time passes.]


Picky Icon.png ???: "Haa... Haa... Y, you saved meee. Thank you ever so much..."

Leeanne Icon.png Lean: "I'm glad you're safe. Are you a resident of this city?"

Picky Icon.png Picky: "Y, yes. I'm called Picky. Ah, umm, I'm sorry if I'm mistaken. But could you be those from the Kingdom...?"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Oya...? So you know of us?"

Picky Icon.png Picky: "I did... Is what I should say; I heard about you from before the monsters revival, but then I saw you at the port, so..."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "From when we still shared diplomatic relations... What in the world happened in this city since then?"

Picky Icon.png Picky: "... Right, I'll explain the details. I'll guide you to a safe place, so please walk with me for now."

Picky Introduction

Picky Icon.png "I'm REEAALLY grateful for your help earlier!"

"Anyways, please let me explain what happened in this city, OK?"

"It begin the day the monsters revived. This city received a large-scale attack from the monsters..."

"Even our security bots were no match for the monsters and their overwhelming numbers, and everyone else and I had to flee by the skin of our teeth into the waterways or underground..."

"We're now in a situation where our hands are full searching for security, provisions, and survivors."

"On top of that, recently, it seems the monsters have been taking the survivors and confining them to the 'Development District'."

"Including my father who was a technology researcher, it seems he was captured during their first attack..."

"As for the fighting force of the Steel Capital, since we relied on the security bots, the people who can fight like me are only a handful in number, so rescuing them hasn't been going well."

"Also, after that, the monsters were tainted by the green chemicals coming from our water source, and the situation in the Steel Capital has been getting progressively worse."

"The monsters mutated due to the worsening pollution, and the number of 'mutants' has increased explosively."

"... Ahh, by 'mutants', I don't mean any race in particular, OK?"

"We in the Steel Capital have been calling any of the monsters that mutated by that general name."

"Umm, I know this is an impossible request. But please, will you rescue everyone that's been kidnapped?"

"...... Ehh? Naturally, you say...? *Sob*, Th, thank you so much...!"

"Well then, Master Prince, once preparations are in order, let's head to the 'Research District' at once. Of course, please leave the guiding to me!"

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Russell Icon.png
Russell Lv. 37
Bergan Icon.png
Bergan Lv. 37
Zenmel Icon.png
Zenmel Lv. 37
Picky Icon.png
Number of Drops 2 2 2
EXP 250 250 250+30

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