An Anniversary subtype of Event Missions.

An event type starting in 2014 to celebrate the anniversary of Millennium War Aigis. These events begin in November, end in December, can be of any type, typically Star Rush, and are host to plot critical events that majorly affect the games storyline.

Implementation Order
No. Event Type Start Date End Date Unit
1 Anna's Great Adventure Gold Rush-style 20/11/2014 04/12/2014 Anna Icon
2 The Holy Spirit of Light and Darkness Gold Rush-style 19/11/2015 03/12/2015 Fes Icon
3 Seal of the Goddess Star Rush 24/11/2016 08/12/2016 White Emperor Icon
4 God-Slaying Sacred Spear Star Rush 22/11/2017 07/12/2017 Nephty IconPrince Keraunos Icon
5 Spear of Rebellion and Maou's Awakening Star Rush 22/11/2018 06/12/2018 Shadia Icon
6 Hero King's Successor Star Rush 21/11/2019 05/12/2019 Sanara (Platinum) AW IconPrince (Hero King) Icon

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