Crossover Units are units that primarily come from collaboration events and campaigns with other games and franchises. Most units are unavailable outside of these one-time limited collaboration events apart from revivals or redistribution campaigns, which are very rare.

Shiro Project:RE and Girls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto- are the only games to have their previous crossover units become reobtainalbe during a new collabboration event.

See also: Collaboration Events

Ryuusei World Actor Edit

Claris Zeinburg Icon
Shinomiya Komachi Icon

Girls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto- Edit

Tale Icon
Lupin Icon
Goethe Icon
Lovecraft Icon
Faust Icon
Grimoire Icon
Mushiko Icon
Ganimard Icon

Fuukan no Grasesta Edit

Lilica Icon
Dulphia Icon

Seven Deadly Sins Edit

Diane Icon
Ban Icon
Elizabeth (7Sins) Icon
Meliodas Icon
King Icon
Elizabeth of Blessings Icon

Koihime Musou Edit

Sonken Bundai Icon
Sonken Chuubo Icon
Kan'u Icon
Shokatsuryou Icon
Chou'un Icon
Sousou Icon
Ryofu Icon
Ryuubi Icon
Bachou Icon
Houtou Icon

Rance X Edit

Sill Icon
Hanny Icon

Arslan Senki Edit

Daryun Icon
Narsus Icon
Farangis Icon
Arslan Icon

Shiro Project:RE Edit

Senko Icon
Yakumo Icon
Tsubasa Icon


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