A Great Total War subtype of Event Missions.

An event type in which players are required to compose 3 teams of units, making for a total of 45 units, and defeat 3 waves of monsters in a single large-scale map. Each team can only be used for one wave, and at the end of said wave, all deployed units will be withdrawn and have their UP refunded. A mythological beast is usually the main boss of these events, although more than one beast can be featured.

Implementation Order
No. Event Start Date End Date
1 Divine Beast Sphinx Advent 30/11/2017 14/12/2017
2 Divine Beast Behemoth Advent 15/03/2018 29/03/2018
3 Divine Beast Hecatoncheir Advent 19/07/2018 02/08/2018
4 Divine Beast Garuda Advent 08/11/2018 22/11/2018
5 Divine Beast Einherjar Advent 14/03/2019 28/03/2019
6 Divine Beast Four Gods Advent 26/12/2019 09/01/2020

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