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Note: Due to the total number of units under the Magicians category, statboxes will not be displayed on this page. To find a particular Magician, please click on their icon displayed above or the page links below.

Bishop, Ceremonial Magician. Chrono Witch, Curse User, Demon Summoner, Enchanter, Ikai Summoner, Mage, Mage Armor, Magic Fencer, Magical Lifeform, Necromancer, Reincarnation Mage, Sea Bishop, Summoner, and Witch classes.

Units that are experts in magic. While game mechanics may limit what they can do, as far as the story goes, they are well versed in many forms of magic. Note that this category contains those particular to Western fantasy, so classes like Evil Hermits and Onmyouji won't appear here.

Classes that can affect Magicians:

Units with skills and/or abilities that affect Magicians:

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