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Kahna Icon.png
Keitridge Icon.png
Chibi Angeline Icon.png
Chibi Elmira Icon.png
Chibi Kyuubi Icon.png
Chibi Lieselotte Icon.png
Chibi Mephisto Icon.png
Chibi Sieglinde Icon.png
Chibi Wurm Icon.png
Chibi Leona Icon.png
Imperial Platinum Armor Icon.png
Licht Icon.png
Trene (Bonded) Icon.png
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Note: Due to the total number of units under the White Empire category, statboxes will not be displayed on this page. To find a particular Imperial unit, please click on their icon displayed above or the page links below.

Note: Imperial Platinum Armor, Licht, Trene (Bonded), and Trene (Skill) are not Imperial units and are only included for categorization purposes.

Units with skills and/or abilities that affect Imperial units:

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