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Magic Swordswoman Charlotte drops from the following Event Missions.

  • Event units' original event will not be displayed here.
  • Event and Mission names in Bold are no longer available.
  • Mission names in italicized Red no longer drop Charlotte.
  • Mission names in bolded Green have Charlotte as a Completion Reward.
  • Mission names in bolded and italicized Purple have Charlotte as a no longer obtainable Completion Reward.
  • All other Missions are repeatable via Revived events or Daily Revivals.
Charlotte (Up to Date 08/13/20)
Event Mission Cha Sta
N/a Gold Rush 5 New Year's Eve Battle 30 2
Paula Icon.png Demon King's Labyrinth The Tree of Life 30 2
Signs of the Demon King 50 5
Miruno Icon.png Fallen Angel's Birth March of Angels 30 2
Return of the Queen 70 6
Koyomi Icon.png Third Great Youkai War Bridal Training of Goblin Princesses 70 6
Lumian Icon.png Apprentice Blacksmith and the Giants' Divine Authority Awakened Giant God 70 6
Dulphia Icon.png Heroine from Another World and the Soukaku's Young Lady Majin of Hail and Weeping, Fleurety 70 6
Raichi (School) Icon.png Two Stars Aiming for the Top Two Stars That Shine Together! 70 6
Roza (Swimsuit) Icon.png Midsummer Lost Vacation Angel of the Deep Sea 70 6