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Collapse of the Dark Knights (暗黒騎士団の崩壊) is a Subjugation based urgent mission that ran from 16/06/16 to 14/07/16.

This event received a revival from 11/04/2019 to 09/05/2019.

Wanting to seek revenge for his past defeats, Dark Knight Commander Decius has invited the Prince to a showdown in an underground cavern. The Prince, unable to refuse, takes Decius up on his challenge and heads to the dark cavern to repel the advancing forces of the Dark Knights.

Rewards Edit

This type of event has 2 reward scales. The first is based on the total number of enemies slain over the duration of the event. The second is based on the highest number of slain enemies in a single attempt.

Original Edit

Total Kills Reward Kills in 1 Run Reward
1000 Spirit of Gold 100 Maya
2000 Spirit of Platinum 300 Spirit Queen
3000 Spirit of Black 400 Platinum Armor
4000 Spirit of Gold 500 50 Demon Crystals
5000 Spirit of Platinum
6000 Spirit of Black
7000 Spirit of Gold
8000 Spirit of Platinum
9000 Spirit of Black
10000 Spirit of Rainbow

Revival Edit

Total Kills Reward Kills in 1 Run Reward
500 Alegria 100 Platinum Armor
1000 Spirit of Gold 200 Alegria
1500 Platinum Armor 300 50 Demon Crystals
2000 Spirit of Platinum 400 Freude
2500 Spirit of Black 500 Farah
3000 Freude
3500 30.000 Gold
4000 Spirit of Platinum
4500 Platinum Armor
5000 Spirit of Black
5500 Spirit Queen
6000 Freude
6500 60.000 Gold
7000 Spirit of Platinum
7500 Spirit of Black
8000 Platinum Armor
8500 Spirit Queen
9000 Spirit of Rainbow
9500 90.000 Gold
10000 Farah

Additional rewardsEdit


Every 100 monsters slain nets you a Crystal Shard, up until 2000 monsters.

From then onwards, every 200 monsters slain nets you a Crystal Shard, up until the max limit of 10000 monsters.

Crystal Shards may be used in Base Summoning SP, which has a higher chance of summoning Silver-rarity or higher units than the normal 2000G Base Summon.


Dark knights collapse map

Missions Edit

Difficulty Tiers Cha Points Units Special Conditions
Life Enemies
Beginner 15 70 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
30 100
Hard 30 60 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
40 300
Extreme 35 60 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
50 400
God 40 50 10 Unit Points don't regenerate
50 500

Enemies Edit

  • Each wave corresponds to 100 enemies. Waves are shared between difficulty levels - Beginner only has wave 1, Hard has waves 1-3, etc. Easier difficulties have reduced enemy stats.

  • Wave 1
  • Wave 2
  • Wave 3
  • Wave 4
  • Wave 5
Enemy Unit
Armored Goblin Sprite
Armored Goblin ×48
Armored Goblin
Physical 720 140 200 101
Initial: 12
1 UP
Living Armor Sprite
Living Armor ×35
Physical 2800 400 200 127
Initial: 24
1 UP
Crossbow Living Armor Sprite
Crossbow Living Armor ×3
Ranged (150)
Physical 1400 150 200 181
Initial: 20
Move: 121
Missile: 12
2 UP
Mounted Living Armor Sprite
Mounted Living Armor ×12
Physical 1500 200 300 166
Initial: 25
1 UP
Decius Sprite
Decius ×1
Ranged (250)
Physical 13000 500 400
MR 20
Initial: 25
Move: 91
Missile: 15
3 UP
Attacks all units within range.
Armored Axerider Sprite
Armored Axerider ×1
Physical 2800 560 300 171
Initial: 30
2 UP

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Anna Introduction

"Prince, I have news."

"Actually, a letter from Decius addressed to the Prince arrived a little while ago."

"Though I have been defeated by the Prince many times, I won't give up, it reads. There's a lot of words written heavily in bold, but they don't look too important, so I'll skim ahead."

"According to the letter, it seems he wishes to have a rematch with the Prince..."

"The location is an underground cavern..."

"Looking over the place specifically chosen, there's no doubt Decius made thorough preparations in order to overthrow the Prince."

"He wrote that if you refuse his offer, then he'll carry out an attack all the way to the royal castle with the entire Dark Knighthood."

"Prince, what will you do...?"

"... I see! We shall settle things with Decius!"

"Well then, before we set out to face Decius, I shall explain the upcoming battle."

"The battle this time will be a 'Great Subjugation Mission' where the goal is to just defeat the enemy."

"Great Subjugation Missions are different from regular missions in several ways, so please pay attention."

"First, the goal of a Great Subjugation Mission is to 'defeat the enemy'."

"In other words, defeating the enemy is much more important than preventing casualties on our side."

"Furthermore, you'll clear this mission even if your life reaches zero, and the number of enemies you defeated will be tallied in the final results."

"So, please think of how to defeat as many monsters as possible without fear of being wounded."

"Also, this is a sudden expedition, so we can't deploy our forces like we normally could."

"Your deployment cost won't regenerate over time, so don't forget to bring those with 'request reinforcements' skills, or Valkyries on your team."

"Finally, even if you defeat the enemy, you won't receive any EXP, gold, or drops, so keep this point in mind as well."

"That ends the explanation."

"Prince... He may be an opponent you've fought many times, but please don't underestimate him."

"... Have you finished preparing your heart?"

"OK! Let's go into battle, Prince."

"Please announce the 'Great Subjugation Mission'!"

Mission Start

Decius: "So you've finally come, Prince."

Decius: "I've suffered defeat many times up to now, but today I shall prevail!"

Decius: "My final trump card... You will see it with your own eyes!"

Decius: "HaaaAAhh—!!"

Anna: "Something's gathering into Decius's body...?"

Barbastraff: "Not good... He's absorbing the grudges of all those who died in this land into himself..."

Katie: "Grudges... Absorbing...?"

Barbastraff: "He's converting the bitter grudges of those who were defeated by the Prince into power..."

Barbastraff: "I fear he plans to even convert the deep-seated grudges of the enemies we defeat in this battle into power..."

Barbastraff: "It appears Decius's underlings are unaware of this."

Barbastraff: "Even when they're dead, using the power of his underlings... That man is unconcerned about the ugliness of his scheme..."

Decius: "Fuhahahah!! Now then, how about we settle things, Prince!? I'll kill you, and make you a part of my power!"

Decius: "Army, attack! We'll annihilate the Prince's army here!!"

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