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Commission Sortie

Commission Sortie (委任出撃), colloquially referred to as auto-complete, is a function in Millennium War Aigis that allows players to automatically clear missions at the cost of Charisma and/or Stamina.


The mission in question must have been:

  • Cleared with 3★
  • Have its drops completed (i.e. by obtaining at least one of each unique drop, can be done over several runs)

Commissionsortie conditionssatisfied.jpg

The conditions for Commission Sortie are satisfied when 委任出撃 in orange text is displayed at the top-left of the mission instead of the standard blue "CLEAR" text.


In addition to receiving EXP/Gold and the standard drops from clearing the mission, the following effects are applied whenever a commission sortie is performed:

Team composition does not matter for commission sorties. As such, abilities involving Gold Get!, as well as the class attributes of Thieves that boost item drop rates, require the player to run the missions manually in order to take full advantage of their effects.

Commission Tickets[]

Commission Ticket Icon.png

Implemented on April 1, 2021, Commission Tickets were introduced in order to let players auto-complete missions apart from Story Missions (previously, only Story Missions had the Commission Sortie function).


Commission Tickets can be obtained in a few ways:

  • As daily giveaways from various Campaigns
  • By clearing Daily Missions during Training Events (i.e. Drop Rate Up weeks), amount awarded varies between missions
  • Through exchanging in the Trading Post using various currency (only a fixed amount can be traded monthly)

Usage and Consumption[]

Commissionsortie notconsumed.jpg

Commission Tickets are not consumed (消費なし) when auto-completing Story Missions and Daily Missions (only during Training Events).

In all other situations, one Commission Ticket will be consumed when auto-completing a mission.

The following table illustrates which mission types can be auto-completed:

  • It is unknown if auto-complete will be implemented in the future for the mission types that are currently non-autocompletable.
Able to be auto-completed Not able to be auto-completed

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