"Fight and win. There's all there is to it."

Treasonous Knight Cornelia is a black dark fighter.

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Stats Edit

Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min
Cornelia Icon
Lv1 1411 275 272 20 2 25 22 ATK+50
True Darkness
Certain Death
Lv50 1755 381 323
Lv1 1766 384 324 20 2 29 26 ATK+134
Lv80 2565 626 413
Cornelia AW Icon
Paladin Lv1 2373 586 390 20 2 30 27 ATK+134
True Darkness
↓ ↑
Holy Knight's

Lv99 3375 721 658
Cornelia AW2v1 Icon
Lv1 2985 586 428 20 2 30 27
Lv99 4455 721 710
Cornelia AW2v2 Icon
Lv1 2376 668 390 20 1 30 27
Lv99 3645 857 658

Skill Edit

Name & Effect (edit info)
True Darkness
For X seconds, all enemies'
attack is reduced by Y%.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged



Chibi Cornelia 4☆
Cornelia 6☆
Y Reuse
25 89
26 88
28 87
29 86
30 85

Skill Awakening Edit

Unit Skill Effect Reuse Initial
Cornelia AW Icon
Normal True Darkness Aura For 20 seconds, all enemies' attack is reduced by 30%. 85 1
Awakened Holy Knight's Protection For 55 seconds, defense and MR are increased by 2.5x, and attack by 1.3x. All allies have a 20% chance to negate damage (inc. self). 70 5

Ability Edit

Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Certain Death Strike
(edit info)
20% chance to increase Attack by 1.9x.
Danan Icon
Ballad Icon
Calliope Icon
CC IconCC IconCC Icon
Julian AW Icon
Garrett AW Icon
Leaf AW Icon
AW IconAW IconAW Icon
Dorothy AW Icon
Chibi Cornelia Icon
Chibi Ibuki Icon
AW Icon
Nendoroid Sybilla Icon
Meiling AW Icon
Liddy AW Icon
AW IconAW Icon
Rikka AW Icon
Ralph AW Icon
Sybilla Icon
AW IconAW Icon
Cornelia Icon
Ibuki Icon

Holy Enchant
(edit info)
20% chance to increase Attack by 1.8x.

100% chance vs. Demons and Undead.

Cornelia AW Icon
AW Icon

Class Attributes Edit

Class Name (edit info) Traits/Effects Notes
Dark Fighter
Can block up to 2 enemies.
As HP decreases, DEF increases, up to a maximum of 1.5x.
  • HP < 50%, DEF x1.5
Dark Knight
Can block up to 2 enemies.
As HP decreases, DEF increases, up to a maximum of 1.7x.
  • HP < 50%, DEF x1.7
Can block up to 2 enemies.
As HP decreases, DEF increases, up to a maximum of 2.0x.
  • HP < 50%, DEF x2.0
Master Paladin
Can block up to 2 enemies.
As HP decreases, DEF increases, up to a maximum of 3.0x.
  • HP < 50%, DEF x3.0
Chaos Knight
Can block up to 1 enemy.
As HP decreases, ATK and DEF increase, up to a maximum of 2.0x.
  • HP < 50%, ATK and DEF x2.0
    • Every 5% of HP lost is 10% ATK gained (i.e. HP < 80%, ATK x1.40; HP < 60%, ATK x1.80).

Affection Edit

Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them. Edit

0% Fight and win. There's all there is to it.
15% I'll beat every monster there is, even if I'll have to sell my soul.
30% Fighting battles. That is what I live for.
50% I wanna get stronger, no matter the cost...
60% I won't be rendered helpless.
80% Even if this is the power of the demons, what I must accomplish remains the same.
100% Even with powers tainted by darkness, I'll protect the country and the Prince.
130% 光も闇も、その根源は同じ……。我が闇は常に王子と共にあろう。
150% 何? 雑務が溜まっている⋯⋯?仕方ない、手伝ってやるとしよう。
Adjutant If even my darkness-tainted powers are acceptable... give me orders, Prince.

Scenes Edit

30% Partially nude, fingering
100% Nude, Missionary (Virgin) (Creampie)
Quest Skirt around waist, Cowgirl (Creampie)

All-Age Conversation Scenes Edit

Translated by Petite Soeur (@ ulmf)

Cornelia #1:

Cornelia: "The recent battle was no big deal. I desire more worthy opponents."

Cornelia looked my way and let out a bored sigh.

Cornelia: "Fuh. Well, all that matters is we won, I suppose. After all, victory is good no matter how many times it's tasted."

While delivering villainous lines, Cornelia grins.

'Your power was obtained by selling your soul for a demon's power. What made you go so far?' I asked her.

Cornelia: "Why? ... In this world, power is everything. The weak have no choice but to submit to the strong..."

She spoke quietly as if I touched upon a painful memory. Did something happen in the past? Though her expression couldn't be read, that's how I felt.

Cornelia: "Even though I sold my body to darkness, I shall vanquish the monsters from this world..."

Cornelia: "That is what I live for."

She muttered as if she was trying to convince herself, she didn't say anything more.

Cornelia #2:

Earlier, when she spoke about what she lived for.

I was concerned about why she chose to live as a dark knight, so I decided to ask her.

Cornelia: "... You wish to know my past... Even if I told you, there's nothing interesting about it."

Even so, I want to know about her. I responded. Cornelia let out an incredulous sigh, and opened her mouth.

Cornelia: "I, my family was killed by monsters. I, who couldn't do anything, was miserable and frustrated."

Cornelia: "I resolved to lay down my life as a person. I wanted to become strong at all costs."

—She was someone at one time. She softly whispered towards the end, and stared at me.

Cornelia: "This power is a demon's power. However, even so, I will protect this country, and you, Prince."

I heard her declare as she vowed to me, and to herself.

I am depending on those words. I responded, and Cornelia smiled at me happily.

Cornelia #3:

Cornelia: "I feel like I finally understand the meaning of the Prince being a queer fellow."

While receiving a report from Cornelia, she muttered.

Cornelia: "Making those who were formerly enemies into your own allies. They're your enemies, yet... you try to save them."

Cornelia: "Of all the fellows I met till now, none were like that."

Does she think it's strange, or is she amazed? She looks at me as she said that.

Cornelia: "Even those around the Prince... Are they being influenced by you? They don't say anything about me... Rather, it feels like I am accepted."<

Victory is everything. She, who was once tainted by darkness for that very thing, may not be accustomed to her current environment.

Cornelia: "I don't dislike it... I don't particularly..."

Cornelia: "However..."

She opens and closes her mouth as she attempts to formulate words.

Cornelia: "No, it's nothing. The Prince has accepted me."

Cornelia: "That is... all."

Still unable to disclose her heart, she was so pitiful that I was deeply touched. I gently hugged her.

Cornelia: "... I never was good at putting my thoughts into words."

Cornelia: "That is why... I'm happy to put my feelings into action like this."

Cornelia: "It's because of you that I realized a new possibility as a knight..."

Cornelia: "Thank you so much... Prince."

I respond to the words of thanks she whispered by embracing her tightly.

Class Change Materials Edit

Required units (edit units)
Florika Icon
Gladys Icon
Material 1
Asar Icon
Crave Icon
Gustav Icon
Phyllis Icon
Rosalie Icon
Material 2
Leeanne Icon
Bernard Icon
Dwight Icon
Danan Icon
Material 3
Mortimer Icon
Eunice Icon

Awakening Materials Edit

Required units (edit info)
Victoire Icon
Onyx Icon
Material 1
Asar Icon
Crave Icon
Gustav Icon
Phyllis Icon
Rosalie Icon
Aria Icon
Julian Icon
Katie Icon
Phyllis (Yukata) Icon
CC IconCC IconCC IconCC IconCC Icon
Material 2
Leeanne Icon
Bernard Icon
Dwight Icon
Danan Icon
Garrett Icon
Bernice Icon
Matilda Icon
Leeanne (New Year&#039;s) Icon
Filine Icon
CC IconCC IconCC IconCC Icon
Material 3
Alissa Icon
Dorca Icon
Christopher Icon
Fedora Icon
Iris Icon
Robert Icon
Alissa (Christmas) Icon
Iris (New Year&#039;s) Icon
CC IconCC IconCC Icon
(edit info) Money Orbs
Black 300,000G 3 x Dark Knight Orb

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