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"My fists will bring victory!"

Martial Artist Dan is a silver monk.

Obtained from:


Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min

Dan Icon.png
Monk Lv1 879 233 100 0 2 8 5 HP+125 Rush! N/A
Lv50 1364 341 165
Lv1 1371 342 166 0 2 11 8 HP+300
Lv55 2054 417 202
Miracle Man


Name & Effect (edit info)
For X seconds, post-attack
delay is shortened.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged Omni

Dan 3☆
Gina 4☆
Ur 5☆
X Reuse
15 29
18 28
20 27
23 26
25 25


Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Miracle Man
(edit info)
HP increases by 20%.

1% chance to increase Attack by 23.9x.

Dan Icon.png
CC Icon.png
  • Boosted stats already displayed in unit's status.
  • The resulting number was truncated after the decimal point.
  • The actual damage multiplier is 23.98x
  • This ability is a reference to the events of Battle of the Goddesses.

Class Attributes[]

Class Name
(edit info)
Traits/Effects Notes
50% chance to evade enemy physical attacks.
The effects of Makai and Tenkai are reduced by 20% on self.
Master Monk
50% chance to evade enemy physical attacks.
The effects of Makai and Tenkai are reduced by 30% on self.
Holy Fist
King of Fighters
50% chance to evade enemy physical attacks.
30% chance to increase attack by 1.3x;
100% chance during skill.
The effects of Makai and Tenkai are reduced by 50% on self.
  • Large HP increase.
50% chance to dodge enemy physical attacks.
Skill cooldown reduced by 45%.
The effects of Makai and Tenkai are reduced by 50% on self.

Atack increases by 1.4x vs. enemy Humans and Celestials.

  • Large ATK/DEF increase.
  • Cooldown reduction does not stack with similar effects.
    • The largest reduction will take precedence.


Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them.[]

0% My fists will bring victory!
15% Hey! If you've got time, how about a little sparring!
30% Knowing I got a tough opponent to fight gets me charged up!
50% Reaching beyond my limits is my reason for living!
60% Damn! I couldn't beat you today either!
80% I don't know much, but I'll fight for you with all my strength.
100% I'll be better than you one day, so don't make it too easy.

 All-Age Conversation Scenes[]

Dan #1 :

"Hey! How about you and me throw down sometime?"

Said Dan, slugging down the remains of his drink in one huge gulp.

"I don't waste my time with low ranked fighters, and the top ones won't give me the time of day."

"I hate it when I don't have a good fight lined up and all I have to do is paperwork."

He's got a fierce personality, and hates boring work. So he's often bored and looking for someone to fight.

People say he's wasting his energy, but he just can't stop himself from craving the excitement.

"I appreciate you sharing a drink with me. I gotta say, Princes really get the good stuff."

He said, pouring a drink while signaling his desire to pound his head in next time he was free.

"Really? Great! Ya gotta fight the strong ones!"

Said Dan happily, a wide grin crossing his face.

Dan #2 :

"Damn! I couldn't win today either."

For him, always pursuing power, overcoming a person stronger than himself is a wall demanding to be broken.

"Having all these powerful people around makes my blood cry out!"

"I guess I got a long way to go."

He continued to sip his drink, but somehow looked happy.

"But I never get sick of it. That's why I'm glad I got you as a pal."

Dan said smiling grimly at me.

"Until I find some more monsters to fight, you'll do just fine."

"It looks like I just can't beat you."

Dan said, draining his drink in one big gulp.

When I told him that I don't like to lose either, he let out a hearty laugh.

Class Change Materials[]

Required units (edit units)
Cyrille Icon.png
Gladys Icon.png
Material 1
Soldier (Unit) A Icon.png
Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png
Desert Soldier Icon.png
Material 2
Soldier (Bow) A Icon.png
Soldier (Bow) B Icon.png
Jungle Archer Icon.png
Material 3
Dan Icon.png
Mao Icon.png


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