Dance of Shadows1

Dance of Shadows (暗黒舞踏会) is a farming-based urgent mission that ran from 11/13/14 to 11/20/14.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
The Imprisoned Dancer
20 140 500 10 8
Waltz Icon
Waltz lv5
Soldier (Unit) A Icon
Soldier (Unit) A lv5
1 10 20
Soldier (Heavy) B Icon
Soldier (Heavy) B lv5 -
Waltz of Darkness
25 180 750 10 8
Waltz Icon
Waltz lv8
Bernard Icon
Bernard lv8
2 10 19
Russell Icon
Russell lv8
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
Dancer of Delirium
30 220 1000 10 8
Waltz Icon
Waltz lv10
Crave Icon
Crave lv10
3 10 30
Maullo Icon
Maullo lv10
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal
The Scorching Stage
40 300 1500 10 8
Waltz Icon
Waltz lv12
Dorca Icon
Dorca lv12
5 10 26
Elaine Icon
Elaine lv12
Cyrille Icon
Spirit of Silver
Additional notes: Initial HP decrease: Small
2つの旋律 極級
Two Melodies X
55 420 2700 10 10
Waltz Icon
Waltz lv15
Verotte Icon
Verotte lv15
7 10 27
Khuri Icon
Khuri lv15
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
闇の舞踏会 神級
Dance of Shadows G
100 200 1500 10 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 5 58
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow
  • 'Dance of Shadows G' stage unlocks after earning 3☆ on all previous stages.

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy melee damage and HP are scaled depending on the mission:

Map Strength Special Case
The Imprisoned Dancer 85% Soldiers at 68%, Living Armor at 42.5%
Waltz of Darkness 90% Living Armor at 63%
Dancer of Delirium 95% Waltz at 76%
The Scorching Stage 100% none
Two Melodies X 105% Waltz at 73.5%
Dance of Shadows G 110% Waltz at 88%

New Edit

Enemy Unit
Waltz Enemy
Melee - 3400 (M1) - 30 - 350
3 UP
Gives bonus attack and defense to all enemies.
+50% (M1)
5400 (M2)
4560 (M3)
6000 (M4)
Gives bonus attack and defense to all enemies.
+50% (M2)
+40% (M3)
+30% (M4)
Waltz CC Enemy
Waltz (CC)
Melee - 7350 (M5)
8800 (M6)
- 120 - 350
3 UP
Gives bonus attack and defense to all enemies. With multiple dancers on the field, the effects of each are added together.
+40% (M5)
+20% (M6)
Melee Physical 2500 300 20
MR 50
Initial: 16
1 UP
Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Armored Cavalry
Mounted Armor
Physical 3500 700 300 171
Initial: 30
2 UP

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations taken from Nutaku version.
The Imprisoned Dancer

Waltz: Now, it's almost time. I have to cheer everyone up with my dancing again, today!

Waltz: There are so many monsters, people are tired. Now more than ever, I hope that everyone can remember fun and happiness...

Waltz: I hope that my dancing can bring their hearts some rest, even for a short time...

Waltz: This is all a dancer like me can do right now. I've got to do my best!

Anna: Prince, it seems there is a traveling company of entertainers in this town.

Anna: We should let the hardworking soldiers enjoy themselves for a change. Ah, it's about to start!

Dark Knight: Hehe... The rabble is starting to gather. It's almost time.

Dark Knight: That dancer and her instrument... Now this whole town is mine. Ghehehe.

Dark Knight: Now go, my monsters!

Anna: Monsters!? Prince, enemies sighted! We have to drive them back before they put the townspeople in danger!

Waltz: Huh...! What!? My lute is acting on its own...?

Waltz: My body won't listen to me!? My legs are moving... Aah, so are my hands...! What's happening!?

Dark Knight: Hehe. It seems my dark curse has worked. Now you belong to us.

Waltz: No, no way! I don't want todance for you!

Waltz: Talking is no use. You can't escape my dark curse. Now, dance for us!

Waltz: Aaah, my body is moving again... Someone... Help me!

Dark Knight: Wahahaha! Excellent...! Her dancing will make us more powerful!

Anna: Make them more powerful...?

Anna: Prince, it seems that individual's dancing increases the monsters' strength. Be careful with your commands!

(All enemies defeated)

Dark Knight: Just my luck...I didn't expect you here, Prince. Let us depart for now.

Dark Knight: You, you're coming with us!

Waltz: Aaaah! Someone, help me!

Anna: Ah, they're leaving! Prince, I'm worried about that dancer. Let us pursue!

Waltz of Darkness

Anna: There they are! Over there!

Dark Knight: You're such a nuisance, Prince. We're busy here. We don't have time to bother with you.

Anna: Wait right there! What are your plans for that dancer?

Dark Knight: Wahaha! She's indispensable to our plans. We'll have her dance for us forever.

Dark Knight: Isn't her dancing excellent? She'll greatly increase our strength all by herself.

Dark Knight: Now we can easily destroy city after city. Not only that, we can also secure status among our brethren...

Dark Knight: Ghehehe! I can't stop laughing when I think of it.

Anna: How despicable... We won't let you get away with this!

Anna: Prince, let's stop them before they can harm any other towns!

Dancer of Delirium

Dark Knight: You're back!

Anna: Of course we are. We couldn't stand by when we heard you'd destroy cities!

Anna: Also, release the dancer at once!

Dark Knight: What are you saying? I'm not releasing something this useful. You, get ready to dance like mad again!

Waltz: Aaah, my body is moving again... Is this my life now, continually dancing for these monsters?

The Scorching Stage

Dark Knight: It's hot. Too hot... But I hear there are abundant riches near here. There must be many human cities as well.

Dark Knight: Ghehe! We will take it all.

Anna: We finally found them. Release the dancer at once.

Dark Knight: You followed us this far... You have extraordinary spirit.

Dark Knight: So be it. This time, then, you will face my veteran troops.

Dark Knight: Hehehe. And it seems there is a stage suitable for the dancer!

Dark Knight: We'll have you dance for us non-stop this time. Now, dance, daaaannnccee!

Waltz: Aaah... My body. I want to resist, but my body won't listen!

Two Melodies X

Dark Knight: Argh. You're such a nuisance...

Dark Knight: Prince and company, I'm impressed. It seems that we have to give it our all now, as well.

Dark Knight: Using my power of darkness, I'll make my troops even stronger...! Haaaaah...!

Waltz: Eeek! The lute's tone is so intense...

Waltz: Ooh... What? What is this feeling!? It's like my body is being pulled in two...

Anna: Prince, something seems to be wrong with the dancer! We have to free her right away!

Dark Knight: Ghehahaha! Look! See our power! This will strengthen our entire army. All units, advance! Terrorize the humans!

Dance of Shadows G

Waltz: Gyaaaah! The lute's tone keeps getting stronger... This is scary! What's happening...!?

Waltz: Ah...! My body... I'm being torn apart...

Dark Knight: What an amazing sound... The more it builds up, the stronger we get!

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