Dark Knights and the Holy Night's Gift

Dark Knights and the Holy Night's Gift (暗黒騎士団と聖夜の贈り物) is a farming-based urgent mission running from 12/17/15 to 12/24/15.


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Holy Night's Bowrider
20 140 750 10 8
Sarasa Icon
Sarasa Lv5
Sara Icon
Spirit of Copper
1 10 43
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet -
Promise to the Dark Knight
25 180 1125 10 8
Sarasa Icon
Sarasa Lv6
Merone Icon
Merone Lv6
2 10 63
Cyrille Icon
Spirit of Silver -
Two Front Lines
30 200 1800 10 8
Sarasa Icon
Sarasa Lv8
Crave Icon
Crave Lv8
3 10 35
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1)
Dark Bowrider
40 300 2250 10 8
Sarasa Icon
Sarasa Lv10
Leeanne Icon
Leeanne Lv10
5 5 23
Elaine Icon
Elaine Lv10
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet x2
United Front of Snowy Mountain
55 420 2700 10 8
Sarasa Icon
Sarasa Lv15
Sharon Icon
Sharon Lv15
7 10 26
Palace Icon
Palace Lv15
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Additional notes:

Blizzard weather effect happens at certain timings

Fear of Troll
90 580 3600 10 8
Sarasa Icon
Sarasa Lv20
(100% drop)
Christopher Icon
Christopher Lv20
12 15 59
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Ruby Icon
Ruby x2


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Holy Night Bowrider

Anna: "Prince, do you know? During the winter season, I heard someone has been distributing presents to children while they're asleep."

Katie: "Fufufu, I don't know whether it's true or false, but parents have been threatening their children whenever they've been naughty that they won't receive any presents if they haven't been good boys and girls."

Anna: "I believed it. Even now after the monsters' revival, I cannot help but pray that hopes and dreams are being delivered to children."

Soldier: "Report! Monsters have appeared up ahead!"

Anna: "Prince! It looks like monsters have shown up! Prepare for battle!"

(Santa Memento impostor appears)

???: "Hey, you're the Prince-sama that has been fighting the monsters, right?"

Katie: "Who are you!? Those clothes...!"

???: "For the sake of the many children waiting for my presents..."

???: "I will be taking your lives!"

Anna: "Children waiting for presents... What in the world are you talking about?"

???: "Sorry, but I don't have time to talk with you leisurely~. Let us go at once~♪"

Anna: "Ehh!? Please wait a minute!"

???: "Strong as expected. I'm also a little confident in my strength, but Onee-san is quite shocked..."

Anna: "Why are you attacking us? Give us a reason..."

Decius: "Sarasa, hurry up and retreat."

Sarasa: "Next time, I'm going to refine my strategy a little more. Well then, let's meet again, shall we~♪"

Anna: "... They're gone. She said she doesn't have time, but what's causing her to be in such a hurry?"

???: "About that, I have been entrusted with a message from her."

Anna: "You're..."

Totono: "My name is Totono. Merchant."

Anna: "Please, let us talk in detail."

Totono Introduction

"How do you do? My name is Totono. A merchant that sells rare and wonderful things across the lands."

"You too, Prince-sama, I would very much appreciate you giving me your patronage in the future."

"Now then, back to the subject we were talking about originally, I have a message from that person."

"By the way she spoke, it sounded like she was in quite a pickle..."

"The other day, she stocked up on a hefty bundle of presents from me, but after that, it seemed she accidentally dropped them."

"And the ones who picked up those presents were none other than the Dark Knighthood..."

"She asked their commander to return the presents, who made her promise to help him defeat the Prince..."

"... Which ended with him saying, 'Since you promised, I shall have you fight seriously. Prepare yourself.'"

"She's one of my dearest customers, but the situation is far too dangerous for even me to get involved in."

"More importantly, those presents were ones I have arranged. I would loathe having them fall into the monsters' hands."

"... For that reason, I would appreciate you taking care of the matter, Prince-sama."

"I have goods that I must deliver to my other customers, so I'll be taking my leave. Goodbye."

Dark Knight's Promise

Sarasa: "Wait~! You said to help you overthrow the Prince, so I'm fighting, but why aren't you fighting!?"

Decius: "Shut up! I still haven't found all of the stuff you dropped. I'm sending parties to search for them, so hold your horses."

Sarasa: "Ah, I see... I'm fine if that's the case. Make sure you keep your promise and find all of them, OK?"

Decius: "Fine. In the name of the Dark Knighthood, I shall do my utmost to find them."

Sarasa: "That's nice. But I alone am no match for the Prince and his army. Lend me some of your underlings whose hands are free."

Decius: "What~!? I have a better chance of finding them with everyone... Can't be helped, some of you go march."

Sarasa: (It's nice that he's earnestly searching for them, but... I wonder, have these people forgotten that their main goal is to defeat the Prince?)


Sarasa: "Lost yet again. I'm a little annoyed."

Decius: "So you were here? I did it. I found all of the stuff you dropped!"

Sarasa: "Hooray! Onee-san is so happy."

Decius: "Well, I couldn't believe the final one was in that kind of area... Why'd you have to go and drop it in that sort of place?"

Sarasa: "In any case, let's save our talk for later, let's retreat for now."

Two Battle Lines

Decius: "At last, I found all of the stuff you dropped. If you want me to return them, then cooperate in overthrowing the Prince."

Sarasa: "I know. Finally, you guys can also fight."

Sarasa: "Say, why don't we try dividing into two groups and then attack? This area is perfectly suitable for that."

Decius: "... You're awfully cooperative, aren't ya? What're you plotting...?"

Sarasa: "That's because I promised. Am I being strange, or something?"

Decius: "You believe in the promise you made with me?"

Sarasa: "Eh, please wait a minute. Are you telling me you're lying?"

Decius: "I, I'm not lying!"

Sarasa: "In that case, good. Aww... don't frighten me like that."

Decius: "O, of course you have to fulfill your end of the deal!"

Sarasa: "Of course I will. Ah, Commander-san, it looks like the Prince has come."

(Tsundere Decius appears)

Decius: "They've done well cutting through. They're all so aggravating."

Sarasa: "Indeed. I didn't think the Prince would be this strong. It's about time for us to also attack."

Decius: "Right. I'll draw the attention of the Prince, you go attack from over there."

Sarasa: "Affirmative."


Sarasa: "Hmm. We lost. I thought our strategy was good, but I wasn't strong enough... Sorry."

Decius: "W, well, if they were the type that could be defeated by something like this, then they wouldn't be giving me such a hard time. We should set up another strategy now."

Sarasa: "Hmm, the Dark Knighthood is lacking in mobility. You have horsemen, but your projectile weapons are slow to reload. Ahh, I just thought of a good idea."

Dark Bowriders

Sarasa: "Put more strength into it, you need to draw the bowstrings tightly. Sending your arrows flying from a long distance is the beauty of a bow."

Underling: "This is pretty hard. Do you have any tips?"

Sarasa: "Yeah. I guess you need to train your muscles every day. If you don't have the strength to draw the bowstring, then you won't get anywhere."

Underling: "We're Dark Knights; our bodies have already been destroyed. We don't have any muscles, so what should we do?"

Sarasa: "..."

Anna: "Prince! There's the Dark Knighthood! It looks like the woman from earlier is also with them. Let's go save her!"


Decius: "Hmph. Don't think this is over. Goddamn, pain-in-the-arse Prince."

Decius: "It's about time we retreat! We shall invite them to the next battlefield."

Sarasa: "Next battlefield?"

Decius: "Umu. I went ahead and prepared our trump card."

Sarasa: "Aren't you dependable. Where are we going next?"

Decius: "Some snowy mountain. I won over some guys over there. Now then, let's go."

Anna: "Prince! The Dark Knighthood has started to retreat. I wonder what that means? Let's follow after them."

Snowy Mountain United Front

Decius: "Good, good, we successfully led the Prince here."

Sarasa: "I often come to this snowy mountain, but a pretty strong blizzard is brewing. Will we be OK?"

Sarasa: "Though, cold weather is perfectly fine with me."

Decius: "Don't worry. I won over some guys that're accustomed to this snowy mountain."

Decius: "Since the Prince isn't acclimated to fighting in the snowy mountain, we'll settle this at once."

Underling: "Commander! The Prince's march is quicker than expected, they'll be approaching us soon!"

Decius: "Gunuu. No helping it... Dark Knights, keep the Prince busy for a bit."

Decius: "Meanwhile, I'll go fetch the guys I won over."

[Weather: Blizzard ・Enemy 'Movement' Decreased. ・Ally 'Range' Decreased. ・Certain Allies' Abilities Raised ・Certain Enemies Unaffected. ・Unaffected Enemies 'Attack' Raised.]

(Decius appears)

Decius: "Yetis! Those humans have invaded your home!"

Yeti: "...! Ukyakyakyah!! Our home..."

Decius: "See, look over there. They'll be here soon."

Yeti: "Humans, unforgivable!! Humans, defeat!"


Decius: "I lured them all the way to this godforsaken place. Even when I lay traps, I can't defeat them. Is this it for me...?"

Sarasa: "How troublesome. If this keeps up, I won't be able to deliver presents to everyone."

Sarasa: "... We can't give up. I'll think of our next strategy, so wait a moment."

Decius: (Foolish woman. She believes I'll keep my promise...?)

Decius: "... Enough. I'm tired today. We're done with this mission."

Decius: "I'll give back your presents. You can take them and do whatever you want."

Sarasa: "Ehh, really? Are you sure? What a relief~. I must pack the presents at once!"

Sarasa: "Alright! That's all of them."

Sarasa: "Well then, Commander-san, I'll be going now. Everyone's waiting for their presents."

Decius: "Oi, there's still one left."

Sarasa: "That's your present. From me!"

Decius: "What? A present for me?"

Sarasa: "You're a hopelessly cowardly human. ... Well, I doubt you're even human."

Sarasa: "However, you had all of your underlings gather the presents I dropped."

Sarasa: "I thought I probably wouldn't be able to gather them all on my own. So I must give you my gratitude, for the time being."

Decius: "Gr, gratitude... you say...?"

Sarasa: "Thanks to you, I can deliver these presents to the children. Consequently, the children will also be filled with joy by what you've done."

Decius: "D, don't fuck with me! Are you saying what I've done was a good thing!? How absurd!"

Sarasa: "Ahaha, see you later. The next time we meet, we may be enemies. When that time comes, I won't give you any special treatment."

Decius: "Hmph, go already!"

(time passes)

Decius: "Is that noisy bitch gone? No matter how hard you try, our future in this world has already been decided."

Decius: "The world will be covered in darkness sooner or later. If you truly wish to save a world that cannot be saved by light, then your only choice is to obtain the power of darkness."

Troll Panic

Sarasa: "All right. Finished with this area!"

Sarasa: "Now, let's go to the next place."

Troll: "Sniff, sniff... smell of human flesh..."

Sarasa: "Umm... I'm... not... human, OK...?"

Troll: "Want eat... your flesh... contents of that bag too, everything...!"

Sarasa: "Hmm. How bothersome. I don't think I'll taste very good..."

Anna: "Prince, it's Sarasa-san...! We must save her!"

Totono: "That's a troll."

Anna: "Troll? Hey, you're Totono-san!"

Totono: "Trolls have a strong fixation towards things that interest them. They love stuff like jewels... and valuable treasures, and in addition, humans are their favourite dish."

Totono: "I'm a merchant, so I have to conceal my packages so they don't catch the troll's fancy whenever I travel, but..."

Totono: "For her to be walking around in that gaudy outfit..."

Anna: "I see..."

Totono: "Please be careful. Even if they're wounded, they'll quickly recover."

Totono: "However, all kinds of attacks are effective, so I believe you'll be able to defeat them if you have all of your members attack all at once so their regeneration won't be able to catch up."

Anna: "Understood. Thank you! Well then, Prince, let's keep this in mind!"


Sarasa: "Thank you so much for saving me from the enemy. You have my gratitude."

Anna: "I heard the details from Totono-san. I'm glad you're safe..."

Sarasa: "Ahh, I'm in a hurry! Sorry, let's have a proper chat next time we meet!"

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