Demonic flies forest keeper

Demonic Flies' Forest and the Cursed Keeper (魔蝿の森と呪われた番人) is a farming-based urgent mission that ran from 21/07/16 to 28/07/16. 

The Prince and his allies have travelled to the mystical Demonic Forest in search of Majin Beelzebub, who was said to be on the brink of resurrection. Hoping to stop his revival, the Prince and his allies head to the location of Beelzebub, but descendants of an ancient clan stand in their way! Aida, leader of the clan, won't let Beelzebub go down without a fight, but the Prince has to convince her of the imminent danger before she becomes one of Beelzebub's snacks!


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies

Inhabitants of the Demonic Forest

20 140 750 10 8
Aida Icon
Aida Lv5
Gaga Icon
Gaga Lv5
1 10 30
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet -
Demonic Forest's Treants
25 180 1125 10 8
Aida Icon
Aida Lv6
Daniela Icon
Daniela Lv6
2 10 39
Cyrille Icon
Spirit of Silver -
Majin's Followers
30 220 1800 10 8
Renarde Icon
Renarde Lv8
Ballad Icon
Ballad Lv8
4 10 46
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1)


Wicked United Front 

40 300 2250 10 8
Aida Icon
Aida Lv10
Tigre Icon
Tigre Lv10
5 10 38
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet x2
Resurrected Demonic Fly
55 420 2700 10 8
Aida Icon
Aida Lv15
Eunice Icon
Eunice Lv15
7 10 32
Calliope Icon
Calliope Lv15
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum

Faith's End

90 580 3600 10 8
Aida Icon
Aida Lv20
Danan Icon
Danan Lv20
12 10 31
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Ruby Icon
Ruby x2

Notable EnemiesEdit

Enemy Unit
Gaga Sprite
Ranged (130)
Physical 1300 150 50 151
Initial: 16
Move: 121
Missile: 3
1 UP
Aida CC Sprite
Ranged (180)
Physical 5500 250 100
MR 10
Initial: 14
Move: 61
Missile: 3
3 UP
Small Treant
Small Treant
Ranged (120) Physical 1300 280 100 95
Initial: 18
Move: 61
Missile: 9
1 UP
Regenerates HP: 1% / .5 second for 16.67 seconds, then 0.6% / .5 second for 33.33 seconds, then 0.3% / .5 second for 33.33 seconds, then no more.
Small Blue Treant Sprite
Small Blue Treant
Ranged (120) Physical 1300 350 100
MR 30
Initial: 18
Move: 61
Missile: 9
1 UP
Regenerates HP: 1% / .5 second for 16.67 seconds, then 0.6% / .5 second for 33.33 seconds, then 0.3% / .5 second for 33.33 seconds, then no more.
Large Treant
Large Treant
Melee Physical 8000 850 300 211
Initial: 76
3 UP
Regenerates HP: 1% / .5 second for 16.67 seconds, then 0.6% / .5 second for 16.67 seconds, then 0.3% / .5 second for 16.66 seconds, then no more.
Large Blue Treant Sprite
Large Blue Treant
Melee Physical 8000 1000 280
MR 50
Initial: 54
3 UP
Regenerates HP: 1% / .5 second for 16.67 seconds, then 0.6% / .5 second for 16.67 seconds, then 0.3% / .5 second for 16.66 seconds, then no more.
Blue Cultist Sprite
Blue Cultist
Ranged (120)
Splash 133.33
1800 300 50
MR 50
Initial: 24
Move: 101
Missile: 6
2 UP
Black Cultist Sprite
Black Cultist
Ranged (200)
Magic 1800 200 50
MR 50
Initial: 24
Move: 61
Missile: instant
2 UP
Makai Worm Sprite
Makai Worm
Physical 3000 250 50
MR 70
Initial: 44
1 UP
Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Beelzebub's Servant
Beelzebub's Servant
- 6000 - 800
MR 50
- 500
2 UP
Units within range 140 have attack reduced by 70% and suffer 10 damage per 0.167 seconds (60 damage per second).
Majin Beelzebub Sprite
Majin Beelzebub
Physical 30000 2000 800
MR 50
Initial: 51
3 UP
Units within range 140 have attack reduced by 70% and suffer 10 damage per 0.167 seconds (60 damage per second).


Inhabitants of the Evil Forest

Strey: "Fumu... This is the 'Evil Forest', eh? Indeed, it's certainly brimming with a threatening atmosphere, isn't it?"

Anna: "According to the information Bashira obtained, Majin Belzebuth is lurking somewhere deep in these woods..."

Bashira: "I hear its power, that has been sealed during the Millennium War, hasn't completely returned yet. If we're going to defeat Belzebuth, now is our only chance!"

Strey: "—!? Wait... if you move now, you'll definitely be shot by 'those guys'. ... Prince, look over there... enemies."

???: "... Heeh. It appears your archer has a pretty good set of eyes. I'm surprised he was able to see me."

Anna: "Ah, who in the world are you...!?"

Jungle Archer: "Those who hunt miscreants like you who conspire to harm Belzebuth-sama."

Bashira: "Belzebuth... sama? ... Who are you!?"

???: "Our chat ends here. We won't allow you to trespass into this forest any further!"


Jungle Archer: "—Shit... what are they...? They're on a completely different level compared to those who trespassed up to now. Aida, let's fall back for the time being."

Aida: "You're right... We must quickly tell everyone what happened; Belzebuth-sama is in danger..."

Anna: "Please wait, please listen to what we have to say!"

Strey: "... They're gone. She appears to be their ally, but who is that woman...?"

Bashira: "I fear they're descendants of the clan that were guarding Belzebuth."

Anna: "Bashira-san, do you know her!?"

Bashira: "Yes. I remember her being mentioned in the information I obtained."

Bashira: "Prince, also for our future march, please let me tell you about her clan."

Anna: "Understood. Well then, Prince, let's move somewhere quiet for the time being."

Bashira Introduction

"Again, I'll tell you the information I heard. The ones you fought earlier should be the descendants of the clan that were guarding Majin Belzebuth."

"They say her tribe worships Majin Belzebuth, who settled in the Evil Forest long ago, as their god."

"According to the legends, their ancestors fought alongside Belzebuth during the Millennium War."

"According to one theory, it seems her clan, by worshiping Belzebuth who possesses overwhelming power, has maintained a strong sense of community."

"Moreover, in the legends from long ago, due to the Evil Forest being so firmly entrenched by the supernatural, people rarely approach it."

"Earlier, we were regarded as enemies... It seems they don't communicate with those of us who live outside the forest."

"However, I have definite information that Majin Belzebuth's revival is drawing close. We cannot keep ignoring them..."

"It would be nice if we can defeat Belzebuth while avoiding a confrontation with her, and her people..."

"For now, we have no choice but to search the Evil Forest and find Belzebuth's location. Let's strive to do our a best to find it quickly!"

Trents of the Evil Forest

Aida: "It's your fault Belzebuth-sama's location has come to be known to the forest outsiders! How do you intend to take responsibility!? Answer me!"

Cultist: "I apologise for having drawn the Prince's army to the forest. However, this is also for the sake of spreading belief in Belzebuth-sama across the world... it couldn't be helped."

Aida: "Belzebuth-sama has no need for new ones of us. Our clan who has been serving since ancient times is enough."

Cultist: "It's because you say such things that we don't know whether or not Belzebuth-sama can be resurrected even after so much time has passed, you know?"

Aida: "What do you mean by that...!?"

Cultist: "I'm saying the faith of the meagre few, like those of your clan, is insufficient to the needs of Belzebuth-sama."

Aida: "What...!? You're talking big for a newly initiated...! Hurry up, and leave this forest!"

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... won't you stop, you two...? This isn't the time to be splitting apart our allies. Look, enemies right over there are coming... Bubuh."

Aida: "The intruders from earlier? We must do whatever it takes to protect Belzebuth-sama... With me—the strongest warrior—here, we'll definitely subdue them!"

Soldier: "Report! Enemy sighted up ahead!"

Anna: "We finally made it... Prince, please prepare for battle."


Aida: "—Kuh... No way, I lost a second time... This is the power of the Prince's army... huh...? Belzebuth-sama, forgive me..."

Aida: "... I regret saying this, but we have no choice but to depend on those guys from the cult..."

Soldier: "The enemy is starting to retreat!"

Anna: "Guys from the cult...? That must mean she has allies in this forest outside of her clan, right?"

Katie: "It's enough of a possibility to consider people outside the forest being drawn by the legends of Belzebuth to seek out its great power, but..."

Bashira: "Anyway, we still have to stay on our toes... Prince, please let me continue guiding you through the forest!"

Majin's Followers

Anna: "We've marched a long distance through the forest, but it seems it's still a long ways until we reach Belzebuth's location."

Bashira: "...!? Everyone, please be alert. Someone has started to approach!"

Cultist: "You're the ones trying to halt Belzebuth-sama's revival...?"

Cultist: "Now that Aida and her clan has failed, we're the only ones who can protect Belzebuth-sama... There's no one but us...!"

Katie: "Based on the look in their eyes, and their words and actions, they must be the ones from the cult..."

Cultist: "Please watch, Belzebuth-sama...! We shall prove that we are the most devoted to you right now!"

Anna: "The enemy are taking battle positions! Prince, please prepare for battle!"


Cultist: "Haa... Haa... Im, impossible...!? Is our faith insufficient...? For us to lose in this kind of place... Unbelievable..."

Cultist: "Belzebuth-sama... Please forgive me! Just this time, for turning my back to the enemy... I beg of you, please forgive meeeee...!"

Bashira: "It looks like we managed to make them run away. ... However, I was kind of scared."

Katie: "Yeah. Our confrontation with them was brief, but their blind faith is above and beyond abnormal..."

Bashira: "I believe they're going to do whatever it takes to resurrect Belzebuth... It's a Majin, yet..."

Anna: "We can't relax too much. Prince, let's quicken our pace and continue our search for Belzebuth."

Wicked United Front

Cultist: "What to do...? Ahh, what should we do...? The way things stand, Belzebuth-sama's revival is... Aida, what should we do...?"

Aida: "... Will you shut up for a bit!?" (Since it's like this, it doesn't matter what happens to this body, I have no choice but to figure out some way to defeat the Prince...)

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... That's enough...!"

Belzebuth's Servant: "It is clear we won't defeat them when all parties present aren't mutually working together..."

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... Belzebuth-sama surely desires that we join forces, and fight as well... Bubuh."

Cultist: "Belzebuth-sama...! That's right, since our goals are the same, we should be fellow comrades. Why didn't I notice this sooner!?"

Aida: "... We're not comrades... But the belly cannot be replaced by the back. We have no choice but to cooperate."

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... For Belzebuth-sama, I'll also participate in battle... Bubuh."

Soldier: "Report! The enemy are starting to advance up ahead!"

Anna: "Guessing from their organisation and positions, their backs must be against the wall... Prince, please give your orders carefully!"


Cultist: "I, it's no use... it's the end... We weren't able to protect Belzebuth-sama... Uuughh..."

Aida: "Damn it... The way things are, Belzebuth-sama is going to fall into their hands..."

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... There is nothing more that can be done... Bubuh..."

Belzebuth's Servant: "—Bubuh!? N, no way... Is this for real...!? B, Belzebuth-sama's voice... Oh no! It's still too early... to resurrect!"

Aida: "... Eh? Resurrect...? Belzebuth-sama? What do you mean!? Belzebuth-sama has regained power!?"

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... Don't know... However, it's a fact something strange is happening to Belzebuth-sama. We must go to Belzebuth-sama's side at once!!"

Soldier: "Confirmed the enemies' retreat! Their entire forces are starting to retreat deep into the forest."

Soldier: "According to the report from the front-line soldiers, the enemy side were shouting that Belzebuth revived!"

Anna: "Belzebuth revived...!? Prince, let's follow after them at once!"

Resurrected Demonic Fly

Cultist: "Th... this chrysalis is Belzebuth-sama...? It appears to be quite different from what I heard from everyone else, huh?"

Aida: "Wh, what's the meaning of this...? Oi, explain!"

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... It's too early... We couldn't provide Belzebuth-sama enough energy to completely revive..."

Belzebuth's Servant: "I fear... Belzebuth-sama noticed that danger is approaching, and has voluntarily chosen to revive in a chrysalis state..."

Belzebuth's Servant: "... This is a situation wrought by our own shiftlessness. We must protect the chrysalis at all cost until Belzebuth-sama's complete body emerges... Bubuh!!"

Aida: (Belzebuth-sama... Please don't worry. On the honour of my clan, I will protect you without fail...!)

(time passes)

Anna: "Prince, please look! Aida and the others are over there!"

Bashira: "... Ah, what is that chrysalis...? Could that be Belzebuth!?"

Anna: "The enemy are attacking all together! Prince, let's do whatever it takes to defeat Belzebuth here!"


Aida: "N, no way... Belzebuth-sama... isn't moving... Kuh, uuugh... I wasn't able to protect..."

Cultist: "It's over... Everything is finished... Our god is dead..."

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... Carry Belzebuth-sama... Bubuh!" (Since it's come to this... We have no choice but to turn them into nourishment.)

Cultist: "Carry? I see, we definitely need to perform a burial so Belzebuth-sama will be able to rest in peace..."

Aida: "That's right. Belzebuth-sama is a mighty god. Even though Belzebuth-sama has passed away, I have no doubt Belzebuth-sama will keep on watching over us."

Bashira: "Prince! Aida-san and the others are carrying Belzebuth away!"

Katie: "I thought Belzebuth's life was extinguished... Are they plotting something...?"

Anna: "I'm worried. Prince, let's follow after them to make certain."

Faith's End

Cultist: "—Hi, hiiiiII!! Belzebuth-sama! Have mercy...!! Someone save us—gyaaaaAAAAhh!?"

Aida: "... A human, was devoured... Belzebuth-sama... to a person... This can't be...!?"

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... What's wrong, Aida? What are you afraid of...? You're being turned into Belzebuth-sama's nourishment?"

Belzebuth's Servant: "As your clan has also done long ago, present your body to Belzebuth-sama... Come, fulfill your clan's duty... Bubuh!"

Aida: "No... Nooo... Let, go...! This is completely strange...! This is not the god we believed in..."

Belzebuth's Servant: "Bubuh... Fool. Have you forgotten the meaning of your own life...? Unbecoming of the descendant of the clan who has served us... Bubuh."

Aida: "Stay away... Stay awaaaay!? Someone, help... Someone...!"

Anna: "—This voice is... Aida-san!?"

Bashira: "Over there, Prince! No way... Belzebuth is preying on Aida-san...!?"

Anna: "What's going on...!? Prince, let's rescue Aida-san!"


Belzebuth's Servant: "—Bubuh!? N, no way... Although not complete, Belzebuth lost...!?"

Belzebuth's Servant: "Flee from here, Belzebuth-sama...! We, your servants, will show you the way towards the resurrection of your true form without fail... Now, let's go... Bubuh!"

Soldier: "Belzebuth and the others are starting to withdraw! Shall we pursue them...?"

Katie: "We must've dealt a serious wound to them, so I doubt they'll do anything with those wounds. We should give priority to treating those that have been injured."

Aida: "Everyone... thank you, for saving me..."

Anna: "Aida-san!? Thank goodness, you're safe."

Aida: "Thanks to you... But that was a really close one. I had no idea the god I believed in was a monster that preys on humans..."

Aida: "Damn it... What we have believed in for ages was such a hateful being... If this is a nightmare... I want to wake up..."

Anna: "Aida-san..."

Aida: "... Sorry, for letting you see me in such a miserable state... I'm fine now. When I think about the future of my clan and this forest, I have no time to feel sorry for myself."

Aida: "You're my life's benefactor. Whenever you're troubled, I'll become your strength. So, call me whenever you have need."

Anna: "We will, thank you very much! If there's also anything we can do to become Aida-san's strength, then please let us help by all means!"

Anna: "Well then, let us return home, Prince. You've done a fine job on this expedition."

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