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Development Ward
Development Ward.png
Mission Type Story Mission
Charisma Cost 81
EXP 1304
Base Gold (3★ Gold) 4300 (6450)
Life 3
Initial Unit Points 10
Deployed Unit Limit 10
Number of Enemies 84
Prerequisite Stolen Giant Security Machine
Unlocks Organic Mutation Laboratory
We've finally reached the Development Ward where the city's citizens are being detained. Crush the army of security machines and mutated monsters, and free everyone!



Development Ward (開発区) is the fourth mission in the Capital of Steel chapter of Story Missions.


Enemy Unit
Mutant Goblin Sprite.png
Mutant Goblin ×41
Ranged (150)
Physical 3300 580 0 105
Initial: 18
Move: 61
Missile: 2
1 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 65HP/.083s (780HP/s).

Uses melee attack when blocked.

Initial: 12
Mutant Ogre Sprite.png
Mutant Ogre ×3
Melee Physical 15200 1800 50 171
Initial: 55
2 UP
Regenerates at a rate of 160HP/.083s (1920HP/s).
Goblin Mecha (Cannon) Sprite.png
Goblin Mecha (Cannon) ×28
Ranged (340)
Goblin Machine
Splash 80.00
35000 1000 1500 173
Initial: 24
Move: 121
Missile: 4
2 UP
Negates all damage below 1500.

Cannot be paralyzed.

Upon death, explodes for 300% damage area attack with range 160.

Small Security Machine Sprite.png
Small Security Machine ×11
Ranged (250)
Physical 8000 800 1500 226
Initial: 4
Move: 201
Missile: 0
1 UP
Negates all damage below 1500.

Cannot be paralyzed.

Upon death, explodes for 300% damage area attack with range 80.

Large Security Machine Sprite.png
Large Security Machine ×1
Ranged (300)
Splash 133.33
150000 4000 3000 476
Initial: 45
Move: 401
Missile: 6
3 UP
Negates all damage below 3000.

Cannot be paralyzed.

Upon death, explodes for 200% damage area attack with range 120(?).


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Development District

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "——Up ahead is the development district where the survivors have been confined...?"

Picky Icon.png Picky: "Right... Originally, it was a place that bore the new development of various things for the sake of the city."

Picky: "Now it's teeming with monsters, so we're unable to send even scouts to go help everyone, and..."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Now we're with you. Let's rescue the people being imprisoned without delay."

Picky Icon.png Picky: "*sob*... Yes!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "There's no telling what'll appear up ahead. Prince, please give your orders with the utmost care!"

(goblin mobile suits appear)

Goblin Icon.png Goblin?: "——Gyagya! Intruders detected! Commence attack!! *Vwi—in*, *Gasha—n*! *Dodododo*!!"

Rikka Icon.png Rikka: "Wh, what's that!? The goblin's riding a puppet!?"

Picky Icon.png Picky: "No, that's...!! The mobile suit that was being developed in this city! Though it's been modified for goblin use...!!"

Rikka Icon.png Rikka: "For goblins to modify the weapons of the Steel City is... B, but if it's just one machine, then——"

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "——No, these sounds I hear from further back... Rikka-san, it's not just one machine! A bunch are coming from up ahead!"

Rikka Icon.png Ricca: "Eeeehh!? How many cannons are those things outfitted with? Also, they're sparkling like those barriers from earlier!?"

Picky Icon.png Picky: "Wh, what are we gonna do...!? Since those machines are the type that can fire cannonballs, their explosions will cause problems if a bunch more come!"

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "Calm yourselves, Picky, Rikka. What we need to do is deliver attacks that'll crack through their barriers while maintaining formations that'll minimise the influence of their explosions. Right, Prince?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."


Picky Icon.png Picky: "With this, we've opened a path to the development district! I, I'll go help those being imprisoned!!"

Alissa Icon.png Alissa: "Ahh, Picky-san! It's dangerous to go alone! I'll also go with you!"

Rikka Icon.png Rikka: "Modifying machines for humans so goblins can control them... For monsters to be able to do such things is..."

Tial Icon.png Tial: "Yeah... No doubt it's the work of that Goblin Doctor. Could it be the mutants are also the Doctor's work, I wonder...?"

Leeanne Icon.png Lean: "Even if you figure out the mastermind, we still have to overcome a situation where we're reacting after the fact. Nothing to do but march forward carefully."

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "——Ahh, Picky-san returned! Picky-san, where's everyone from the city...?"

Picky Icon.png Picky: "The prison where everyone's been locked up has been opened! ... But my father... Uuugh. My father's been brought to the labs further back..."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Since we came this far, we can't stop venturing to the deepest ends. Prince, Let's rescue Picky-san's father!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."


Roy Icon.png
Roy Lv. 37
Hector Icon.png
Hector Lv. 37
Zenmel Icon.png
Zenmel Lv. 37
Leeanne Icon.png
Number of Drops 2 2 2
EXP 250 250 250+30

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