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Divine Beast Behemoth Advent (神獣ベヒモス降臨) is a Great Total War urgent mission running from 15/03/18 to 29/03/18.

Start Date End Date
02/05/2019 16/05/2019
19/03/2020 02/04/2020
25/02/2021 11/03/2021
21/10/2021 04/11/2021


  • 3 teams, for a total of 45 units, are required for this event.
  • Each map is divided into 3 waves. Team 1 will be used for the 1st wave, and so on.
  • At the end of each wave, all units currently on the battlefield will be automatically withdrawn. Half of their cost will be refunded.
    • You will keep all remaining UP from the 1st wave onto the next, and so on.
  • Units with team-buffing Skills/AW Skills/AW Abilities will only have their buffs applied to the units in the same team as them.
  • Duplicate units are permitted for multiple teams.
  • A new Prince Title will be awarded upon completion of the Extreme-tier difficulty (1★ is fine).
    • For more info on what this title does, please see Prince.


Behemoth map.png


  • When the Trumpet Angels are present, all enemies and Behemoth's ATK and DEF are increased.
    • Each Trumpet Angel present adds +20% ATK and DEF to all enemies, and stacks with the number of angels.
  • When the Axe-Wielding Angels are present, all enemies regenerate HP.

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold (3★) Points Units 3★ Reward Special Conditions
Life Enemies
30 140 150 150 10
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Unit Points don't regenerate
50 100
35 280 180 150 10
40 100
40 420 210 150 10
30 115
45 560 240 150 10
Black Armor Icon.png
Black Armor
30 140
God EX
50 620 270 75 10
Behemoth Doll Icon.png
Behemoth Doll
10 160


  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Extreme
  • God
  • God EX
Enemy Unit
Divine Beast Behemoth Sprite.png
Divine Beast Behemoth ×6
Divine Beast
Physical 15000 1800 300
MR 10
Initial: 65
3 UP
Niel Skill Sprite.png
Niel ×47
Physical 1500 180 50
MR 10
Initial: 8
2 UP
Angel Mage Sprite.png
Angel Mage ×4
Ranged (100)
Magic 1500 250 20
MR 10
Initial: 15
Move: 81
Missile: 3
2 UP
Cherub Sprite.png
Cherub ×1
- 1200 - 1500
MR 10
0 UP
While present, all Angel and Divine Beast type enemies have 20% increased ATK and DEF (stackable).
Dominion Sprite.png
Dominion ×1
Physical 6000 480 200
MR 20
Initial: 8
2 UP
Angel Knight (White) Sprite.png
Angel Knight (White) ×41
Physical 1800 240 500 216
Initial: 16
3 UP


Behemoth (/bɪˈhiːməθ, ˈbiːə-, ˈbeɪəmɒθ/; Hebrew: בהמות‎, behemoth (modern: behemot)) is a beast mentioned in Job 40:15–24 in the Bible. Suggested identities range from a mythological creature to an elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, or buffalo. Some so-called Young Earth creationists believe it to be a description of a dinosaur. Metaphorically, the name has come to be used for any extremely large or powerful entity.


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Katie Introduction

Katie Icon.png "Prince, pardon my intrusion. I received a report from the soldiers that were on patrol who said they saw what looks to be a giant beast in the valley within our territory."

"According to the soldiers that witnessed the beast, they say the beast has claws like great trees combined with a massive body that could be mistaken for a hill from afar."

"... However, right when they tried to approach it to get a complete picture, their vision was obscured by a light that engulfed the entire area, and when their vision cleared, they noticed that they were blown away to a distant land."

"... The description of being blown away by a light that engulfs the entire area... I fear it's the power of the divine beast, it's none other than the thing called the 'Lord's Authority'."

"When I passed on the characteristics of the beast to the fallen angels, the divine beast that came to mind that most closely matches those characteristics was... ... I believe they said it was called 'Divine Beast Behemoth'."

"For what purpose is it doing in a place like that...? Well, whatever it is, I believe it's certain it doesn't bode well for humanity."

"There's no reason for us to ignore it. Prepare for emergency departure... That's what I want to say, but the opponent is a divine beast, it would be too reckless to fight without a plan."

"Without a measure against the 'Lord's Authority' that'll whisk away all those touched by the light to a far off place, we cannot hope for victory."

"The authority's influence is mild for the Prince who received the strongest blessing from Aegis-sama, so it would be possible for you to return to the battle lines. However, all that would amount to is the Prince remaining on the battlefield alone."

"That is why I propose we take a 'Total War' approach where we minimalise the effectiveness of the Lord's Authority in this battle by splitting our soldiers into multiple teams."

"This battle will require the strength of more soldiers than usual. So let's make thorough preparations before challenging this fight."

"... According to the fallen angels, I hear that Divine Beast Behemoth possesses both tremendous attack power due to its mighty fangs and unfathomable health that matches its gigantic body."

"A fighting style that focuses on ranged attacks so as to not receive needless attacks would be effective in this case."

"The enemy's strength is formidable. So make dead certain you don't underestimate it... Well then, from here, we'll commence the 'Total War'!"

Mid-tier Map Opening

Niel Icon.png Niel: "——That form... there's no mistake, that's Divine Beast Behemoth."

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "Wh, what is that? I... it's too big!!"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "So the enemy's true form was a divine beast after all? ... It was correct to take measures against it."

Katie: (... Furthermore, when in the world did it come to this land? With a gigantic body like that... Someone should've noticed it as soon as it landed, but..."

Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "——... So you've come?"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Over there!"

Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "... The giant frame of Divine Beast Behemoth cannot be hidden. You discovering it was also within our expectations... Or rather was earlier than our expectations."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "I don't know what you're plotting, but there's no way we'll let you do as you please!"

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "Yeah! We'll put an end to your scheming right here!"

Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "That foolishness that rebels against the Lord's will... ... That is the sin of humanity which must be purged..."

Angel: "... It cannot be helped. The Lord's command is to clear away the meddlers. ... And so we shall carry it out."

(magic circle appears)

Niel Icon.png Niel: "That magic circle... impossible, a gate to Tenkai!? No way, why is it in a place like this...!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Niel-san, what in the world is that magic circle...?"

Niel Icon.png Niel: "... It's something like a gate that connects the physical realm and Tenkai. By passing through that, the angels are able to freely cross between Tenkai and the physical realm!"

Niel: "It being in this sort of place in and of itself is..."

Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "... If we use the power of the awakened divine beast, it is possible to create new gates... Though many conditions need to be filled to create more gates."

Angel: "... Preparations completed. The task set by the Lord, the command to cleanse humanity... We shall carry it out here with the great power of the divine beasts."

Niel Icon.png Niel: "They're coming, Prince! The sound of the music from the angel holding that trumpet has an effect that will boost the enemy's morale, so be careful!"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "By its appearance... It looks like its entire body is covered in some kind of ore. I doubt attacks with arrows will be able to punch through it very well. Prince, I believe we should make use of the power of our magic users."

Extreme-tier Map Clear


Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "... We're suffering more casualties than expected. If this keeps up, it will hinder the performance of our mission..."

Archangel Chief Icon.png Archangel Chief: "——... Please withdraw, angels."

Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "... Archangel Chief-sama. ... Are you certain?"

Archangel Chief Icon.png Archangel Chief: "The mission you were given in this land has already been fulfilled."

Archangel Chief: "Soon the humans will come to know their foolishness for rebelling against the Lord's will... However, now is still not that time. Withdraw from here and prepare for when that should come to pass."

Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "... As you wish. Everything is as the Lord wills..."

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon.png Soldier: "——... Report! The angels have disappeared into the magic circles!"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "... It looks like we somehow managed to force the enemies to retreat."

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "I, I'm beat~..."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "By their behaviour, it looks as though they'll be making another move soon... But there's no way to tell when the angels will make use of this gate to launch another attack..."

Gustav Icon.png Gustav: "... If that's your concern, then leave the lookout here to me. The whole place is covered with these here claw and fang fragments that were dropped by the behemoths from the prior battle."

Gustav: "The claws and fangs of the divine beast, my interest is piqued as to what kind of material it could be... It may be of some use, so I'm going to gather 'em up."

Barbastroff Icon.png Barbastraff: "I'll try and investigate the inner workings of these gates to Tenkai. I may find some means to seal the gates. Prince, I'll contact you as soon as I learn something."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Thank you very much, you two. We'll be counting on you."

Anna: "Prince, let's leave this place to them and return home, shall we? You must be exhausted from the intense battle."

Carat Epilogue

Carat Icon.png "Pardon me—e~♪ How're ya, Prince-sama? Got tuckered out from the fierce battle with Behemoth?"

"The fight the other day was really something, huh? The long and violent scuffle with those giant behemoths, and cleanly dodging those snapping fangs whilst delivering the finishing blow!"

"The Prince-sama from back then was really cool... ... Ah, no, that's not it! Today, I didn't come to talk 'bout that!"

"The reason I came by here today is... Ta—da! I brought new gear for Prince-sama~♪"

"You see, after that battle, I told the others why not make some new gear for Prince-sama from the claws and fangs that were left from the Behemoths, so all of us blacksmiths worked hard and processed them."

"They were really difficult materials to work with. They were so tough, I lost track of how many of our tools were ruined..."

"... But, you see, all that hard work rewarded us with some pretty nifty equipment~♪"

"The armour and great hammer made from the combined efforts of all us blacksmiths, they're a little heavy, but if it's Prince-sama, then I'm sure you'll manage to make use of 'em!"

"Also, you know that gear we made from the claws and fangs of the divine beast? It looks like a mysterious power resides within 'em. When all of the beastmen looked upon that armour, they say they welled up with power."

"My dream is to temper gear for Prince-sama, so I guess my wish got granted sooner than I thought... That said, I wanna try tempering even more amazing gear. So look forward to it, 'kay!?"

"Ah, that's right. To use the gear from Behemoth when you fight, make sure you change your title to 'The One Who Broke the Giant Beast's Great Fangs' (巨獣の大牙を砕きし者)."

"There's no meaning unless you equip the gear. Just having it won't do you any good, 'kay?"

"It's the armour tempered and forged from the souls of us blacksmiths, so it should definitely protect Prince-sama. Make good use of it in your battles~♪"

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