Imperial Heavy Infantry Dwight drops from the following Event Missions.

  • Event and Mission names in Bold are no longer available.
  • Mission names in italicized Red no longer drop Dwight.
  • Mission names in bolded Green have Dwight as a Completion Reward.
  • Mission names in bolded and italicized Purple have Dwight as a no longer obtainable Completion Reward.
  • All other Missions are repeatable via Revived events or Daily Revivals.
Dwight (Up to Date 07/30/20)
Event Mission Cha Sta
N/a Gold Rush 10 Onigami's Vassals 30 2
Rösel Icon The Imperial Jäger and the Orc Hero Jungle Cavern 40 4
Elias Icon Imperial Healer Together with the Empire 50 5
Lucia Icon The Imperial Priest Warrior's Return Lapis's Pastime 90 12
White Emperor Icon Seal of the Goddess Demon King's Second Coming 50 5
Shadia Icon Spear of Rebellion and Maou's Awakening Concerns about the Treacherous General 70 6
Prince (Hero King) Icon
Sanara (Platinum) AW Icon
Hero King's Successor A Hero's Glimmer of Hope 40 3
Leora (Swimsuit) Icon Midsummer Joint Training
~With a Giant Crab~
Base Scramble Exercise on the Beach 40 3
Roza (Swimsuit) Icon Midsummer Lost Vacation Seductive Pirate 40 3
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