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Environment Effects are an unofficial term in Aigis used to refer to the miscellaneous, map-based effects (e.g. Makai, Tenkai, Deep Sea, Wide-Area Combat, etc.) that are distinct from status, terrain and weather effects.

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Makai (魔界), also known as the Demon World, is a dark and desolate environment said to be the realm where Demons, Dark Orcs, Dark Elves, as well as the Ars Goetia Majins reside.

Makai is formed on the back of Leviathan, a gigantic mythological creature foretold to have caused the destruction of both the physical realm and Makai itself had its revival not been stopped.

In Makai, allied units who are unacclimated will suffer an Attack and Defense reduction.

In Makai, natural UP generation is reduced. The exact reduction depends on the severity of the Makai environment, as illustrated in the table below.

  • By default, Unit Points naturally increase at a rate of 1 every 55 frames (Aigis runs at 60 FPS).
  • The reduction in the rate of natural UP generation cannot be mitigated.
    • This effect is not present in Event Missions implemented after Story Arc 7 (Only the ATK/DEF reduction is).

The following table summarizes the effects of Makai:

Effect Natural UP Generation Rate Allied Units ATK/DEF
If Unacclimated If Acclimated
-50% (1 UP/82.5f) -50% -
Makai Depths
-50% (1 UP/82.5f) -50% +30%
Makai Miasma (Small)
-10% (1 UP/60.5f) -10% -
Makai Miasma (Medium)
-30% (1 UP/71.5f) -30% -
Makai Miasma (Large)
-50% (1 UP/82.5f) -50% -
Makai Miasma (Huge)
-70% (1 UP/93.5f) -70% +30%

Deep Sea[]


The Deep Sea (深海) is an aquatic environment home to many Sahagin, Gillmen, Mermen, Manta Rays, and other sea creatures. It is also home to antagonists such as Scar and Ghigael, as well as former enemies such as Kralhu.

The intense sea pressure makes it difficult for units to engage in combat effectively. Allied units will attack less frequently (due to increased post-attack delay) and begin to gradually lose HP under the effects of the pressure.

Deploying Prince with the Suppressor of the Sea Power title, obtained by clearing the Extreme difficulty of Divine Beast Bahamut Advent, will reduce the effects of the Deep Sea by 50% for all allied units.

Having an Awakenened Havfrue in the active team will reduce the Deep Sea effect by 30% for all allied units.

The following table summarizes the effects of the Deep Sea:

Effect Increased post-attack delay frames (scaled for 60FPS) Time until allied unit's HP degenerates HP Degeneration Rate
Deep Sea (Weak)
+30 frames 30 seconds after deployment -6HP/30f
Deep Sea
+46 frames 30 seconds after deployment -10HP/30f
Deep Sea (Strong)
+90 frames 15 seconds after deployment -10HP/6f
Deep Sea (Very Strong)
+120 frames 10 seconds after deployment -15HP/6f



Tenkai (天界), also known as Heaven, is a sky environment home to many Angels, Birdmen, as well as various types of Celestial Soldiers. Some Demigods such as the Gorgon also reside here.

In Tenkai, allied units will suffer a flat Attack reduction. All allied units and enemies will also gradually regenerate health.

  • Allied Undead and Demon units will not regenerate HP.
  • Enemies regenerate HP at a faster rate than allied units.

Attack Reduction Calculation Specifics[]

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Assuming a flat Attack reduction of -500 (default Tenkai), the formula is as follows:

Unit's Final Stats = [(Base Stats x Multiplicative Buffs) - 500] + Additive Buffs
  • Units who grant non-fixed additive buffs such as Dancers and Elementalers are also subject to the attack reduction. Refer to the part in between the brackets [ ] to determine the final additive buffs they will provide.
  • Attack cannot go into the negative range, so the final value of a unit's Attack stat will always be 1.
    If a unit's Attack stat drops into the negative range mid-calculation and no additive buffs are provided, the final value will be 1.
    • Otherwise, simply add the additive buffs to the negative value obtained mid-calculation to obtain the final Attack value.

The following table summarizes the effects of Tenkai:

Effect Attack Reduction Natural Regeneration Rate
Allied Units Enemies
Tenkai (Weak)
-70 +10HP/30f (20HP/s) +60HP/30f (120HP/s)
-500 +20HP/30f (40HP/s) +100HP/30f (200HP/s)

Wide-Area Combat[]


First introduced in Great Imperial War - First Corps, enemies and allied units engaged in Wide-Area Combat (広域戦闘) have -35% reduced Range.

Deploying units on glowing spots available in the missions increases their range by 55%, stacking multiplicatively with the former range decrease.

  • Specifically, range is calculated via 0.65 * 1.55 = 1.0075, which is slightly larger range than if the unit were to be deployed in a standard mission.

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