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Escape the Capital
Map 1.png
Mission Type Story Mission
Charisma Cost 9
EXP 17
Base Gold (3★ Gold) 450 (675)
Life 50
Initial Unit Points 5
Deployed Unit Limit 5
Number of Enemies 11
Prerequisite Prologue
Unlocks Sacred Forest
The castle fell once the
monsters appeared.
Defeat the attacking monsters
and set the capital free!


Escape the Capital (王都脱出) is the first Story Mission. It is unique in that it has no unit drops from enemies. The story text here serves as a bit of a tutorial. Because there are more life points than enemies, it is actually impossible to fail this mission. However, it is still valuable earn three stars on the mission to earn the bonus Sacred Crystal.


Enemy Unit
Goblin Soldier.png
Goblin Soldier ×11
Physical 313 68 0 101
Initial: 12
1 UP


Escape the Capital

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon.png Soldier: My Prince! Monsters have invaded and the king has surrendered.

Soldier: There's nothing more we can do here, my Prince! Your orders!

Anna NPC Icon 2.png ???: My Prince, I finally found you! I'm so glad you're safe...

Anna: I am Magistrate Anna. I come with the king's last words for you.

Anna: "Head north to the Goddess' Shrine and save the kingdom!"

Anna: You're the only nobility left, and I swear to serve.

Anna: To start, let's head to the northern fort. We can set up there.

Anna: There aren't many troops left, but let's fight our way there.

(After placing a unit)

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: Units set on the map will auto-fight the enemy. Plan well.

Anna: Let's give him some more support. But watch your Unit Points.

Anna: Here are your current Unit Points. You can't place more than this.

Anna: Reaching max means no reinforcements can be added later.

Anna: The number on a unit's face icon shows their Unit Points.

(After the 5th Goblin Soldier is defeated or escapes)

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: My Prince, the enemy will drop their attack shortly.

Anna: You can withdraw injured units.

Anna: Select a unit on the map and use the Withdraw button.

Anna: Withdrawn units can't return but you will get back half Unit Points.

Anna: Withdraw your units and dispatch stronger units with those Unit Points.

Anna Introduction

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Somehow we made it to the fortress!"

"Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Anna, the... former... magistrate under his majesty, the king.

"My Prince, I believe this is the first time I have had an audience with you directly."

"As I said before, you have my everlasting loyalty. I am at your service."

"About 10 of us were able to escape from the castle and gather at this fortress... Even if we wait for more, I don't think..."

"Even so, we must fight and destroy the monsters in order to save this world."

"We should set out for the Shrine of the Goddess just as his late majesty decreed."

"I heard from his majesty that further north of this fortress, there is a shrine that the hero offered to the goddess Aigis."

"With the monsters resurrected, we need the power of the goddess who ended the "Millennium War" now more than ever."

"Let us go, my Prince. To the Shrine of the Goddess!"




Escape formation.jpg

First mission, couldn't be easier if it tried. First Anna will make you place one of the Iron Soldiers on the field. After that, wait until you have enough UP and place the two archers, a 6 UP Iron one and Soma on either side of him.