"Fight... monsters......"

Berserker Eunice is a silver bandit.

Obtained from:

Stats[edit | edit source]

Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min
Eunice Icon.png
Bandit Lv1 1432 397 83 0 1 13 10 HP+125 Risk
Life II
Lv50 2180 631 133
Berserker Lv1 2189 633 134 0 1 16 13 HP+300
Lv55 2630 778 164

Skill[edit | edit source]

Name & Effect (edit info)
Life II
For 10 seconds, attack
increases by Xx,
but defense falls to zero.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged Omni

Eunice 3☆
X Reuse
2.03 33
2.15 32
2.28 31

Ability[edit | edit source]

Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Auto Heal
(edit info)
HP gradually recovers.
Eunice Icon.png
Goliah AW Icon.png
CC Icon.pngAW Icon.png
Skylle Icon.png
Ur AW Icon.png
AW Icon.png
  • Regenerates 20 HP/0.5s.
  • Regeneration disabled by paralysis.

Class Attributes[edit | edit source]

Class Name
(edit info)
Traits/Effects Notes
Junior Bandit Attack increases by 1.5x against Armored enemies.
Has a small chance to receive gold from defeated enemies.
Attack increases by 1.8x against Armored enemies.
Has a small chance to receive gold from defeated enemies.
Fury Brigand
Attack increases by 1.9x against Armored enemies.
Has a small chance to receive gold from defeated enemies.

All damage received from enemies is reduced by 25%.

  • Medium HP/ATK/DEF increase
Attack increases by 2.0x against Armored enemies.
Has a small chance to receive gold from defeated enemies.

Gains 5% increased ATK per enemy slain (up to +100%).

  • Small HP/DEF increase, small ATK decrease
  • Cost -3

Trust[edit | edit source]

Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them.[edit | edit source]

0% Fight... monsters......
15% Fight... more monsters.
30% You're... unusual...
50% I don't know...the meaning of life. But... I fight monsters.
60% To me... fighting is everything...
80% I fight... in order to fight. Something wrong with that?
100% Doing battle... gives my life meaning...
Adjutant Orders... waiting for. Prince's orders... What are...

 All-Age Conversation Scenes[edit | edit source]

Eunice #1 :

Even in the dimly lit room, Eunice peers steadily at you with penetrating eyes. Maybe because you had never seen him drinking with others, before you knew it you had invited him to drink with you.

Not saying anything in particular, he just sat quietly in his chair and stared at the drink you had passed to him.

You ask him about his hometown, and eventually he starts to answer, the words coming out in dribs and drabs.

"Where I was born, fighting was everything. So I've fought all my life."

They call him "berserker", and on the battlefield he really does fight like a man possessed. The sight of him cutting a path for himself spurs on those around him.

Scars are visible here and there on his muscular body. He got some of those in battle, but surely got even more in training and back in his hometown.

"Monsters are on the rebound... And we've decided to fight them."

Behind his faltering words is a genuine determination.

For these guys, who seek reasons to do battle, the resurgence of the monsters may have given new meaning to their lives...

You ask Eunice what he'll do when all of the monsters have been defeated. He gesture as if thinking it over.

"I... don't know."

And that was all he said.

Eunice #2 :

"The question you asked me last time..."

There is a pause, and then Eunice opens his mouth to speak. The question you asked him was about after the monsters were all defeated.

"I've been thinking about it ever since. Fighting is all I know. Fighting is my reason for living, so..."

With his helmet on it is hard to see his expression, but his voice betrays confusion. Perhaps not knowing what to say next, he remains silent.

You think a bit, then look at him again.

When the fighting is over, and the monsters have been vanquished, a peaceful world perhaps awaits. But new flames will have surely been kindled.

Right now it's humans versus monsters, but the day will come when humans fight among themselves. That may well be unavoidable in order to defend your country.

You fix him with a stare and ask him if, when that time comes, he would fight for your country.

Eunice is silent for a while, then finally stands up slowly and holds up his ax.

"If you give me a reason to fight... I will defend this country... I promise you."

His eyes, which you see reddened for the first time, show the determination that he will bring to the battles that await you.

Class Change Materials[edit | edit source]

Required units (edit units)
Cyrille Icon.png
Gladys Icon.png
Material 1
Soldier (Unit) A Icon.png
Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png
Desert Soldier Icon.png
Material 2
Bandit Minion A Icon.png
Bandit Minion B Icon.png
Material 3
Mortimer Icon.png
Eunice Icon.png

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