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Berserker Eunice drops from the following Event Missions.

  • Event and Mission names in Bold are no longer available.
  • Mission names in italicized Red no longer drop Eunice.
  • Mission names in bolded Green have Eunice as a Completion Reward.
  • Mission names in bolded and italicized Purple have Eunice as a no longer obtainable Completion Reward.
  • All other Missions are repeatable via Revived events or Daily Revivals.
Eunice (Up to Date 08/13/20)
Event Mission Cha Sta
Cloris Icon.png Save the Witch! Witch's Madness 45 5
Belinda Icon.png Witch's Daughter Witch's Night 25 2
Yurina Icon.png Dark Knighthood's Threat Pursuit Battle 30 2
Roana Icon.png Crisis of the Fairy Village Defense of the God Tree 60 5
Solano Icon.png The Summoned Beast Sleeping in the Earth Flame Beast 50 3
Noel Icon.pngKagura Icon.png Two Saints The Harvest Staff 50 2
Horus Icon.png Swordswoman of the Boiling Sands Magic Sword of Sorrow X 60 5
Azami Icon.png Ninja Army of Darkness True Duty of the Ninja X 70 7
Rita Icon.png Shadow Sniper Raining Arrows From Heaven 40 5
Imelia Icon.png The Princess, The Bandits, and The Capital of Evil Spirits Capital of Evil Spirits 40 4
Elva Icon.png The End of the Dark Knights Double-edged Power 30 2
Rorone Icon.png The Road to Becoming the King of Bandits Battle Royale for the King 90 12
Eden Icon.png Vampire's Counterattack Entrance to the Abyss 40 3
Paula Icon.png Demon King's Labyrinth The Depths of the Maze 70 6
Gloria Icon.png Deadly Sword that Shakes the Earth Threatening Certain Kill Sword 50 5
Pippin Icon.png Feng Shui Master and the Crimson Cult Jungle Defensive Battle 30 2
Ricola Icon.png The Dark Knight and the Sacred Forest's Guard Pure-Blooded Berserker 70 6
Fes Icon.png The Holy Spirit of Light and Darkness Great Youkai's Sword 40 2
Faa Icon.png The Sealed Monkey Sage Sage Technique's Threat 70 6
Sukuha Icon.png Treasured Sword of Mo Ye Path to Choose 50 5
Rösel Icon.png The Imperial Jäger and the Orc Hero Strong Veteran 50 5
Aida Icon.png Demonic Flies' Forest and the Cursed Keeper Resurrected Demonic Fly 55 7
Elias Icon.png Imperial Healer Beelzebub's Dwelling 50 5
Erica Icon.png The Pumpkins' Magic Armor Soldier Vampire's Den 40 4
Doula Icon.png Makai Martial Arts Competition 3rd Battle 50 5
Seven Icon.png Dark Organisation and Hunted Prince Trap Lying in Wait 25 2
Reve Icon.png Memories of the Battlefield Sky-Severing Deadly Sword (Memory) 30 2
Elene Icon.png Giant-Slaying Sword Large Giant 40 3
Phyllis (Yukata) Icon.png Prince Army's Summer Festival Test of Courage Tournament Preparations 30 3
Sayo Icon.png Memories of the Battlefield
~Recollection Chapter~
Collapse of the Dark Knights (Memory) 30 2
Aleese Icon.png Imperial Knight and the Fires of Rebellion Moving Conspiracy 40 3
40pxNephty Icon.png God-Slaying Sacred Spear First-Hand God Slaying 40 2
Rindou Icon.png Blue Oni's Daughter and the Oni Clan Advancing Thunder 40 4
Hyuna Icon.png Evil Bird Archer Trial of Darkness 30 2
Farne (Bride) Icon.png Bride of the World Tree Darkness-Tainted Mythical Beasts 40 5
Benibotan Icon.png Kabuki Princess of the East Dramatic Scene in the Capital 50 5
Candy Icon.png Magician of the Pumpkin Country Pumpkins' Tricks 25 2
Shadia Icon.png Spear of Rebellion and Maou's Awakening Remnants of the Vengeful Knight 50 4
Karin Icon.png The One Chosen by Hakutaku Sickly Jungle's Warriors 40 4
Eir Icon.png Monstrous Bugs Nesting in the World Tree Desert Flowers have Thorns 40 4
Maya (Swimsuit) Icon.png Magician Running on the Sandy Beach The Summer Onmyouji 30 3
Houtou Icon.png Koihime from Another World and the Evil Hermit's Scheme Kindhearted Benevolent Ruler 40 3
Floga Icon.png Crimson Magician and the Knight of Makai Forcefield's Surroundings 50 5
Katara Icon.png Warriors of the End Icy Cave 50 5
Leticia Icon.png Wandering Mercenary and the Evolved Ant Queen Wild Jungle 50 5
Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Midsummer Joint Training
~With a Giant Crab~
Crab Battle 50 5
Regina (Yukata) Icon.png Summer Festival Expedition:
Pursue the Phantom Ingredients!
Catch in the Chocolate Field 40 5