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Fourth Popularity Battle Campaign's Assault Mission (第四回人気闘兵強襲ミッション) is an urgent mission running from 20/02/2020 to 05/03/2020.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Assault Mission (強襲ミッション)[edit | edit source]

  • A mission appearing during a Popularity Campaign event that players can participate in.
  • Similar to a Subjugation, you can earn various rewards according to the number of enemies killed.
    • In addition, one Voting Ticket will be granted every 150 kills.
  • For every 15 votes you make, you can earn one 'right to challenge' (挑戦権). Participation in Assault Missions consumes these 'rights'.
    • Assault Missions do NOT consume Charisma and Stamina.
  • Similar to Subjugations, if your lives reach 0, the number of enemies slain is counted towards your total.
  • If you give up during the mission, the number of enemies killed will NOT be counted and the 'right to challenge' will still be consumed.
  • Total maximum kills needed for final reward is 10,000 kills.
  • Total number of earnable tickets is 66 from 9900 kills.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

This type of event has 2 reward scales. The first is based on the total number of enemies slain over the duration of the event. The second is based on the highest number of slain enemies in a single attempt.

Total Kills Reward Total Kills Reward Kills in 1 Run Reward
100 2 Sacred Crystals 6000 5 Sacred Crystals 100 Platinum Armor
300 20,000G 6300 60,000G 200 Spirit of Rainbow
600 Spirit of Platinum 6600 Spirit Queen 300 Black Armor
900 20,000G 6900 60,000G
1200 Bouquet x10 7200 Ruby x10
1500 2 Sacred Crystals 7500 Spirit of Rainbow
1800 30,000G 7800 Gold Ring x1
2100 Gold Ring x1 8100 Alegria
2400 30,000G 8400 Diamond x20
2700 Choice Sake x10 8700 Platinum Ring x1
3000 3 Sacred Crystals 9000 Freude
3300 40,000G 9300 Spirit of Rainbow
3600 Spirit of Black 9600 Black Ring x1
3900 40,000G 9900 Farah
4200 Crystal x10 10000 Spirit of Brilliance
4500 3 Sacred Crystals
4800 50,000G
5100 Platinum Ring x1
5400 50,000G
5700 Millennium Wine x10

Map[edit | edit source]

File:Fourthassault map.png


Mission[edit | edit source]

  • A 'Challenge Right' (挑戦権) is needed to attempt this mission.
  • One Challenge Right is awarded every 15 Voting Tickets used.
    (Does not matter if used on one or multiple units)

Assaultmission counterexample.jpg

  • The game tracks used Voting Tickets on the left counter as seen in the image, which decrements accordingly based on ticket usage, looping back to 15 once it hits 0.
  • Total available attempts are displayed on the right counter
    • The counter increments by 1 every time 15 tickets are used, and conversely decrements accordingly for every Challenge Right used.
  • For more information on how to obtain Voting Tickets, please see Fourth Popularity Battle Campaign's Decisive Match.
Name Points Units Drops Special Conditions
Life Enemies
Assault Mission
100 9
Gold Armor Icon.png
Gold Armor
Bouquet Icon.png
Saoshu Icon.png
Saoshu Lv1
Unit Points don't regenerate
50 300
Ruby Icon.png
Ruby x2
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1) x2

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Each wave corresponds to 100 enemies.

  • Wave 1
  • Wave 2
  • Wave 3
Enemy Unit
Imp Sprite.png
Imp ×8
Physical 2000 200 200
MR 50
Initial: 20
1 UP
Imp Sprite.png
Imp ×1
Physical 820 82 200
MR 50
Initial: 20
1 UP
Wolf Sprite.png
Wolf ×7
Physical 1000 150 20 53
Initial: 12
1 UP
Soldier Sprite.png
Soldier ×44
Physical 900 180 50 131
Initial: 10
1 UP
Rogue ×7
Physical 2000 130 100 53
Initial: 1
1 UP
Bandit ×23
Physical 2560 176 40 162
Initial: 45
1 UP
Bandit Boss Sprite.png
Bandit Boss ×1
Physical 2800 600 100 172
Initial: 24
1 UP
Beastman Archer Sprite.png
Beastman Archer ×6
Ranged (180)
Physical 2400 450 60 166
Initial: 24
Move: 121
Missile: 3
1 UP
Saoshu Sprite.png
Saoshu ×1
Physical 60000 600 300
MR 20
Initial: 14
2 UP
Gaoleon Enemy Sprite.png
Gaoleon ×1
Physical 70000 3000 300
MR 20
Initial: 36
3 UP
Negates all damage below 150,000. Attracts ranged attacks.

Both effects are disabled when blocked.

Leone AW Sprite.png
Leone ×1
Physical 150000 2600 220 82
Initial: 34
3 UP
Attracts ranged attacks.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)

Note: Takes place in between the 4th Popularity Vote Introduction and Group B Introduction from Fourth Popularity Battle Campaign's Decisive Match

Assault Mission Opening

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "——This is Gaoleon-san's reclaimed settlement... I see, he's helping all of the villagers rebuild the village that was destroyed by Makai's miasma."

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Ooh, ooh! Prince! You've come! I am the hundred-beast challenger, Gaoleon!!"

Mammon Icon.png Mammon: "Oh, it's Gaogao-chan, are you alright no longer calling yourself the star of this generation?"

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "I'm nothing more than a loser; from now on, I'll be training as the challenger!!"

Gaoleon: "More importantly, Prince, no, the new star of this generation! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting my request!!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Bandit Minion A Icon.png Villager: "Gaoleon-san, ever since his wounds have healed, has been helping rebuild this village."

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Hmph, you mustn't misunderstand! This is to pay you back so I'm no longer beholden for the lodging and free meal; moreover, this is for my training as the challenger!!"

Gaoleon: "In any case, since the Prince has come, there's no doubt the village's restoration will be a great success!!"

Sonia Icon.png Sonia: "Well then, let's quickly set up the 'Magic Voting Box'. Yoisho, yoisho..."

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Ooh, this is the vote box to decide the supreme ruler of the next generation! To be frank, my heart is quivering... No, my blood is tingling with excitement!!"

Saoshu Icon.png Saoshu: "... Gaoleon-sama, don't go out of control. What will you do if the village gets destroyed?"

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Uoooooh! Gao—!! But! The fight to decide the strongest is calling to me...!!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... ......... (Nod-nod)."

Gaoleon NPC Icon.png Gaoleon: "Muh, what was that, Prince? What, what...?"

Gaoleon: "I see, you're saying it's been a while since we had a match!! Gao—! As expected of the star of the current generation!!"

Sonia Icon.png Sonia: "Ehh, ehh, umm, umm—! Please make sure you don't break the voting box, OK!?"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Since it's come to this, there's no stopping it. I think everyone's excited to come vote with their passionate feelings, so let's do our best to protect the box."

[Gaoleon won't receive damage. Also, he'll draw all ally ranged attacks if he's in range. While he's being blocked, Gaoleon will lose all these effects. The provocation won't affect skills or abilities that prioritise specific enemies.]

[Leone will draw all ally ranged attacks if she's in range. The provocation won't effect skills or abilities that prioritise specific enemies.]

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