Gold rush 12

Gold Rush 12 (ゴールドラッシュ!) is a Gold Rush-type urgent mission that ran from 20/10/16 to 27/10/16.

Start Date End Date
26/12/2019 09/01/2019


  • Gold Rush missions have Completion rewards. To get them, obtain all the drops available from the maps.
  • Completion rewards are units of Gold rarity.
  • One new mission will be made available every day.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Completion Reward
Sta Life Enemies
Captured Spirit
30 300 1200 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon
Gold Armor Icon
Cyrille Icon
Fedora Icon
2 10 24
The four Archangels (Miruno) do not need to be defeated for a 3-star clear.
They will leave the battlefield after a period of time.​​​​​​
Goblin Army's New Weapon
30 300 1200 10 8
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon
Demon Crystal Icon
Table Wine Icon
Carrie Icon
2 10 53
Kung Fu Jiāngshī
50 400 1800 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon
Florika Icon
Ruby Icon
Julian Icon
6 10 28
Kibashuu of Herculean Strength
30 300 1200 10 8
Iroha Icon
Hayate Icon
Lv8 x2
Nina Icon
Kojurou Icon
2 10 36
Golden Demon Returns
90 500 3000 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon
Christia Icon
Diamond Icon
Fes Icon
12 10 48
Massive Figure Blocking the Way
30 300 1200 10 8
Millennium Wine Icon
Gold Armor Icon
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon
Mehlis Icon
2 10 27
Monster Rally
50 400 1800 10 8
Crystal Icon
Celia Icon
Choice Sake Icon
Onyx Icon
6 10 42

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Goblin Catapult
Goblin Catapult
Ranged (187)
Physical 3000 350 200 141
Initial: 50
Move: 61
Missile: 3
1 UP
Red Flail Goblin Sprite
Red Flail Goblin
Physical 6000 500 320
MR 20
Initial: 16
2 UP
Shijie-Xian Sprite
Ranged (200)
Magic 45000 500 500
MR 30
Initial: 35
Move: 21
Missile: 0
3 UP
Kung Fu Jiangshi (Blue) Sprite
Kung Fu Jiangshi (Blue)
Physical 3500 300 150
MR 10
Initial: 30
1 UP
Kung Fu Jiangshi (Purple) Sprite
Kung Fu Jiangshi (Purple)
Physical 6000 500 200
MR 10
Initial: 30
1 UP
White Ninja
White Ninja
Physical 4000 750 100
MR 20
Initial: 8
1 UP
Cannot be attacked unless it is engaged with a blocker.
Paralysis Ninja
Paralysis Ninja
Ranged (200)
Physical 2200 200 30
MR 10
Initial: 24
Move: 11
Missile: 5
2 UP
Paralyzes target after 6 hits. Paralyzed units are ignored by enemies.
Kibashuu (Hammer) Sprite
Kibashuu (Hammer)
Physical 13000 5800 500
MR 10
Initial: 60
2 UP
50% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Golden Greater Demon Sprite
Golden Greater Demon
Physical 36000 4000 200
MR 40
Initial: 84
3 UP
Doppelganger Sprite
Melee Physical 1500 100 0 101
Initial: 8
1 UP
Large Blue Snowman Sprite
Large Blue Snowman
Ranged (176) Magic 3000 240 50 171
Initial: 25
Move: 101
Missile: 6
2 UP
Immune to adverse effects of blizzards.
  • Blizzard: ATK x1.3
  • Heavy Blizzard: ATK x1.5

Transforms into Doppelganger (Giant) upon death.

Giant Mummy King Sprite
Giant Mummy King
Physical 50000 800 50
MR 30
Initial: 40
3 UP
HP below 50%: ATK x2

HP below 25%: ATK x3

Transforms into Doppelganger (Giant) upon death.

Dine AW Sprite
Armored Human
Physical 30000 2000 1200 403
Initial: 106
3 UP
Has an aura

Transforms into Doppelganger upon death.

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Captured Spirit

Decius Icon Decius: "Finally found you, Spirit of Perpetual Darkness! The legendary spirit that grants great power. Now, bestow your power upon me."

Onyx NPC Icon Dark Spirit: "I refuse! I have no intention of giving power to neither monsters nor humans. You're an eyesore, begone."

Decius Icon Decius: "Wh, what? Do you know how much adversity I had to overcome to find you? Don't you think you're being rude to me who broke bones to get here?"

Onyx NPC Icon Dark Spirit: "Think I care about your situation? Geez, I thought no one would dare come near here since this was a place where a Majin once lived."

Dark Spirit: "Guess I'll have to find a new hiding spot... Hm? Looks like someone else has come."

Keraunos Icon ???: "Fufu, Spirit of Perpetual Darkness Onyx. There's no need for you to go anywhere. Now, please become my hands and feet once more."

Onyx NPC Icon Dark Spirit: "Who're you!? Why do you know my true name? Y, you're..."

Keraunos Icon ???: "You cannot oppose me. Now, come. Let me use that power."

Decius Icon Decius: "Y, you bitch! Weren't you still bound to the surface. What're you plotting?"

Keraunos Icon ???: "Not only is there a filthy vermin... but it appears more fools are also approaching. Respond to my call, flock to me, angels."

(archangels appear)

Decius Icon Decius: "Wait! Wait, Keraunos! ... Damnit, can't get close with all these bloody angels in my way! What should I do... Hm? Ahh, that's!?"

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "What are we doing in this sort of place?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "I, I don't know. But Aigis-sama told us to head here... Ah, over there are angels and Decius!"

Decius Icon Decius: "Ooh, you came at the perfect time, Prince!! I must pursue Keraunos. I'll leave the angels here to you guys!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Ha!? W, who's Keraunos? Also, don't leave things to us without asking!"

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon Soldier: "Report! Four angels carrying bows up ahead. In addition, many angels are starting to descend."

Julian Icon Julian: "Be careful, the angels with those bows have a very long reach. You should size up the situation until they stop moving around."

[4 archangels will leave the battlefield without heading to base. Even if undefeated, they won't influence the star-rating.]

(angels descend)

Katie Icon Katie: "Somehow, it looks like they're trying to restrain our movements. We might receive attacks from their bows anywhere besides close to the base. Pay attention to where you deploy our forces!"


Katie Icon Katie: "Prince, we've defeated the entire angel army."

Anna NPC Icon 3 Anna: "Why do you suppose the angels suddenly appeared in this sort of place...?"

Katie Icon Katie: "I don't see any sign of The Archangel that was usually giving orders to the angels... How mysterious."

Cecily Icon Cecily: "Prince, it looked like Decius was following a woman that was carrying a spirit."

Katie Icon Katie: "Keraunos... Decius called her that. If it's him, then he may know something."

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "We must closely question Decius about what led to this fight with the angels! Prince, let's hurry and follow after Decius."

Goblin Army's New Weapon

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "It looks like Decius passed through here. Prince, let's hurry!"

Cecily Icon Cecily: "... Hm? What are those tracks? They look like the treads of some military vehicle..."

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Gyagya! Found! Humans! Found! New weapon! Defeat!"

Goblin Doctor Icon Goblin Doctor: "... Fufufu. Quickly came across subjects to use this on. From the new wisdom granted by the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness, we goblins have advanced to even greater heights!"

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Stone! Throw! Stone! Throw!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, the goblins have started to come this way! Prepare for battle!"


Goblin Doctor Icon Goblin Doctor: "N, no way... the new weapon, the catapult...! The crystalisation of the wisdom granted from the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness..."

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Gyagya, catapult, broke...! Doctor, run... hurry, run!"

Goblin Doctor Icon Goblin Doctor: "That's right, this isn't the time to lose hope! Failure is the mother of success... The strength level was insufficient. Next time, I'll change the materials..."

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon Soldier: "The goblin army has started to retreat!"

Katie Icon Katie: "We somehow managed, but it appears the goblins are using large-scale weapons... Using a catapult requires practice even for a human."

Cecily Icon Cecily: "The goblins from earlier were talking about being given power from the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness."

Katie Icon Katie: "If that's true, then we're in trouble. We don't have conclusive evidence, but let's proceed ahead with care."

Kung Fu Jiāngshī

Shijie-Xian Icon Shijie-Xian: "Kakkakka... I've been awaiting you, Prince! It appears you've finally made it all the way here."

Mao Icon Mao: "You're Shijie-Xian!? Why're you in this kind of place...!?"

Shijie-Xian Icon Shijie-Xian: "I'm going to have you become guinea pigs to test the capabilities of my newly crafted Jiāngshī."

Mao Icon Mao: "Again with the forbidden arts... You xie-xian (evil hermit) that toys with the dead!"

Shijie-Xian Icon Shijie-Xian: "Kakkakka... They have been completed by joining my art with the power of the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness, their names will also be Kung Fu Jiāngshī!"

Mao Icon Mao: "Kung Fu...!? A xie-xian like you using a secret technique that cannot be learned without undergoing fierce training is essentially... I cannot possibly forgive you!"

Mao: "With my fist technique, I will smash apart your malign motives!"

Shijie-Xian Icon Shijie-Xian: "Kakkakka... I like your spirit! I'll make your body into the mother of the next Jiāngshī. Now, go forth, my Supreme Jiāngshī Army!"

Katie Icon Katie: "Prince, according to the soldiers' report, Shijie-Xian is controlling the strategically important bridge."

Katie: "I want to promptly defeat Shijie-Xian, so we can secure positions for our ranged troops, but it doesn't look like he'll go down without a very fierce fight. First of all, it would be a wise plan to defend against the enemy invaders with our melee troops."


Mao Icon Mao: "Fuu... With this, by their death, we managed to release all of the Jiāngshī from the practitioner. Now surrender, Shijie-Xian!"

Shijie-Xian Icon Shijie-Xian: "... Chii!? Are my eyes mistaken...? Defeated by mere humans. No choice but to make a temporary retreat... Farewell!"

Anna NPC Icon 3 Anna: "... He escaped."

Mao Icon Mao: "Can't be helped. However, if we don't defeat him soon, there'll be no end to the victims at the hands of the Jiāngshī."

Mao: "I can only continue my kung fu training for the time they should come!"

Mao: "Now then, Prince. Let's follow after Decius and the others!"

Kibashuu of Herculean Strength

Kagerou Icon Kagerou: "Prince, these footprints... By their shape, they're no doubt Decius's. He's close...!"

Kibashuu NPC Icon Kibashuu: "Fufu... Sorry, but you won't be marching passed this point."

Kibashuu: "That's because the Prince's army will be defeated by us of the Kibashuu in this land!"

Kagerou Icon Kagerou: "They're appearing out of the blue like always. What did you infuse into your body this time? ... You aren't giving off any youki like you did in the past."

Kibashuu NPC Icon Kibashuu: "Fufufu... We of the Kibashuu aren't just swallowing Majin fragments."

Kibashuu: "'Herculean Strength'. That is the new power we received!"

Kagerou Icon Kagerou: "... Hoh. However, your bodies are still human. So you've reached bottom and are resorting to mere brute force."

Kibashuu NPC Icon Kibashuu: "There are things even the human body can do... You thought we fight by just punching?"

Kibashuu: "All ninjas! Prepare the aforementioned thing! Now, prepare yourselves! This time, we shall strike down the Prince!"


Kibashuu NPC Icon Kibashuu: "... Even with this, we cannot win against the Prince..."

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon Soldier: "Confirmed the retreat of Kibashuu!"

Katie Icon Katie: "At any rate, they've been making themselves unusually stronger each time we meet. They must be undergoing abnormal training when they're not fighting."

Saizou Icon Saizou: "What's driving them to go so far...?"

Kagerou Icon Kagerou: "The Kibashuu's master, Kibahime, must be the key. ... Well, we'll find out sooner or later."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Let's progress onward, Prince. Just a little further, and we should catch up to Decius!"

Golden Demon Returns

Decius Icon Decius: "Muh!? That damned Prince already caught up? But I don't have time to be their opponent now. ... I need to figure out how I'm going to fight that guy!"

Golden Demon Icon Golden Demon: "—Oya? What, it's you...? So you came on your own accord to be destroyed by me, a supreme existence that transcends greater demons?"

Katie Icon Katie: "Th, that's the... Golden Demon!? No way, its throat should've been pierced back then...! What in the world...!?"

Decius Icon Decius: "It's the power of the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness... This is the work of Keraunos who misused the power of the spirit."

Golden Demon Icon Golden Demon: "Now then, who should I strike down first? Shall I start with you?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "—!"

Golden Demon Icon Golden Demon: "Or how about you?"

Decius Icon Decius: "—!"

Golden Demon Icon Golden Demon: "Since you won't respond, I guess I should come on over? I'll decide on the order, so no hard feelings, OK?"

Golden Demon: "I'll start with... that's right, I shall pick you, Dark Knight Decius-kun. I think you'll be extremely delighted to be the first to taste my power, yes."

Golden Demon: "There's great value in being so spirited as to allow your body to be tainted by darkness. Think of this as a reward."

Decius Icon Decius: "Curse yooouuu...! You think I'll let things end here without getting back at Keraunos...!?"

Prince Icon Prince: "..."

Decius Icon Decius: 'Wh, what did you say, bastard...!? You say you're going to help...!?"

Katie Icon Katie: "Prince...! Understood! All units, support Decius at once, and fight back against the golden demon!"

Katie: "All team commanders inspire caution in your melee forces so they don't stand in the way of the golden demon! The monster's power is immense! It's not possible to receive it with your human bodies!"

Fes Icon Fes: "Haa, haa... Made it in time... Prince! Accept my power...!" (Keraunos-sama... So she has restarted her activities.)

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "You're... the Spirit of Brilliance Fes-san! This power... Thank you very much!! Prince, we're being filled with power...! There might be something we can do!"


Golden Demon Icon Golden Demon: "—Gahaah!? N, no way... Impossiiibleee...! F, for I... to run out of stamina... iiiis...!! Unbelievablyyy... Gu... Annoy... iii... nggg..."

Decius Icon Decius: "Looks like he has breathed his last... He has blighted me for so long... For him to die like this... Hah, this isn't the time to be soaking in sentiment."

Decius: "I must chase after Keraunos who has run off with the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness. Prince, I'm not beholden to you for lending a hand during this battle!"

Anna NPC Icon 3 Anna: "Please wait, Decius! There's something I want to ask you—he's already nowhere to be seen. Fast on his feet as always. Is it because his insides are empty?"

Fes Icon Fes: "Prince, in his stead, allow me to fill you in with what I know."

Fes: "Keraunos-sama is one of the gods who lives in Heaven... She bears the name of Elder Goddess of Aigis-sama."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Elder Goddess of Aigis-sama!? So a god other than Aigis-sama came to the surface!?"

Fes Icon Fes: "No, the god that descended to the surface was only a pillar of a different god from Aigis-sama and Keraunos-sama."

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "What, so she's a woman with the same name as a god? Don't scare me like that!"

Fes Icon Fes: "No, that's not necessarily true. If you can prepare a human to become an object to draw a divine spirit, while its power is limited, the advent of a god is possible."

Fes: "Who could've summoned Keraunos-sama?"

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "That's a far-fetched story... But if it's true, for what purpose would they summon a god?"

Julian Icon Julian: "Isn't it obvious? Probably to do something about the resurrected monsters. In this kind of world, there's no lack of those praying to the divine for help."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "We were also originally asked by Aigis-sama to visit the hideout of the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness... We cannot allow things to be like this, Prince, let's hurry and follow after them."

Massive Figure Blocking the Way

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Prince, this way! I caught sight of Decius along this path!"

Doppelganger Icon Doppelganger: "You seem to be in an awful hurry, Prince. But you won't pass through here so easily."

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "Another bugger getting in our way...? Doesn't matter, you guys can't change into anything but creatures of the same size, right? The same trick won't work twice!"

Doppelganger Icon Doppelganger: "Kukuh... I didn't think a simple bandit such as yourself would blurt out the truth."

Doppelganger: "However, with this new power we received from the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness, even greater prosperity has been promised for our kind. Prepare yourselves!"


Doppelganger Icon Doppelganger: "Shit... Did we make a mistake in the mimicked creatures...? Next time we'll have to change into stronger monsters."

Doppelganger: "For the time being, searching for monsters would be a good idea..."

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon Soldier: "Report! We've confirmed the doppelgangers' retreat!"

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "Somehow won... Hmph, them transforming into giant monsters was a pain in the neck."

Katie Icon Katie: "It'll only be a matter of time before they surprise us. We don't have a moment to spare; we must follow after Decius... Prince, let's begin marching at once."

Monster Rally

Decius Icon Decius: "You're cornered, Keraunos! Why did you destroy my homeland that believed in you!? Why did you summon the monster hordes...!? Answer me...!"

Keraunos Icon Keraunos: "Fufufu. That was merely divine punishment for the fools that thought I would accept a human's request just because I was a god."

Keraunos: "But please rest assured. It's not going to just be the humans of your country. I'll destroy every single one of you humans."

Keraunos: "For that reason, I have no intention of disrupting Leviathan's revival. Now then, spirit, please assist in reducing the humans' strength."

Onyx NPC Icon Onyx: "Ugh, ah... aah... No... more... Stop... There's no longer... any power left in me..."

Keraunos Icon Keraunos: "It seems the spirit has lost its power. I didn't account for this, but I shall summon all of the monsters in this area that the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness has given power up to now."

Keraunos: "That man... looks like he received the divine blessing of Aigis. If I destroy him here, I can deliver a mortal wound to the surface."

Decius Icon Decius: "Curse you... Keraunos, that bitch, is starting to summon monsters...! The same thing that happened in my homeland...! Fucking shit...!"

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "O, oi, Decius...! Don't be rash...!”

Keraunos Icon Keraunos: "You're in my way, Dark Knight...!"

Decius Icon Decius: "U... Gu... aah..."

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon Soldier: "R, report! Monsters have suddenly appeared from all directions! Each of our teams, our front lines are in chaos!"


Keraunos Icon Keraunos: "I can't believe the hero of this age possesses this much strength..."

Keraunos: "Well, that's fine. There are still quite a few ways to destroy the surface. I shall withdraw for now."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "P, please wait! Goddess Keraunos-sama! Why are you doing this...!?"

Katie Icon Katie: "She disappeared... No way, we finally got to meet a goddess, and she has become our enemy..."

Decius Icon Decius: "I shall go on ahead. There's still something I must do. I must obtain a much stronger power that surpasses gods."

Julian Icon Julian: "... Looks like that Decius fellow is gone. Ohh, more importantly, is the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness safe?"

Onyx NPC Icon Onyx: "......... W, where am I...? What happened to me...? T, that's right... Keraunos-sama... Kuu, uugh..."

Onyx: "I see... So I was saved by you people. ... Thanks."

Onyx: "... You saved me a second time. I shall give my power to the Prince. It seems the time has come for me to accept my duty as a spirit."

Katie Icon Katie: "I'm glad the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness is safe. ... However, what in the world should we do from this point forward?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... I feel like there's too many things we should discuss. Prince, let's return home for now. Just the fact we rescued the Spirit of Perpetual Darkness is enough."

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