Gold Rush 15 (ゴールドラッシュ!) is a Gold Rush-type urgent mission running from 01/06/2017 to 08/06/2017.

Start Date End Date
01/01/2019 16/01/2019

Revival Notes Edit

  • First-time drops are guaranteed for all missions.


  • Gold Rush missions have Completion rewards. To get them, obtain all the drops available from the maps.
  • Completion rewards are units of Gold rarity.
  • One new mission will be made available every day.

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Completion Reward
Sta Life Enemies
Legendary Minerals
30 300 1200 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon
Gold Armor Icon
Cyrille Icon
Anemone Icon
2 10 50
The Orichalcum Golem will attack all units in range when damaged.
Defeating it is not necessary for a 3-star clear.
Foundation of Necromancy
30 300 1200 10 8
Khuri Icon
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon
Table Wine Icon
Leda Icon
2 15 20
As long as Metus is present, all Skeleton Soldiers will keep reviving infinitely.
Mystic Art that Controls Time
90 500 3000 10 8
Christia Icon
Florika Icon
Diamond Icon
Cyrus Icon
12 10 30
Ever-Changing Desert
30 300 1200 10 8
Valerie Icon
Gold Armor Icon
Nina Icon
Betty Icon
2 10 30
Initial HP reduction: Small
Sandstorms will covers up deployment slots.
Units that were deployed there will be automatically withdrawn.
These units are redeployable.
Night of the Dead
30 300 1200 10 8
Choice Sake Icon
Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal Icon
Vincent Icon
2 20 49
Only Silver-rarity or below units are allowed.
Destruction of the Barricades will not affect star rating.
Mythical Beast Dancing in the Sky
30 300 1200 10 8
Gladys Icon
Beer Icon
Cyrille Icon
Claire Icon
2 20 30
Princesses' Tea Party
50 400 1800 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon
Ruby Icon
Themis Icon
6 7 7

Drop InformationEdit

A helpful list as to which enemies drop which items. Mostly based off wikiwiki's inputs, though (verified) user contributions are also welcome.

Stage Name Drop Information
Legendary Minerals
Platinum Armor Gold Armor Spirit of Silver
First purple Goblin Leader on the top route.
Enemy #15~17.
Red Goblin Leader/Purple Goblin Leader
that start moving at the same time as ~#35 Flail Goblin Rider.
Goblin King.
Enemy ~#26.
Foundation of Necromancy
Khuri Demon Crystals Table Wine
Skeleton that walks along the top-right path.
Enemy ~#15.
Skeleton that spawns in middle-right of map, Skeleton that spawns in bottom-middle of map.
2 Enemies #16~20.
Mystic Art that Controls Time
Spirit of Rainbow Spirit of Black Diamond
Roy. Soma. Mortimer.
Ever-Changing Desert
Valerie Gold Armor Spirit of Gold
1st Mummy from the right path.
Enemy ~#28.
Lizardman appearing from the right lower road. Lizardman appearing on the right road and turning back to reappear on the left? road.
Enemy ~#8. Enemy ~#15.
4th Sandworm from lower-right path.
Enemy ~#4.
Night of the Dead
Choice Sake Crystal Demon Crystal x2
A Vampire on the left upper road.
Enemy ~#39.
A Goblin Zombie on the bottom-right path.
Enemy #27.
A Goblin Zombie on top-right path.
Enemy #13~15.
Mythical Beast Dancing in the Sky
Spirit Queen Beer Spirit of Silver
Leftmost Griffin Rider appearing from the center hole.
Enemy ~#26.
Second ground enemy, south path.
Enemy #6.
Last ground enemy, north path.
Enemy #20~22.
Second flying enemy from the top.
Enemy #1~4.
Princesses' Tea Party
Platinum Armor Demon Crystal (x3) Ruby
Anya, Lilia. Themis. Melvina.

Notable EnemiesEdit

Enemy Unit
Orichalcum Golem
Orichalcum Golem
Physical 150000 14000 10000
MR 70
Initial: 150
3 UP
Does not use ranged attack until HP is 99% or lower. Ranged attack hits all units within range. Uses melee attack while blocked.
Ranged (533)
5000 321
Initial: 152
Move: 161
Missile: instant
Metus Sprite
Ranged (200)
Magic 8000 350 150
MR 20
Initial: 28
Move: 50
3 UP
Towa AW Sprite
Towa (Awakened)
Ranged (220)
Magic 12000 450 200
MR 10
Initial: 12
Move: 9
Missile: 3
3 UP
Vampire Princess Sprite
Vampire Princess
Ranged (30)
Physical 7000 450 50 136
Initial: 24
Move: 101
Missile: 0
2 UP
Melee attack paralyzes target after one hit. Paralyzed units can't attack, block, or use skills. Paralysis lasts 12 seconds.
Griffin Rider (Flying) Sprite
Griffin Rider (Flying)
Ranged (40)
Physical 1500 400 100 61
Initial: 16
Move: 21
Missile: 0
1 UP
Does not stop to attack.

40% chance to dodge physical attacks.

Griffin Rider (Walking) Sprite
Griffin Rider (Walking)
Melee Physical 1500 400 100 111
Initial: 16
1 UP
40% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Griffin Rider Archer (Flying) Sprite
Griffin Rider Archer (Flying)
Ranged (200)
Physical 1300 300 50 133
Initial: 20
Move: 101
Missile: 3
1 UP
40% chance to dodge physical attacks.
Melvina (Awakened)
Melvina (Awakened)
Magic 9000 400 200
MR 30
Initial: 0
2 UP
When HP reaches 0, explodes after a short delay, dealing damage equivalent to 2x ATK to all units within 160 range.

Video Guides Edit

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Legendary Ore

Meredith Icon Meredith: "——I, is it true!? You say that ore has been discovered!?"

Gustav Icon Gustav: "Ooh, ya finally came!? We dwarves are never mistaken when it comes to ores! Hurry, hurry, come this way!!"

Anemone Icon Anemone: "For that which was said to not exist anywhere accept in legend to really exist... I also want to gaze upon it with these eyes!"

(golem that separates the brain dead from the master tacticians appears)

Meredith Icon Meredith: "That's... It's almost like the ore itself is radiating a golden brilliance...!"

Anemone Icon Anemone: "That's... the brilliance of Orichalcum..."

Gustav Icon Gustav: "The ancient ore that was said to only exist in legend, Orichalcum. They say its hardness surpasses even that of Mithril ore."

Gustav: "When we discovered a path through a broken wall, I thought about what could be within, but... I never would have thought such a thing would be slumbering within... However, what should we do about it?"

Anemone Icon Anemone: "... That's, no matter how I look at it, composed entirely of Orichalcum."

Meredith Icon Meredith: "When I look at its size, shape, stance, and movement, from my perspective, it appears to be an 'Orichalcum Golem' created from Orichalcum."

Gustav Icon Gustav: "You don't say? Even when I look at it with my eyes, it's unmistakably an Orichalcum Golem."

Anemone Icon Anemone: "......"

Meredith Icon Meredith: "......"

Anna NPC Icon 3 Anna: "... Umm, you didn't say anything except that Orichalcum had been discovered in the report, so?"

Gustav Icon Gustav: "Oh? So I did. Sorry 'bout that! I was so impatient, I plumb forgot to tell you about the Golem!"

Meredith Icon Meredith: "S, sorry doesn't cut it! I never heard anything about a Golem! We're hardly prepared for..."

Anemone Icon Anemone: "M, Meredith-san, quiet down... Aaahh! Just now, it looks like the monsters in the area have noticed us..."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, I expect the Golem to be concealing tremendous strength. During battle, please give strict orders not to strike at the Golem."

[When the Orichalcum Golem's HP decreases, it will launch a fierce ranged AoE attack.
It will leave the battlefield after time passes and won't head towards the base.
Even if it's undefeated, it won't affect the ★-rating.]


Meredith Icon Meredith: "A, aahh~... The legendary Orichalcum..."

Anemone Icon Anemone: "... It's gone."

Gustav Icon Gustav: "I'm to blame for not saying anything first... Sorry."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "No, what's important is that everyone is safe. The Orichalcum's research will come another day, OK?"

Meredith Icon Meredith: "You're right, merely knowing that the Orichalcum exists is the discovery of the century. Somehow, I'm filled with a drive to research it!!"

Gustav Icon Gustav: "Looks like the Golem headed into the cave's depths. I'll try and keep tabs on it."

Anemone Icon Anemone: "I'll try and pursue the ancient civilization's lore. Perhaps I'll figure out the reason the Golem was slumbering within this cave."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "OK. If either of you two figure out something, then I would appreciate it if you contacted us. Please look after us."

The Cornerstone of Necromancy

Memento Icon Memento: "Hurry up, Metus. I can't start the experiment. ... What in the world are you looking for?"

Metus Icon Metus: "... I'm sorry, please wait a bit. It's a box that can fit in both hands, like this... Odd, I wonder where it went..."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "—Excuse me, may I speak to you, Metus-san?"

Metus Icon Metus: "Oh my? It's rare for Darling and the others to come here. What brings you here?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "About that... Ah, Leda-san! Hey! Please don't run off!!"

Leda Icon Leda: "I, I know! Umm, err... Sorry. You acted like it was very important, so I couldn't help myself... Here, take it back!"

Metus Icon Metus: ".........!"

Memento Icon Memento: "Is that the box you were looking for?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "I heard her talking to her friends about a treasure she carried out of Metus-san's room. I thought it was something important, so..."

Metus Icon Metus: "... I see, I was wondering why I couldn't find it anywhere in my room. Thanks, it is a precious thing. What a relief... nothing happened to it."

Anna NPC Icon 3 Anna: "I'm terribly sorry for our negligence. I don't know if it would work as an apology, but if there's anything you need, just ask."

Memento Icon Memento: "In that case, you came at the perfect time. How about they participate in the upcoming experiment?"

Metus Icon Metus: "... Indeed. We're about to conduct strength tests on the skeletons we use soon."

Memento Icon Memento: "It's a test on skeletons that will keep reviving no matter how many times they're defeated as long as the practitioner is present. If all of you could be their opponent, then I can focus on collecting data."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Sure, that would be no problem. Leda-san, too, please participate seriously."

[skeleton soldiers will revive on the spot as soon as they're defeated until either Metus is defeated, or they reach the base.]


Memento Icon Memento: "Thanks, with this, I obtained some nice data."

Metus Icon Metus: "You were a great help. ... However, the current way we're doing it exhausts too much of our magical strength; it won't be very practical in actual battle."

Leda Icon Leda: "... Umm, may I chime in? Just what was in that box from earlier?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... Leda-san, are you still after it? It seems the Prince hasn't scolded you enough."

Leda Icon Leda: "I, I'm not! Just curious is all! Honest, honest! For it to be so important to her, it must be some incredible treasure..."

Metus Icon Metus: "Well, I'll be troubled if you carried it off again. Fine, I shall tell you. The things in the box, you see, are..."

Metus: "Souls."

Leda Icon Leda: "... Heh?"

Metus Icon Metus: "Trapped within are the souls of the ones who betrayed me. If I don't listen to the cries of resentment that can be heard from this box, I'm unable to sleep at night... I'm really glad to have it back."

Leda Icon Leda: "U, uheeh~... I, it's not treasure at all! I thought it was strange for it to be so light as if there wasn't anything inside..."

Anna NPC Icon 3 Anna: "I suppose there's little point in asking you to release the souls from the box. But as long as you would hear me out, I don't think that's a very nice hobby..."

Metus Icon Metus: "I can't release the souls so easily. The souls of the fools that abandoned me..."

Anna NPC Icon 3 Anna: "... Don't tell me, those souls are... I'm terribly sorry, I spoke out of line."

Metus Icon Metus: "I don't mind, I must thank you for returning the box. Also, Darling was a great help participating in the experiment. Thank you, Darling~♪"

Mystic Art that Controls Time

Towa AW Icon Towa: "—Please look after me today, Prince."

Cyrus AW Icon Cyrus: "For it to be possible for this body to experience Time Magic. I'm grateful for you allowing me to partake in this."

Roy Icon Roy: "Time Magic... I'm looking forward to it!"

Towa AW Icon Towa: "A mystic art that shifts the flow of real time with the sense of time everyone feels. It would be nice if this is a success, but..."

Elaine Icon Elaine: "So one real second will feel like many seconds to us? Time Magic sure is amazing, huh?"

Soma Icon Soma: "If it goes well, I'll be able to move much quicker than normal... How exciting!"

Kokoro Icon Kokoro: "Handling Time Magic so skillfully... I must also learn from Towa-san's Time Magic!"

Towa AW Icon Towa: "Well then, let me begin at once, OK? Everyone, please get ready!"


Elaine Icon Elaine: "Amazing, everything around me looked like it was moving in slow motion...! ... But, this is..."

Soma Icon Soma: "Very... tiresome, right?"

Elaine Icon Elaine: "Despite seeing the movements of my surroundings clearly, my body wouldn't move like I wanted, almost like I was underwater. ... Ahh, geez, how frustrating!"

Cyrus AW Icon Cyrus: "Indeed... Despite that, for us magicians who need to concentrate for long periods to release our magic, I'm full of gratitude."

Roy Icon Roy: "Time Magic is to be reckoned with!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Somehow, it seems like this magic has gone over well with all of our magicians."

Towa AW Icon Towa: "... I'm terribly sorry, I had forgotten about the way those who fight with weapons are different from us magicians."

Towa: "This mystic art isn't going to be useful for everyone..."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Don't say that, I'm happy from the bottom of my heart that you offered to support us. We'll definitely be asking for you to lend that power to us in the future."

Towa AW Icon Towa: "...! Yes! I hope I can be of some use to everyone from now on. Please look after me in the future!"

Desert of Many Changes

Asar Icon Asar: "—Please be on your guard, this area is land that hasn't been explored by us, the people of the desert, so we don't know what we'll find!"

Anna NPC Icon 3 Anna: "Can't see very far with all this sand dust..."

Hashim Icon Hashim: "Due to the sand storms that always blow through here, we weren't able to pass through this point until now, but the other day, it looks like the sand storms have weakened."

Betty Icon Betty: "Thanks to that, we can walk through on foot. An unexplored land... For some reason, it fascinates me."

Asar Icon Asar: "If there are other people of the desert, I would very much like to make contact with them. ... Over there!"

Hashim Icon Hashim: "It looks like the enemy have shown themselves."

Asar Icon Asar: "Prince, I also see a strong sand storm brewing in the distance. You can choose many easy-looking paths, but once the sand storm hits, those paths will disappear, so take heed."

Hashim Icon Hashim: "It would be best if you thought that you're as good as dead if you get buried in the sand. In the event the sand storm comes, I went ahead and told the soldiers to retreat immediately, Prince."

[When a sand storm hits, certain paths will be covered, and units deployed on those spots will retreat. It's possible to redeploy them after they've retreated.]


Asar Icon Asar: "—Somehow, we managed to overcome them."

Hashim Icon Hashim: "However, it looks like the paths have come to an end. Not only that, this wind... We won't make it very far before an even stronger sand storm is upon us."

Betty Icon Betty: "... It's unfortunate, but perhaps we should investigate this land another time."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "I believe that would be best. Shall we return home for the time being? Asar-san, I'm sorry, but would you guide us again... Asar-san?"

Asar Icon Asar: "........."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... Asar-san, is something the matter?"

Asar Icon Asar: "Ah, no... Whenever the sand storms stopped, I thought I saw something like a giant statue of an animal in the distance. I'm kinda curious..."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "A statue of an animal, you say...?"

Asar Icon Asar: "No, please don't mind me! I might have imagined it!"

Betty Icon Betty: "A mysterious statue in a land unexplored by humans... Kind of a romantic story, don't you think?"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Indeed, let's hope there's something new to discover when we get a chance to investigate this place next time."

Asar Icon Asar: "Yeah... Oh, not good. Shall we return home before the sand storm reaches us? Please come this way, I'll guide you!"

Night of the Dead

Soldier (Unit) B Icon Soldier: "—Hurry! Build up anything that could hinder their progress!!"

Russell Icon Russell: "H, how in the world did things turn out like this...? This late at night, we can't even hope for the Prince and the others' aid... We're done for..."

Khuri Icon Khuri: "Everyone, please calm yourselves! As long as we have the barricades, they won't be able to reach this far anytime soon!!"

Bandit Minion B Icon Bandit: "B, but even here isn't completely safe... Sh, shit, like hell I'm gonna die in this kinda place! I'm outta here!!"

Khuri Icon Khuri: "P, please wait, it's dangerous outside! Until we're ready to intercept... He's gone. Can't be helped, what's left of us will manage somehow—"

Bandit Minion B Icon Bandit: "——G, GUWAAAAAAAaaah!!"

Russell Icon Russell: "Wh, what was that voice just now!? ... That guy, he was a good man..."

Soldier (Unit) B Icon Soldier: "If I ever return to my hometown, I wanna eat a hearty meal of my mom's delicious cooking... Did I just say that...?"

Khuri Icon Khuri: "It's unfortunate, but the only ones who can do something is us... Right now, let's hurry and get ready to intercept them."

Fudou Icon Fudou: "—Hey, hey, don't just kill people off like that."

Russell Icon Russell: "Fudou-san! I was worried when you went out to go check on the barricades. I'm glad you're safe!!"

Fudou Icon Fudou: "Heave ho... Gracious, carrying people at this age is certainly hard work."

Bandit Minion B Icon Bandit: "Ah, aga, agagagaga..."

Soldier (Unit) B Icon Soldier: "Y, you! You're alive!!?"

Fudou Icon Fudou: "He was assaulted by a female-type vampire outside. He's been afflicted by a strong paralysis, but there's no threat to his life."

Fudou: "Also, they appear to be making a rush to destroy the barricades as you intended. Within this time, we shall decrease their number with attacks from afar."

Khuri Icon Khuri: "Really!? I'm glad the plan turned out well... We're ready to intercept them, everyone, please prepare for battle!!"

[Even if the barricades are destroyed, it won't affect the ★-rating.]


Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "—Sorry we're late!"

Khuri Icon Khuri: "P, Prince! Everyone!! You came!!"

Vincent Icon Vincent: "I heard vampires showed up... But it looks like you have no need for us."

Fudou Icon Fudou: "No, we're almost at our limit. We were saved because you came. Kakaka!"

Khuri Icon Khuri: "I'm really glad everyone made it out safely... Speaking of which, Vincent-san, there's something off about the vampire's movements."

Vincent Icon Vincent: "Something off?"

Khuri Icon Khuri: "Among the vampires, I saw no sign of the ones controlling them. But they were acting as if one was present."

Vincent Icon Vincent: "... That is certainly odd. Either they're attacking people to turn them into their own meals, or they're increasing the number of their kind to work as minions."

Vincent: "If it's neither of those, then I haven't the foggiest what they could be aiming for..."

Khuri Icon Khuri: "I don't know, but more than not understanding their movements, we'll need to remain vigilant in the future."

Vincent Icon Vincent: "... Right, I will also investigate this."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Please look after us, Vincent-san."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "You too, everyone, thank you for holding out while we weren't around. Please rest and take it easy. That was good work."

Mythical Beast Dancing in the Sky

Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon Soldier: "—Around here, right? The place where there was a report of a monster, never seen before, with giant wings and the head of an eagle on a body like a lion's."

Spica Icon Spica: "If what you say is true, that isn't a monster. I believe it's the mythical beast Griffin."

Claire Icon Claire: "Griffin? The report also states that elves were riding on that monster, but..."

Spica Icon Spica: "Those might be the 'Wood Elves'. During the Millennium War, they mounted the Griffons, and were fighting with the monsters."

Rosalie Icon Rosalie: "I also heard about them from the chief of the fairy woods. ... However we don't have any current information about them. After the Millennium War, the elves were scattered to other lands."

Spica Icon Spica: "Not to mention we were originally an insular race. We had hardly any contact with other races... Huh?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Somehow, that sounds like the flapping of wings..."

('Big Beak: The Movie' auditioners appear)

Rosalie Icon Rosalie: "Those are... undoubtedly the Griffons. Also, it looks like the elves are with them as well... It doesn't look like they're here to give us a warm welcome."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "All of you elves! We didn't come bearing hostility! I beg of you, won't you lower your weapons!?"

Rosalie Icon Rosalie: ".........! Look out!!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "......! Sorry, Rosalie-san, you saved me..."

Spica Icon Spica: "Firing at us with their bows... We just wanted to have a leisurely chat, and they go and attack us!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "I would like to fall back... But that looks like it would be difficult with these Griffons. Prince, it seems we cannot avoid a battle here!"

Rosalie Icon Rosalie: "Those agile movements... They'll easily evade our regular attacks. Attacking with magic that cannot be evaded should be effective."

Ricardo Icon Ricardo: "In that case, leave things to me. Doesn't matter if the enemy is dancing in the sky, there's no gaps in the face of my sword technique!"


Spica Icon Spica: "—It looks like they've retreated. ... What should we do?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "It's probably too dangerous to try making contact when we have no idea why they attacked us."

Rosalie Icon Rosalie: "Right now, we still have too little information concerning them. It would be best to try making contact once we know a bit more about them..."

Spica Icon Spica: "True. I hate it when fellow elves engage in useless battles."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "We'll try them again another day. Prince, with things being what they are, shall we return home?"

Princesses' Tea Party

Melvina Icon Melvina: "Thank you for inviting me today. The tea and pie Themis had made is quite good."

Sybilla AW Icon Sybilla: "Thank you for the meal, it was delicious."

Themis Icon Themis: "I just so happened to come into the acquisition of a fine stock of tea. So I thought, 'why not have a tea party with everyone', but nothing is better than to be able to please you."

Melvina Icon Melvina: "Aah, thanks to this, I ate too much. However, I'm really glad I could join you..."

Sybilla AW Icon Sybilla: "What are you saying? We're fellow princesses, I would like it if you didn't feel uneasy around us. ... Well then, shall we begin?"

Melvina Icon Melvina: "Please wait, why are you drawing your sword...?"

Themis Icon Themis: "Those who are princesses must always be mindful of their bodies so that they don't embarrass themselves when they're seen by people at all times. After the tea party, everyone engages in these sorts of exercises."

Sybilla AW Icon Sybilla: "For that purpose, I have called the Prince. Prince, please look after us today."

Prince Icon Prince: "........."

Sybilla AW Icon Sybilla: "Now then, you also quickly get ready. This is your sword, right?"

Melvina Icon Melvina: "P, please wait, I mustn't use the power of my sword—"

Melvina AW Icon Melvina: "—Fu, fuhaha, fuhahaha!! High-quality, extra sugary, everything will be turned into the sustenance of this magic blade!!"

Sybilla AW Icon Sybilla: "Incredibly motivated, aren't we? ... Well then, here I go, Prince!!"

[When Melvina is defeated, she'll deliver damage [2k magical] to the area around her.]


Melvina Icon Melvina: "Ahh, I did it again. Sorry, whenever I find myself in battle, I cannot control myself..."

Melvina: "... After all, perhaps it would be best for me to not associate with everyone... I was happy that you invited me today... Farewell..."

Themis Icon Themis: "Please wait."

Sybilla AW Icon Sybilla: "That's right, please don't jump to your own conclusions."

Melvina Icon Melvina: "... Eh?"

Themis Icon Themis: "At first, I was surprised, but thanks you, it turned into a good exercise."

Sybilla AW Icon Sybilla: "I was the one who went and handed the sword to you... Umm, please accept my apologies."

Themis Icon Themis: "If I ever come into the acquisition of more fine tea, I'll be sure to invite everyone again. When that time comes, I ask that you join me again by all means, OK?"

Sybilla AW Icon Sybilla: "Next time, I'll prepare the sweets of my country."

Melvina Icon Melvina: "Everyone... Thank you. I'm happy to be invited again. Thank you for the meal today."

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