Gold Rush 17 (ゴールドラッシュ!) is a Gold Rush-type urgent mission running from 26/10/2017 to 02/11/2017.

Start Date End Date
01/01/2019 16/01/2019

Revival Notes[edit | edit source]

  • First-time drops are guaranteed for all missions.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Gold Rush missions have Completion rewards. To get them, obtain all the drops available from the maps.
  • Completion rewards are units of Gold rarity.
  • One new mission will be made available every day.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Completion Reward
Sta Life Enemies
Goblin Doctor's Flying Puppets
30 300 1200 10 8
Gold Armor Icon.png
Bandit Minion A Icon.png
Cyrille Icon.png
Ehret Icon.png
2 15 61
The Goblin Flying Puppets do not need to be defeated for a 3-star clear.
They will leave the battlefield after a period of time.
Blazing Battlefield
30 300 1200 10 8
Miguel Icon.png
Crystal Icon.png
Table Wine Icon.png
Rino Icon.png
2 15 52
Magma Cavern: Allied units continuously lose HP.
Land of Gathered Natural Force
50 400 1800 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Florika Icon.png
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon.png
Mehlis Icon.png
6 25 39
Dark Organisation's Vigilant Network
30 300 1200 10 8
Millennium Wine Icon.png
Gold Armor Icon.png
Nina Icon.png
Cuterie Icon.png
2 10 31
When spotted by a Dark Guild Sentry, the Attack and Defense of all enemies will permanently double.
Kingdom Army's Great Sports Meet
90 500 3000 10 8
Christia Icon.png
Florika Icon.png
Diamond Icon.png
Carrie Icon.png
12 25 32
Halloween Nightmare
30 300 1200 10 8
Gladys Icon.png
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Ruby Icon.png
Yuyu Icon.png
2 10 25
Flickering Onibi
30 300 1200 10 8
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon.png
Beer Icon.png
Cyrille Icon.png
Chizuru Icon.png
2 10 30

Notable Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Unit
Goblin Flying Puppet (Doctor) Sprite.png
Goblin Flying Puppet (Doctor)
Ranged (250)
Splash 90
40000 1200 1000
MR 10
Initial: 20
Move: 221
Missile: instant
3 UP
On death, switches to form 2.
Splash 90
Initial: 20
Move: 221
Missile: instant
3 UP
Form 2.
Air Elemental Sprite.png
Air Elemental
Ranged (85)
Physical 10000 150 50 19
Initial: 12
Move: 1
Missile: 0
3 UP
Attacks all units within range simultaneously.
Does not stop to attack.
Earth Elemental Sprite.png
Earth Elemental
Ranged (93) Physical 6000 600 400
MR 40
Initial: 60
Move: 161
Missile: 0
1 UP
Does not attack until reaching 99% HP. Attacks all units within range simultaneously.
Water Elemental.png
Water Elemental
Melee Magic 4000 200 80
MR 30
Initial: 12
Missile: instant
1 UP
Does not use ranged attack until HP is 99% or lower.
Ranged (199) 127
Initial: 12
Move: 67
Missile: 4
Attacks all units within range.
Fire Elemental Enemy Sprite.png
Fire Elemental
Melee Magic 3000 150 100
MR 50
Initial: 20
1 UP
Upon reaching 99% HP, gains ranged attacks that can hit all units within range.
Ranged (130) 61
Initial: 20
Move: 11
Missile: 8
Large Fire Elemental Sprite.png
Large Fire Elemental
Melee Magic 4000 200 100
MR 50
Initial: 20
1 UP
Upon reaching 99% HP, gains ranged attacks that can hit all units within range.
Ranged (160) 61
Initial: 20
Move: 11
Missile: 8
Dark Elemental Sprite.png
Dark Elemental
Ranged (200) True
Splash 120.00
4000 330 50 101
Initial: 20
Move: 41
Missile: 8
1 UP
Dark Guild Sentry Sprite.png
Dark Guild Sentry
Ranged (155)
Physical 5000 150 100 223
Initial: 30
Move: 161
Missile: instant
2 UP
Upon spotting a player unit, doubles attack and defense of all enemies for the remainder of the mission. Will not spot untargetable units.
Herculean Girl.png
Armored Human
Physical 15000 1000 1000 142
Initial: 36
3 UP
Has an aura.
Dine AW Sprite.png
Armored Human
Physical 30000 2000 1200 403
Initial: 106
3 UP
White Archer.png
Ranged (250)
Physical 10000 550×4 150 66
Initial: 24
Move: 21
Missile: 3
3 UP
Has an aura. Fires volleys of 4 arrows.
Carrie AW Sprite.png
Physical 15000 1000 700
MR 30
Initial: 53
3 UP
Pumpkin Knight (Ghost) Sprite.png
Pumpkin Knight (Ghost)
Ranged (10)
Magic 4000 300 1000
MR 10
Initial: 15
Move: 41
1 UP
Pumpkin King (Ghost).png
Pumpkin King (Ghost)
Ranged (150)
Splash 200
10000 120 2000
MR 20
Initial: 25
Move: 121
3 UP
Ranged (107)
Undead Youkai
Splash 133
2000 150 50
MR 50
Initial: 20
Move: 121
Missile: 6
1 UP

Trivia[edit | edit source]



Onibi (鬼火) is a type of atmospheric ghost light in legends of Japan. According to folklore, they are the spirits born from the corpses of humans and animals, and are also said to be resentful people that have become fire and appeared. Also, sometimes the words "will-o'-wisp" or "jack-o'-lantern" are translated into Japanese as "onibi."

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Goblin Doctor's Flying Puppet

Goblin Doctor Icon.png Goblin Doctor: "Listen up, all of you! This test flight is meant to determine the feasibility of my improved, mass-produced flying-type puppets!"

Goblin Icon.png Goblin: Gyagyah! Test, flight! Puppet, fly!"

Goblin Doctor Icon.png Goblin Doctor: "If the practical application of the flying-type puppets produced from my genius brain proceeds smoothly, it'll be possible for us to lay waste to that hateful human Prince, and his allies, from the skies!"

Goblin Doctor: "With this, the three sister prince... I mean queens should acknowledge my abilities... Once that happens, my development funding will surely be doubled... Gufufu."

Ehret Icon.png Ehret: "—Over there, over there, goblins! Hey—, don't monopolise the road everyone uses!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "According to Ehret-san's report, it looks like the ones hogging the road is the goblin doctor and his underlings. Also, over there are... many flying-type puppets?"

Goblin Doctor Icon.png Goblin Doctor: "Gugigigigi... Starting here, it's time for the test! Bloody humans... You're like lumps above my eyes!"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "I don't know what you're plotting, but if you clear the road quickly, we'll overlook you this time."

Goblin Doctor Icon.png Goblin Doctor: "... Hmph, I refuse! I won't find another place as suitable as this one for my test flight! I'll have my test here no matter what!"

Goblin Doctor: "Goblin Soldiers, take battle positions! Pilots, to the flying-type puppets! We'll perform the test! Mercilessly fire your bullets upon the meddlers!"

Goblin Icon.png Goblin: "Gyagya! Test, perform! Test, perform!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "They're really performing the test... Since it's come to this, we have no choice but to make them clear the road through force."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "It looks like the flying-type puppets have no intention of flying all the way here. However, please watch out for bullet fire from the sky."

Ehret Icon.png Ehret: "Leave the ground defence and healing to me! I won't let the goblins monopolise the road that's shared by everyone!"

(Goblin Doctor appears)

[The goblins riding puppets and the Goblin Doctor won't head to base, even if undefeated, they won't affect the ★-rating.]

(after Goblin Doctor's Flying Puppet is defeated for the first time)

Goblin Doctor Icon.png Goblin Doctor: N-no way... my favorite machine, personally raised and cared for, was taken down...

Goblin Doctor: D...damn you, you freaking humans! Looks like I'll have to play my trump card, Tial!

Goblin Doctor: Just gotta -- flip the secret switch. Fufufu... let the lightning of science pierce through, and realize my genius!


Goblin Doctor Icon.png Goblin Doctor: (Kuhh... The way things are, the puppets I poured over half of the budget on will be broken... If that happens, I'll have to say something to the queens...)

Goblin Doctor: "S... Sorry! I won't perform tests in this place anymore! I'll withdraw at once, so forgive me!"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Goblin Icon.png Goblin: "Army, withdraw! Doctor, follow!"

Boris Icon.png Boris: "... Yare-yare. Are you glad they scurried off, Prince? I saw the puppets that goblin doctor built earlier, but those things were pretty nicely built, eh?"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "We'll need to take measures against the flying-type puppets, the battle with the goblins in the future may become even fiercer than before..."

Ehret Icon.png Ehret: "But I agree with the Prince's decision. Because no one will follow someone who's only strict."

Ehret: "I like the kind Prince. Everyone also thinks so, right?"

Red Hot Battlefield

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "I see... It's as Rino-san said, the Salamanders and Efreets are acting strange."

Rino Icon.png Rino: "When volcanic activity intensifies, summoned beasts will be influenced by it and go wild. Rino read about it in a book before, so that must be it!"

Rino: "If we leave them be, those children aren't gonna listen to a thing Rino and the others say."

Rino: "Also, there's a chance they might go on a rampage on the surface... Please, Prince, help Rino calm the summoned beasts!"

Solano Icon.png Solano: "Don't treat us like we're strangers, Rino. If it's about summoned beasts, we're in the same boat, you can totally count on a great summoner sempai like me!"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Please wait, Solano-san! There's a lack of footing where soldiers that specialise in ranged attacks like you can be safely deployed."

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "—Ahh! Look, Prince! Those rocks in the middle look like they've almost cooled down. If we wait a moment, it may be possible to use them for footing, don't you think?"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Indeed, if we wait a little longer, it looks like we'll be able to stand on them. Lean-san, thank you for the good report."

Katie: "Prince, first, let's secure a defence in front of the base and once the footing in the middle has stabilised, we'll then take the appropriate measures with the soldiers that specialise in ranged attacks."

Rino Icon.png Rino: "—Ah, bad news! Prince, the Salamanders and the others are coming this way!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "The state of the battle is changing moment by moment. Prince, observe the situation and take the appropriate action with care!"


Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "It looks like we somehow pacified the summoned beasts. Good work, Prince. That was splendid leadership."

Rino Icon.png Rino: "Thanks, Prince~♪ You saved Rino and the other summoners from a real pinch."

Solano Icon.png Solano: "But you also played an active part, Rino. Haven't you also improved from before?"

Rino Icon.png Rino: "Eheheh, you think? Actually, Rino, you see, thought she's been drawing out the power of the summoned breasts better than before recently~♪"

Solano Icon.png Solano: "Well, speaking as a super refined summoner, if you were to ask me, Solano-sama, you still have a long ways to go."

Rino Icon.png Rino: "... Yeah, you're right. Rino has to work much, much harder to become strong enough to be called a genius summoner..."

Rino: "But someday... No, Rino will become an absolutely amazing summoner before long!"

Rino: "With that, Rino will help the Prince out of a pinch next time! Please look forward to it, Prince~♪"

The Land where Natural Power Gathers

Mehlis Icon.png Mehlis: "We've arrived, here they are. ... How do you reckon? If it's you elementalers, you can tell the source of the strange events happening in this land, right?"

Loretta Icon.png Loretta: "Waa—hh, so cool! This is the first time I saw this many types of elementals all gathered in one place!"

Xiao-Mei Icon.png Xiao-Mei: "... However, they're acting strange. The elementals are agitated for some reason, and seem to be heading towards us with hostile intentions..."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Clarice-san, do you have any ideas?"

Clarice Icon.png Clarice: "Gikuh... Wh, why are you asking me?"

Clarice: "... Well, if I have to say something, I was poking a water elemental that strayed away from the others over there?"

Cenote Icon.png Cenote: "HoeEhh!? P, please don't bully Water-san..."

Clarice Icon.png Clarice: "Ahahah! Yes, yes, that's it! I wanted to see that face of yours~♪"

Mehlis Icon.png Mehlis: "Clarice... So it was your doing! I was wondering why the elementals, that should've been reasonably docile, are starting to head this way!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "It looks like we have no choice but to intercept them. Prince, please quickly prepare for battle."

Mehlis Icon.png Mehlis: "Sorry, elementals. I'm gonna make you settle down for a bit!"

(Air Elementals appear)

[Air Elementals cannot be blocked; They'll damage units they pass through.]

(Earth Elementals appear)

[Fire, Water, and Earth Elementals start attacking all units in range when their HP decreases.]

(Dark Elementals appear)

[Dark Elementals have a true damage splash attack that cannot be nullified or affected by the Divine Intervention of the Goddess damage decrease buff.]


Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "... Fuu. Somehow managed to calm down the elementals."

Xiao-Mei Icon.png Xiao-Mei: "Thank you very much, everyone. For now, we don't know the reason why the various elementals are crowding together in this land, but..."

Xiao-Mei: "But I can say just this. If we elementalers train in this special land, I'm sure we'll acquire more power and wisdom."

Clarice Icon.png Clarice: "Fufun, sounds interesting~♪ Cenote, let's train together at once!"

Cenote Icon.png Cenote: "Fue? O, OK, but... Umm... Please don't bully Water-san anymore, OK?"

Loretta Icon.png Loretta: "Thanks, Mehlis~♪ Thanks to you teaching us about such a nice place, I believe we'll become stronger than ever before!"

Mehlis Icon.png Mehlis: "Wai... Wh, why're you hugging me!? I only found them when I went searching for a place where I can simply cast my magic without worry..."

Mehlis: "Speaking of which, Ah... It's hot, so please lemme go ! Loretta, your body temperature is too high!"

Loretta Icon.png Loretta: "Eheheh, there's no need to hold back~♪ Mehlis, you actually like being hot, don't you?"

Mehlis Icon.png Mehlis: "I~ Just~ Told~ You~! I said it's hot, so let me go~~~~!!"

Dark Organisation's Security System

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: (Here's the base that was in the report where the members of the Dark Organisation are gathering...)

Cuterie Icon.png Cuterie: (Yeah. You know about Six? There's also a report that he's been sighted.)

Katie Icon.png Katie: (Six... So the organisation executives are coming out in person. Also, there appears to be something like lookouts around the hideout. All the more suspicious...)

Cuterie Icon.png Cuterie: (There's no doubt they're plotting some scheme that they don't want to have leaked out by any means. I was right to keep an eye on the organisation's movements.)

Cecily Icon.png Cecily: (This is our chance to nab Six and the others. I believe we should surround their hideout while paying attention so as to not be spotted.)

Cuterie Icon.png Cuterie: (However, according to my investigation, they appear to have deployed those with exceptional eyesight on lookout duty.)

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: "——Oi, oi, how long're we gonna be whispering and hiding behind this thing?"

Cuterie Icon.png Cuterie: (Sh—hh! Be quiet! If they spot us, the enemy will strengthen their patrols and seriously come to erase us!)

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: (I, I know that. Ya don't hafta make such a scary face...)

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png Dark Organisation Member: "... Hm? What was that sound?"

Cuterie Icon.png Cuterie: (Not good, they've noticed us——)

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png Dark Organisation Member: "Sounds like it's coming from this direction. You guys, patrol over there just to be safe."

Bandit Minion A NPC Icon.png Bandit: "Roger!"

Cuterie Icon.png Cuterie: (——! The enemy's coming! However, it looks like they haven't completely noticed us. Before they strengthen their alert, let's take care of them stealthily.)

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: (Prince, if we're spotted by the lookouts, then expect the enemy to strengthen their patrols to become tougher. Take care when deploying the soldiers so that they're not within the lookout's field of vision.)

(lookout appears)

[Lookout Rogues on Patrol will strength all enemy attack and defence [2x] if they deliver a single attack.]

(If a unit is attacked by a lookout)

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png Dark Organisation Member: "——Muh!? I found them, intruders! Don't let them escape!"

Cuterie Icon.png Cuterie: "Kuhh...! It sounds like the other enemies also noticed the lookout's gunshot! Be careful, they'll come to erase intruders without mercy!"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Prince, the enemy strengthened their patrols! I believe they'll be much stronger than they were before now, so be careful not to let your soldiers overdo it."


Soldier (Unit) A NPC Icon.png Soldier: "——Encirclement complete! We caught those who tried to flee! However, there's no sign that any of them is Six."

Cecily Icon.png Cecily: "Spill it. Where's Six? It'll be in your best interest to come clean, you know?"

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png Dark Organisation Member: "... Hahah, you're too late. If it's him, he already shifted locations long ago, see?"

Dark Organisation Member: "Where'd he go? Beats me. Underlings like us aren't privy to important info like that."

Cuterie Icon.png Cuterie: "... In other words, even if they're plotting some kind of scheme here, you wouldn't know anything about that, either, right?"

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png Dark Organisation Member: "Aye, that includes everyone left here. So why don'tcha lower that vicious-looking knife?"

Cuterie Icon.png Cuterie: "... In the end, we came here to no purpose. Sorry, Prince. I wasn't very useful."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "No, thanks to Cuterie-san's information, we managed to capture many members of the organisation. While none of them are executive class, it was a great harvest."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Yeah. Besides, we found out it was true that Six-san was plotting something here."

Anna: "Let's continue to keep a sharp eye out for them in the future."

Cuterie Icon.png Cuterie: "Yeah. Please continue to leave the investigation to me. If it's information about the organisation, it'll be easier for those of us who lived in the same undersides of society."

Cuterie: "... Ahaha, no need to thank me. I'm also indebted to the Prince for ignoring my theft."

Cuterie: "If I can make my skills as a thief useful, then I'm satisfied. I hope you'll rely on me in the future... What am I saying~♪"

Prince Army's Great Athletic Meet

Amy Icon.png Amy: "——Now then, next is the final event at last! The autumn athletic meet sponsored by the kingdom's army! Commentary will be provided by me, Merchant Amy."

Cypria Icon.png Cypria: (Fufu... I was waiting for this moment. If it's the footrace of the final event, then my lightweight self holds the advantage. Meaning, it's my chance to show the Prince my abilities...!)

Amy Icon.png Amy: "Now then, I shall explain the rules of the final event's footrace."

Amy: "In order to also serve as a confirmation of the skills of the kingdom's soldiers, this athletic meet will have all of the participants, who reach the goal, have a match with the Prince protecting the base."

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: "Kehh, sounds annoying. Just running is exhausting, so why do we hafta fight afterwards?"

Amy Icon.png Amy: "Fufufu... I thought you would say that, so I prepared a luxurious prize for the winner of the footrace! What is it——? It's the right to have the Prince all to yourself for an entire day!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Wha...!? Prince, why did you make such a promise!?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "........."

Amy Icon.png Amy: "To be fair, the runners will be split by unit type. At the same time, the winner will be the one who breaks through the Prince's defences first among the group that started!"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "T, to have the Prince all to myself for a day...? ... This contest, there's no way I will lose!"

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "Soma-san is an archer, so she's on the same team as me~♪ Fufu, I also won't lose—!"

Thetis Icon.png Thetis: (Aah, Bashira... Your running form is also so cute... Bashira, Bashira... Bashiraaa~~hh!!)

Elaine Icon.png Elaine: "We Valkyries will be the final runners. Carrie, I absolutely won't lose to you!"

Carrie Icon.png Carrie: "I'm the one who won't lose to you, Elaine! I'll definitely become first and have the Prince join me for special training all day!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "I won't allow it! Prince, do whatever it takes to not let any of them through to the base! I believe focusing on the runners with long-range attacks will be good strategy!"

Amy Icon.png Amy: "Now then, it's time for the thrilling race! Those who will be running first, on your marks, geeet se—et—————GO!!"

(Team Carrie-san appears)

Amy Icon.png Amy: "Now for the final runners, on your marks, geeet se—et—————GO!!"

Thetis Icon.png Thetis: "Ba~shira~~~hh, please wait for me~~~!!"

Elaine Icon.png Elaine: "This is as good as mine!! Hehe—n! Carrie, I'll be going on ahead!"

Carrie Icon.png Carrie: "Eehh!? Wa, wait, why aren't you running? Please, Horse-san, hurry up and run! If you don't, I'll——"

Carrie: "——Eh, KyaAahh!? Wh... Why does this always happen to meee~~~~!?"


Phyllis Icon.png Phyllis: "Haahh, haahh... Kuh... Running while wearing armour is as exhausting as I thought... I'm already drenched in sweat."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "However, it was good training. As expected of the Prince. It's not just morale during wartime, you're able to raise the motivation of the soldiers during training."

Dina Icon.png Dina: "But, well, it would've been nice if he didn't defend it that desperately, wouldn't it? I thought I would finally get the Prince to give me a massage for an entire day."

Nanaly Icon.png Nanaly: "M, me too... I wanted the Prince... to rub my head for an entire day..."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Geez... Everyone, do you know how busy the Prince is?"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "At any rate, that was good work, Prince. The sun's also setting, so it's about time we head home."

Halloween Nightmare

Yuyu Icon.png Yuyu: "Everyone—, thank you for lending a hand! This year's Halloween Party will be an absolute success—!"

Erica Icon.png Erica: "Oh—hh! Well then, I'll keep to schedule and hide inside the pumpkin. I think the Prince is also going to come soon."

Yuyu Icon.png Yuyu: "Yep. I'll leave the menacing role to you, Erica! ... Misa-chan too, thank you~♪ We just met earlier, yet you helped us so much."

Misa Icon.png Misa: "Ufufu, likewise~♪ Thank you very much for letting a total stranger like me participate in such a fun-looking party."

Misa: "Also, I even got candy... Eh, huh? Say, Yuyu-san, looks like someone's coming. Is that the Prince and the others?"

Yuyu Icon.png Yuyu: "Eh, where, where——eh, uwaahh!? That face is... Pumpkin King!"

Pumpkin King NPC Icon.png Pumpkin King: "Kuhyuhyu... Working on something interesting-kabo? That party, we also want to join-kabo!"

Pumpkin Monster Icon.png Pumpkin Monster: "Kabo—!"

Pumpkin King NPC Icon.png Pumpkin King: "... Is what I thought, but now we can hardly get excited about it due to sacrificing most of our souls to Majin Bifrons-kabo..."

Pumpkin King: "I got it! First, we'll take your souls-kabo! After that, we'll invite the humans that beat us up to a scary party to steal their souls-kabo!"

Yuyu Icon.png Yuyu: "N... No, I totally don't want that! Everyone prepared for this party, you know!? Also, I finally made a new friend as well..."

Pumpkin King NPC Icon.png Pumpkin King: "Kuhyuhyu! You can play with your friend in the next world-kabo! Come, sit still and hand over your soul-kabo!"

Julian Icon.png Julian: "——That's far enough. Your shadows have gotten pretty thin, haven't they, you pumpkin bastards. I thought you disappeared when you sacrificed your souls to Bifrons."

Pumpkin King NPC Icon.png Pumpkin King: "Cheh... It's the Prince! It's outside my calculations that they would come so soon-kabo! ... Well, it's fine. Pumpkins, go-kabo!"

Julian Icon.png Julian: "We'll talk later, Prince. Let's repel those guys. By the looks of 'em, they're now spirits. Magic might pass through more easily than attacks with swords and bows."

Misa Icon.png Misa: "Umm... Please let me also fight with you! I want to protect Yuyu-san, who called me a friend when we've only just met!"

Misa: "If the evil inside me becomes everyone's strength... Come forth, Jack o' Lantern! Please protect me... and everyone!"


Pumpkin King NPC Icon.png Pumpkin King: "Uguhh... Loosing strength-kabo. Soul... Not enough souls-kabo..."

Pumpkin King: "... It's important to know when to quit-kabo. Pumpkins, today we'll retreat-kabo!"

Pumpkin Monster Icon.png Pumpkin Monster: "Kabo!"

Julian Icon.png Julian: "See ya, Pumpkin bastards. Don't attempt such a tasteless thing as party crashing a second time."

Yuyu Icon.png Yuyu: "Thank you, everyone. You too, Misa-chan, thank you for helping me!"

Misa Icon.png Misa: "Fufufu, you're welcome. I'm glad more than anything that everyone is safe. ... Oh, speaking of which, where is Erica-san...?"

Erica Icon.png Erica: "——Tada—! It's me~♪"

Yuyu Icon.png Yuyu: "Uhyaahh!? ... Oh, it's you, Erica! Could it be you've been hiding inside the pumpkin all this time?"

Erica Icon.png Erica: "Yep, that's right~♪ ——Oh, did you forget about me!? How me—an!"

Misa Icon.png Misa: "Puh... Fufufuh~♪ Everyone, you're all really interesting."

Misa: "... However, it looks like I've almost run out of time. As you could see from the prior battle, I'm one who raises an evil being inside my body..."

Misa: "Before I'm a threat to everyone, I must leave this place. Goodbye, everyone. Let us meet again sometime."

Yuyu Icon.png Yuyu: "What are you saying, Misa-chan? The fun Halloween Party is about to start now~♪ Right, everyone?"

Misa Icon.png Misa: "... Eh? Everyone, you'll accept me?"

Yuyu Icon.png Yuyu: "Of course~♪ Right, Prince-sama? Well then, everyone, happy Halloween!"

Flickering Will-o'-the-Wisps

Chizuru Icon.png Chizuru: "Sorry, Prince. For making you join us in hunting the remnants of the fallen warriors."

Ochimusha Icon.png Fallen Warrior: "... OooOoo...... hh! Human, human, humansss...! Please... Kill uuuusss...!"

Chizuru Icon.png Chizuru: "... They're warriors that were changed into monsters by Mononoke after death. When they see living humans, they'll indiscriminately attack them."

Chizuru: "To continue to be imprisoned by some Mononoke's spell even in death... How distressing."

Kojurou Icon.png Kojurou: "My Lord... I cannot bear to see former comrades exposed to disgrace in such a manner...!"

Kojurou: "Won't you put them out of their misery so that their souls may be put to rest?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Iroha Icon.png Iroha: "Thank you very much, Prince. If they meet their end by the hands of the hero of our generation, surely their souls will also be elated."

Iroha: "The monsters that look like balls of fire flickering over the pond, they're former comrades whose flesh have rotted away so all that's left is a soul that turned into a Youkai. If you approach them, they'll shoot out flames, so exercise plenty of caution."

Chizuru Icon.png Chizuru: "... Heheh. It won't be long, fallen warriors. The path to the underworld will be painful if you're like that, you know?"

Chizuru: "They'll break the fetters that bind you to this world and put you out of your misery."


Ochimusha Icon.png Fallen Warrior: "Ooo... My body, is... be... coming light... My thanks... With this, we too... to paradise... where everyone... waiting..."

Iroha Icon.png Iroha: "Thank goodness... It looks like we put them to rest. Thank you very much, Prince..."

Iroha: "... *Sob*... My apologies... When I think of the deaths of my fellow countrymen... For some reason... Uughh... I started tearing up..."

Kojurou Icon.png Kojurou: "U...... UOooOohh! Your regrets, I shall carve them into my body!"

Kojurou: "I, Kojurou, will definitely... Will definitely bring my sword down upon the necks of your foes!"

Chizuru Icon.png Chizuru: "Oi, oi, don't cry. If the ones who survived cry, then it'll make it harder for their departed souls to go to the other world, you know?"

Chizuru: "For that reason, Prince, will you join us for a cup of sake?"

Chizuru: "... Hahah, don't just swallow it. At least savour it for our fellow soldiers that have journeyed to the other world."

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