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Gold Rush 18 (ゴールドラッシュ!) is a Gold Rush-type urgent mission running from 28/12/2017 to 04/01/2018.

New Units:

Start Date End Date
01/01/2020 16/01/2020
01/01/2021 14/01/2021

Revival Notes[]

  • First-time drops are guaranteed for all missions.


  • Gold Rush missions have Completion rewards. To get them, obtain all the drops available from the maps.
  • Completion rewards are units of Gold rarity.
  • One new mission will be made available every day.


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Completion Reward
Sta Life Enemies
Evil-Dispelling Hamaya
30 300 1200 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Gold Armor Icon.png
Cyrille Icon.png
Leeanne (New Year's) Icon.png
2 10 35
Makai Flowers
30 300 1200 10 8
Renarde Icon.png
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Ruby Icon.png
Laurier Icon.png
2 10 25
When the Makai Flowers bloom, they will emit an AoE field that gradually drains allies' HP.
Daitengu of the Mountain
30 300 1200 10 8
Gladys Icon.png
Crystal Icon.png
Table Wine Icon.png
Kaname Icon.png
2 10 32
When the Red Warrior Tengu are defeated, Kurama will become stronger after a set time.
Memories of the Battlefield (2017)
90 500 3000 10 8
Christia Icon.png
Florika Icon.png
Diamond Icon.png
Leda Icon.png
12 70 108
The Goblin Flying Puppet (Queen) and Maou Garius do not need to be defeated for a 3-star clear.
Makai Miasma (Small): When Psyche is present, UP generation rate and
all allied units' Attack and Defense is reduced by 50%.

While Beradt is present, all enemy Attack and Defence increases by 30%.
Prince's Army Kite Flying
30 300 1200 10 8
Millennium Wine Icon.png
Gold Armor Icon.png
Nina Icon.png
Iris (New Year's) Icon.png
2 10 45
Royal Maid's Princess Teachings
50 400 1800 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Florika Icon.png
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon.png
Themis Icon.png
6 9 9
Seductive Male Island
30 300 1200 10 8
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon.png
Beer Icon.png
Cyrille Icon.png
Julian Icon.png
2 10 36
Only Male units are allowed.
The Makai Ant Queen does not need to be defeated for a 3-star clear.
While the Turquoise-Scaled Mermaid is present all male enemies and allies' Attack is reduced.
While the Purple-Scaled Mermaid is present all male enemies and allies' Defense is reduced.

They will all leave the battlefield after a period of time.

Notable Enemies[]

  • M1
  • M2
  • M3
  • M4
  • M5
  • M6
  • M7
Enemy Unit
Bashira Sprite.png
Ranged (220)
Physical 9000 90 140 70
Initial: 2
Move: 61
Missile: 3
3 UP
Soma Sprite.png
Ranged (380)
Physical 4000 150 100 91
Initial: 16
Move: 61
Missile: 3
0 UP
Rita AW Sprite.png
Ranged (200)
Physical 11000 180 60
MR 20
Initial: 12
Move: 41
Missile: 3
3 UP
Cannot be attacked unless she is engaged with a blocker.
White Archer.png
Ranged (250)
Physical 10000 100×4 50 66
Initial: 24
Move: 21
Missile: 3
3 UP
Ashera AW Sprite.png
Ranged (260)
Physical 12000 120×3 50 51
Initial: 16
Move: 21
Missile: 3
3 UP
Can attack up to 3 units simultaneously.


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Evil Warding Hamaya

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "Ah. Everyone, the Prince and the others came—."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "... What's wrong, everyone? Calling us out to a place like this."

Rion AW Icon.png Rion: "Fufu, I'm glad you came, Prince. Today, we archers were thinking of giving you 'Hamaya'."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "By 'Hamaya'... do you mean those red and white arrows you're all holding?"

Nanaly Icon.png Nanaly: "Y, yes... We received all sorts of items from the people of the East Country that are used to celebrate the new year... ... Among them, umm... we obtained these pretty arrows."

Aida AW Icon.png Aida: "... So, for some reason, these arrows are said to possess a power to purify evil spirits. It's a custom in the East Country to give them to the people important to you."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "I see... By the way, why are you aiming those arrows at us?"

Nanaly Icon.png Nanaly: "Ah, you see... Please look carefully. Can you see how the arrowhead parts are rounded?"

Rion AW Icon.png Rion: "Meaning, these 'Hamaya' are ceremonial arrows. If they're used in ceremonies to ward off evil spirits, then it's natural to assume they'll be more effective if they're properly fired, you know?"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Eh? Umm, the meaning of what you're saying is..."

Soma Icon.png Soma: "It'll be OK. The tips are rounded so they won't hurt when they hit."

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "... Indeed. So it's a ceremony to ward off evil spirits and welcome the new year with a pure body and soul. Interesting. Prince, how about we accept?"


Ashera AW Icon.png Ashera: "... Yosh, this will do for now. How is it, Prince? Do you feel any different?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "Yeah. It might be my imagination, but I feel like the evil from this year has been purified. The East Country has some interesting customs."

Kazuha Icon.png Kazuha: "... Umm, everyone? I was watching you since a while ago, but why were you shooting the Hamaya?"

Rion AW Icon.png Rion: "Eh? It was supposed to be a ceremony to ward off the evil spirits of the year..."

Nanaly Icon.png Nanaly: "Umm... Do you mean the 'Hamaya' aren't meant to actually be shot...?"

Kazuha Icon.png Kazuha: "Eh, you see, they're..."

Kazuha: "........."

Kazuha: "... No, there's nothing wrong with firing them. However, those Hamaya are things that are used even in the new year, so if possible, will you gather them up and put them back in order?"

Aida AW Icon.png Aida: "Understood. Well then, let's take responsibility for actually firing the arrows and recover them. Everyone, is that all right with you?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "Yes, as they say, a bird doesn't foul the nest it's about to leave."

Rita AW Icon.png Rita: "I'll also pick them up..."

Leeanne Icon.png Leeanne: "Uwah!? Rita, you were there! ... W, well, in any case, I'll also help."

Kazuha Icon.png Kazuha: "... Ufufu." (For that many women wishing to ward off evil, the Prince is truly a lucky man.)

Kazuha: (The actual use of the Hamaya may be different, but I'm sure all of their feelings will reach the Prince.)

Makai Flowers

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Thank goodness... I was worried when I heard that a Makai gate spawned, but it doesn't look like that many monsters came out yet."

Tigre Icon.png Tigre: "*Sniff, sniff*... What're these strange plants? I've never seen these smelly things before, have you?"

Katie Icon.png Katie: (Judging by their smell...) "But it's a plant not even Tigre-san, who's from the jungle, has seen, right?"

Tigre Icon.png Tigre: "Mm. Somehow, I have a bad feeling. Everyone, be careful. They're probably dangerous plants."

Alissa Icon.png Alissa: "Ah, please look. It's blooming."

Calliope Icon.png Calliope: "Oh, it's unexpectedly pretty, isn't... HiiII!!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Wha... there's a mouth in the middle of the flower!?"

Laurier Icon.png Laurier: "Everyone, please step away from it! I believe that plant is one of the flowers of Makai."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Laurier-san, you know about these?"

Laurier Icon.png Laurier: "Yes. I was investigating books concerning the plant life in Makai earlier. I remember reading about them."

Laurier: "Once those flowers blossom, they'll generate a special field that causes the creatures in the surrounding space to lose their energy..."

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "Hii... I, it's true! Just now, I saw a butterfly that was flying near it drop!"

Laurier Icon.png Laurier: "As I thought... Approaching the flower once it opens is dangerous! However, they won't generate its power they blossom, so I believe it would be wise to defeat them as soon as possible."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "If multiple flowers blossom at the same time, then... ... I don't want to imagine it."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Yeah. If the Makai flowers were to spread throughout the jungle, they'll cause irrevocable damage. Prince, let's exterminate them quickly!"


Tigre Icon.png Tigre: "Torya—hh! ... Fuu, with this, did we defeat 'em all?"

Danan Icon.png Danan: "It looks like the Makai Gate has also closed. Thank you, Prince, I owe you one."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "No. I'm glad that we were able to protect the jungle. ... Speaking of which, that was an unpleasant flower, wasn't it?"

Laurier Icon.png Laurier: "Yeah... For us to see many of the same species of plants, perhaps the Makai Gate this time connected to a cluster of those plants."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "So you're saying there's a possibility there exists in Makai a place where those kind of dangerous plants cluster. ... Just imagining it is sending a chill up my spine."

Tigre Icon.png Tigre: "But I'm glad those things didn't take root in our jungle. Everyone, thanks!"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Fufu, if you want someone to thank, then please thank Laurier-san. It was thanks to her advice that we were able to come up with a suitable strategy."

Laurier Icon.png Laurier: "... Eh? M, me? I didn't do anything great..."

Tigre Icon.png Tigre: "Wha—at are you being modest for!? If it weren't for you, we may have lost to those things, you know? Thanks. As expected of the forest sage, Druid-sama."

Laurier Icon.png Laurier: "Y, yes... If I'm useful, even a little, when it comes to protecting the nature of this land, then I'm honoured."

Great Tengu of the Mountain

Fudou Icon.png Fudou: "Once we cross this place, it'll be a little further till we reach the village that is our destination."

Bashira Icon.png Bashira: "Prince, I see signs of people up ahead... Ah, huh? It's like they're flying in the sky..."

Kurama Icon.png ???: "Why are humans here...?"

Konoha Icon.png Konoha: "——Mumu? Her dress, looks familiar..."

Aoba: "Konoha-sama, do you know her?"

Konoha Icon.png Konoha: "Umu. The one over there is Kurama, the daughter of an old friend. The land she manages is different, but her family is head of the Tengu there."

Kurama Icon.png Kurama: "Cursed Konoha, for you to serve the humans... Don't tell me you intend to invade this village...?"

Aoba: "...... Konoha-sama, I thought you knew each other?"

Konoha Icon.png Konoha: "...... That girl has a bad habit of jumping to hasty conclusions since long ago..."

Kurama Icon.png Kurama: "First, I shall ascertain your true strength."

Kurama: "If you defeat the young Tengu warriors, I shall seriously be your opponent...!!"

Konoha Icon.png Konoha: "It doesn't look like she has ears to hear... Let's fight back, Prince!!"

[When Kurama and the Kurasu Tengu Red Warriors are defeated, their abilities will be buffed with a specific timing.]

(Some time after all Red Warrior Tengu are defeated)

Kurama Icon.png Kurama: (Missing Text)

Konoha Icon.png Konoha: (Missing Text)


Konoha Icon.png Konoha: "Wait, Kurama! We're not your enemy!"

Kurama Icon.png Kurama: "What...? Then could it be you were merely passing through?"

Fudou Icon.png Fudou: "This humble priest and his companions were in the midst of heading out to assist the village being troubled by the Mononoke. Will you grant us passage?"

Kurama Icon.png Kurama: "What... So that's how it is? I have done you wrong."

Kurama: "Let me apologise at the very least. Oi, you guys, show them the way until the foot of the mountain."

Konoha Icon.png Konoha: "For you to guide us, we're in your debt, Kurama. Now then, let us hurry on ahead."

(time passes)

Kurama Icon.png Kurama: "...... They're gone?"

Kurama: "Prince... Was it? For such a nice fellow to also be human is..."

Memories of the Battlefield 2017

Sayo Icon.png Sayo: "It's been a while, Prince. Say, may I sit beside you in the Kotatsu?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......"

Sayo Icon.png Sayo: "... Who am I? Your face seems to be saying that. Prince... Are you half-asleep by any chance?"

Sayo: "Come on, remember. I'm the chivalrous thief, Sayo. I was telling you my story about how I was always watching over your battles from the shadows, you know?"

Sayo: "... Speaking of which, it won't be long before this year also comes to an end, huh. All sorts of things happened this year, haven't they Prince?"

Sayo: "The revival of a legendary ancient dragon that was sleeping since a thousand years ago, protecting the East Country from the invasion of the Evil Hermits from the Flower Country, the fatal crash of the puppet the Goblin Queen was riding..."

Sayo: "The joint military exercise with the White Empire, the joint battle with that Decius, the battle with the Goddess Keraunos that was trying to destroy humanity... Fufu, it sure brings back memories."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......"

Sayo Icon.png Sayo: "... Wh, what's with that face? You still doubt my story that I've always been watching over you?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......"

Sayo Icon.png Sayo: "Ugh... In that case, shall I go over the opponents the Prince and the others have fought this year?"

Sayo: "I'm sure the ones you fought this year were these opponents, right?"

(Goblin Flying Puppet (Queen) appears)

[Goblin Queen riding the puppet won't head to base, won't affect star-rating if left undefeated.]

(White Emperor appears)

[White Emperor has a true damage attack that cannot be nullified nor is affected by the damage decrease Divine Intervention buffs of the goddess.]

(Maou Garius appears)

[Maou Garius won't head to base and won't affect star-rating if left undefeated.]

(Psyche (Sabnock) appears)

[Psyche (Sabnock) will generate Makai miasma that slows cost regen by 50% and lowers all allies attack and defence by 50%; Prince {Aigis or Keraunos} and White Emperor will nullify the 50% debuff if deployed and units acclimated to Makai are unaffected.]

[While Beradt is present, all enemy attack and defence +30%.]]


Sayo Icon.png Sayo: "... Fuu, that's a rough description of all of them, I guess."

Sayo: "This year was also a great success for the Prince and the others. The form of the Prince fighting was cool."

Sayo: "After all, the greatest battle result was defeating that Goddess Keraunos that was always making humanity suffer. My hands were also gripped with sweat from just watching that battle."

Sayo: "... But I never would have thought that Maou would regain the power that was sealed by the defeat of that Keraunos... I guess next year we'll eventually have a battle with Maou, right?"

Sayo: "... Ah, the bell is ringing. Fufu, The new year is soon approaching."

Sayo: "Now then... It's almost time for me to be going. It looks like someone who wants to spend the crossing of years with the Prince is approaching."

Sayo: "See you, Prince. It was fun talking with you after so much time has passed. I'll always be by your side from now on, so let's make the coming year a good year together..."

Old Year's Epilogue

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "——Prince, please wake up. It's going to be the new year soon. Didn't you promise that we would celebrate it together?"

"... Eh, Sayo-san? Are you half-asleep? Sayo-san isn't here."

"Come on, quickly come out of the Kotatsu and let's meet the new year together."

Prince Army's Kite Flying

Elyse (New Year's) AW Icon.png Elyse: "Wa, wa, wa... Waa~hh~♪ Incredible! It's flying so high up!"

Iris (New Year's) AW Icon.png Iris: "You're very good, Iris-san. It seems you have a firm grip and knack for flying kites."

Elyse (New Year's) AW Icon.png Elyse: "Yes. It's all thanks being taught by Iris-san~♪ It's so much fun visiting the East Country, isn't it?"

Iris (New Year's) AW Icon.png Iris: "Fufu, I was also taught by the people of the East Country, you know?" (Haa... Iris-san bubbling with joy is so cuuute...)

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "You both look really nice in your holiday clothes, they're really cute..."

Elyse (New Year's) AW Icon.png Elyse: "Ah, Iris-san. A great big kite is starting to fly this way?"

Iris (New Year's) AW Icon.png Iris: "Wh, what is that big kite? It's heading this way... Eh, someone's riding it!?"

Ninja (Unit) Icon.png Ninja: "Fufufu... You've done well to spot out this perfect surprise attack where we attack under the cover of flying kites."

Ninja: "However, you noticed a little too late. You may die while regretting your own foolishness!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "——! Prince, other than the kite-riding ninjas, multiple ninjas are also approaching on ground!"

Katie Icon.png Katie: "Le'ts repel them at once. However, how are we going to deal with that many enemies...?"

Elyse (New Year's) AW Icon.png Elyse: "Everyone, please leave the healing to us!"

Iris (New Year's) AW Icon.png Iris: "Yeah. If it's me and Iris-san, I believe we'll heal everyone till the end!"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Iris-san, Elyse... Thank you very much."

Anna: "Prince, let's leave the healing to the two healers and focus on fighting off the ninja!"


Ninja (Unit) Icon.png Ninja: "Kuh... Outside our calculations. The new little girls in their holiday clothes were experts in the healing arts..."

Ninja: "Too much scheming will be the schemer's downfall they say. Our only choice is to withdraw from here..."

Katie Icon.png Katie: "... Somehow managed to make them retreat. Prince, that was good work."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Elyse-san, Iris-san, thank you very much. You both were a great help."

Iris (New Year's) AW Icon.png Iris: "Fufu, it was nothing. We were dressed differently from normal, so I was a little worried, but I'm honoured that I was useful to everyone."

Elyse (New Year's) AW Icon.png Elyse: "Me too, today I was able to heal everyone in a different mood than usual. The holiday clothes must've warmed even my heart~♪"

Daniela Icon.png Daniela: "Say. Since those garments suit you so much, why don't you two spend more time wearing them from time to time?"

Iris (New Year's) AW Icon.png Iris: "Eh? But, are you sure...?"

Daniela Icon.png Daniela: "It's fine if it's just a little. Right, Prince? The Prince also wants to see you two dressed cutely more often, right?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Iris (New Year's) AW Icon.png Iris: "C... cute?" (Wh... what should we do, Iris-san?)

Elyse (New Year's) AW Icon.png Elyse: (If the Prince says he wants to see us in them, then I want to be in these clothes a little longer...)

Iris (New Year's) AW Icon.png Iris: "... Fufu, you're right. Well then, I think I'll dress like this for a while."

Lessons given by the Palace Maid in being a Princess

Themis Icon.png Themis: "Sarah-san. What in the world do you mean by calling us to a place like this?"

Sherry AW Icon.png Sherry: "That's right. Going outside in this cold. Also, why is it just us princesses?"

Sarah AW Icon.png Sarah: "Thank you ever so much for gathering here. Of course there's a reason I had all of you princesses gather here in the cold like this."

Sarah: "Incidentally, everyone. It's the second day of the new year, but did the dishes that were served during the New Year's party meet your tastes?"

Silvia AW Icon.png Silvia: "Yeah, it was so delicious, I ate it all without thinking~♪ I'm a vampire, so I won't get fat, though."

Melvina AW Icon.png Melvina: "... hh!?"

Sarah AW Icon.png Sarah: "Yes... This is the season of overeating, but for all of you princesses, eating too much and getting fat would be unspeakable."

Sarah: "Princesses need to be beautiful at all times. So for everyone to maintain their figure, I prepared a suitable exercise starting here."

Lilia AW Icon.png Lilia: "Oh, I don't want the Prince to think I'm fat! Sarah-san, what kind of exercise should I do?"

Sarah AW Icon.png Sarah: "Good question. While everyone runs around this area, I'll have you challenge opponents that I have prepared for you."

Anya AW Icon.png Anya: "Waa, sounds like fun! But where are these vital opponents?"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "... Umm, we heard that the princesses wish to have a match, so we came, but..."

Melvina AW Icon.png Melvina: "Fu——Fuhahaha!! So you've finally come! You all shall be sustenance for my magic sword!"

Sybilla AW Icon.png Sybilla: "For you to take the magic sword willingly... You must be very motivated, Melvina. But... I also won't lose!"

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Wh, why does everyone have such killing intent... Prince, please be careful so that no one winds up hurt."

(Sarah appears)

[While Sarah is present, enemy princess defence up.]

[If Melvina is defeated, all nearby allies receive damage.]


Sherry AW Icon.png Sherry: "Fuu... That was a good workout. Everyone, thank you very much for keeping my company~♪"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "But why did you wish to challenge us all of a sudden? We're still moving on to the new year."

Lilia AW Icon.png Lilia: "Ugh... That's..."

Olivier AW Icon.png Olivier: "We were recommended by Sarah-san to exercise. It's hard for me to grow fat with my constitution, so I didn't feel that it was truly necessa——"

Themis Icon.png Themis: "——Stop right there! You're aware there'll be a war if you speak any further, right?"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "...?"

Soma (New Year's) Icon.png Soma: "That was good work, everyone. I brought some rice cakes that Mortimer-san and the others made."

Anya AW Icon.png Anya: "Uwaa, what're these? They look very yummy! Sarah-san, may I eat these?"

Sarah AW Icon.png Sarah: "Fufu, go ahead. You had plenty of exercise earlier."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: (I see... So that's the situation.)

Silvia AW Icon.png Silvia: "Hafu, hafu... Mmm~♪ They're so fluffy and very delicious~♪"

Soma (New Year's) Icon.png Soma: "... Huh? Aren't the rest of you eating? I made sure to prepare some for everyone, you know?"

Melvina AW Icon.png Melvina: "... Hah! There's a scrumptious-looking thing before my eyes. But I won't lose to gluttony..."

Sybilla AW Icon.png Sybilla: "It'll be alright. We'll just have to exercise again. Come on, here's Melvina's share."

Melvina AW Icon.png Melvina: "... That is also true. Thank you, Sybilla. Well then, I shall have just one."

Male Island of Temptation

Julian Icon.png Julian: "Welp—, drinking with just us men from time to time is relaxing. Eh, everyone?"

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: "Hahaha, completely... Hm? What, am I already wasted? I'm seeing a hallucination of that Ant Queen for some time now..."

Makai Ant Queen Icon.png Ant Queen: "Kufufu... This beauty of mine is a hallucination to you?"

Miguel Icon.png Miguel: "Uwah!? I, it's not a hallucination! Aneki, that thing's the actual Ant Que——Gua... hh!"

Miguel: "... Aah, Queen-sama... Fancy seeing you in a remote place like this, it's an honour..."

Barbastroff Icon.png Barbastroff: "Y... You fool!? We were all supposed to have inoculated ourselves against the Queen Ant's pheromones..."

Cyrus Icon.png Cyrus: "Kuh... Are you telling me the power of the pheromones to control male creatures is stronger than the prior Ant Queen's? Gunuh... T, the way things are, we'll also...!"

Miguel Icon.png Miguel: "... Ngah? What've I been doing...? ——Eh, look, you guys! There's a mermaid swimming!"

Barbastroff Icon.png Barbastroff: "Mu? Were you released from her control...? It looks like some of us are still being controlled by the Queen Ant... But what is the meaning of this...?"

Giovanni Icon.png Giovanni: "——I see, it's the bloody mermaid's bewitching song! The effects of their song is charming us men to make us spineless!"

Julian Icon.png Julian: "The bewitching power of the mermaid's song is countering the power of the Queen Ant's pheromones that control male creatures, eh? However, I can move, but I can't put any strength into it."

Giovanni Icon.png Giovanni: "But when you think about it, this is our chance, right? The mermaid's songs should also remove the power of those being controlled. If we make use of their effect, we should easily be able to suppress them."

Giovanni: "Anyways, Prince, when the purple-scaled mermaid is present, the defense power of all males in the area will be decreased, so while that happens, avoid a direct confrontation and hit 'em with ranged attacks!"

Giovanni: "But while the yellow-green mermaids are present, the attack power of all males in the area will be decreased. That time you probably should focus on fortifying our defenses."

Julian Icon.png Julian: "We're counting on your careful orders, Prince. Come on, everyone. Let's show 'em our skills here. Let's prove that only us men can fight!"

[Ant Queen won't head to base and won't affect star rating.]

(Purple-Scaled Mermaid appears)

[While the Purple-Scaled Mermaid is present, all enemy and ally male units' defense decreases.
Won't head to base and won't affect star rating.]

(Turquoise-Scaled Mermaid appears)

[While the Turquoise-Scaled Mermaid is present, all enemy and ally male units' attack decreases.
Won't head to base and won't affect star rating.]


Julian Icon.png Julian: "... Fuu, somehow managed to chase 'em off. Oi, geezer. Enough already, how about getting up?"

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: "——Buhoh!? Wha... Ya guys, what did ya make me drink!?"

Robert Icon.png Robert: "Hahaha! Of course the something you drank is alcohol? We wouldn't be here on this island if we were drinking anything else!"

Giovanni Icon.png Giovanni: "Aye. That's because this is a man's paradise! With that, let's have 'nother drink party in celebration of protecting this island from them bloody monsters!"

Julian Icon.png Julian: "Hahah, well said. Not that we needed a reason. ... Well, of course I don't have any complaints!"

Cyrus Icon.png Cyrus: (... The antibodies that were made earlier didn't protect us. There are Queen Ants with stronger pheromones than the one we fought earlier...)

Barbastroff Icon.png : "Umu, we must take caution. But I'll take what's coming as I get drunk on the excellent sake of victory."

Cyrus Icon.png Cyrus: "... Fuh, you're right. Let's sate ourselves while we have a moment of respite."

Julian Icon.png Julian: "Everyone, you have your glasses? Well then, Prince, propose a toast——."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "........."

Julian Icon.png Julian: "... You want me, the soldier chief, to do it? Tsk, what're you being embarrassed for now of all times?"

Julian: "Well, if that's your order, then it can't be helped. Well then, a prayer to our success this year——Cheers!"


Menu Fame.png

(1st Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 5 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 魔除けの破魔矢 (30/2) with 5 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 魔界の花 (30/2) with 5 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame



Hamaya (破魔矢), literally "demon-breaking arrow" are decorative arrows that are sold at Shinto shrines, particularly in the New Years season. They stem from Samurai traditions of giving boys lucky arrows but in modern times they are also popular with girls. Hamaya are still associated with children and its uncommon for adults to buy one for themselves.

Shinto is full of stories of demons who were vanquished by gods or morals with bow and arrow. It is believed that the twanging sound of a bow alone is enough to scare demons away.

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