Gold Rush 25 (ゴールドラッシュ!) is a Gold Rush-type urgent mission running from 26/12/2019 to 06/01/2020.


  • Gold Rush missions have Completion Rewards. To get them, obtain all the drops available from the maps.
  • Completion Rewards are units of Gold Rarity.
  • One new mission will be made available every day at 00:00 JST (UTC+9).

Missions Edit

Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Completion Reward
Sta Life Enemies
Demon General Searching For A Lost Child
30 300 1200 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon
Gold Armor Icon
Nina Icon
Delight Icon
2 10 42
Blizzards are active at certain times.
Grimm's Grimoire
30 300 1200 10 8
Gladys Icon
Demon Crystal Icon
Ruby Icon
Rino Icon
2 10 74
Treasure Storage Spring Cleaning
50 400 1800 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon
Florika Icon
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon
Margaret Icon
6 30 60
Goblins' Snowball Tactics
30 300 1200 10 8
Percis Icon
Crystal Icon
Cyrille Icon
Mel Icon
2 10 24
Third Popularity Battle Parade
90 500 3000 10 8
Christia Icon
Florika Icon
Diamond Icon
Katie Icon
12 30 72
First time drops are guaranteed.
Memories of the Battlefield (2019)
30 300 1200 10 8
Khuri Icon
Sara Icon
Table Wine Icon
Rozette (New Year's) Icon
Rozette (New Year's)
2 10 108
新春! 第三回王国〇×クイズ大会
New Year! Third Kingdom 〇× Quiz Tournament
30 300 1200 10 8
Demon Crystal Icon
Ruby Icon
Cyrille Icon
Life-Sized Kuroko Doll Icon
Life-Sized Kuroko Doll
2 3 10
Ranged Units are undeployable.
Eldora (New Year's) and Sabein do not affect your star rating.
Quiz questions can be ignored. Drops are guaranteed even without answering.
Omen-Carrying Evil-Destroying Arrow Festival
30 300 1200 10 8
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon
Beer Icon
Cyrille Icon
Fuuka (New Year's) Icon
Fuuka (New Year's)
2 5 8
Chu-Chu Circuit
50 400 1800 10 8
Crystal Icon
Celia Icon
Choice Sake Icon
Leeanne (New Year's) Icon
Leeanne (New Year's)
6 15 52

Quiz QuestionsEdit

  • Example Qn. Is this year the 'Year of the Dragon'?
  • Q1. Is the class that rides and fights on dragons called 'Dragonewt Knight'?
  • Q2. Is the weapon of Maou Army Executive Dragon General Kuroko a 'Lightning Spear'?
  • Q3. Is Tifa's dragon a 'girl'?

Answers Edit

  • Example Qn. No
  • Q1. No
  • Q2. Yes
  • Q3. Yes

Drop InformationEdit

A helpful list as to which enemies drop which items. User contributions are welcome.

Stage Name Drop Information
Demon General Searching For A Lost Child
Platinum Armor Gold Armor Spirit of Gold
Imp Red Armored Goblin (Top-Right),
Armored Goblin (Top-Right) ~22nd Enemy
Grimm's Grimoire
Spirit Queen Demon Crystal Ruby
Kimaris' Servant Black Axe Armor (Left) ~7th Enemy,
Mounted Living Armor (Left) ~9th Enemy
Red Living Armor (Left) ~11th Enemy
Treasure Storage Spring Cleaning
Platinum Armor Spirit of Black Demon Crystal (x3)
1st Running Mimic ~17th Enemy,
Rightmost Mimic Giant Mimic (Top-Middle)
Goblins' Snowball Tactics
Percis Crystal Spirit of Silver
First Goblin Snow Catapult to Appear Ancient Purple Demon First Black Cannon Armor to Appear
Third Popularity Battle Parade
Spirit of Rainbow Spirit of Black Diamond
Altair Jin-Guang Sheng-Pu Sybilla
Memories of the Battlefield (2019)
Khuri Spirit of Copper Table Wine
Red Makai Ant Queen Karin (Left) ~1-5th Enemy, Ootakemaru (Right) ~9-10th Enemy Mecha Goblin Queen
新春! 第三回王国〇×クイズ大会
New Year! Third Kingdom 〇× Quiz Tournament
Demon Crystal Ruby Spirit of Silver
Q1 Right Soldier Q2 Left Soldier Q3 Left Soldier
Omen-Carrying Evil-Destroying Arrow Festival
Demon Crystal (x3) Beer Spirit of Silver
Fuuka (New Year's) Ashera, Nanaly Soma
Chu-Chu Circuit
Crystal Spirit of Platinum Choice Sake
Wererat (1 of Beginning 5),
Wererat (First of 2nd Wave of Wererats)
Wererat (1 of Beginning 5),
Wererat (Last of 2nd Wave of Wererats) ~21st Enemy
First Purple Goblin King

Notable EnemiesEdit

  • M1
  • M2
  • M3
  • M4
  • M5
  • M6
  • M7
  • M8
  • M9
Enemy Unit
Harmonia Sprite
Physical 5000 200 150
MR 20
Initial: 20
0 UP
When HP reaches 0, pauses briefly and fully restores HP. This can occur up to 2 times (total of 3 lives).

Becomes stronger with each resurrection.

6500 400 200
MR 30
0 UP
10000 650 300
MR 50
3 UP

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon)
Demon General Searching for Lost Child

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "——Monsters are prowling about, you say?"

Soldier (Unit) A Icon Soldier A: "Yes, we rushed over when our patrols received a report from the villagers, and indeed, there are monsters, that seem to be looking for something, prowling about."

Kururu Icon Kururu: "In this snow, I wonder what on earth they're looking for...?"

(time passes)

Goblin Icon Goblin: "——Gyagya! Lost child! Not find!"

Harmonia AW Icon Demon Lord: "Thank you for the report. However, it looks like a blizzard's brewing. So please search for her just a little longer."

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Gyagya! Roger!"

Harmonia AW Icon Demon Lord: (I thought she would return as soon as she turns hungry, but where in the blazes has she gone...?)

Demon Lord: (That girl isn't the type to fall behind some wild animal, so did she lose her way home in this snow...?)

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Gyagya! Prince found! Please! Help!"

Harmonia AW Icon Demon Lord: "Ahh, h-hey! If you run at that pace...!?"

Kururu Icon Kururu: "——Kya, P-Prince, bad news! A pack of goblins are running this way!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... I don't know what's happening, but so long as they're coming at us, we cannot ignore them."

Kururu Icon Kururu: "Prince, it looks like a blizzard's coming. I believe it'll be difficult to aim from a distance, so give your orders to everyone with care, OK!?"


Harmonia AW Icon Demon Lord: "——My apologies for these little ones giving you the wrong impression..."

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Gyagya... Sorry..."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "No, no, I'm glad neither of us were hurt. By the way, what were you looking for?"

Harmonia AW Icon Demon Lord: "That's... Err..."

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Gyagya! Lost child! Got loooooost!"

Kururu Icon Kururu: "Lost child...? Do you mean one of your friends went missing...?"

Harmonia AW Icon Demon Lord: "Y, yes... While it's embarrassing... That girl is still no different from a child, so I'm worried..."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "I see... If that's how it is... Prince, how about we help look for the lost child with them?"

Harmonia AW Icon Demon Lord: "Ehh...? A, are you sure?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "We're all the same in time's of need. We're currently not enemies."

Harmonia AW Icon Demon Lord: "Uugh, thank you very much! However can I repay you...?"

Harmonia Icon Harmonia: "I am called Harmonia. Though I'm a former member of Maou's army, I shall repay my debt to you without fail!"

Ethnea NPC Icon Demon Pawn: (... Muu~! Onee-chan's hogging all the fun, not fair—!!)

Demon Pawn: (But, buut, Onee-chan keeps treating me like a kid, so I'm to~otally not going back to that weak-weak Prince's place~♪)

Demon Pawn: (Fufu—n, I'm gonna make her stew in her worry a bit. Now then, I wonder where I should go play—♪)

Grimm's Spellbook

Charlotte Icon Charlotte: "H, hey—! We'll release the mind control spell! So please stay put—!!"

Grimm Icon ???: "No—o. There's nothing wrong with me—."

Charlotte Icon Charlotte: "You think that cause you're being controlled—! Haa, haa... Prince, I can't quite catch her...!"

Alissa Icon Alissa: "I want to release the mind control placed upon her by the Ikai Summoner, but..."

Grimm Icon ???: "I didn't ask for your help—. I'm busy experimenting, so please save that sort of business for another day."

Tenma Icon Tenma: "... Mu? Experiment? About that, I sense a Youki that's a little too sinister."

Rino Icon Rino: "Sinister...? Eh, P-Prince! Look at that! Isn't there something off about her spellbook!?"

Grimm Icon ???: "Tada—. It was in Master's private library."

???: "Now, let's start the fun experiment, shall we—? This spell form, like this, like this..."

Tenma Icon Tenma: "This atmosphere... I see, that girl is trying to summon those affiliated with Majin Kimaris."

Rino Icon Rino: "K, Kimaris's followers!? How talented is that girl!?"

Mehlis Icon Mehlis: "Prince, since she's summoning Kimaris's followers, there should be ones clad in click-clacking armour. So leave the annihilation to us magic users!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Let's break her summoning ritual and release the mind control placed on that girl. Prince, please give your orders with care!"

(Kimaris Kin Summoned)

Grimm Icon ???: "Huh, huh? It won't listen to what I say...?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "——Oh no! The summoned Kimaris minion is trying to attack her!"

Rino Icon Rino: "Rino guesses the experiment's a bust! Prince, protect that girl!"

Grimm Icon ???: "Mu—. Can't be helped. Since there's no helping it, I'll cooperate with you."

???: "I'll summon a monster from another world. It doesn't care about any defences, so it's my favourite one, you know—?"

Rino Icon Rino: "It looks like that girl's way of fighting is the same as summoners like Rino. Since it's a powerful summoned beast, you should summon it when there's lots of enemies!"

Grimm Icon ???: "——Ahh, one more thing. I was experimenting with Master, and we've created a shadow of Maou-sama. I'll leave the signal... to you, OK—?"

Rino Icon Rino: "That girl's talents are immeasurable... Rino's looking from this side, but it's the magic sword Maou's shadow carries, it should be able to pierce even that click-clakketty armour, too!"


Grimm Icon ???: "——H, huh? Why am I in this sort of place...?"

Alissa Icon Alissa: "Thank goodness... It looks like she's returned to her senses. Do you know who you are?"

Grimm Icon Grimm: "I'm Grimm... Let's see, I was invited by a summoner with a weird face, I believe... Huh... What happened after that...?"

Tenma Icon Tenma: "It looks like she has no memories from when she was controlled. But that may be best for a girl at such a tender age."

Grimm Icon Grimm: "... Huh? This book... Could this be a summoning spellbook...?"

Grimm: "... How tempting... I must... test this...!"

Rino Icon Rino: "W, wah—!! Wait!! Rino and the others just defeated that stuff—!?"

Alissa Icon Alissa: "It seems her love of experiments has nothing to do with the mind control."

Grimm Icon Grimm: "Aahh, please give back my spellbook—. I wanna summon absolutely terrifying and wonderful things—."

Rino Icon Rino: "No means no~!!"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "W, well then, we were able to secure Grimm-san's safety, so let's return to the Kingdom, shall we...!?"

Treasure Storeroom Cleaning

Saval Icon Saval: "——Nyahaha, sorry, everyone. For asking you to help even with the cleaning."

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "All's good. By the way, what's with this mountain of treasure!? Ya even have a cool golem!"

Saval Icon Saval: "Nyafufufu... Just a small portion of the treasure I collected over the years is being hidden here!"

Margaret Icon Margaret: "However, isn't it a little too messy? Despite being hidden, there's rubbish scattered all over."

Saval Icon Saval: "Nyahaha... That's the reason why I brought you all here."

Saval: "I neglected it a li~ittle too much, so now they've kinda gone out of control?"

Margaret Icon Margaret: "——Come again?"

Reve Icon Reve: "P, please wait! Isn't that serious!?"

Reve: "I read the Makai Flower growing over there will sap the life energy of nearby creatures when it blooms, and——"

Leda Icon Leda: "It looks like the treasure chest over there is trying to move...? Huh, that's totally a mimic, isn't it? The ones that attack when you touch 'em!?"

Ricola Icon Ricola: "Umm, there's also mimics that already started walking...?"

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "Then that Iron Golem's also real!? G, glad I didn't touch it... That thing'll attack if touched, I'm certain..."

Margaret Icon Margaret: "... Saval-san?"

Saval Icon Saval: "Nyaha, nyahahaha... S, sorry—! I didn't think it would get this out of control—!"

Margaret Icon Margaret: "Can't be helped. Prince, shall we help with the cleaning?"

Margaret: "The floor's covered in traps to halt movement. Watch your step!"


Margaret Icon Margaret: "Honestly, you better try and keep things more tidy from now on, Saval-san, OK?"

Saval Icon Saval: "Nyahaha, starting next year, I'll be careful."

Reve Icon Reve: "Cleaning is very important... Once we've returned, let's clean the temple..."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "At any rate, I'm glad we were able to settle things before it turns into a problem. We also need to do some cleaning once we've returned."

Saval Icon Saval: "Oya, oyaa? Anna-chan also hates cleaning?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "O, of course I don't! Nothing of the sort!"

Anna: "Now then, Prince, let's return to the Kingdom!"

Goblin Snowball Tactics

Goblin Doctor Icon Goblin Doctor: "——I see, a snowball fight. If we use snowballs, we can conserve our bombs. Even humans have some good ideas."

Mecha Goblin Queen Icon 2 Mecha Goblin Queen: "Heeh, so you're firing snow instead of explosives? Now that our funds from Maou-sama have lapsed, conservation is very important, isn't it?"

Goblin Doctor Icon Goblin Doctor: "Hahaah! You're absolutely correct!"

Goblin Doctor: "Now, you guys! Rally our goblin army! For the first exercise of our revival!"

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Gyagya! Snowball fight! Fun!"

Goblin Doctor Icon Goblin Doctor: "Heey—! This is not play!!"

Goblin Doctor: "You're in the presence of Mecha Goblin Queen-sama for an important exercise!"

Goblin Icon Goblin: (Gyagya, Doctor, spirited!)

Goblin: (Doctor, enjoy self! Snowball fight, fun!)

Mecha Goblin Queen Icon 2 Mecha Goblin Queen: "Ufufu, relaxation is also necessary from time to time, you know? However, this is an exercise! So take it seriously!"

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Long live! Queen-sama! Long live! Queen-sama!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "——Prince, it's just like in the report. A group of goblins are conducting a large-scale exercise!"

Mel Icon Mel: "For them to brazenly conduct such an exercise... Yoosh, I'll scatter 'em with a kaboom!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "There's a possibility harm will befall the surrounding villages. Prince, please quickly take command!"


Goblin Icon Goblin: "Gyagya! Not snowball! Unfair!"

Mecha Goblin Queen Icon 2 Mecha Goblin Queen: "Ufufu, I'm happy to see the Prince and his friends are also doing well! Now then, Doctor, withdraw!"

Goblin Doctor Icon Goblin Doctor: "Hah, a-are you sure?"

Mecha Goblin Queen Icon 2 Mecha Goblin Queen: "It's fine, today is an exercise. Come, I'll have you develop many more new weapons!"

Goblin Doctor Icon Goblin Doctor: "Hah!! Hahaa—!! Yoosh, all goblins, withdraw!!"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... The goblin army is starting to retreat."

Mel Icon Mel: "Uugh~! Not fair! Not fair~! Prince, let us also have a snowball fight!"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Ehh, ah, umm, after all, having a snowball fight now is..."

Mel Icon Mel: "Eehh—, but the Prince said he wants to have one, right?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod-nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "... If it's like that, then it can't be helped. Make sure you don't get hurt, OK?"

Mel Icon Mel: "O—K! Well then, let's go~? Snowball cannon, kabo—om~♪"

Third Popularity Vote Parade

Ilios Icon Ilios: "——OK! The parade's going swimmingly! Muscle! That is why I'm Ilios!"

Shushu Icon Shushu: "The third popularity vote was very white-hot, wasn't it!? My ears kept twitching!"

Sonia Icon Sonia: "Ahh, the high-ranking winners will be coming down this path soon! Prince-sama, look, look, there's a special seat just for you~♪"

Altair Icon Altair: "The people of the city are waving their hands... Protecting everyone and fighting for them, after all, I feel proud."

Diana Icon Diana: "Fufu, how unlike you, Altair-dono. Are your cheeks blushing?"

Altair Icon Altair: "Ehh, ahh, wawa...! *Ahem*! E-everyone, don't slack off!"

Jin-Guang Sheng-Pu Icon Jin-Guang Sheng-Pu: "Oya, isn't the one riding the puppy over there Miaodao? This also must be a sort of fate, perhaps I should have a match with her?"

Erlang Shen Icon Erlang Shen: "It's not a puppy! It's Xiao Tian Quan! This is precisely why you're called——Xiexian, and my heart dancing is also another fact."

Jin-Guang Sheng-Pu Icon Jin-Guang Sheng-Pu: "Fufufu, in that case, how about we also get the Prince involved to test the strength of the popularity vote's top group~♪"

Char AW Icon Char: "Ehh? H, huh? W, we're having a parade... are you sure?"

Risley Icon Risley: "Well, this kinda stuff's a regular event in the Kingdom. Look, the Prince's also facing us full of spirit~♪"

Lapis Icon Lapis: "... What, a parade isn't just walking? A grand prix, the popularity vote's another busy day, huh?"

Shu-Xian AW Icon Shu-Xian: "——Agreed. However, this is a foregone conclusion. I very much prefer it this way."

Sybilla Icon Sybilla: "Fufu, right. Our 'usual ways' have finally returned. So let's enjoy it to the fullest——"

Prince Icon Prince: ".........!!"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "I knew it would turn out like this. Everyone, please make sure you don't get hurt, OK?"

[While Jin-Guang Sheng-Pu's clones are present, her attack and defence buffed. Effect stacks based on number of clones.]

[While Erlang Shen (True Body) is present, ally unit attack, defence, and magic resistance -20%.]


Rinne Icon Rinne: "... As always... In other words, inevitably. Like this... everyone gathering is... also..."

Shushu Icon Shushu: "Haa~, the tea's really good, isn't it~♪ Ah, Rinne-san, there's also some Osenbei here."

Ilios Icon Ilios: "It's nice that it's always, alwaaays peaceful. I thought this would also be momentary..."

Sonia Icon Sonia: "Geez, why are you facing backwards on the day of the parade!? Come on, Ilios-chan, let's celebrate with Prince-sama and the others—!"

Ilios Icon Ilios: "Ehh, ahh, kyaa~!?"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Fufu, the Kingdom is back to its usual self, Prince."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Memories of the Battlefield [2019]

Reve Icon Reve: "——Wh, what on earth is this!?"

Reve: "Monsters, evil hermits, bugs, plants... There's a great ruckus inside Prince's dream!"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "He was saying he was having bad dreams, so I wanted to investigate the cause, but indeed, this is certainly a bad dream..."

Reve Icon Reve: "It was a good call to peek into Prince's dream, huh?"

Reve: "The Prince has been facing many battles and seizing victory this year as well——"

Reve: "——It's no wonder the Prince is still sorting those memories inside his head."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "Though as one would expect in a dream. The hidden art to bundle Sanara-sama's earth veins is chaotically scattered all over——"

Reve Icon Reve: "——Hmmm? Huh? The hidden art of these earth veins was developed back when he fought Maou, right?"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "... Mu? Yeah, that is indeed correct——don't tell me."

Reve Icon Reve: "If this year's memories are all mixed together, then does that mean Prince was fighting Maou in his dreams!?"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "——I see, that would undoubtedly be a nightmare. And what bad timing, it seems they've noticed our intrusion."

Reve Icon Reve: "Ehh, ehh, eeh—!? Oh no! Everyone in Prince's dream! Please help u—s!!

Shadia Icon Shadia: "So we're going to be looking back on all the battles of this year? Curse you Prince, I'll make you remember this once you awake from your dream!"


Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Guu)."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "Yare-yare, sleeping even in his dream, clever man."

Reve Icon Reve: "But with this, we can rest easy. Once he wakes up, let's discuss Prince's issues."

Shadia Icon Shadia: "Hahah, I would think it strange if the person in question remembers."

Reve Icon Reve: "Well then, Prince, that was good work throughout the year. I'm sure there'll be lots of good things next year!"

Shadia Icon Shadia: "——So pleasant dreams, Prince."

New Year! Third Kingdom Marubatsu Quiz Meet

Risley Icon Risley: "——OK, thank you very much for the full house, a round of applause, da-da-dum~♪ Come on, Eldora-chan, like I taught you, full of spirit!"

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "New Year's Quiz Meet, Begin—♪"

Eldora: "And this time I'll presiding over the Quiz Meet—!"

Sabein Icon Sabein: "This unworthy Sabein shall be handling the hints as representative of the Dragonewt race."

Risley Icon Risley: "Yosh, yosh, yosh, yosh, that's the spirit! Then let's explain the rules~♪"

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "The quiz is composed of 3 questions in total. You'll answer all problems with a '○ or ×'!"

Eldora: "See those big ○ and × drawn on the ground? When you answer, please deploy the ally on the square that makes you think 'Correct—!'"

Eldora: "However, if the answerer hides themselves, we won't know which answer you picked, so make sure you deploy someone we can see, OK?"

Eldora: "Also, take note there'll be a time limit! So please answer before the health bar of the soldier-san holding the sign with the answer button depletes~♪"

Sabein Icon Sabein: "As for the prize this time, Harmonia-dono has prepared a very rare item as proof of her friendship. Doing her best to deepen the knowledge of us Dragonewts."

Harmonia Icon Harmonia: "I prepared a very hard-to-obtain item. It's a 'full-scale Kuroko-sama doll'!"

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "... Doll?"

Sabein Icon Sabein: "... Hoh."

Risley Icon Risley: "Th, then... before we begin the quiz! Eldora-chan, let's tell them what happens if they cheat and choose both answers!"

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Fufufu, when that happens, of course there'll be a spanking—!"

Sabein Icon Sabein: "If you don't know the answer, then feel free to deploy a soldier on the hint square."

Sabein: "If it's for the sake of the Prince mastering the knowledge of the proud Dragonewt race, I shall secretly give a hint."

(battle starts)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Well then, first the test question! Here it comes—!"

[Test Question]

[Is this year the 'Year of the Dragon'?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Is not~♪ Or is it not~♪ It may be too simple for a test problem...?"

★1st Hint★

Katie Icon Katie: "It's a question about the sexagenary cycle in eastern culture, huh. Sabein-san, what would this year be in the cycle?"

Sabein Icon Sabein: "Umu. A worthy exercise for the New Year. It would be the 'Year of the Rat'."

(When time is up)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Time's up—! The correct answer is~?"

Sabein Icon Sabein: "Umu, 【×】."


Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Fufufu! As expected of the Prince! I was completely lost!"


Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Thank goodness... The Prince didn't know the answer either~♪"


Risley Icon Risley: "Oh my? Eldora-chan, did you just see that?"

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "I did! Cheating is prohibited, okay~?"

(time passes)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "That ends the test! From here is the real thing—!"

Eldora: "The 1st question is... this!!"

[1st Question]

[Is the class that rides and fights on dragons called 'Dragonewt Knight'?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Oh my, my? Are you by any chance confused? Fufufu, Prince-sama, do your best—♪"

★2nd Hint★

Sabein Icon Sabein: "They who mount the backs of dragons are called 'Dragon Riders'."

Katie Icon Katie: "Dragon Riders, who combine dragons and humans into one and race across battlefields, are a reliable class."

(When time is up)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "OK, time's up—! The correct answer is—"

Sabein Icon Sabein: "Umu, 【×】."


Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "As expected of Prince-sama—!"


Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Arara? It seems that even the Prince has weak points."


Sabein Icon Sabein: "Mu, cheating is no good."

(time passes)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Let's continue onto the 2nd question! Dadadum dadadum, what's the question~? It's this—!"

[2nd Question]

[Is the weapon of Maou Army Executive Dragon General Kuroko a 'Lightning Spear'?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Tick-tock~♪ Tick-tock~♪ I wonder what the answer will be...!"

★3rd Hint★

Katie Icon Katie: "We fought Dragon General Kuroko at Maou's Castle. I remember we were forced into a very hard battle."

Sabein Icon Sabein: "Kuroko's spear houses lightning that pierces armour. It's without mistake a 'lightning spear'."

Sabein: "Though we fought as ally and foe, he's also a proud Dragonewt warrior."

(When time is up)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Time's up~♪ Now the answer is——"

Sabein Icon Sabein: "Umu, 【○】."


Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Though he's a guy I don't care much for, his talents are genuine regardless."

Harmonia Icon Harmonia: "......... (Nod-nod)."


Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Arara, a weak point indeed..."


Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Muu! Cheating is prohibited!"

(time passes)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "At last, the final question! What will be Prince-sama's fate~?"

[3rd Question]

[Is Tifa's dragon a 'girl'?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "The last one's a head-scratcher, isn't it...? But time's almost up—!"

★4th Hint★

Katie Icon Katie: "As expected, a dragon's gender is a bit... Sabein-san, do you know?"

Sabein Icon Sabein: "If you look at their behavior it's quite obvious. They're hugging the Prince so much, the answer is clearly 'a girl'."

Young Holy Silver Dragon Icon 3 Young Holy Silver Dragon: "Gyui gyui~♪"

(When time is up)

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Now, the correct answer is...!"

Sabein Icon Sabein: "Umu, 【○】."


Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Totally correct—! As I thought, Prince is the strongest~♪"


Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Arara... that's quite vexing..."


Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Muu! Prince, cheating is no good!"

(time passes)

★All Correct★

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "All! Questions! Correct! Yay—♪ Prince-sama is a Dragonewt gentleman!"

Sabein Icon Sabein: "Umu. He was brilliant."

★One Incorrect★

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Arara, you got the first one wrong... But just a bit more, and you'll be an expert on the Ryujin race!"

★Two or More Incorrect★

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Uuu- please study a bit more about my race!"

★Normal Ending★

Risley Icon Risley: "Well then, let's meet for the next Quiz Meet~♪ Eldora-chan, please give the closing statement, OK?"

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Prince-sama, this year will also surely be filled with good things, OK?"

Eldora: "I'm certain it'll undoubtedly be a wonderful year~♪"

Eldora: "Thanks for joining us, everyone~♪ See you again~♪ Bye-bye~♪"

★Ending if Caught Cheating★

Eldora (New Year's) AW Icon Eldora: "Fufufu, I saw that. The Prince was cheating!"

Eldora: "I'm gonna eat up the bad Prince!"

Hamaya Ceremony for Good Luck

Yuugen (Platinum) AW Icon Yuugen: "——Firing a Hamaya!?"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Ahaha... Though we made a mistake and fired them before."

Soma Icon Soma: "For some reason, it was well-received by everyone in the city, so they went and turned it into a ceremony."

Nanaly Icon Nanaly: "I believe... since it's firing an arrow for good luck, it'll undoubtedly be a festival for good luck."

Fuuka (New Year's) Icon Fuuka: "——But take plenty of care not to hurt any of the townspeople and enjoy the ceremony, OK?"

Ashera Icon Ashera: "The ones firing it are only comrades versed in such. On second thought, since we're versed in such, it would be fine to fire many shots."

Linaria Icon Linaria: "B, but let's hit where it doesn't hurt too much. The Hamaya were made to not hurt others, but..."

Yuugen (Platinum) AW Icon Yuugen: "While in the land, conform to the customs of the land, so they say. In that case, my abyssal comrade, wanna enjoy the holy arrow firing ceremony together!?"

Rita Icon Rita: "N, not so loud! But I won't lose, Yuugen."

Fuuka (New Year's) Icon Fuuka: "Fufu, everyone's getting along~♪ Well then, I'll hand out the Hamaya."

Fuuka: "Since they're good-luck Hamaya, let's pepper a bunch at the Prince~♪"


Fuuka (New Year's) Icon Fuuka: "Fuu, fired them all... Well, Prince, does it feel like your luck has gone up?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod-nod)."

Fuuka (New Year's) Icon Fuuka: "Fufu, in that case, I'm sure this year will be a good year~♪"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Well then, being outside cooled our bodies, so how about we go drink some Amasake?"

Soma Icon Soma: "A, Amasake is a little... umm..."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Fufu, looks like the Hamaya ceremony ended without incident. Prince, you too, please relax and loosen up for today~♪"

Chuuchuu Circuit

Fluffy Icon Fluffy: "——Oh no, bad news! Bad news, Prince-sama—!"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "As you can see! Mice! Mice that go chu—chu—! They're running around—!!"

Minette Icon Minette: "Nyan nyaka nya—n! The way things are, the mice-sans are gonna spill into even the trade routes—!"

Saval Icon Saval: "Nyahaha, you got me there. I would be greatly troubled if the mice were to gnaw away at my treasure."

Leeanne (New Year's) Icon Leeanne: "Though the mouse is a zodiac animal that brings good fortune, we cannot ignore them if they grow this much."

Lateria Icon Lateria: "... Oya? But these aren't normal mice. They're Wererats."

Lateria: "They'll cause your health to decrease simply by drawing near, so defeating them from a distance would be optimal."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Ahh! When I look carefully, it looks like the mice are running along the same route!"

Minette Icon Minette: "Nyakanyan! We may be able to defeat them safely since we know their route! Right!?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Bringers of good luck, though they may be, we cannot let them block the trade route. Prince, please give the order to exterminate the mice!"


Saval Icon Saval: "Nyaffufu, with this, the reign of us cats has been promised-nyaa."

Minette Icon Minette: "Nyan nyaka nyanya—n. Saval-chan's also wicked-nya—!"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Nya, nyanya. Adding nyaa at the end of my sentences is a little embarrassing, nyaa."

Fluffy Icon Fluffy: "Nyanya—n~♪ That's precisely the time to turn defiant-nyaan~♪"

Saval Icon Saval: "Nyat-nya~♪ Prince, good work on the New Year's monster extermination~♪"

Bashira Icon Bashira: "May this year also bring us many good~♪ Things~♪"

Saval Icon Saval: "Well then, let's head right on back to the Kingdom. Nyahaha, many delicious New Year's dishes are waiting—♪"

Leeanne (New Year's) Icon Leeanne: "Yare-yare, it's clamoring with nyan-nyans early in the New Year. Now then, Prince, let us also return home——nyan~♪"

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Menu Fame
  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 5 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 迷子を探す魔将 (30/2) with 5 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear グリムの魔本 (30/2) with only Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

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