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Gold Rush 26 (ゴールドラッシュ!) is a Gold Rush-type urgent mission running from 22/07/2020 to 30/07/2020.


  • Gold Rush missions have Completion Rewards. To get them, obtain all the drops available from the maps.
  • Completion Rewards are units of Gold Rarity.
  • One new mission will be made available every day at 00:00 JST (UTC+9).


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Completion Reward
Sta Life Enemies
Collapsing Labyrinth
30 300 1200 10 8
Mortimer Icon.png
Sara Icon.png
Table Wine Icon.png
Bernice Icon.png
2 10 49
No Healers, Feng Shui Users or their Chibi variants are allowed.
Two Country Joint 〇× Quiz Tournament
30 300 1200 10 8
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Ruby Icon.png
Cyrille Icon.png
Life-Sized Goddess Adamas Doll Icon.png
Life-Sized Goddess Adamas Doll
2 3 12
Ranged Units are undeployable.
Diana/Mephisto do not need to be defeated for 3★
Quiz questions can be ignored. Drops are guaranteed even without answering.
Golden Cyclone
50 400 1800 20 8
Crystal Icon.png
Celia Icon.png
Choice Sake Icon.png
Viktor Icon.png
6 20 43
Perfect Beradt moves erratically and deals damage to all surrounding units simultaneously.
While Perfect Beradt is present, all enemies gain ATK/DEF.
Bounded Lives
30 300 1200 10 8
Gladys Icon.png
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Ruby Icon.png
Iris Icon.png
2 10 34
Strengthened Duke can't be damaged directly.
All damage received by other Undead is received by the Duke as well.
Devoted Lance Knight
30 300 1200 10 8
Elaine Icon.png
Crystal Icon.png
Cyrille Icon.png
Colum Icon.png
2 10 50
Holy Knights gain ATK/DEF for every Holy Knight present on the battlefield.
Mysterious Flower's Strong Odor
50 400 1800 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Florika Icon.png
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon.png
Laurier Icon.png
6 25 41
The Forgotten Gate
30 300 1200 10 8
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Gold Armor Icon.png
Nina Icon.png
Zola Icon.png
2 10 32
Thunderbird does not need to be defeated for 3★.
Ranged spots gradually become available.
Residents of Tenkai
90 500 3000 10 8
Christia Icon.png
Florika Icon.png
Diamond Icon.png
Erun Icon.png
12 50 59
First time drops are guaranteed.
Ranged spots gradually become available.

Quiz Questions[]

  • Example Qn. Is the deity worshipped in the White Empire called Adamas-sama?
  • Q1. Leona and Leora are sister tacticians of the White Empire. Is Leora the older sister?
  • Q2. Was the spiritual body of Goddess Adamas-sama sealed inside a pyramid?
  • Q3. Is the White Emperor the sole successor of the divine arms of Adamas-sama that were passed down in the White Empire?


Notable Enemies[]

  • M1
  • M2
  • M3
  • M4
  • M5
  • M6
  • M7
  • M8
Enemy Unit
Ogre Sprite.png
Physical 5000 400 50 156
Initial: 30
2 UP
Red Demon Sprite.png
Red Demon
Physical 6000 500 150
MR 50
Initial: 48
1 UP


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon)
Collapsing Labyrinth

Katie Icon.png Katie: "——I didn't think there would be deeper levels to the Labyrinth of Evil Spirits..."

Paula Icon.png Paula: "I learned about it from the penniless adventurers. They said it was very dangerous, so if we're to investigate, then we're to be careful about it, OK?"

Charlotte Icon.png Charlotte: "It's certainly dangerous alright. Not only is the power of healing sealed, buck rocks are falling from the ceiling."

Jake Icon.png Jake: "There's no way I can hack those boulders apart with my sword. Guess there's no choice but to take positions in spots they don't fall."

Oscar Icon.png Oscar: "But it seems the spots they're falling is widening. So even if it's a safe spot now, we can't say it'll remain safe."

Jake Icon.png Jake: "What, all we have to do is retreat when the time comes. Come, Prince, let's watch out for the falling rocks and challenge the labyrinth!"

Charlotte Icon.png Charlotte: "Aahh, you had your ears opened when I said the power of our healers has been sealed, right!? Honestly, this guy is always rushing headlong into danger..."

Oscar Icon.png Oscar: "But that's also one of Jake's virtues, troubling as it may seem. ——Now then, Prince, let us also conquer the dungeon."


Paula Icon.png Paula: "Wawah, a new passage opened in the wall broken by the rocks!"

Jake Icon.png Jake: "I see, so that means the Labyrinth of Evil Spirits continues to even deeper levels."

Charlotte Icon.png Charlotte: "Uuugh, just the limitations are bothersome enough, and it still continues...?"

Oscar Icon.png Oscar: "Doesn't it make your heart race as an adventurer? Look, Prince looks like he's looking forward to it."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod, nod)."

Charlotte Icon.png Charlotte: "Haa, if it caught the Prince's fancy, it can't be helped. We'll just have to pull up our bootstraps when we investigate."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "——That said, let's return to the surface for today. We'll have time to investigate the labyrinth later. Prince, you too, that was good work on today's expedition!"

Two Country United Marubatsu Quiz Meet

Risley Icon.png Risley: "——OK, thank you very much for the full house, a round of applause, nyan-nyaka-nyan~♪ Now the swimsuit beauties that are the Empire's pride! Taking the lead today is the Imperial Army—!"

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "I'll announce opening of the Two Country United Marubatsu Quiz Meet here!"

Mephisto (Swimsuit) AW Icon.png Mephisto: "And that's why we'll be moderating this time. Fufu, you must be happy, Prince."

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "An event to promote the friendship between the Kingdom and Empire. Since it's His Majesty, Prince, naturally all questions will be correct, right?"

Risley Icon.png Risley: "That said, Risley-chan hasn't overlooked preparation of hints in secret~♪ Well then, let's explain the rules!"

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "The quiz is composed of 3 questions. All of them will be answered with a '○' or ×'."

Mephisto (Swimsuit) AW Icon.png Mephisto: "See the big ○ and × written on the ground. When you answer, deploy your friend on the 'melee square' you think is correct."

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "However, we cannot determine which answer you picked if the answerer hides themselves. So try to deploy those who don't handle secret operations."

Risley Icon.png Risley: "Ah, take note there's also a time limit, OK? Try and answer before the health of the Soldier-sans holding the signs with the answer button depletes!"

Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leora: "Also, the prize this time is ve—ery gorgeous~♪ A miraculous work of art, the cumulation of the Empire's technology!"

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "——A 'Full-scale Adamas-sama Doll'. With this, even Prince can worship Adamas-sama."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "... Umm, but Prince is a follow of Aigis."

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "Fuh... Adamas-sama is tolerant to converts."

Risley Icon.png Risley: "Eh, lessee! Right, before we begin the quiz! Leora-chan, let's tell them what happens if they cheat and pick both answers!"

Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leora: "Oh my, oh my, I doubt there'll be cheating as far as Prince-chan is concerned, but if you break the rules, there'll be a pun-ish-ment~♪"

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "The Prince is not that kind of cowardly person. But when you don't know the answer, rely on our hints. You may deploy a soldier on the hint space."

White Emperor: "The same time it's an event to question your knowledge, it is also an event to deepen the friendship between the Empire and Kingdom. Don't hesitate to rely on our hints."

(battle starts)

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "Well then, first let's do the preliminary question! Come Your Majesty, Prince, let's go!"

[Test Question]

[Is Goddess Adamas-sama the deity worshipped in the White Empire?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "First is the preliminary question. If you relax and think it over, you'll figure it out soon enough."

★Test Hint★

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "Fuh... Recall the prize. Adamas-sama's beauty won't change even as a doll."

Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leora: "A beauty dressed in light purple~♪ But Leona-chan also won't lose. She's the Empire's—no, the world's cutest girl~♪"

(When time is up)

Mephisto (Swimsuit) AW Icon.png Mephisto: "OK, time's up. Diana, announce the answer."

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "'○'. Easy, wasn't it?"


Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "A natural result. You wouldn't be called Prince if you stumbled over the preliminary question."


White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "Incorrect... Hm...? Prince, so you can also make errors?"


Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leora: (Missing Text)

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: (Missing Text)

(time passes)

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "Practice over. Well, let's begin the real thing!"

Mephisto (Swimsuit) AW Icon.png Mephisto: "Now the first question!"

[1st Question]

[Leona and Leora are sister tacticians in the White Empire. Is Leora the elder sister?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "Who thought of this question...? You can tell by just looking."

★1st Hint★

Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leora: "Leona-chan, you see, used to be a crybaby that would always follow me around... Look at her now, she's such a fine tactician... *sniff*..."

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "Nee-san! That's embarrassing, stop pretending to cry!"

(When time is up)

Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leora: "OK, time's up~♪ The answer is——"

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "Of course, it's '○'!"


White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "A natural result. Prince, it best you continue this trend and answer correctly."


Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leora: "Even Prince-chan has things he's bad at. Incorrect, though a little cute, I suppose~♪"


White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: (Missing Text)

(time passes)

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "Now let's proceed to the 2nd question. The next question... is this!"

[2nd Question]

[Was the place where Goddess Adamas-sama's spiritual body sealed a pyramid?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "What? I'm reading this? Tick-tock~♪ Tick-tock~♪ I wonder what the answer will be~♪ ... Kuh, Nee-san put you put you up to this I bet."

★2nd Hint★

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "Back when we released Adamas-sama's soul... I believe it was deep down in a dungeon."

Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leora: "Sounds like they found a path that leads even deeper. Not only are there limitations, but there's also falling rocks. You'll have to be careful when you continue your investigation~♪"

(When time is up)

Mephisto (Swimsuit) AW Icon.png Mephisto: "OK, time's up. Now the answer is——"

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "Of course, '×'."


Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "As expected of His Majesty, Prince. 2nd question correct!"


Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "Hmm... Incorrect, but don't lose heart. You'll be good if you make up with the next one."


Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leora: "... Found a cheater~♪"

(time passes)

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "At last, the final question. 3rd question, let's go, Your Majesty!"

[3rd Question]

[Is the White Emperor the sole successor of a divine arm Adamas passed down in the White Empire?]

[O? X?]

(When half the time to answer is left)

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "Now that it's the final question, you must be nervous. But time's limited. So answer quickly."

★3rd Hint★

Angeline Icon.png Angeline: "... Prince, you know, right? My Harpē is also a blessing from Adamas-sama."

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "Angeline-sama, that's the same as giving him the answer. Indeed, there isn't only one successor of a divine arm in the Empire, but..."

Angeline Icon.png Angeline: "Oh, from what I heard earlier, weren't you also whispering answers to the Prince? Now Prince, please answer the question as if it were a piece of cake."

(When time is up)

Mephisto (Swimsuit) AW Icon.png Mephisto: "Now Diana, announce the answer...!"

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "The answer is... ×!"


Mephisto (Swimsuit) AW Icon.png Mephisto: "I could expect no less from the Prince. I believed you would answer correctly."


Angeline Icon.png Angeline: "... Prince-chan, you're going to need to do a little more studying. Don't give up; try again, OK?"


Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona:

(time passes)

★All Correct★

Risley Icon.png Risley: "Result Happy—!! Which, which, which, which... Babang!"

Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leora: "All correct~♪ As expected of Prince-chan~♪"

★One Incorrect★

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "Hoh, one incorrect? But for you to have learned that much about the White Emperor, I have a higher opinion of you, Prince."

★Two or More Incorrect★

Leora (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leora: (Missing Text)

★Normal Ending★

Risley Icon.png Risley: "Well then, the time we part ways is drawing near. Look forward to the 4th Kingdom Marubatsu Quiz Meet!"

White Emperor Icon.png White Emperor: "The Empire and Kingdom are together from now on. Don't forget that, Prince."

Risley Icon.png Risley: "Then everyone all together~♪ See ya later—♪"

★Ending if Caught Cheating★

Leona (Swimsuit) Icon.png Leona: "Yare-yare, cheaters never prosper. Diana! Mephisto! Time for the punishment!"

Diana (Swimsuit) Icon.png Diana: "Hah. Your Majesty, a spanking is necessary for cheating. ——Prepare yourself!"

Mephisto (Swimsuit) AW Icon.png Mephisto: "Fufu, spanking has a nice sound to it! Feel free to take it!"

Golden Cyclone

Beradt Icon.png Beradt: "Kuh... I am a count... of noble lineage... So why must I endure this treatment...?"

Beradt: "What is a meritocracy? What is the White Emperor...? How much blood and tears have flowed through your reign...? Damn, damn, damn it aaaall!!"

Beradt: "——But for me, I have a new armour. That eccentric demon... factory manager...? An armour crafted in that thing's toy factory...!!"

(time passes)

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "We received a report Count Beradt was last sighted in this area."

Leona Icon.png Leona: "My apologies for having you guide us. I'll have to sternly advise the team that was tracking Beradt."

Leona: "However the tracking team said something strange. Something about Beradt entering and leaving a toy factory..."

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Toy factory...?"

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "... A toy factory, you say?"

Leona Icon.png Leona: "I thought he wasn't a man who would gift toys to children, but well, I better retain that image in the back of my head."

Beradt Icon.png Beradt: "——Nay, it's too late for that. Facts are always being updated, information has no choice but to lag behind."

Leona Icon.png Leona: "Beradt!! For you to obediently surrender yourself, it does you credit."

Beradt Icon.png Beradt: "Fufufufufufu... Surrender myself? Could it be, could it be, could it be, could it be!? You thought I! You thought a noble man such as myself would do such a thing!?"

Rute Icon.png Rute: "——B, bad news! There's a report soldiers belonging to Beradt's faction are heading this way!"

Beradt Icon.png Beradt: "Now feast your eyes on my beautiful armour!! This IS... my new power!!"

Beradt: "——The form of Perfect Beradt!!"

(Beradt Gets Up)

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "P, Prince! I don't really get it, but he's dangerous!! Please give your orders with care...!!"


Beradt Icon.png Beradt: "*Wheeze, wheeze*... S, such power. Such speed... For you to wrap your fingers around me."

Beradt: "But I'll be back, mark my words! Next time will be the day the Empire takes back its former glory!"

Beradt: "Perfect Beradt, Retreat Mode!!"

Leona Icon.png Leona: "... It's an unusual looking, yet somehow fearsome, armour."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "He somehow managed to escape, but his movements were too hard to wrap my head around..."

Leona Icon.png Leona: "There's no telling what Beradt has planned for the future. I'm sorry, but I would like you to lend your strength for what's to come."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

(time passes)

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: (......... Wh, what was that!? Wasn't that just way too cool!?)

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: (... Crazy! That's crazy!! Uooh, my heart's dancing...!!)

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: (Uuugh, I don't really understand, but please let me join you, too!)

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: (Yoosh, let's play Perfect Beradt at once—! I hafta invite the weak-weak Prince later~♪)

Bounded Lives

Silvia Icon.png Silvia: "——A disagreeable place, no matter how many times we come here."

Ema Icon.png Ema: "My humblest apologies, princess. It's because it's the place that loathsome woman was sealed long ago."

Vincent Icon.png Vincent: "The air is stagnant... Can't say it's a very good environment for the living. Let us quickly finish our investigation and be on our way."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "That woman, who destroyed the Vampire Country and even made the Duke into her servant... Who in the world is she?"

Ema Icon.png Ema: "That one is of the blood clan and not of the blood clan, brought into existence along with we the first vampires, albeit twisted and distorted."

Silvia Icon.png Silvia: "She was the sole failure of the first one who gave birth to vampires."

Ema Icon.png Ema: "The fact that blossom unable to bear fruit was never reaped was the primary reason the Vampire Country fell. Kin slaying skin, merciless destruction."

Silvia Icon.png Silvia: "... It's because to the first one, she was like a daughter. Laying the blame there would be terrible."

Vincent Icon.png Vincent: "... Leave the chitchat there. Come, let's begin the search."

Hyuna Icon.png Hyuna: "No, it looks like guests have arrived ahead of us. It looks like they're dead set on not allowing us to search the graveyard."

Vampire Duke Icon.png Vampire Duke: "——Nay, there's nothing left in this place. However, disturbing the former resting place of her lady is quite offensive."

Racua Icon.png Racua: "Duke, or have you already changed into that woman's dog? Though I recall you were a proud noble before the rebellion."

Vampire Duke Icon.png Vampire Duke: "It's far too late to be dredging up memories. A deep severance between us already exists. ——Come forth, servants of my soul."

[Duke and Minions Appear]

Spiria Icon.png Spiria: "What, those undead... The shape of their lives is all twisted. As if their souls are connected to the Duke by a chain."

Hyuna Icon.png Hyuna: "... What do you mean? Those undead share the same body and soul as the Duke?"

Spiria Icon.png Spiria: "They're like an armour of life so to speak. The Duke is sustaining his own life with the souls of those undead."

Vincent Icon.png Vincent: "... How annoying. So it's like the Duke brought himself a cat's share of lives?"

Spiria Icon.png Spiria: "But if we cut down the lives of the undead, we may be able to use that to attack the Duke. Prince-sama, let's start by defeating the surrounding undead!"


Vampire Duke Icon.png Vampire Duke: "... Yare-yare, as I thought, this isn't enough to defeat you. But it was a good test, I shall give you my gratitude."

Ema Icon.png Ema: "... Duke, young vampire, please relay this to that woman. Tell her next time she won't have the good fortune of a second sealing."

Vampire Duke Icon.png Vampire Duke: "... Fuh, I shall pass it on. I believe it would suffice to bring about a smile full of mirth."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... The Vampire Duke has retreated. The presence of the nearby undead has also vanished..."

Silvia Icon.png Silvia: "I'm sorry, Prince-sama. Our old struggle has repeated once more in the current age."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "Silvia-san..."

Vincent Icon.png Vincent: "What? In the current age, you have vampire hunters and the Prince who didn't exist back then."

Ema Icon.png Ema: "Fufu, that's most reassuring. After all, the sparkle of mankind is a very beautiful thing."

Ema: "We of the blood clan shall also not watch and wait. Let us challenge this battle together."

Hyuna Icon.png Hyuna: "Yosh, now that it's decided, let's resume the investigation. He said there was nothing, but we can at least hope there's some clue."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Right. Well then, Prince, let's proceed with the investigation of the graveyard!"

Pious Lance Knight

(cute goblins get clobbered)

Holy Knight NPC Icon.png Holy Knighthood Member: "——Unclean servant of Maou, you shall be cleansed by this iron hammer."

Goblin Icon.png Goblin: "Gyagya—!?"

Holy Knight NPC Icon.png Holy Knighthood Member: "For you to impede our path, what they say about goblins having no concept of faith is true."

Goblin Icon.png Goblin: "Gyagya! Here! Territory! Enter! No! Leave!"

Holy Knight NPC Icon.png Holy Knighthood Member: "Vulgar creature... That Colum, she fled into a most troublesome place."

Colum Icon.png Colum: "Thanks to that, I bought myself just a little more time..."

Holy Knight NPC Icon.png Holy Knighthood Member: "Fufu, but it seems you have no way out. Come, Colum, accept the holy ceremony. Discard your flesh and let your soul inhabit the armour."

Colum Icon.png Colum: "I refuse...!! There's no faith in such a thing! Haven't you noticed you're being turned into slaves!?"

Holy Knight NPC Icon.png Holy Knighthood Member: "For you to be tainted by such impure thoughts, where has your former piety gone...? Come, Colum, now——"

Finan Icon.png Finan: "That's far enough! Colum-chan, we'll save you now!"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "It looks like she's Finan-san's friend. So the ones up ahead are the Holy Knighthood?"

Colum Icon.png Colum: "Finan...? And that army, could they be the Kingdom's...?"

Holy Knight NPC Icon.png Holy Knighthood Member: "Kingdom Army...? Whatever, if you won't receive our faith, then we'll purge you all so there's nothing left in this land."

Holy Knighthood Member: "Take the certain kill position. The enemy is the Kingdom Army that slayed Maou. Don't underestimate them!"

Colum Icon.png Colum: "Prince-heika, I'll also fight. I'll time my movement with the Kingdom Army, so please give the order when you have need of my Ougi!"


Finan Icon.png Finan: "Colum-chaaaaaaAN!" Are you safe? You're not hurt, are you?"

Colum Icon.png Colum: "I'm fine, Finan. Prince-heika, thank you very much for saving me."

Finan Icon.png Finan: "Prince-sama, this girl is Colum-chan. She was in the same religious order as myself, we got along like sisters, see?"

Colum Icon.png Colum: "Wah... P, please don't hug me! Prince-heika is watching, you know!?"

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Fufu, I'm glad your friend is safe. ——That said, I'm worried about the Holy Knighthood's movements."

Tuan (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tuan: "I thought they got swallowed up in the fake Tenkai Gate the other day, and now here they are making moves in the physical realm... ... Are they being controlled by someone in Tenkai?"

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon.png Solais: "We cannot be sure... It's possible they joined the battle in Tenkai."

Solais: "Prince-kun, we'll need to keep watch for the Holy Knighthood from now on, OK?"

Monstrous Flower's Pungent Odour

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "——Nicole-san, Lehren-san, good work on the World Tree investigation. How are things developing...?"

Nicole Icon.png Nicole: "Mumumu... Even Nicole-chan doesn't really know what to do. The monsterisation of the World Tree, rather than stopping, it's speeding up."

Lehren Icon.png Lehren: "If it was due to a drug or curse, we would have a way to deal with it, but the cause is that divine wedge."

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "... Divine wedge?"

Nicole Icon.png Nicole: "Hahaa—n, silly Assistant-chan, weren't you listening to Nicole-chan's lecture? The Divine Wedge is the cause of the World Tree Monsterisation and——"

Phonia Icon.png Phonia: "It's a wedge only gods can create to perform miracles. The people in Tenkai call it the 'Divine Wedge'."

Lehren Icon.png Lehren: "Ohh, you're back, Phonia. How's the situation with the sky's Tenkai Gate?"

Phonia Icon.png Phonia: "It's been completely sealed shut, I believe it won't be possible to pass through neither here nor there."

Nicole Icon.png Nicole: "The only way we're going to resolve this situation is to enter Tenkai, but we're stuck here with these shut Tenkai Gates."

Phonia Icon.png Phonia: "However, that doesn't mean there isn't a way to reach Tenkai. If it's the old gate we used before——"

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: "——Ooi, ya mongrels! How long're ya gonna be yapping? Let's get a move on from this smelly joint!"

Nicole Icon.png Nicole: "... Smelly? Now that you mention it, it's like there's a sweet and pungent smell...?"

Quill Icon.png Quill: "This smell... Don't tell me it's a Huge Rafflesia...? B, bad news, Prince-heika! This is a monster attack!"

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: "Whaaat!? This stinking smell's caused by monsters!? Dammit, I can't fight at all in this stench!!"

Quill Icon.png Quill: "Heika, the small Rafflesia are all like children connected to the larger body. Once we defeat that huge one, they'll all soon scatter."

Quill: "If we don't hurry, this stench will taint the World Tree. Prince-heika, please quickly give your orders...!!"


Nicole Icon.png Nicole: "Ueeeeh... There's still a sickly-sweet stench coming from my clothes..."

Quill Icon.png Quill: "There weren't supposed to be any Huge Rafflesia flowering in this area... This must be another effect of the World Tree's monsterisation?"

Lehren Icon.png Lehren: "I believe it's enough to think it's attracting powerful beings. ——Oops, by the way, Phonia, do you have any ideas?"

Nicole Icon.png Nicole: "Right, right, before the battle you said something about passing through some old gate, right?"

Phonia Icon.png Phonia: "Eeh, we used it before we fell, it's a gate not known to the current people of Tenkai."

Chloe Icon.png Chloe: "If that bunch that plotted to turn the World Tree into a monster knew about it, they would've used that gate as well."

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Mumumu. If it's that kind of shortcut, then I wish you told us earlier."

Phonia Icon.png Phonia: "There's a reason we didn't. A Tenkai Gate is basically a powerful barrier that won't permit passage to anyone who isn't affiliated to Tenkai."

Chloe Icon.png Chloe: "Once we pass through, I'm sure even the enemy will know about the old gate."

Nicole Icon.png Nicole: "I see—. We can't confirm whether it's possible to pass through, and we may not be able to use it more than once. The odds are stacked against us if we risk it on such a gate."

Quill Icon.png Quill: "But I can't sit with my finger in my mouth and watch the World Tree mutate. Prince-heika, we have to reach Tenkai..."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... ......... (Nod)."

Phonia Icon.png Phonia: "... Without any other means, it can't be helped. Well then, I'll guide you to the old Tenkai Gate."

Chloe Icon.png Chloe: "So that's how it's going to be, Prince, you go talk to the Empire."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Go and talk to the Empire?"

Phonia Icon.png Phonia: "Yes. Because the old gate we know is way up above."

Forgotten Gate

Leona Icon.png Leona: "——I heard rumours of ruins floating through magic, but I didn't expect it would be the Tenkai Gate."

Leora Icon.png Leora: "So this is why you sought the Empire? We're the only ones with airships capable of reaching these altitudes~♪"

Leona Icon.png Leona: "But this airspace is the territory of the Thunder Bird, a great bird shrouded in lightning. Once we open the gate, it's best we hurry——"

Tarania Icon.png Tarania: "... No, by the roaring distant thunder, it sounds like we've been watched for some time. It's checking us to see whether we're bad guys."

Lateria Icon.png Lateria: "Lessee, so the Thunder Bird's nearby? Well, but according to the accounts, they're overly cautious; from what I hear, we'll be unharmed so long as we don't provoke it."

Leona Icon.png Leona: "Hmm... In that case, there's no need to fight it. Prince, we best quickly commence the ritual to open the Tenkai Gate."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "——No, we won't let you. I was surprised you know about this old gate, but keeping an eye on you was worth the trouble."

Sophie Icon.png Sophie: "... For you to know of this gate, the one giving you orders must be in possession of very old knowledge."

Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "So you're curious? I don't intend to answer one who fell. Come, let's crash their airship here."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Prince, an army of angels are coming. The Thunder Bird is nearby, so please give your orders with care!"

(Clouds Appear)

Sophie Icon.png Sophie: "Oya, those clouds... Could they be imbued with the same magic as Tenkai...?"

Phonia Icon.png Phonia: "I see, it looks we can use them for footing. Prince, the clouds that just appeared have been hardened with magic. It'll be possible to stand on the clouds and fight."


Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "... It can't be... For us to lose..."

Leona Icon.png Leona: "Prince, the angel's attack has stopped. If we're to enter Tenkai, now's our chance."

Phonia Icon.png Phonia: "Well then, I'll open the Tenkai Gate. Everyone, please get ready for engagement."

Sophie Icon.png Sophie: "Let's go, Phonia-san, Chloe-san. It's an old gate, so let's pour our magical power into it."

Chloe Icon.png Chloe: "... It's been so long, I don't know if I can do it well, but OK, let's try and do our best."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... Tenkai, I wonder what kind of place it could be. Would it be a good place for us humans to venture into?"

Anna: "... No, now's not the time to be timid. Prince, let's move from the airship to the ruins and make preparations!"

Residents of Tenkai

[——Entrance to Tenkai.]

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: "Dammit. The hell's this shit?"

Soma Icon.png Soma: "It looks like the path just ends abruptly. Up ahead is... Hmm, it's like I can't see."

Phonia Icon.png Phonia: "As I suspected, it seems Tenkai's barrier is healthy... This is the invisible barrier protecting Tenkai that won't let anyone without a divine spark through."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "We won't be able to know what's happening in Tenkai if we can't cross over here..."

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "We'll just have to overcome this challenge. Oh, that reminds me, how did you cross through here, Augusta?"

Augusta Icon.png Augusta: "Let's see, in my case, Keraunos-sama imbued me with divinity through the miracle of the divine wedge. With that, I'm free to cross over the barrier..."

Atnates (Platinum) AW Icon.png Atnates: "So the divine wedge is important even here...? It's not like I don't have my share of acquaintances from Tenkai, but they didn't have anything as convenient as a divine wedge on them."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon.png Solais: "Yeah, you must mean those girls, right? Ever since the Millennium War, we lost communication with them..."

Sanara (Platinum) AW Icon.png Sanara: "In any case, it looks like we have no choice but to investigate. First, let's head to that temple-looking place over there!"

Yuugen (Platinum) AW Icon.png Yuugen: "——No, wait a sec. What's this sound of flight... It's different from an angel... Prince, something's flying our way!"

(2G and Loli Harpy Appear)

Rhyno NPC Icon.png Eagle-Winged Birdman: "... I don't believe it, for ones from the physical realm to come through the Tenkai Gate."

Pallios NPC Icon.png White-Winged Birdman: "Couldn't that be the person the angels said defeated Garius?"

Rhyno NPC Icon.png Eagle-Winged Birdman: "Shhh... Not so loud. What do you intend to do if the angels heard you? We're pretending to serve them, remember?"

Pallios NPC Icon.png White-Winged Birdman: "Y, yep! ——Ahh, angel... samas came!

Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "Birdmen, well done. For discovering the Prince's location."

Angel: "Now then, now's the time for you to show your loyalty. I don't believe they'll break the barrier, but we cannot afford them any kindness. Please show the Prince no mercy."

Rhyno NPC Icon.png Eagle-Winged Birdman: "... Hah, as you wish."


Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "... I see, their manpower is greater than expected. It would be best we report this to our superiors."

Rhyno NPC Icon.png Eagle-Winged Birdman: "Leave the rear to us. I doubt they'll come here through the barrier, but I'll cut their numbers down as much as possible."

Enemy Angel Icon.png Angel: "How thoughtful. Well then, I leave it to you."

Anna 2017 Summer NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "... The angel army is starting to retreat."

Rhyno NPC Icon.png Eagle-Winged Birdman: "...... Are they gone? ——You must be the hero of the physical realm they say defeated Garius?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: ".........? ......... (Nod)."

Pallios NPC Icon.png White-Winged Birdman: "Wah! Yay! It's really Hero-san! I told you, I told you, he really crossed over the barrier——Hepi!?"

Rhyno NPC Icon.png Eagle-Winged Birdman: "Hey, I told you not so loud. ——Now then, Hero-dono, I believe you're being troubled by that barrier?"

Eagle-Winged Birdman: "This barrier cannot be crossed by those not blessed with divinity. And to imbue divinity, the divine wedge is necessary."

Solais (Platinum) AW Icon.png Solais: "... However, Aigis-sama, Adamas-sama, and Keraunos-sama have all lost their power. What should we do...?"

Rhyno NPC Icon.png Eagle-Winged Birdman: "In the physical realm, there should be a fallen 'demigod' who stole power from an old god. If it's that one, perhaps the divine wedge is still in their possession."

Alissa Icon.png Alissa: "There's a god besides Aigis-sama and the others in the human world...?"

Rhyno NPC Icon.png Eagle-Winged Birdman: "Not a god, a 'demigod'. He should be stripped of the right to create new divine wedges. Indeed, I recall he created a country at the depths of the sea, but——"

Tuan (Platinum) AW Icon.png Tuan: "——A country on the ocean's floor...? Wait... Could that be Kralhu?"

Pallios NPC Icon.png White-Winged Birdman: "Oooh~! Yay! It sounds like you're already acquainted! In that case, you'll probably be over here before long!"

Rhyno NPC Icon.png Eagle-Winged Birdman: "... I see. Hero-dono, I'm sorry to not lend a hand, but I'm glad if this information will serve you at the very least."

Sanara (Platinum) AW Icon.png Sanara: "... Umm, why are you giving us this advice? Earlier, you were attacking us..."

Rhyno NPC Icon.png Eagle-Winged Birdman: "We have our own situation, you could say. But at least consider us your allies."

Eagle-Winged Birdman: "I want you to save Tenkai with the power that slew Garius. ——I'm looking forward to the time we next meet."

Pallios NPC Icon.png White-Winged Birdman: "Well then! See you later! Bye-bye, Hero-sama!"


Menu Fame.png
  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 5 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 崩落する迷宮 (30/2) with 5 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 束ねられた命 (30/2) with only Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

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