Gold Rush 5 (年末年始お年玉イベントゴールドラッシュ!) is a Gold Rush-type urgent mission that ran from 25/12/14 to 05/01/15.


  • Gold Rush missions have Completion rewards. To get them, obtain all the drops available from the maps.
  • Completion rewards are units of Gold rarity.

Missions Edit

  • Upon 3-starring a mission, subsequent runs will have an additional unit of Platinum rarity with the chance to drop itself.
  • Having Matsuri in your team doubles the chances of these Platinum units dropping.
Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops Completion
Sta Life Enemies 3★ extra
The Lost Santa
30 250 1200 20 8
Calliope Icon
Calliope Lv8
Sara Icon
Spirit of Bronze x2
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Ryuryu Icon
2 20 28
Belinda Icon
Great Kite's Shadow
30 250 1200 25 8
Table Wine Icon
Table Wine
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) x2
Millennium Wine Icon
Millennium Wine
Hien Icon
2 20 66
Azami Icon
Invasion of Darkness
30 250 1200 30 8
Crystal Icon
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet x2
Valerie Icon
Valerie Lv8
Bernice Icon
2 10 14
Odette Icon
Forbidden Giant Rock Soldier
30 250 1200 20 8
Leeanne Icon
Leeanne Lv8
Russell Icon
Russell Lv8 x2
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor x2
Barbastroff Icon
2 15 37
Maribel Icon
Ancient Weapons' Rampage
30 250 1200 20 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Cyrille Icon
Spirit of Silver x2
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Dorothy Icon
2 25 48
Rikka Icon
Avenger's Memories
30 250 1200 30 8
Ruby Icon
Sara Icon
Spirit of Bronze x2
Millennium Wine Icon
Millennium Wine
Vincent Icon
2 20 28
Ada Icon
New Year's Eve Battle
30 250 1200 20 10
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Leo Icon
Leo Lv8 x2
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Carrie Icon
2 20 81
Charlotte Icon
Princesses' Shrine Visit
30 250 1200 5 8
Sanosuke Icon
Sanosuke Lv8 x2
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet x2
Diamond Icon
Kojurou Icon
2 5 5
Shiho Icon
Martial Artists' Pushing Practice
30 250 1200 20 8
Dan Icon
Dan Lv8
Beer Icon
Beer x2
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Gina Icon
2 20 24
Lin Icon
Surge of Darkness
30 250 1200 20 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) x2
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Julian Icon
2 15 40
Yurina Icon
Forbidden Angels
30 250 1200 20 8
Niel Icon
Niel Lv8
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon
Demon Crystal (2)
Demon Crystal (x3) Icon
Demon Crystal (3)
Erun Icon
2 20 40
Chloe Icon

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Lost Santa

Ryuryu: "What am I going to do~!? Thanks to this, I won't be able to deliver the presents to the childreeen...!"

Ryuryu: "I can't make out the road due to the snowstorms, and I keep running into monster attacks, and...! What is that snowmaaan~!?"

Ryuryu: "Kya—! They're coming towards me—!"

Anna: "Prince! The screams are coming from this direction...! Let's save her at once!"

Anna: "Prince, those snowmen... may be one of the leftover ones that were being controlled by the monsters that were sealed earlier."

Anna: "The snowmen here are ones that I made together with my childhood friend after we met."

Anna: "In the old days, we used to make snowmen and play with them. It's been a while since we last met, so we made them without any thought."

Anna: "Anyway, Prince. The soldier's report that there's a high possibility that a snowstorm stronger than usual is approaching."

Anna: "Please be careful."

Large Kite's Shadow

Soldier: "Report! A band of ninjas appear to be approaching. They must be plotting to attack us!"

Anna: "They intend to attack, huh... Prince, prepare for battle!"

Anna: "However, I wonder why so many ninjas are making us their enemy..."

Hien: "If you trace ninjutsu to its origins, it was originally developed as a means to fight the monsters during the Millennium War. However..."

Hien: "While it's deplorable, to make ends meet, it's now an occupation for spying and assassinations."

Hien: "There are many among us who have forgotten its true purpose."

Hien: "Fortunately, there are still many of those who haven't forgotten its true purpose as a means to fight the monsters..."

Anna: "Even so, most of the ninjas we met have been our enemy. Where are the others..."

Hien: "The ones who haven't forgotten their purpose immediately went to challenge the monsters during their revival."

Hien: Unfortunately, many have perished, so there are fewer and fewer ninjas like myself..."

Anna: "So that's how it is..."

Hien: "However, those that are calling themselves ninjas are the enemy. They've already forgotten their purpose. Show them no mercy."

(large kite appears)

Hien: "Master, keep an eye on the ninjas riding those kites. The bombs they carry have an unusually high firepower. Please be careful."

Invasion of Darkness

Odette: "Hell gates are opening everywhere..."

Anna: "What in the world are hell gates?"

Odette: "To put it simply, there's another world besides the physical world we live in and Makai."

Odette: "However, it overlaps each of our worlds, making it possible for the residents of both worlds to travel from one another. Hell gates are the entrances."

Anna: "No way...! You're telling me they make it easy for the monsters to come here?"

Odette: "Indeed. There will be no end even if you defeat the monsters in this battle."

Odette: "The fighting won't stop unless you somehow manage to cut the connection between the physical world and Makai"

Anna: "How are we supposed to do that...?"

Soldiers: "The monsters are coming!"

[If you place a unit next to the monsters holding whips, they will be attacked.]


Odette: "You asked it earlier, but... if I knew, then you would already know the answer."

Anna: "... That's true."

Forbidden Giant Rock Soldier

Anna: Anna: "Prince, it looks like this is the place where the unknown monster appeared..."

Anna: "!? Prince, something's there!"

Barbastraf: "Careful. Over there is the stone golem. Golems are magical lifeforms created from magic..."

Barbastraf: "Their strength varies depending on their size and materials. The one standing in front of you looks like it possesses remarkably high fighting potential."

Anna: "Magical lifeform... Sounds dangerous."

Barbastraf: "There were certain powerful human magicians who used golems long ago, but there were certain monsters with access to magic who also used golems."

Barbastraf: "If that golem was created by a monster, then approaching it will be dangerous. The way things are, you should leave it well enough alone."

Soldier: "Report! Monsters are heading this way!"

Anna: "If we don't stop them here, the villages behind us will be in danger!"

Barbastraf: "I hope you battle with care so as to not pick a fight with the golem."

Rampaging Ancient Weapon

Dorothy: "The dwarves' actions here are strange. It looks like they unearthed another suspicious thing."

Anna: "That reminds me of the mechanical soldiers from before. I find it hard to believe the mechanical soldiers were something someone created."

Ricca: "There's no way a Machinists like me, who can only maintain and use mechanical soldiers built by the ancients, could create such things..."

Ricca: "There was a superior civilization before the machinists that are said to have discovered stuff we couldn't imagine."

Ricca: "We may never know the truth, but it's not necessarily a lie when things like the mechanical soldiers have actually been dug up..."

Gustav: "Oh no!"

Anna: "Gustav-san!"

Gustav: "Oh no! The mechanical soldiers we dug up have gone out of control."

Anna: "... You also haven't learned a thing, haven't you...?"

Anna: "In any case, let's hurry."

(burning mechanical soldier appears)

Gustav: "Watch out. That broken mechanical soldier will explode once defeated!"

Anna: "Why did you unearth them?"

Gustav: "Shaddup! Will ye hurry up and defeat 'em!?"

Avenger's Memories

Vincent: "... When I'm fighting together with them like this, it makes my life as an avenger seem like a lie..."

Vincent: "I, who wasn't able to save my family, joined forces with the Prince to help save the world. Life is unpredictable."

Vincent: "Perhaps I have been healed by them, I who understood nothing."

Vincent: "Why did you two have to die before me? I have no excuse..."

Vampire Girl: "..."

Vincent: "...! You...!"

Vampire Girl: "*giggle*... What are you muttering about alone on a night like this? Mister. You're weird."

Vincent: "You're my daughter... No, my daughter was definitely... by my own hands..."

Vampire Girl: "Ahahaha! Mister is weird—!"

Vampire Girl: "I'm a vampire lord. I came to defeat the Prince who is hostile to the vampires—♪"

[If you receive a vampire lord's attack, you will become paralysed.]


Vampire Girl: "*giggle*. I only came to greet you this time, so that's enough for now. Next time, I won't spare you."

Vampire Girl: "Bye-bye, Mister?"

Vincent: "Wait! You look like my...!"

Vincent: "..."

New Year's Eve Battle

Anna: "Prince, so many things happened this year... We met all sorts of people."

Anna: "The battles may become more severe after this, but please look after me in the coming year as well."

Soldier: "Report! Monster attack!"

Anna: "It looks like we can't take it easy on the very last day of the year, either. Prince! Let's fight back!"

Princesses' Hatsumoude

Kojuurou: "Lord. Here's the place for Hatsumoude. It is a custom in my country. I also wanted the Prince to experience it at least once."

Themis: "Oh, if it isn't Kojuurou."

Lilia: "What are you two doing in a place like this...? Are you also paying a visit, Prince?"

Sherry: "Wait, do you intend to pay the first shrine visit of the new year before us? I'm terribly sorry, but we're going first."

Kojuurou: "A moment. My lord should go first."

Themis: "Kojuurou. What's with you all of a sudden?"

Sherry: "Indeed. Haven't you heard the expression 'ladies first' in your country?"

Themis: "First of all, Prince. Why are you with Kojuurou without inviting us?"

Kojuuorou: "No, I was the one who..."

Lilia: "Kojuurou-sama, please be quiet. Prince? Tell us your reason."

Sherry: "Going out for Hatsumoude with Kojuurou without inviting us... Unforgivable!!"

Martial Artist's Head-to-Head Training

Dan: "You're the descendant of the hero I heard so much about!"

Anna: "Who are you?"

Dan: "I'm the martial artist Dan! I hear you've earned a name for yourself, so I very much wish to spar with you!"

Anna: "Somehow, I doubt he will take no for an answer..."

Dan: "All right! Oops, before we start, we'll fight without any ranged weapons, OK?"

Dan: "We're men, so we'll compete with our fists, OK!?"

Dark Wave

Dark Knight Leader: "I was waiting for you, Prince...! Today I will defeat you, and then my dark knighthood will take over the world!!"

Anna: "Prince, watch out! Something feels off from usual."

Dark Knight Leader: "Hoh, so you've noticed? Well, there's no helping being afraid of this dark aura I'm shrouded in. With this, you have no hope of victory...!"

Anna: "My strength is steadily... It's most likely that evil aura he's exhibiting. Prince, please be careful!"

[While the Dark Knight Leader is Active, All Allies' Attack Decreased by 80%. Once He's Defeated or In Your Base, Your Attack Power Will Return To Its Normal Value.]

Forbidden Angels

Eln: "I can't believe there are still angels who've accepted those orders still remaining..."

Eln: "Even though their activities have been halted, they're being awoken by someone. Who could it be?"

Eln: "Harming the humans must not be allowed, even if the gods have ordained it."

Eln: "Even for a fallen angel...!"


Anna: "What kind of angels were those earlier?"

Eln: "..."

Sophie: "Fear them not. For you were under our protection."

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