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"Just because I'm a dwarf, don't take me lightly."

Dwarf Warrior Gustav is a silver soldier.

Obtained from:


Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min

Gustav Icon.png
Soldier Lv1 847 175 111 0 2 8 5 ATK+25 Phoenix's
Lv50 1200 270 165
Lv1 1206 271 166 0 3 11 8 ATK+60
Lv55 1530 337 215


Name & Effect (edit info)
During skill use, even if
HP reaches 0, it will be
restored to half once.
Infinite duration.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged Omni

Gustav 3☆
Chibi Dorothy
Lv Reuse
1 89
2 88
3 87
4 86
5 85


Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Mithril Arms
(edit info)
15% chance to either increase Attack by 1.8x and/or nullify an enemy attack.
Gustav Icon.png
Sera AW Icon.png
CC Icon.pngAW Icon.png
  • Nullifies both physical and magical attacks. Does not affect DoT and counterattacks.
  • Nullification buffs have a hidden category associated with them. Buffs of the same type will not stack; the largest effect will override all others. For more information, see Nullification.

Class Attributes[]

Class Name
(edit info)
Traits/Effects Notes
Junior Soldier Can block up to 2 enemies.
Soldier Chief
Can block up to 3 enemies.
Elite Soldier
Can block up to 3 enemies.
While deployed, all units gain 3% attack and defense, and 3 MR.
  • Cost -2.
  • Small ATK/DEF increase.
  • Multiple instances of the 3% buff WILL NOT stack.
Can block up to 3 enemies.
Each of the following has a 30% chance of occuring:
  • Attack again with no delay.
  • Nullify enemy attack.
  • All status increase.


Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them.[]

0% Just because I'm a dwarf, don't take me lightly.
12% Where are you looking? I'm down here.
25% My body may be small, but I can protect you just the same.
50% Being small, I can see hard-to-see places.
60% The dwarf population seems to be increasing lately.
80% Sometimes it's happy, sometimes sad, but overall, war is hell.
100% We dwarves could do worse than to put our future in your hands.
Adjutant Come on, hurry up and get ready. I will show you the power of the dwarves.

 All-Age Conversation Scenes[]

Gustav #1 :

"Greetings, Prince."

You hear someone speak, but there is no one in sight.

Rising from your chair and casting your gaze downward, you catch sight of Gustav, father of the dwarves.

"Hmmph, sorry for being so small."

You apologize to the pouting Gustav, and move to where you can see him.

"Well, I guess that's the fate of the dwarf. But we're pretty agile because of our small size, I'll have you know."

Absently stroking his beard, Gustav narrows his eyes. Those eyes had witnessed many a battlefield.

He'd been through enough battles to have earned the moniker "Father of the Dwarves." Anyone judging him by his appearance would surely pay a heavy price.

"I may be an old fool, but I've accumulated a fair bit of knowledge over the years. I won't be a burden to you."

With that, Gustav grins and begins to tell you the true purpose of his visit — the conflict with the monsters.

Quite a crafty old man, you think to yourself.

Gustav #2 :

"There are a lot of dwarves here now, aren't there?"

Gustav speaks the truth. The army had grown, and dwarves form a sizable contingent of it.

"I'm happy that my kind are increasing in number, and that they're eager to do battle... but also sad as well."

Gazing at his glass, Gustav lowers his eyes sorrowfully.

"There weren't that many of us dwarves to begin with. Now our people are scattered everywhere, and thanks to the monsters, there's no telling how many are left..."

"With the battles still ahead of us, the number of us out there, including our young, will surely decline."

Gustav stares at the palms of his hands. There's nothing sadder than having others die before you.

Gustav continues to voice his concerns.

"Well, chances are you're going to outlive me. I reckon that I could safely entrust the future of the dwarves to you."

You tell Gustav that is pretty self-centered of him, and he laughs heartily.

"That's not too much to ask, is it?"

Very impressive, you think, letting out a wry smile.

Class Change Materials[]

Required units (edit units)
Cyrille Icon.png
Gladys Icon.png
Material 1
Soldier (Unit) A Icon.png
Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png
Desert Soldier Icon.png
Material 2
Soldier (Heavy) A Icon.png
Soldier (Heavy) B Icon.png
Material 3
Asar Icon.png
Crave Icon.png
Gustav Icon.png
Phyllis Icon.png
Rosalie Icon.png


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