Limited availability

  • This character was part of the urgent mission(s) Rance 10 x Aigis Collaboration Event, and can not currently be obtained.
  • Limited units may become obtainable again at a later date.

Hanny is a black EXP Unit.

Rarity Icon Class Skill Description Discharge Acquisition
Hanny Icon
- Can be used for units of any rarity, grants 8,210 EXP 5000G

Rance 10 Collab Event

Trivia Edit

In Japanese, 'ハ' is a possible reading of 8, while 'ニ' is a possible reading of 2, and 'ー' is a possible reading of 1. Hence the EXP value of 8210.

Hanny is one of the staple creature of Alice Soft's fantasy world. When referring to the species as a whole, the term Haniwa (ハニワ) is used, just like Humanity is used for humans.

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