Heroicwoman phase2

Heroine from Another World and the Soukaku's Young Lady (異世界の女傑と操殻の令嬢) is a star rush urgent mission based on a collaboration between Millennium War Aigis and Fuukan no Grasesta, running from 06/12/18 to 20/12/18.

New Units

Collaboration Notes Edit

  • A copy of Lilica from Fuukan no Grasesta will be distributed to all players daily from 7 December 2018 to 20 December 2018, making for a total of 14 copies.
  • There is no 30 SC reward or any other similar reward tiers for this collaboration event.

Unit Details Edit

Unit Name Class Skill AW Skill AW Ability
Dulphia Knight (Fuukan) パルシ=ファルザ
"Palsy Faruza"
Attack increases. Attacks become ranged.
"Palsy Rifro"
Attack increases. Attacks become ranged.
Automatic activation + unlimited duration.
"Red Sun's Grace"
During skill use, Attack of all allies increases by 10%.

Class Details Edit

Class Name Description
Knight (Fuukan) Blocks up to 2 enemies. Has a chance to increase Attack while attacking. Chance goes up during skill use.

Rewards Edit

This is a star rush type event. The player earns rewards by completing missions and earning stars. Unit rewards will be received based on the amount of collected stars at the end of the event whereas additional rewards are granted instantly.

Condition Reward Condition Additional Reward
Earn 5 stars Dulphia joins Earn 5 stars Gold Armor
Earn 6 stars Skill Level 2 Earn 6 stars Demon Crystal x3
Earn 7 stars Skill Level 3 Earn 7 stars Gold Armor
Earn 8 stars UP Cost -1 (-1) Earn 8 stars Spirit of Gold
Earn 9 stars Initial Level 20 Earn 9 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 10 stars Skill Level 4 Earn 10 stars Demon Crystal x5
Earn 11 stars Skill Level 5 Earn 11 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 12 stars UP Cost -1 (-2) Earn 12 stars Gold Armor
Earn 13 stars Skill Level 6 Earn 14 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 14 stars Initial Level 30 Earn 15 stars Gold Armor
Earn 15 stars Skill Level 7 Earn 16 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 16 stars UP Cost -1 (-3) Earn 19 stars Demon Crystal x7
Earn 17 stars Skill Level 8 Earn 21 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 18 stars Initial Level 40 Earn 22 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 19 stars Skill Level 9 Earn 23 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 20 stars UP Cost -1 (-4) Earn 24 stars Spirit of Platinum
Earn 21 stars Skill Level 10 Earn 25 stars Platinum Armor
Earn 22 stars UP Cost -1 (-5) Earn 26 stars Spirit Queen
Earn 23 stars Initial Level 50 Earn 27 stars Spirit of Rainbow
Earn 24 stars Initial Level 60
Earn 25 stars Freude
Earn 26 stars Onyx


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Summoned Mysterious Being
20 150 1050 10 8
Soldier (Bow) A Icon
Soldier (Bow) A Lv5 x2
Sara Icon
Spirit of Bronze
1 10 39
Beer Icon
Beer -
Power Filling the Labyrinth
<Enemy Defense Up>
30 200 1275 10 8
Kagerou Icon
Kagerou Lv8
Ars Icon
Ars Lv8 x2
2 10 39
Bouquet Icon
Bouquet -
Heroine's Command
<Enemy Attack Up>
40 250 1500 10 8
Dorca Icon
Dorca Lv10
Nenya Icon
Nenya Lv10
3 20 46
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1)
Dulphia's Seriousness
<Enemy All Status Up>
50 300 2250 25 8
Dan Icon
Dan Lv12
Harissa Icon
Harissa Lv12
5 15 37
Platinum Armor Icon
Platinum Armor
Crystal Icon
Stray Maid Angel
70 350 3000 10 8
Ertel Icon
Ertel Lv15
Cassis Icon
Cassis Lv15
6 20 64
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon
Demon Crystal (2)
While the Trumpet Angels are present, all enemies' Attack and Defense is increased.
Missions added midway through the event
Abrupt Entrance Search
40 230 1350 10 8
Iroha Icon
Iroha Lv10
Daniela Icon
Daniela Lv10
2 15 73
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Choice Sake Icon
Choice Sake
The Young Puppet Doll Lady
<Enemy MR Up>
50 300 2100 10 8
Niel Icon
Niel Lv12
Maya Icon
Maya Lv12
4 15 44
Leeanne Icon
Leeanne Lv12
Demon Crystal Icon
Demon Crystal (1) x2
Otherworldly Majin
60 250 1800 20 8
Nina Icon
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
2 15 46
Florika Icon
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon
Spirit of Rainbow
Majin of Hail and Weeping, Fleurety
70 350 3000 10 8
Charlotte Icon
Charlotte Lv15
Psyche Icon
Psyche Lv15
6 20 50
Mischa Icon
Mischa Lv15
Celia Icon
Spirit of Platinum
Defeating Fleurety is not necessary for a 3-star clear

Notable Enemies Edit

Enemy Unit
Aberration Sprite
Physical 6000 350 50 142
Initial: 30
1 UP
Units within range 70 suffer 2 damage per 0.1 seconds (20 damage per second).
Ranged (200)
Splash 133.33
9000 300 80 201
Initial: 20
Move: 161
Missile: 6
Has an aura.

Units within range 70 suffer 5 damage per 0.1 seconds (50 damage per second).

Dulphia Enemy Sprite
Armored Human
Physical 9000 650 300
MR 10
Initial: 21
3 UP

Ranged (180)
Armored Human
12000 800 450
MR 10
Initial: 21
Move: 61
Missile: 10
Ikai Summoner Sprite
Ikai Summoner
Ranged (180)
Magic 8500 350 50
MR 50
Initial: 24
Move: 81
Missile: 6
3 UP
Upon reaching 50% HP, gains attack, range, and reduced attack speed.
Ranged (300)
Splash 133.33
500 226
Initial: 24
Move: 161
Missile: 6
Has an aura.
Dominion Sprite
Physical 10000 800 200
MR 20
Initial: 8
2 UP
Angel Mage Knight (White) Sprite
Angel Mage Knight (White)
Ranged (200)
Armored Angel
Magic 4000 350 500 221
Initial: 40
Move: 141
Missile: 0
3 UP
Attacks all units within range.
Angel Knight (Red) Sprite
Angel Knight (Red)
Physical 6000 600 800 216
Initial: 16
3 UP
Angel Knight (Black) Sprite
Angel Knight (Black)
Physical 10000 1000 900 260
Initial: 60
3 UP
Cherub Sprite
- 2000 - 1500
MR 10
0 UP
While present, all Angel and Divine Beast type enemies have 20% increased ATK and DEF (stackable).
Phonia CC Skill Sprite
Ranged (240)
Magic 15000 250×2 400
MR 25
Initial: 24
Move: 71
Missile: 8
3 UP
Otherworldly Majin Sprite
Otherworldly Majin
Ranged (250) Physical 180000 8000 100
MR 40
Initial: 40
Move: 361
Missile: 0
3 UP
Uses melee attack when blocked.
Melee 4500 72
Initial: 27
Psyche CC Sprite
Ranged (180)
Magic 5500 300 50 173
Initial: 36
Move: 101
Missile: 0
3 UP
Charlotte Sprite
Ranged (200)
Magic 5000 500 150 83
Initial: 16
Move: 51
Missile: 10
3 UP
Deals half damage at range. Has an aura.
Black Archdemon Sprite
Black Archdemon
Physical 15000 1000 150
MR 90
Initial: 46
1 UP
White Archdemon Sprite
White Archdemon
Ranged (150)
Physical 10000 1000 150
MR 60
Initial: 46
Move: 71
Missile: 10
2 UP
Archdemon Swordsman Sprite
Archdemon Swordsman
Ranged (190)
Magic 40000 900 350
MR 70
Initial: 55
Move: 21
Missile: 0
3 UP
Uses melee attack while blocked. Ranged attack hits all allies in range.
Physical 2200 171
Initial: 40
Fleurety Sprite
Ranged (250) Magic 80000 1000 800
MR 60
Initial: 20
Move: 61
Missile: 0
3 UP
Cannot be attacked unless engaged with a blocker.

Attacks all units within range. Upon reaching 50% health, gains range and attack.

Ranged (500) 2500

Fame Edit

Menu Fame

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 4 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 突入口探索 (40/2) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 傀儡人形の令嬢 (50/4) with 7 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

Dialogue Edit

  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Aberration that was Summoned

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "——Fumu, like always, an unusual magical power is flowing throughout this labyrinth..."

Katie Icon Katie: "Indeed, it also feels as if the monsters that have been appearing are frightened by something."

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "I recognise the waves of this magical power. I fear it's from an otherworldly gate being opened."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "An otherworldly gate... You say? Does that mean the Ikai Summoner from Maou's army is plotting something again...?"

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "When an otherworldly gate is opened, a being not of this world will be summoned."

Cyrus: "Whether it's an otherworldly warrior or monster, there's no telling what has been summoned."

Katie Icon Katie: "Whatever it is, since it's a scheme cooked up by Maou's army, we can't just ignore it. Barbastraff-san, do you know where that magical power is originating from?"

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "From the furthest depths of the labyrinth... No, wait. This presence, it appears monsters will be soon upon us."

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "——Prince! Report from the scouts. A multitude of monsters and something they've never seen before has appeared."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Even if it's to venture onward, we can't let them get through us. Prince, let's subdue the monsters up ahead."

(unusual monster appears)

Leeanne Icon Lean: "What is that monster? Is it the one in the scout's report? It looks like it's releasing something from the tips of its tentacles, but..."

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "A monster of a kind we've never seen up to this point... I fear it's a being that hails from another world."

Alissa Icon Alyssa: "Prince, everyone, please be careful. What that monster's releasing is a poison mist. If you get close, it'll eat away at your bodies."


Soma Icon Soma: "So that unfamiliar monster was also summoned by the Ikai Summoner, right?"

Katie Icon Katie: "Presumably. It looks like it's a fact the Ikai Summoner is plotting something within this labyrinth. As I thought, we can't ignore this matter."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, there's a possibility monsters from another world like the one before will appear up ahead. Let's keep our eyes peeled, and proceed to the back of the labyrinth."

Power that Fills the Labyrinth

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "Umu... Looks like it's ahead of here. The magical power of the otherworldly gate is growing closer and closer."

Soma Icon Soma: "I can't get used to this place. For some reason, the air feels heavy... And it's quiet to the point of being creepy."

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "It's not just the air. Since coming to this area, the monsters feel even tougher."

Paula Icon Paula: "I believe that's due to Maou's blessing."

Paula: "As this is 'Maou's Labyrinth', his malevolent power's lingering in this place that used to be the monster's castle long ago. Because of that, the strength of the monsters touched by it are increasing."

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "Now that you mention it, that seems to be the case. Maou's blessing, eh...? Scary. So that's why our physical attacks aren't very effective?"

Katie Icon Katie: "Not just that, the monsters give an impression like they're being led by someone. Let's be sure not to let our guards down."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "It looks as though this unusual matter is going to prove tricky..."

Palace Icon Pales: "——Please wait. I feel the same magical power from earlier. It looks like there's monsters up ahead."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "The monsters from earlier... The ones that release the poison mist, right? However, to proceed ahead, we have no choice but to pass through here. Prince, let's commence the monster subjugation with care."

(Dulphia appears)

Dulphia Icon ???: "——I see, so that's how it is. Now I know the reason the ones from Maou's army are on alert."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Who are you!?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Fumu, so you must be the blood royal from this other world and his retainers? I am Dulphia Fechner, I'm now being entrusted with a squad from Maou's army."

Dulphia: "First, how about I measure your battle potential?"


Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Kuku, it appears you're capable of stopping this much, Prince."

Dulphia: "Interesting, my interest is piqued in what way each one of you will perish."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "You said you're Dulphia-san? Earlier you spoke of 'another world', could it be you were summoned by the Ikai Summoner?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "I'm not obligated to answer. Send word to the entire force, withdraw. It would be a foolish plan to keep fighting like this."

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Gyagya! Retreat! Retreat!"

Katie Icon Katie: "She's gone... It would be difficult to pursue them. That excellent leadership while commanding monsters. It looks like she's no regular knight from another world."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "For them to use someone from another world... Prince, I'm sure that woman also has her reasons for doing this. Let's overcome her and put a stop to the Ikai Summoner's scheme."

Heroic Woman's Command

Soma Icon Soma: "We followed them pretty deep, but where do you suppose Dulphia-san is?"

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "Since coming to this area, the monster's been getting stronger. 'bout time we catch a breather..."

Katie Icon Katie: "Even the increasing strength of the monsters may also be an effect of Maou's blessing. It would be nice if there was a safe place somewhere."

Miguel Icon Miguel: "——Hm, what's that? In the middle of that room, aren't those trees?"

Paula Icon Puala: "Those are 'Trees of Life'. They're spreading the power of healing around them."

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "Heh, perfect. Let's rest here, Prince."

Leeanne Icon Lean: "——No, wait. Stand back, Mortimer!"

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "Aahn? The hell? Eh, uoOOH...!? Monsters're round the corner up ahead!!"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Hoh, you noticed us lying in wait? I was planning to send a surprise attack right when you dropped your guards, but it looks like even the people of this world aren't that foolish."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Dulphia-san...!! Sheath your sword and please listen. We're——"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "No, I have no intention of engaging in dialogue. Though the matter is a little delayed, I must have you die here."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... She's not open to negotiation. Prince, please prepare to engage them!"


Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Not only did my ambush fail, but now I'm only unnecessarily increasing the number of casualties in battle."

Dulphia: "However, this Prince fellow is highly skilled, kuku... Reminds me of that man. If I raise him up, he may prove useful in battle, but..."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: ".........!"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "——But it looks like he has strong watchdogs by his side. Withdraw. A change of plans is required."

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Retreat! Retreat! Follow Dulphia-sama!"

Leeanne Icon Lean: "... Are they gone? I know there's some matter surrounding her, but it's impossible to pull our punches with such a fierce person."

Bernard Icon Bernard: "Umu, indeed. That Dulphia looked like she has plenty of excess strength to spare."

Katie Icon Katie: "However, once we're able to solve the matter gripping Dulphia-san itself, surely she would be open to negotiations then."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Right... Whatever the case, we have to follow after her. Prince, let's proceed ahead while continuing to keep a sharp eye."

Dulphia's Seriousness

Ikai Summoner Icon Ikai Summoner: "Kihihi! This leadership and swordsmanship bundled into one being, you could probably say I summoned the strongest warrior. A marvellous result if I do say so myself!!"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "What result? It's because you conducted a summoning beyond your abilities that the depths of the labyrinth are teaming with monsters, isn't it?"

Ikai Summoner Icon Ikai Summoner: "Kihii! The result should be the same so long as they defeat the Prince!"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "You incompetent... If anything happens to Lady Rcitine, who's trapped in the depths of the labyrinth, I'll make certain you also pay for it, understand...?"

Dulphia: "Bear that in mind when you shriek out in mortal agony later!"

Dulphia: (However, I must ascertain their abilities quickly. Whichever of them wins, I have to take advantage of it; I need to quickly rescue Lady Rcitine.)"

Ikai Summoner Icon Ikai Summoner: "D, did you say something...?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "I merely said if you don't use them, then I'm going to cut them down. Do you have a better idea? The Kingdom's party will be here any moment now."

Soma Icon Soma: "——Prince, she's here. It's Dulphia-san!"

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "I knew it, so it was the Ikai Summoner's doing? Oi, what're you plotting this time!?"

Ikai Summoner Icon Ikai Summoner: "Kihii! I'm not obligated to answer! Go, Dulphia, otherworldly warrior!"

Ikai Summoner: "Once you splendidly defeat the Prince, like I promised, I shall lend the forces of Maou's army to search the labyrinth!"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "That goes without saying. Come, draw your sword, Prince of another world."

Ikai Summoner Icon Ikai Summoner: "Thanks to Maou-sama's blessing in this place, our abilities have been raised. I won't let this opportunity slip away, I shall also participate!!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, Dulphia-san and the Ikai Summoner's armies are closing in. Please give the order to battle!"

(Dulphia and Ikai Summoner appear)

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Kuku... Good, very good, Prince. I finished observing which side I should support, but... In the end, I shall have you show me your strength!!"

Leeanne Icon Lean: "Kuh... Prince, don't underestimate her. That woman looks like she's dead serious."

Bernard Icon Bernard: "Dulphia-dono's weapon is glowing a deep blue... It doesn't look like it's going to be a normal melee attack!"


Ikai Summoner Icon Ikai Summoner: "H, hiii!? N, n-n-n-next time! I shall get you for this...!! I shall have my vengeeaance!!"

Leeanne Icon Lean: "Kuh, he sure is quick at running away... By the sounds of him, it sounds like he's going to be plotting something again."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "——So it has come to this? Let me apologise for my rudeness."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "No one thought Dulphia-san was fighting because you wished for it. We assumed it would be like this, OK?"

Katie Icon Katie: "Earlier, I heard something about a Lady Rcitine being imprisoned deep within the labyrinth, but..."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "You heard right. When we were summoned by that Ikai Summoner into this world, Lady Rcitine and I were summoned to separate locations."

Dulphia: "The first problem is that Lady Rcitine's location is somewhere much deeper within this labyrinth..."

Dulphia: "And another problem is that due to the Ikai Summoner's failure, countless monsters were released in the lower levels of the labyrinth."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "I see, so that's how it is. We'll need to subdue the monsters of the labyrinth, so join with us and——"

Paula Icon Paula: "——Wa, wait a moment! Did you say there were levels lower than this?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Yes. I said that, but..."

Paula Icon Paula: "Odd. This is the deepest level of the labyrinth. I never heard anything about there being levels deeper than this one..."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Hoh... Meaning there might exist an unexplored level that can't be reached unless it's through some other entrance?"

Katie Icon Katie: "If that's the case, let's leave and search for another entrance, OK?"

Soma Icon Soma: "Lady Rcitine... I hope she's safe, but..."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "What? About Lady Rcitine. I'm certain she's skilfully avoiding danger."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Well then, Prince, let's head outside the labyrinth. Dulphia-san, too, please look after us, OK?"

Stray Maid Angel

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "The army you lead is highly experienced. ... It seems this world's also in a state of ceaseless battles."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Ever since the monsters' revival, countless cities and countries have fallen. But we won't give up!"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "I see, and that's why you're all fighting at the forefront. So the entire world itself is an interception city, so to speak."

Dulphia: "By the way... That boy... No, girl is...?"

Niel Icon Niel: "Hm——an entrance to the labyrinth, I don't see one... Eh, hmm? Are you talking about me?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "My, I was just thinking about how there's angels even in this world. While it's rude, may I ask why you're in this camp?"

Niel Icon Niel: "Sure, it's all right. But I guess it's not an interesting story. You see, I'm a fallen angel that disobeyed the Lord and became an ally of humanity."

Niel: "The God who exists in this world ordered the angels to cleanse... Nay, to deliver destruction to humanity..."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "I see... I'm sorry, I asked about a touchy subject. It's because the angels in our world are the vanguard of the gods and have been treated with reverence..."

Ariel Icon Ariel: "——Heeh, then I wonder if it would be better if I was also born in that world."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "Kyaa!? F, from the sky!? Who in the world are you—!?"

Ariel Icon Ariel: "Ah, sorry, sorry. I surprised you. I have some business, so I was looking for someone, but then I heard your interesting conversation, so I flew down."

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "——Ahh, Bashira! You were here at a time like this!? Bad news, the angel army is approaching!"

Ariel Icon Ariel: "Ehh? A, angel? Me!?"

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "No, not you! In any case, hurry up!!"

Ariel Icon Ariel: "The angel army probably saw me flying and flew over here... Since it's like that, I'll also help. Let's go!"

(magic gun angel appears)

Ariel Icon Ariel: "Muh... Danger. That angel is a greater one carrying a magic gun that fires magic bullets. Watch out!!"

[While trumpet bearing angels are present, enemy angel attack and defence buffed.]


Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "We were somehow able to repel the angel army."

Ariel Icon Ariel: "My bad, that party probably saw me and followed. I caused trouble for you..."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "We don't mind. At any rate, what we're seeking is around this area, so it was only a matter of time before we encountered the angels."

Ariel Icon Ariel: "What you're seeking... Ahh, aahh! That's right! I have someone I have to find, so when there's another chance, let's chat about stuff, OK?"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Yes, have a safe trip. Well then, let us also resume searching for the labyrinth's entrance, shall we?"

Ariel Icon Ariel: "——Haa, the Kingdom's Prince... sama? I wonder where on earth could he be... I wish he would have a name card or something under his neck..."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "... Kingdom's Prince? Wait, was she talking about the gentleman here?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Dulphia Icon Dulhpia: "... Too late. she already flew off quite a distance."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... I believe we'll meet her again somewhere. ... Probably, I hope."

Search for the Entrance

Reve Icon Reve: "I just unraveled the strings of an old text about Maou's Labyrinth, and it seems there's another entrance around this area, but..."

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "It's gonna be a pain looking for it with all these holes... Mischa, don't go and fall into any of 'em."

Mischa Icon Mischa: "I won't fall! Geez!"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "This rock surface, this narrow path... This scenery reminds me of the Valley of Scattered Feed (Makie no Tani)."

Soma Icon Soma: "Makie no Tani...? You say?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Yeah, there was a place similar to this in the world I hail from. Many insects and demons live there..."

Reve Icon Reve: "B, bugs...? If possible, that's a place I don't wish to visit. It sounds like they'll devour my books..."

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "——Well, it looks like you won't have to go to Dulphia's world. We have bugs aplenty here."

Leeanne Icon Lean: "This noise... Makai Ants. What's more, it sounds like there's quite a bunch of them."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Since the entrance to the labyrinth is near here, we have no choice but to subjugate them... Prince-dono, let's stomp these burrows down."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Even deep within the tunnel, it's likely there's many Makai Ants lurking about. Prince, let's be careful as we subdue them."


Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "I see, these are the insects of this world...? Trying to overwhelm us with numbers."

Reve Icon Reve: "But it's thanks to you all subjugating them that the entrance investigation was made easi——eh, AHH!!"

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "What's wrong? More Makai Ants?"

Reve Icon Reve: "No... Not that! The shape of this cave, there's no mistake. It's the other entrance written about in the old text!"

Reve: "If the text's description is correct, this way should connect to the deeper floors of Maou's Labyrinth...!"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "My thanks, you did well to find it. Lady Rcitine is up ahead..."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "There should also be more monsters that the Ikai Summoner summoned in the labyrinth's depths. Prince, let's be careful as we march."

Young Lady in the Puppet Doll

Percis Icon Persis: "We marched quite deep, but... There's deeper floors to come, right?"

Iroha Icon Iroha: "Lady Rcitine, was it? Where on earth could she be...?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "——No, wait. This sound, someone's fighting somewhere. I believe it's up ahead!"

(time passes)

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "That's... a small doll? ... No, a small girl is fighting monsters, Prince!"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Lady Rcitine! I'll save you now... Haa——hh!!"

Goblin Icon Goblin: "Gyagya—h!?"

Lilica Icon Lilica: "Kya!? Y, you're... Fechner-sama! You came to save me!"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "You're... Lady Rcitine? Umm, you look like a small doll...?"

Lilica Icon Lilica: "Ahh, don't be alarmed by my form. I'm called Lilica, 'Lilica Rcitine'. Excuse me, Fechner-sama, these people are...?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "The Prince-dono unifying the heroes of this world and his faithful vassals. They worked with me to rescue you, Lady Rcitine."

Lilica Icon Lilica: "So that's how it is...!!? I'm sorry for being late in giving my thanks. You have my deepest gratitude for your help in this matter!"

Percis Icon Persis: "Anyways, that was close. Are there any other monsters on this floor?"

Lilica Icon Lilica: "——Hahh, that's right. There's also monsters nearby, but it's not just them, there's fresh ones coming from the gate one after the other...!"

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "In that case, we must hurry to close the otherworldly gate. Cyrus, destroy the gate. I'll assist."

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "Hold on, Barbastraff. By destroying the otherworldly gate, Dulphia-dono and Lilica-doo will lose their means to return home."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "No, the gate's teaming with monsters from the other side. We don't have a prayer of a safe return home. Also, there shouldn't be any problems so long as we have the Ikai Summoner open a new gate for us."

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "I see, in that case, let's quickly destroy this gate. Prince, I ask that you buy us time till our task is complete."

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "What's more, take caution towards the magical power I feel from this area. It seems it's increasing the monsters' resistance to magic. We shall focus on the gate's destruction."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Dulphia-san, please escort Lilica-san. Leave them to us!"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Very well. Prince-dono, I'm counting on you!!"


Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "The otherworldly gate vanished...? Fuu, somehow managed..."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Yeah, Lady Rcitine, it's truly fortunate you're unhurt..."

Lilica Icon Lilica: "Eeh! That goes for you too, Fechner-sama! I believed you would surely come to my rescue."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "But, it doesn't look like we have time to rejoice in our reunion..."

Lilica Icon Lilica: "Right... There was a similar gate, like the one before, down below as well."

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "If we don't close the otherworldly gate soon, the monsters will pour out into the surface the way things stand."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "——Prince-dono, how about we also assist in the destruction of this otherworldly gate?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "... Are you sure?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Yes. I wish to repay you for helping in Lady Rcitine's rescue. How do you reckon, Prince-dono?"

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Now that it's decided, let's hurry onward. The more time passes, the more monsters there'll be."

Otherworldly Majin

Leeanne Icon Lean: "——Hoh, so that doll-like body is called a Madou Soukaku?"

Lilica Icon Lilica: "Yes, returning to my true body is only for when I satisfy certain conditions; I normally spend time in this Madou Soukaku."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Lady Rcitine, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. There's all sorts of things I wish to ask about this world."

Dulphia: "However, the monster numbers are many... We should prioritise closing the otherworldly gate and then subdue the monsters afterwards."

Paula Icon Paula: (That's right, avoiding needless battles is something an adventurer would do.)

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "Keh, I'm not the type to march in the shadows. There's just one more gate we know about, right? There won't be any difference marching while we defeat 'em all."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "... Fumu. Don't tell me you intend to defeat all the enemies that appear?"

Paula Icon Paula: (Dulphia-san, you tell them! As I thought, I wasn't mistaken...!!)

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "——Mu? Something's odd. I don't sense Maou's blessing."

(Otherworldly Majin appears)

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "Th, this thing is...!? Don't tell me a being powerful enough to drive away the magical power left in this place has appeared...!?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "... Looks like that's the case. This is much too powerful to be emitted by any one individual, could it be a... Majin...!?"

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Majin...!? ... Are you saying there's powerful foes you call Majin in Dulphia-san's world as well...?"

Katie Icon Katie: "To destroy the otherworldly gate, it looks like we have no choice but to defeat the Majin that appeared from the gate. Since a clash is inevitable no matter what we do——"

Mortimer Icon Mortimer: "——so we go ahead and beat it here now, huh!? Easy-to-understand stuff like that works best with me."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Prince-dono, let us also assist. With a Majin as your opponent, it'll be best you have as many able arms as possible."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "Prince, the enemy is an unknown threat. Let's subjugate the Majin from the other world with everything we've got!"


Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "Yosh, the enemy waves have let up! Cyrus, close the otherworldly gate...!!"

Cyrus Icon Cyrus: "Aye, leave it to me!! Breathe in sync... Amplify... Now!!"

(gate vanishes)

Lilica Icon Lilica: "The gate's starting to disappear..."

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "With this, it looks like we were able to destroy all of the otherworldly gates that existed within the labyrinth."

Katie Icon Katie: "Now the otherworldly Majin won't be able to make another appearance on our side, right?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Prince-dono, I wish to express my thanks once again to you and everyone from the Kingdom's army."

Dulphia: "There's no doubt in my mind that Lady Rcitine's safe rescue was thanks to you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Lilica Icon Lilica: "Me too, thank you ever so much. I won't forget this kindness!"

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "No, you also helped us destroy the otherworldly gates. We're the ones who should be thanking you."

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "Now then, we hafta catch that Ikai Summoner and make him open us a new otherworldly gate. One that connects to somewhere other than a monster nest."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Right. First things first, let's check to make sure there aren't any monsters left here from the other world and then return to the Kingdom."


Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "So this is your Kingdom? I see, it's close to a melting pot of cultures."

Dulphia: "It's truly a good country. It's proof that you're an excellent ruler."

Dulphia: "I would call my being able to chance upon you in the labyrinth a blessing. You were truly a great help. Thank you, Prince-dono."

Lilica Icon Lilica: "You have my gratitude as well. Your Highness, Fechner-sama, everyone from the Kingdom, thank you ever so much for coming all the way to the depths of the labyrinth for my rescue!"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Now then, all that's left is the means of returning home, eh...? Where do you figure the Ikai Summoner can be found?"

Katie Icon Katie: "Concerning the movements of the Ikai Summoner, I ordered the Kingdom's scouts to investigate. They say he set his eyes on the forest within the Kingdom, but..."

Anna NPC Icon 1 Anna: "Well then, once preparations are complete, let's set out once again to create an otherworldly gate for you two to return home."

Majin Fleurety of the Wailing Hail

Ikai Summoner Icon Ikai Summoner: "Kihi... Kihihi... They went and meddled yet again! This time, I shall summon an even more powerful otherworldly being and trample the Prince and his army...!! Kihii!!"

Fleurety Icon ??? (Fleurety): "Fua... Afu... What's this? An otherworldly gate? Hm, hm, hm, I see, hmmm."

Ikai Summoner Icon Ikai Summoner: "Ooh, what tremendous magical power...!! Come, otherworldly warrior, heed my command, defeat my sworn enemy, the Prince...!!"

Fleurety Icon ???: "Fuun, you order me... What impudence. Fufuh, ignorance is a sin, you know...?"

Ikai Summoner Icon Ikai Summoner: "K, Kihiii!? Betraying your summoner!? Th, the bearer of this much power... Not good! This... No choice but to flee...!!"

Flying Demon Icon Demon: "Pl, please wait, Ikai Summoner-sama!!"

Fleurety Icon ???: "Summoning me and running off, how me—eaan. In exchange, you guys please play with me, OK?"

Flying Demon Icon Demon: "H, Hiii...!?"

Katie Icon Katie: "——Oya? The one running up ahead, could that be the Ikai Summoner?"

Charlotte Icon Charlotte: "Fufufu, in that case, leave him to me, I'll nab him lickety-split—!!"

Phyllis Icon Phyllis: "Wait, Charlotte!! This presence... Is there a dangerous fellow nearby!?"

(Fleurety appears)

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "That's, don't tell me... Fleurety!?"

Lilica Icon Lilica: "Please look, Fechner-sama! The thing behind Fleurety-san is an otherworldly gate that connects to our world...?"

Fleurety Icon Fleurety: "Whaaat's this? I was wondering who these familiar voices could be... What? Could it be you want to use this gate?"

Fleurety: "We're not strangers, but it's no fun if I just let you pass wherever you please."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "......... What?"

Fleurety Icon Fleurety: "Ahah, it would be such a waste after getting summoned here and capturing these cute playing pieces to boot. So spar with me for just a moment, OK?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Inadvertently got her to set her eyes on us... Prince-dono, I'm terribly sorry for getting you involved, but I want you to lend a hand."

Dulphia: "Though Fleurety is an opponent that won't make things easy, she's also a temperamental Majin. She'll probably be satisfied once enough time passes before returning home."

Anna NPC Icon 2 Anna: "So you're saying to endure till she's satisfied? Prince, please watch out for the Majin from the other world and give the order for battle!"

[Fleurety's range and attack greatly buffed when she drops below 50% HP. She won't head to base and affect star-rating if undefeated.]

(time passes)

Leeanne Icon Lean: "Fleurety vanished...? What's going on, Dulphia?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Well, she hasn't disappeared. She simply erased her presence to probe our gaps."

Bashira Icon Bashira: "But isn't she after Dulphia-san!?"

Leeanne Icon Lean: "Since she's hiding, we better block her path so she becomes rooted to one spot. Once that's done, your arrows should also reach."

■■■Conditional: Fleurety Defeated■■■

Fleurety Icon Fleurety: "That was a blast. For there to be this sort of hero in another world."

Fleurety: "Yep, I'm satisfied, so I guess I'll be leaving soon."



Fleurety Icon Fleurety: "Aha, that was pretty fun. Well then, Dulphia, Lilica, I'll be returning home ahead of you. If you're late in getting back, Judar's gonna get taken, you know?"

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Fuu... Somehow managed to secure the otherworldly gate."

Lilica Icon Lilica: "It was a storm to the very end... But with this, we'll be saying farewell to this world."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Prince-dono, you were a great help. If we see each other again, I want to join hands with you once more."

Prince Icon Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Lilica Icon Lilica: "Anna-san, everyone, you were also truly a great help. I'll never forget about you even after I return to my own world!"

Barbastroff Icon Barbastraff: "Come, the otherworldly gate is now stable. You should go before it begins tearing apart."

Dulphia Icon Dulphia: "Right. Everyone, good health to you. Whether the day will someday come, I'll be looking forward to the day our paths cross."

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Fuukan no Grasesta (封緘のグラセスタ) is a dungeon-crawler RPG eroge produced by Eushully, a well-known Japanese H-game studio based in Sapporo, Hokkaidō. The game is Eushully's 19th title overall and also serves to commemorates their 20th Anniversary of producing eroge.

A Soukaku (操殻) refers to the puppet body that Lilica Rctine, the main heroine of Fuukan, resides in. It serves as a physical medium for her soul to interact with the physical world after events that transpired in her childhood led to her soul being separated from her main body.

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