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Holy Night's Murder Clown (ホーリーナイト・マーダークラウン) is a collection-based urgent mission running from 10/12/2020 to 24/12/2020.


This is a collection type event. The player improves the quality of their event unit by collecting Santa's Presents and also earns additional rewards in the process.

The unit will be distributed at the end of the event while additional rewards are granted instantly.

Santa's Presents Unit Santa's Presents Additional Reward Santa's Presents Additional Reward
10 Heios (Christmas) 45 Gold Armor 945 Platinum Armor
30 Skill Level 2 90 Spirit of Gold 990 Platinum Ring
50 Initial Lvl 10 135 Platinum Armor 1035 Celia (Bonded)
100 Skill Level 3 180 Platinum Ring 1080 Spirit of Platinum
150 Cost -1 (-1) 225 Crystal Shard x1 1125 Crystal Shard x2
200 Skill Level 4 270 Spirit of Platinum 1170 Platinum Ring
250 Cost -1 (-2) 315 Gold Armor 1215 Platinum Armor
300 Skill Level 5 360 Alegria 1260 Spirit of Black
400 Initial Lvl 20 405 Platinum Armor 1305 Florika (Bonded)
500 Skill Level 6 450 Spirit of Black 1350 Farah
600 Cost -1 (-3) 495 Crystal Shard x1 1395 Spirit of Black
700 Skill Level 7 540 Spirit of Black 1440 Black Ring
800 Initial Lvl 30 585 Freude 1485 Platinum Armor
900 Skill Level 8 630 Spirit of Rainbow 1530 Demon Crystal x30
1000 Cost -1 (-4) 675 Platinum Armor 1575 Spirit of Platinum
1100 Initial Lvl 40 720 Spirit of Platinum 1620 Spirit of Black
1200 Skill Level 9 765 Nina (Bonded) 1665 Crystal Shard x30
1300 Cost -1 (-5) 810 Black Ring 1710 Spirit of Black
1400 Skill Level 10 855 Crystal Shard x2 1755 Platinum Armor
1500 Initial Lvl 50 900 Spirit of Black 1800 Gladys (Bonded)


Stage Name Cha Exp Gold Points Units Drops
Sta Life Enemies
Santa Road
20 150 900 10 8
Santa's Presents (3) Icon.png
Santa's Presents (3)
Bouquet Icon.png
1 10 32
Raiders Hidden Within a Blizzard
30 200 1200 10 8
Santa's Presents (3) Icon.png
Santa's Presents (3)
Russell Icon.png
Russell Lv8 x2
2 10 40
Demon Crystal Icon.png
Demon Crystal (1) -
Holy Dragon Knight on the Snow
40 280 1800 10 8
Santa's Presents (3) Icon.png
Santa's Presents (3) x2
Phyllis Icon.png
Phyllis Lv10
4 10 50
Leeanne Icon.png
Leeanne Lv10
Mischa Icon.png
Mischa Lv10
Infiltrate! The Dark Organisation
50 360 2100 10 8
Santa's Presents (5) Icon.png
Santa's Presents (5) x2
Santa's Presents (3) Icon.png
Santa's Presents (3)
7 15 54
Maya Icon.png
Maya Lv12
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
Home Devils
80 450 2700 10 8
Santa's Presents (5) Icon.png
Santa's Presents (5) x3
[100% drop]
Dorca Icon.png
Dorca Lv15
9 20 65
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Demon Crystal (x2) Icon.png
Demon Crystal (2)
Missions added midway through the event
Scent of Gunpowder Smoke Dissolving in the Snow
40 300 1950 10 8
Santa's Presents (3) Icon.png
Santa's Presents (3) x3
Mortimer Icon.png
Mortimer Lv10
5 10 48
Gladys Icon.png
Spirit Queen
Platinum Armor Icon.png
Platinum Armor
Blizzard weather effect active.
Mass Production of Nightmares
70 400 2550 10 8
Santa's Presents (5) Icon.png
Santa's Presents (5) x2
[100% drop]
Santa's Presents (3) Icon.png
Santa's Presents (3)
[100% drop]
8 15 60
Saizou Icon.png
Saizou Lv12
Ruby Icon.png
Despair-Invoking Clown
90 620 3000 10 8
Santa's Presents (5) Icon.png
Santa's Presents (5) x5
Cecily Icon.png
Cecily Lv15
12 15 51
Christia Icon.png
Spirit of Rainbow -
Mock Battle Before Christmas
100 250 1800 20 8
Nina Icon.png
Spirit of Gold
Celia Icon.png
Spirit of Platinum
2 25 44
Florika Icon.png
Spirit of Black
Christia Icon.png
Spirit of Rainbow
Blizzard weather effect active.


Menu Fame.png

(2nd Week Missions)

  • Clear any 1 event mission: 100 Fame
  • Clear any 4 event missions: 500 Fame
  • Clear 雪に溶ける硝煙の香り (40/5) with Gold-rarity or below units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame
  • Clear 悪夢の大量生産 (70/8) with 7 or fewer units in Sortie Team: 500 Fame

Notable Enemies[]

Enemy Unit
Heios (Christmas) Sprite.png
Heios (Christmas)
Physical 7000 270 350
MR 10
Initial: 28
3 UP
All enemies have 30% increased defense and regenerate at a rate of 30HP/0.5s.
21000 700 900
MR 20
Green Assassin (Crossbow) Sprite.png
Green Assassin (Crossbow)
Ranged (180)
Physical 6000 400 300
MR 10
Initial: 50
Move: 121
Missile: 12
1 UP
Switches to melee form after a set time.
Toxic strikes: Deals double damage, calculated after armor.
(ATK - DEF)*2
Green Assassin Sprite.png
Green Assassin
Physical 6000 600 300
MR 10
Initial: 20
1 UP
Toxic strikes: Deals double damage, calculated after armor.
(ATK - DEF)*2
Dark Guild Sentry Sprite.png
Dark Guild Sentry
Ranged (155)
Physical 5000 150 100 223
Initial: 30
Move: 161
Missile: instant
2 UP
Upon spotting a player unit, doubles attack and defense of all enemies for the remainder of the mission. Will not spot untargetable units.
Five Sprite.png
Ranged (250)
Physical 24000 420 400
MR 10
Initial: 6
Move: 1
Missile: 10
3 UP
Cannot be attacked unless engaged with a blocker.

Toxic strikes: Deals double damage, calculated after armor. (ATK - DEF)*2

Trap Sprite.png
Melee Physical 1200 2000 50 116
Initial: 18
2 UP
Landmine Sprite.png
Melee Physical 10 2500 50 1000
2 UP
Upon death or after a set time, explodes for 100% damage area attack with radius 60.

Cannot be targeted unless it is engaged with a blocker.

Eithne Sprite.png
Ranged (190)
Magic 12000 800 80
MR 30
Initial: 12
Move: 91
Missile: 0
0 UP
When HP reaches 0, pauses briefly and fully restores HP. This can occur up to 2 times (total of 3 lives).

Becomes stronger with each resurrection.

15000 1500 260
MR 40
0 UP
20000 2200 480
MR 60
3 UP
Ethnea Sprite.png
Magic 18000 900 100
MR 10
Initial: 18
0 UP
When HP reaches 0, pauses briefly and fully restores HP. This can occur up to 2 times (total of 3 lives).

Becomes stronger with each resurrection.

22000 1500 400
MR 20
Initial: 18
0 UP
30000 2500 800
MR 30
Initial: 18
3 UP
Mini Mecha Four Sprite.png
Mini Mecha Four
Ranged (88)
Splash 66.67
9500 400 170
MR 10
Initial: 65
Move: 215
Missile: 8
1 UP
Cannot be paralyzed.

Upon death, explodes for 200% damage area attack with range 88.

Attacks deal double damage, calculated after defense.

Mecha Four Sprite.png
Mecha Four
Ranged (120)
Splash 86.67
22500 550 270
MR 10
Initial: 65
Move: 215
Missile: 8
2 UP
Cannot be paralyzed.

Upon death, explodes for 200% damage area attack with range 120.

Attacks deal double damage, calculated after defense.

Four Sprite.png
Ranged (200)
Splash 86.67
60000 800 600
MR 20
Initial: 68
Move: 75
Missile: 8
3 UP
Attacks deal double damage, calculated after defense.

Once defeated any unspawned Mecha Fours and Mini Mecha Fours will be added directly to enemies slain count and not appear on the map.

Kanon Sprite.png
Ranged (250)
Splash 80
15000 500 100 313
Initial: 52
Move: 241
Missile: 4
3 UP
Ertel (Christmas) CC Sprite.png
Ertel (Christmas)
Physical 9000 750 450
MR 10
Initial: 12
0 UP
When HP reaches 0, pauses briefly and fully restores HP. This can occur up to 1 time (total of 2 lives).

Immune to adverse effects of blizzards.

  • Blizzard: ATK x1.3
  • Heavy Blizzard: ATK x1.5
Eliza Sprite.png
Ranged (120)
Magic 10000 800 150
MR 10
Initial: 40
Move: 161
Missile: 6
3 UP
Immune to adverse effects of blizzards.
  • Blizzard: ATK x1.3
  • Heavy Blizzard: ATK x1.5
Sarasa CC Sprite.png
Ranged (260)
Physical 12000 800 250
MR 10
Initial: 27
Move: 121
Missile: 3
3 UP
Buleria (Christmas) Sprite.png
Buleria (Christmas)
- 8500 - 300
MR 10
3 UP
Increases attack and defense of all enemies by 50%. Buff is increased to 100% for Christmas-type enemies.


  • Translations courtesy of Petite Soeur (Patreon) (edited)
Way of the Santa

Heios Icon.png Heios: "——Cornelia, what's the big idea, suddenly calling me out?"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "Heios, right now, I'm not Cornelia."

Heios Icon.png Heios: "... Yes? Umm, no matter how I look at you, you're Cornelia?"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "No, I'm not. Heios, this is very important. As I am, call me Santa Cornelia."

Heios Icon.png Heios: "H, haa... Well then, Santa Cornelia, do you have business calling me out here?"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "That I do, it'll take a while to explain, but——"

(time passes)

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Heios: "——And for that reason, this year I'm also helping the Santa Claus clan deliver presents."

Yurina AW Icon.png Yurina: "... I see. So, Heios, why have you gathered us here...?"

Elva Icon.png Elva: "Is there a family large enough they would have a mock battle? Is fighting necessary while delivering presents?"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "Well, being Santa is a cruel and lonely mission. If the presents were to be stolen during delivery, it would make the children throughout the world cry, you see?"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Heios: "... Santa is a being that carries the dreams of children. So, the protector of those dreams must grow strong. It's like that, right, Santa Cornelia?"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "Aye. Since it's Heios——no, since it's Santa Heios, I knew you would understand."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "So that's how it is, Prince-heika, for the sake of furthering my fighting potential as Santa, I want you to join my——I mean Santa Heios' training!"

Camilla (Christmas) Icon.png Camilla: "To protect the dreams of children... Fufu, isn't that nice, Prince. This is also the duty of adults."

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "Prince, this is training for Santa Heios. Since I'll also be fighting against the Prince's side, I want you to use your training and come at us at full strength."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Well then, here I go, Prince-heika! Merry... Christmas!!"


Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Haa... Haa... Thank you, Your Majesty. Thanks to you, I feel as I've grown stronger as a Santa!"

Camilla (Christmas) Icon.png Camilla: "Geez, you're all battered and bruised. I'll cast a healing spell on you, so please come this way quickly."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Ah, I'm sorry, Camilla. Thanks."

Camilla (Christmas) Icon.png Camilla: "... By the way, why have you both taken the name of Santa?"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "... To liven the mood. The mood. No particular reason."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Fufu, blushing Cornelia——I mean, Santa Cornelia's also cute."

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "——The children are waiting for their presents from Santa. If they were delivered by normal Cornelia, they wouldn't be gifts from Santa, but from me."

Santa Cornelia: "... Th, that is all! I won't explain a second time!"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "... Ahh, she's gone. She's so cute, despite being clumsy, isn't she?"

Santa Heios: "Now then! Just a little longer till Christmas! Prince-heika, please join me for another round of training!"

Santa Heios: "——Oops, before that. I have one more thing for Prince-heika, I must give you something for joining me for practice."

Prince Icon.png Prince: ".........?"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Here, Prince-heika, your first gift of the year from Santa~♪ I also need to practice delivering presents!"

Elva Icon.png Elva: "... Heios, you didn't just give Prince something before everyone else... No, I guess there's beauty in holding one's tongue."

Yurina AW Icon.png Yurina: "... I suppose it's the right of Santa. In any case, let's hope this year's Christmas ends without issue."


Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "——Prince-heika! Bad news! It's serious!!"

"The merchant-san's caravan that was transporting 'gifts from Santa' from the Snow Country have been attacked!!"

Totono Icon.png Totono: "In addition to the regular service to the Snow Country, the victims include several companies that were temporarily sending out carriages."

Diera Icon.png Diera: "My caravans among them, it would've been terrible if my bodyguards weren't there. I can't believe someone would be after the toys on board..."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "... Stealing presents, even if it's committed for fun, it's too low. We have to catch the criminals without fail..."

"I won't permit them robbing the children, carrying the future of this world being restored, of their joy."

"Prince-heika, let's take back the 'gifts from Santa' and catch those criminals!!"

Blizzard-Cloaked Raiders

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "——We've tightened the patrols, but... the criminals haven't shown their tails."

Bernice (Christmas) Icon.png Bernice: "But carelessness is forbidden. A snowstorm's brewing, so if they're going to attack, then that would be the ideal time."

Villager Icon.png Caravan Driver: "Hahah, we have everyone from the Kingdom Army escorting us, so perhaps the criminals lost their nerve."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Though it would be a pain if they got cold feet... Ahh, but I'll keep you safe! I'll protect this caravan without fail!"

Cypria (Christmas) Icon.png Cypria: "——Mm, what's this? This area's awfully quiet..."

Alissa (Christmas) Icon.png Alissa: "Isn't quiet a good thing? It means no one's in the area, right?"

Cypria (Christmas) Icon.png Cypria: "... No, there's homes in this area. But there not being a single sound of activity in them means——"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "——A trap? Everyone, secure the area. Visibility isn't going to be good in this blizzard."

Duo (Christmas) Icon.png Duo: "Indeed, it'll be hard aiming at a distance. We'll have to take care of them once the blizzard clears!"

Seven Icon.png Seven: "Mm... This method is familiar. The Dark Guild——nah, it's the way the assassins of the Dark Organisation set their traps."

Ertel (Christmas) Icon.png Ertel: "D, Dark Organisation...!? Why's the Dark Organisation after presents...?"

Seven Icon.png Seven: "Well, you'll just to look forward to the interrogation. Prince, watch out for the attacks of the assassins! They're probably using poison that doubles the intensity of their strikes!"

(stealth assassins appear)

Irene Icon.png Irene: "——Prince, please be careful. Assassins are hiding themselves in the surroundings."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Hiding, how cowardly... If we can't see them, it'll be hard shooting them with our bows."

Santa Heios: "But they're ours once we block them. Let's pull them out of hiding!"


Seven Icon.png Seven: "Fuu, that accounts for all of the ones that were hidden. Oi, why did you attack the caravan?"

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png Dark Organisation Member: "........."

Irene Icon.png Irene: "——I shall acknowledge your spirit that won't loosen those lips. However, is stealing gifts from Santa a mission more important than your life?"

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png Dark Organisation Member: "... Y, you, could you be Irene Nee-san?"

Irene Icon.png Irene: "... You, a remnant of the Dark Guild? You were Nine's underling, I believe."

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png Dark Organisation Member: "... Aye. Nine Aniki's been killed and I've been forced to always do dirty work under the executive, Four-san, ever since..."

Seven Icon.png Seven: "Irene Nee-san, he may be making it up. Especially since he said he's Four's underling."

Irene Icon.png Irene: "... I'll be the judge of that. If you spit every last ounce of information, I won't do anything bad."

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png Dark Organisation Member: "Yeah, of course. I, I can't take it anymore... I don't want to follow Four-san... But who knows what punishment awaits once I betray him..."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Four, what kind of person is he?"

Seven Icon.png Seven: "... I never heard any good rumours back when I was in the Dark Guild. Just that no one has seen his face."

Irene Icon.png Irene: "Since everyone who's seen his face have been killed. Like the former Guild's head, there's not a one who's seen him and lived."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Why's that kind of guy after toys...? It doesn't make any sense."

Irene Icon.png Irene: "In any case, let's gather information now. ——Oi, prepare a fire and a meal over there. I'll be protecting your person."

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png Dark Organisation Member: "Y, yes! Irene Nee-san! Everything, I'll tell you everything!"

Holy Dragon Knight in Snow

Tifa (Christmas) Icon.png Tifa: "——The Destroy Christmas Project?"

Irene Icon.png Irene: "What's been known to the rank members is that it's a project to steal all the gifts from Santa and ruin the Christmas holiday."

Tifa (Christmas) Icon.png Tifa: "Sure, the children would be disappointed, but... why launch a large-scale project like this only for that?"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "... If the stories I heard about the man called Four are true, then it would be best not to think of a logical explanation for his actions."

Tifa (Christmas) Icon.png Tifa: "... He's that kind of man?"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Aye, I've seen many people like that on the battlefield."

Santa Heios: "So for the sake of the children, let's put a stopper on the Dark Organisation's activities and take back the gifts from Santa!"

Seven Icon.png Seven: "Heheh, that's right. We hafta protect the kids' fun."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "That's the spirit! ——Though, it seems we'll need a warm-up before that."

Santa Heios: "Prince, I sense the same assassins from earlier in the area. Also, I hear the breathing of monsters that heard the commotion."

Seven Icon.png Seven: "As expected of a knight, sensitive to your surroundings. Prince, I'll leave this place to you. I'll take the forest over there."

Tifa (Christmas) Icon.png Tifa: "Well then, I'll take over here. Prince-sama, please give me your orders!"


Seven Icon.png Seven: "Cleaned 'em up. Yosh, let's proceed onward. Looks like one of the Dark Organsiation's hideouts is up ahead."

Tifa (Christmas) Icon.png Tifa: "Dark Organisation... Even the Kingdom has yet to grasp the entirety of their members, but what kind of group are they?"

Seven Icon.png Seven: "That's what we're currently investigating... They're the successor to the Dark Guild I used to be part of, but——"

Irene Icon.png Irene: "——Compared to the Dark Guild that was a cooperative association of rogues, they say the Dark Organisation was an organisation that turned into a criminal organisation under the authority of their executives."

Seven Icon.png Seven: "Enough to make the former Dark Guild members feel small."

Cypria (Christmas) Icon.png Cypria: "Fufu, with that meaning, perhaps the Dark Guild's successor organisation could also be the Kingdom."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Indeed, we're not just a proper army, but a gallery of rogues from the surrounding regions."

Mortimer Icon.png Mortimer: "No shit? Ya could call the Prince the bandit boss in this area."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Prince, hero, bandit boss... Prince-heika is quite the man..."

Irene Icon.png Irene: "Now then, let's quiet down. Their base should be coming into view."

Infiltrate! Dark Organisation

Five Icon.png Five: "——Cheh, that bloody Four, for a guy that won't lend a hand in my work, he has some gall demanding my help only at times like these."

Six Icon.png Six: "That's because we never know where he is. So, let's follow the tradition of the Dark Guild and lend our support."

Five Icon.png Five: "... What? Miss the Dark Guild?"

Six Icon.png Six: "Fufu, perhaps. The executives were all so friendly. Being destroyed from internal conflict makes no sense."

Five Icon.png Five: "No doubt. Now then, all that's left is to clean up here. You also must have another job?"

Six Icon.png Six: "Yeah. Well then, I leave this to you. The Destroy Christmas——no, Blow-up Christmas Project, let's see how it ends..."

(time passes)

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: (Kuh, Blow-up Christmas Project...? Blow-up... What do they intend to blow up!?)

Seven Icon.png Seven: (I knew it wouldn't end at just stealing presents. By blowing it up... Hmm, are they planting explosives?)

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: (... We must put a stop to them. Prince-heika, let's avoid the enemy lookouts and swiftly suppress this base.)

Seven Icon.png Seven: (If the lookouts notice you, they'll strengthen their defences. Take care while you're in the lookout's field of view.)

(If spotted by the lookout)

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png : (Missing Text)

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: (Missing Text)


Five Icon.png Five: "——Again the Kingdom, again the Prince. The head of a country coming to this small criminal organisation, I would've gladly given you a grand reception."

Five: "However, I also have another job. We'll have to save it for another time."

Seven Icon.png Seven: "Kuh, wait, Five!! ... Cheh, he escaped on a boat."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "They've destroyed the other boats. Thanks to this, we can't pursue him..."

Irene Icon.png Irene: "——However, we've obtained an important clue. Prince, this letter."

Prince Icon.png Prince: ".........?"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Can't read it.... Could this be a code...?"

Irene Icon.png Irene: "An old code from the Dark Guild days. That Five, he was still using this."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "I'm not entirely certain I understand. B, but in any case! What's written on it?"

Irene Icon.png Irene: "——The Blow-up Christmas Project. The next stage is an attack on the Snow Country."

Irene: "Prince, it looks like Four is aiming for the toy factory."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "The toy factory again...? Prince, let's quickly head to the Snow Country. To put an end to Four's crime!"

Home Devils

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "——Eehh!? Christmas is that kind of fun holiday!?"

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "Yeah, I also heard about it the other day, I thought it was a really fun holiday!"

Eithne: "But on the other hand, it sounds like a fearsome monster called Santa Claus sneaks into people's homes on Christmas day for some reason...!"

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Really...!? Ahh, but I'm sure the weak-weak Prince will protect us, right? The weak-weak Prince, you see, is actually a strong-strong Prince~♪"

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "Eeh!? Th, that's no good! The project——Ahh, err, never mind!"

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Project? Hmm, but if Eithne-chan says that much, then it must be a really dangerous monster..."

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "Y, yes! It is! So let's quickly fortify this hideout for the sake of the puny-puny Prince!"

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Yoosh, down with Santa Claus! We'll survive Christmas—!"

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: (Uuugh, I'm so sorry... I didn't want to deceive you. But this is the only way we can spend Christmas together!)

Eithne: (After all I've gone through to reunite with you in the human realm. Maou Garius-sama, please let us enjoy a fun holiday together this year!)

(time passes, after traps were deployed)

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "——Umm, this is the fortified house? A mountain of demons and traps are deployed in the area..."

Rovinia Icon.png Rovinia: "Uwaah, it's covered in traps as far as the eye can see. No matter how I look at it, it's the work of an expert."

Mine Icon.png Mine: "But thanks to this, it'll be easy to destroy them. Prince, it'll be best to destroy the traps before deploying our soldiers."

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "I don't understand what Eithne-san is plotting, but we cannot leave those two in such a dangerous place."

Anna NPC Icon 2.png Anna: "Prince, let's quickly capture this building!"


Eithne Icon.png Eithne: (Ahh... They got destroyed... Is our Christmas alone together already over?)

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Ahh, weak-weak Prince! It's dangerous, so stay back! Don't you know Santa is going to attack!?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: ".........?"

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Huh? Umm, it's Christmas, since Santa Claus is going to attack, it'll be dangerous, you know?"

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "E, enough! I lied..."

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Ehh...? No way...? Eithne-chan, why...?"

Thetis Icon.png Thetis: "Fufu, so it's like that? ... Eithne-chan, come here a moment."

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "Thetis-san? Ehh, secret talk?"

Thetis Icon.png Thetis: "*Whisper, whisper*... *Whisper*..."

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "Don't deceive her... Fumu, fumu... Be honest... from the heart..."

Eithne: "U, understood! I'll do my best!"

Eithne: "Ah, umm... Tonight, umm..."

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Hm? What, what?"

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "... W, wanna eat a yummy meal with me!?"

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "Eeh! Sure, of course—! Let's go eat something, OK? Since today's special, let's have something super yummy!"

Anna NPC Icon 3.png Anna: "... Thetis-san, what did you whisper?"

Thetis Icon.png Thetis: "Nothing much, just gave her a little advice. Helping a cute girl in need. That's the natural duty of a knight, is it not?"

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Nod)."

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Is that so...? In any case, I'm glad there wasn't a major incident. Prince, let's also return to base."

Scent of Smoke Melting Snow

Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png Snow Country Soldier: "——Kuh, the west gate has been broken! Are they really bandits!?"

Soldier (Heavy) B Icon.png Snow Country Heavy: "Is this bunch the Dark Organisation from the rumours...? We can't even request reinforcements now that they've surrounded the city. If only we could send a messenger to the Kingdom...!"

Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png Snow Country Soldier: "The country of the next generation's Hero King...? But the Kingdom should be having their hands full in the battle with Tenkai. Them coming all the way out to our city to assist is——"

Soldier (Heavy) B Icon.png Snow Country Heavy: "——N, no, look over there! That banner, it's the one of Kingdom's elite force!"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Everyone from the Snow Country, are you safe!? Starting here, the Kingdom Army will join you!"

Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png Snow Country Soldier: "Ooh... That white and black hair, could you be Heios-dono from the Kingdom Army!"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "——Nay, I am now Santa Heios! A knight that fights to protect the dreams of children!"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "Yes. The Santa Claus clan have requested help of the knights of light and dark for this year's Christmas, which is us."

Soldier (Heavy) B Icon.png Snow Country Heavy: "Ooh, the Santa Claus clan's helpers!? Santa's knights, the enemy is already heading to the toy factory. Be careful!"

Camilla (Christmas) Icon.png Camilla: "According to the intel, it sounds like the Dark Organisation is targeting the toy factory in the Snow Country."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Prince-heika, the Dark Organisation has already infiltrated the city. It would be best to assume they've deployed lookouts."

Santa Heios: "If we're spotted by the lookouts, the enemy will up their resistance. So let's avoid the enemy's patrol route as much as possible and swiftly bring this battle to an end!"


Four Icon.png ???: "Oya, oyaa? Having trouble with something? I thought I ordered you to kill the intruders."

Dark Guild Executive Icon.png Dark Organisation Member: "Four-sama...! No, this is...!"

Four Icon.png Four: "Hahaha! Doesn't matter! One of us will die in the end. I'll also help, so go kill them."

Kanon (Christmas) Icon.png Kanon: "What, this smell... gunpowder...? Prince, there's a heavy scent of gunpowder from those guys. They're packing an unusual load of explosives!"

Duo (Christmas) Icon.png Duo: "If those present boxes are explosives, then... This is not good, then the damage would be more than doubled!"

Four Icon.png Four: "Come! Let's play!! Ha—haa!!"

[Damage received from Four is doubled.]


Four Icon.png Four: "Ha—hahahahahaa!! You defeated me! You murdered my dooooll!!"

Four: "It's been so long since I last dealt with such delightful folks... So I'll delightfully and lavishly kill you! ——There you go, Kabooooooom!!"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "——! Your Majesty, please get away!!"

Alissa (Christmas) Icon.png Alissa: "Wha... A, a suicide bomb...? Prince, Four blew himself up!"

Ryuryu Icon.png Ryuryu: "... Nah, this is different. What blew up is a doll connected by a thin magical thread."

Charlotte (Christmas) Icon.png Charlotte: "Magical thread...? ——You're right! It continues to the toy factory!"

Cypria (Christmas) Icon.png Cypria: "Long distance control? That would explain why no one has seen Four. He's using dolls and giving orders to his underlings."

Kanon (Christmas) Icon.png Kanon: "More importantly, this pile of explosives. The toy factory looks like it's going to be trouble if they just brought this much with them..."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Right... Prince-heika, let's hurry to the toy factory!"

Mass Produced Nightmare

Solano (Christmas) Icon.png Solano: "——Straight out of a nightmare. The toy production line has been replaced by nothing but Four dolls!"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "... I see, the Blow-up Christmas Plan, I thought it was a joke, but——"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "——They're really aiming to gift the children Four dolls."

Bernice (Christmas) Icon.png Bernice: "B, but, the Dark Organisation is after money, right? What purpose does blowing up presents serve...?"

Irene Icon.png Irene: "... Four's motivations are incompatible with the Dark Organisation."

Seven Icon.png Seven: "That guy doesn't take jobs to make a living, but just killed people cause it gave him a thrill... I'm sure it extends to this as well."

Four Icon.png Four: "——I'm troubled you got the wrong idea... Who are you saying kills people just for thrills?"

Four: "I want to see... The strength of people rising up from a burning wreckage of suffering...

Four: "So! Come along! Whilst I enjoy your misery, pain, and death! ——Show me your strength. Ha—haa!!"

Seven Icon.png Seven: "Kuh... Prince, Four is fleeing to the back of the factory!"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Seven, don't pursue him. ——Please look carefully at what's around us."

Seven Icon.png Seven: "Around us... Wha? They've started the conveyor!?"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "So he intends to sick his Four dolls on us. They're harmless while being assembled, but once they're complete, they'll be heading our way."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Looks like we're going to have to somehow clear these things to pursue him. Prince-heika, please give the order for engagement!"

[Four Dolls, while riding the toy factory conveyor, won't attack.]


Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Yosh, this production line has stopped!"

Ethnea Icon.png Ethnea: "... Ahh, aaaaahh!! Weak-weak Prince, bad news! It's horrible!!"

Eithne Icon.png Eithne: "... Hah, r, right! This isn't the only production line!!"

Ertel (Christmas) Icon.png Ertel: "Indeed, there should be a production line at the back of the factory as well. Do you suppose Four went to the back to activate it...?"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "If he is, then we don't have a moment to lose. For the sake of protecting Christmas and the children, let's hurry to the back of the factory!"

A Clown Called Despair

Four Icon.png Four: "Oh, you've arrived awfully quick... Though I thought you would let me listen to more of your screams."

Four: "Hahaha! Whatever! It's been a while since I last seen the end of humans with a will to fight. After all, those who resist make for a better picture than those who bemoan their powerlessness."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Four, your plans end here. To blow-up Christmas, we'll never allow it."

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "Protecting the children's dreams and future is the duty of Santa. We will stop you here."

Four Icon.png Four: "... Heh, children's dreams and future? I also concur, my fair Lady Santa."

Four: "Having dreams and a future is important... Without them, no one could muster the determination to crawl up from the depths of sadness."

Four: "I like that strength of humanity. So that's precisely why I want to take that moment glistening and overflowing with hopes and dreams! And grind it into dust! In a magnificent kaboom!!"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "... Cornelia, no, Santa Cornelia. It looks like our words aren't getting through to him."

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "Aye, Santa Heios. It looks like we have no choice but to draw our swords."

Four Icon.png Four: "How nice, I like strong wills. ——But you'll have to accept your punishment for interfering in my plans."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: ".. The conveyor started moving?"

Four Icon.png Four: "Hahahah! The key to stop the production line is in my belly, got it?"

Four: "A future overflowing with dolls in the Snow Country! If you want to oppose it, then come on, try and kill me, Priiince...!!"

Kanon (Christmas) Icon.png Kanon: "So we won't be able to stop the production line so long as we don't nab the key...?"

Irene Icon.png Irene: "... Prince, I'll handle the dirty work."

Prince Icon.png Prince: "......... (Shake, shake)."

Irene Icon.png Irene: "... Acknowledged. Prince, Four is more skilled than his dolls. Take care."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Prince, let's defeat Four and stop the production line. We're the only ones able to protect Christmas!"

[Once you defeat Four, the dolls won't be produced afterwards.]


Four Icon.png Four: "Haa... Oh, so your defeating Maou was true? Since you're this strong, I already went and prepared a nice tool."

Four: "But the fun has grown! Will a strong human stand even whilst drenched in despair!?"

Four: "Aah, I'm looking forward to it... What shall we——Gigi, play, next——?"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "... Looks like this Four is also a doll."

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "Prince, we halted all the production lines. With this, he won't be able to make Four dolls."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "... We protected Christmas, all's well."

Sarasa Icon.png Sarasa: "Oh my, oh my, all's not well, you know? We have to hurry and make the last batch of toys and deliver presents!"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "Fuh... You're right. Santa Heios, let's go weave the dreams of the children together."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Fufu, yes. For the sake of the children carrying the future!"

Anna NPC Icon 1.png Anna: "Well then, Prince, let us also return to the Kingdom. That was good work on subduing the Dark Organisation here!"


Irene Icon.png Irene: "——Prince, report. Four has completely erased his tracks, and his whereabouts are unknown even in the Dark Organisation."

"... I will continue my investigation. I'll deliver another report as soon as there is development."

"Also, it appears the gifts from Santa have safely reached all the children. Fufu, you must be glad it turned into a wonderful Christmas."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "——Prince-heika! Pardon my intrusion! ... Oops, oya? You're alone?"

"No, I felt a presence of another, but... It looks like it was my imagination."

"Anyways! We've prepared a Christmas party! Everyone from the Kingdom are awaiting the Prince's speech!"

"Come, let's head out to the Christmas party together~♪"

Mock Battle Before Christmas

Buleria (Christmas) Icon.png Bulería: "——A—hh, this snowstorm's going to ruin the Christmas party..."

Floga Icon.png Floga: "This snowstorm is one derived from a magical disturbance, so I believe I could stabilise it for a little while."

Buleria (Christmas) Icon.png Bulería: "Ahh, that's right! Fufu, since it's like that, let's quietly get warmed up till the snowstorm's secured~♪"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Ahh, but there's still people playing outside. ——O—i! The snowstorm's going to get strong, so it's almost time you come inside!"

Kanon (Christmas) Icon.png Kanon: "——C'mon, Persis! Here I come~! Snowball Kaboom!! Kaboom!!"

Percis Icon.png Persis: "Fufu, your wind direction reading is too slow. Here I go. Snowball Cannon——fire!!"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "Huh... They're not listening at all... Everyone! Please hurry and come inside!!"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "Hm... Hm... Santa Heios is shouting something. Let's see... 'Mo'...?"

Ertel (Christmas) Icon.png Ertel: "Errr... 'Ck'... I think... Mock... mock...?"

Yukihime Icon.png Yukihime: "M, mock, hm...? Ahh, I wonder if she's saying we're having a mock battle...?"

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "... H, huh? Huh? Everyone's started preparing for battle!?"

Santa Heios: "Prince-heika, the way things are, a mock battle will start in the snowstorm! We have to hurry and stop everyone!"


Kanon (Christmas) Icon.png Kanon: "You said come inside? Sorry, Heios, I couldn't hear you in the blizzard."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "No, no, we were to have unscheduled snow training, so in the end, everything turned out good. ——Ahh, I'm Santa Heios!"

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "... Hm, Santa Heios, look outside. The snowstorm has started to stop."

Sarasa Icon.png Sarasa: "Fufu, this year has turned into a white Christmas. The children have already started to go out to play."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "... After all, Christmas needs to be like this."

Cornelia (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Cornelia: "Yeah. We protected the city, Christmas, and the children's future."

Heios (Christmas) Icon.png Santa Heios: "And this is only the start! Prince, let's do our best to protect these sorts of fun days, OK~♪"

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