Samurai Swordswoman Iroha drops from the following Event Missions.

  • Event and Mission names in Bold are no longer available.
  • Mission names in italicized Red no longer drop Iroha.
  • Mission names in bolded Green have Iroha as a Completion Reward.
  • Mission names in bolded and italicized Purple have Iroha as a no longer obtainable Completion Reward.
  • All other Missions are repeatable via Revived events or Daily Revivals.
Iroha (Up to Date 07/09/20)
Event Mission Cha Sta
Paula Icon Demon King's Labyrinth A Maze where Darkness Dwells 50 5
Gloria Icon Deadly Sword that Shakes the Earth Red Army 40 3
Yuno Icon Dark Knights and the Targeted Healer Rampaging Soul of Darkness 90 12
Faa Icon The Sealed Monkey Sage Monkey Sage and Hermit 70 6
Sukuha Icon Treasured Sword of Mo Ye Shadows Approaching Beneath the Cliffs 40 4
Meiling Icon Evil Hermit Country's Trap Majin Vepar's Fragment 70 6
Hibari Icon Second Great Youkai War Wandering Fallen Warriors 40 5
Onyx Icon Gold Rush 12 Onibashu of Herculean Strength 30 2
Aoba Icon Youkai Slaying Sniper True Meaning of Samu 50 5
Hakunokami Icon Ancient Dragon's Awakening Kappa's Rainmaking 40 5
Phyllis (Yukata) Icon Prince Army's Summer Festival Water Gun Tournament Preparations 55 7
Sayo Icon Memories of the Battlefield
~Recollection Chapter~
Second Great Youkai War (Memory) 30 2
Lan-Fa Icon Lingering Scent of Flowers that Remember the Deceased Seeking Memories 30 2
Saris Icon Wandering Guardian's Shield Duke's Wicked Schemes 55 7
Mei-Hua Icon Feng Shui Master of the Dragon Vein Roaring Thunder Elegance 80 9
Benibotan Icon Kabuki Princess of the East News from the Hermit World 40 4
Noire Icon Devil-Conquering Avenger Scattered Sealing Crystals 40 5
Candy Icon Magician of the Pumpkin Country Pumpkins' Dangerous Carriage 40 5
Quill Icon Griffin Cavalry Launching Out Proof of Improvised Strength 50 5
Dulphia Icon Heroine from Another World and the Soukaku's Young Lady Abrupt Entrance Search 40 2
Karin Icon The One Chosen by Hakutaku Phantasm Beast's Habitat 50 5
N/a Labyrinth of Evil Spirits XIV Youkai Forbidden 90 0
Maya (Swimsuit) Icon Magician Running on the Sandy Beach Lovely Swimsuit-Clad Devil 40 5
Pirika Icon White Princess and the Mythical Beast's Sword Majin Glasya-Labolas' Fragment 70 6
Houtou Icon Koihime from Another World and the Evil Hermit's Scheme Spear of Burning Justice 30 2
N/a Gold Rush 24 Supreme Youkai Commander's One-on-One Fight 30 2
Mao (Yukata) Icon Ayakashi Tanuki and Yukata Fistfighter Powerful Winds and Swift Thunder Attacking the Village 50 5
Renarde (Halloween) Icon Jungle Halloween Party Group of Jungle Pumpkin Knights 40 5
Katara Icon Warriors of the End Icy Cave 50 5
Suzune Icon Great Ayakashi Tanuki Battle Obligatory Truth 70 8
Shushu (Hot Springs) Icon Kingdom Army's Relaxation Trip
-Hot Springs Edition-
Holiday-Obstructing Youkai 40 4
Leticia Icon Wandering Mercenary and the Evolved Ant Queen Reclaimed Village's Trap 50 5
Finan Icon Devoted Faith, Deprived Will Finan Rescue Operation 55 7
Leora (Swimsuit) Icon Midsummer Joint Training
~With a Giant Crab~
Giant Crab Assault 50 5
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