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Tactician Jerome is a platinum soldier.

Obtained from:


Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min

Jerome Icon.png
Soldier Lv1 868 188 134 0 2 11 8 ATK+30
Call for
Reinforcements III
Lv50 1230 291 200
Lv1 1236 293 201 0 3 14 11 ATK+72
Lv70 1661 383 275
Jerome AW Icon.png
Lv1 1423 362 265 0 3 14 11 Call for
Reinforcements III
↓ ↑
Call for
Reinforcements: Auto

Points Up
Lv90 2197 528 333
Commander Lv1 1423 405 287 0 3 12 9
Lv99 2276 595 366


Name & Effect (edit info)
Call for
Reinforcements III
Generates 15 Unit Points.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged Omni

Chibi Katie
Chibi Lieselotte
Chibi Zenobia
Katie (New Year's)
Lv Reuse
1 39
2 38
3 37
4 36
5 35
  • Unit points granted upon instant of activation.
  • Visual aura effect lasts for two seconds.
  • Reuse Timer starts after visual effect ends.

Skill Awakening[]

Unit Skill Effect Reuse Initial
Jerome AW Icon.png
Normal Call for Reinforcements III Generates 15 Unit Points. 35 17.5
Awakened Call for Reinforcements: Auto Generates 15 Unit Points. Automatic activation. 35 17.5


Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Unit Points Up
(edit info)
While on the active team, initial UP +2.
Jerome AW Icon.png
AW Icon.png

Class Attributes[]

Class Name
(edit info)
Traits/Effects Notes
Junior Soldier Can block up to 2 enemies.
Soldier Chief
Can block up to 3 enemies.
Elite Soldier
Can block up to 3 enemies.
While deployed, all units gain 3% attack and defense, and 3 MR.
  • Cost -2.
  • Small ATK/DEF increase.
  • Multiple instances of the 3% buff WILL NOT stack.
Can block up to 3 enemies.
Each of the following has a 30% chance of occuring:
  • Attack again with no delay.
  • Nullify enemy attack.
  • All status increase.


Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them.[]

0% Who'd have thought I'd be fighting at the front...
15% It's important to save energy for later.
30% Despite appearances, I get the job done.
50% I don't like fighting, but I'm not bad at it.
60% I'm told that I'm no good at reading people's feelings.
80% Victory and defeat are decided before the battle begings.
100% I'm a free spirit, but I'll support you diligently.
Adjutant If you want me to be your aide, I will support your decision wholeheartedly, prince.


Jerome #1 :

"Out of nowhere again... what is it this time?

By way of an answer, you put a filled glass on the table. Message received, Jerome wordlessly takes a seat.

"I never thought I'd be fighting on the front. Are you sure I'm up to it? Seriously..."

Jerome poses his questions in a low, calm voice. He is an understated sort, but his skills are undeniable, even keenly observing his surroundings and devising strategies.

You dare say it was you who assigned him to the front line. You nod in response to his question, and a smile forms on his face.

Maintaining his own world while responding to the battle conditions around him, those around him have been surprisingly trusting of his decisions.

"You know, I hear it a lot - that even in the middle of a bloodbath, I'm able to take in the situation with a cool eye."

On the battlefield, split-second decisions are the difference between life and death. Jerome surely shows no hesitations in such situations. But his expression is now different, somehow showing hints of loneliness.

"Still, I have no choice but to obey direct orders from you. I'll do my duty as you command."

He speaks in his usual way, if with a touch of frivolity. Smiling, he lets out a sigh.

Jerome #2 :

"I may not look it, but I do have feelings. It's just... In my case that's the very reason I can be so cold."

Apparently, Jerome knows the names of almost all the soldiers. He even knows details about each soldier, like which soldier is particularly good at which skills.

"On the battlefield, who should be moved where is important. To move the soldiers around to follow your commands, I've got to know those soldiers, right?"

He doesn't go as far as to say it is easy, but to be honest you would even be hard-pressed to name all of the soldiers.

"You needn't know everything yourself. The leader can just sit back in the fortress with his legs crossed."

"But unfortunately our commander is hot-blooded. So we end up having to cover for him, you know?"

Jerome grins as if he had found something amusing. He just might be the most emotional of them all. Perhaps he simply suppresses his emotions to hide them from view.

When you remark that he might have a rare capacity for leadership, Jerome laughs and shrugs it off.

"Give me a break! I don't have that sort of ability in me. On the contrary, someone being above me is what gives me my freedom. Do I really seem like the type who can take charge?"

"No, I'll use that energy to support you. Just being able to drink good wine like this is enough for me."

No problem, you reply. Jerome responds with a throaty laugh. Emotions that he hid in battle are certainly in full view now.

Class Change Materials[]

Required units (edit units)
Celia Icon.png
Gladys Icon.png
Material 1
Asar Icon.png
Crave Icon.png
Gustav Icon.png
Phyllis Icon.png
Rosalie Icon.png
Material 2
Leeanne Icon.png
Bernard Icon.png
Dwight Icon.png
Danan Icon.png
Material 3
Asar Icon.png
Crave Icon.png
Gustav Icon.png
Phyllis Icon.png
Rosalie Icon.png

Awakening Materials[]

Required units (edit info)
Victoire Icon.png
Onyx Icon.png
Material 1
Asar Icon.png
Crave Icon.png
Gustav Icon.png
Phyllis Icon.png
Rosalie Icon.png
Aria Icon.png
Julian Icon.png
Katie Icon.png
Phyllis (Yukata) Icon.png
Abby Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 2
Cecily Icon.png
Harissa Icon.png
Ballad Icon.png
Betty Icon.png
Cuterie Icon.png
Viktor Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 3
Eunice Icon.png
Mortimer Icon.png
Conrad Icon.png
Leaf Icon.png
Mortimer (April Fools') Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
(edit info) Money Orbs
Platinum 200,000G 2 x Soldier Chief orb


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