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Commander Julian is a gold soldier.

Obtained from:


Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min

Julian Icon.png
Soldier Lv1 798 182 118 0 2 10 7 HP+137 Call for
Reinforcements III
Lv50 1130 282 176
Lv1 1136 283 177 0 3 13 10 HP+330
Lv60 1469 359 233
Julian AW Icon.png
Lv1 1307 350 233 0 3 13 10 Call for
Reinforcements III
↓ ↑
Call for
Reinforcements: Auto

Certain Death
Lv80 1939 493 285
Warrior Lv1 1535 470 340 0 3 13 10
Lv99 2373 660 421


Name & Effect (edit info)
Call for
Reinforcements III
Generates 15 Unit Points.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged Omni

Chibi Katie
Chibi Lieselotte
Chibi Zenobia
Katie (New Year's)
Lv Reuse
1 39
2 38
3 37
4 36
5 35
  • Unit points granted upon instant of activation.
  • Visual aura effect lasts for two seconds.
  • Reuse Timer starts after visual effect ends.

Skill Awakening[]

Unit Skill Effect Reuse Initial
Julian AW Icon.png
Normal Call for Reinforcements III Generates 15 Unit Points. 35 23.3
Awakened Call for Reinforcements: Auto Generates 15 Unit Points. Automatic activation. 35 23.3


Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Certain Death Strike
(edit info)
20% chance to increase Attack by 1.9x.
Danan Icon.png
Ballad Icon.png
Calliope Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Julian AW Icon.png
Garrett AW Icon.png
Leaf AW Icon.png
AW Icon.pngAW Icon.pngAW Icon.png
Dorothy AW Icon.png
Chibi Cornelia Icon.png
Chibi Ibuki Icon.png
AW Icon.png
Karina AW Icon.png
Nendoroid Sybilla Icon.png
Meiling AW Icon.png
AW Icon.pngAW Icon.png
Liddy AW Icon.png
Rikka AW Icon.png
Ralph AW Icon.png
AW Icon.pngAW Icon.pngAW Icon.png
Sybilla Icon.png
Cornelia Icon.png
Ibuki Icon.png

Class Attributes[]

Class Name
(edit info)
Traits/Effects Notes
Junior Soldier Can block up to 2 enemies.
Soldier Chief
Can block up to 3 enemies.
Elite Soldier
Can block up to 3 enemies.
While deployed, all units gain 3% attack and defense, and 3 MR.
  • Cost -2.
  • Small ATK/DEF increase.
  • Multiple instances of the 3% buff WILL NOT stack.
Can block up to 3 enemies.
Each of the following has a 30% chance of occuring:
  • Attack again with no delay.
  • Nullify enemy attack.
  • All status increase.


Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them.[]

0% At last, a chance to show my skills.
15% Sustaining the front lines is the duty of us soldiers.
30% You were right to pick me.
50% Leading the fight is what it means to be soldier chief.
60% Will is critical.
80% Only you can put an end to this conflict.
100% I'll wield my sword as long as your will does not waver.
Adjutant Prince, I will follow your orders wherever I go.

All-Age Conversation Scenes[]

Julian #2 :

"...Why did I become a soldier?"

In the silence, Julian repeats the question.

"At first it was because my sword skills were so good, but now that this war has started, my sword is for defending this country."

Julian continues talking slowly and deliberately.

"I am a soldier. I am a sword and a shield for the country. I now see that the most important thing to a soldier isn't his sword skills, it's his his will to give his life fighting for his country."

Julian's eyes suddenly grow serious as he peers into his glass. He suddenly smiles, but with a hint of sorrow.

"To fight in battle, when you don't know when it will end, you don't know if you're going to die, takes extraordinary emotional strength."

Julian is speaking for himself, but might just as easily be speaking for all soldiers. It seems as though, as a soldier at least, he is cursing his lot in life.

Julian #2 :

"You asked me why I became a soldier, right? There's something I want to ask you too, Prince. What is your unwavering commitment to this country?"

Julian asks his question with the same fixed stare as he had last time.

"I told you before, right? 'To fight in battle, when you don't know when it will end, you don't know if your'e going to die, takes extraordinary emotional strength.' There are all kinds of fighters here, fighting for all kinds of reasons."

"Above me - no, us - with all our different motives, stands you, my Prince. I don't follow anyone not capable of shouldering that burden."

It's curious that he says this. Perhaps after talking with you face to face a few times, a firm commitment presented itself to him too.

He waits steadfastly for your reply, and you answered as Prince but also as another soldier fighting for your country.

"...If that's your answer then I'll fight to the end, till I die. As long as your will doesn't waver I'll wield my sword for you."

As he speaks his words, his eyes seem to be filled anew with determination.

Class Change Materials[]

Required units (edit units)
Nina Icon.png
Gladys Icon.png
Material 1
Soldier (Unit) A Icon.png
Soldier (Unit) B Icon.png
Desert Soldier Icon.png
Material 2
Soldier (Heavy) A Icon.png
Soldier (Heavy) B Icon.png
Material 3
Asar Icon.png
Crave Icon.png
Gustav Icon.png
Phyllis Icon.png
Rosalie Icon.png

Awakening Materials[]

Required units (edit info)
Victoire Icon.png
Onyx Icon.png
Material 1
Asar Icon.png
Crave Icon.png
Gustav Icon.png
Phyllis Icon.png
Rosalie Icon.png
Aria Icon.png
Julian Icon.png
Katie Icon.png
Phyllis (Yukata) Icon.png
Abby Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 2
Cecily Icon.png
Harissa Icon.png
Ballad Icon.png
Betty Icon.png
Cuterie Icon.png
Viktor Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 3
Eunice Icon.png
Mortimer Icon.png
Conrad Icon.png
Leaf Icon.png
Mortimer (April Fools') Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
(edit info) Money Orbs
Gold 100,000G 1 x Soldier Chief orb


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