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Nine-Tailed Fox Kayou is a black youko.

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Rarity Icon Class Initial HP ATK DEF MR Block Cost AFF Bonus Skill Ability
Faction Max Range Max Min

Kayou Icon.png
Youko Lv1 1053 249 132 20 2 16 13 HP+495
Nine-Tailed Fox
Lv80 1563 431 232
Kayou AW Icon.png
Tenko Lv1 1430 393 213 10 2 15 12 HP+450
↓ ↑
Soul Sacrifice

Lv99 2208 546 343

Lv1 2051 449 331 10 2 15 12
Lv99 2898 630 502

Okitsune-sama Lv1 1775 619 239 10 2 15 12
Lv99 2553 840 370


Name & Effect (edit info)
For X seconds, HP, attack,
and defense increase by 2.0x.
Units with Same Skill
(hover) Melee Ranged Omni

Chibi Kayou
Chibi Kyuubi
Inari 5☆
Tamamo 7☆
X Reuse
25 24
28 23
30 22

Skill Awakening[]

Unit Skill Effect Reuse Initial
Kayou AW Icon.png
Normal Youko Awakening For 30 seconds, HP, attack, and defense increase by 2.0x. 22 1
Awakened Soul Sacrifice Ceremony Reduces the current HP of all allies and enemies by 20%. After use, skill changes to Flame Burst. 10 5
Flame Burst For 30 seconds, attack and defense increase by 2.0x. Attack up to 5 enemies in range (360) simultaneously. Attacks ignore defense. After use, skill changes to Soul Sacrifice Ceremony. 30 N/A


Ability Name Effect Units Notes
Nine-Tailed Fox
(edit info)
Deployment Cost +1; HP, Attack, and Defense +10%, Magic Resistance +10.
Chibi Kayou Icon.png
Chibi Kyuubi Icon.png
Kayou Icon.png
Kyuubi Icon.png
  • Boosted stats already displayed in unit's status.
  • The resulting number was truncated after the decimal point.

Golden Nine-Tails
(edit info)
While on the active team, all allied Youkai gain 12% HP, Attack, and Defense, +10 MR, and Cost +1.
Kayou AW Icon.png
AW Icon.png
  • Result calculated before sortie (truncates after the decimal point).
  • Stacks with Abilities of a different name (adds 12% to the boost rate).

Class Attributes[]

Class Name
(edit info)
Traits/Effects Notes
50% chance to evade enemy physical attacks.
Can attack all blocked enemies.
Every attack restores 2% of maximum HP.
  • Can block up to 2 enemies.
70% chance to evade enemy physical attacks.
Can attack all blocked enemies.
Every attack restores 2% of maximum HP.
Gorgeous Youko
80% chance to evade enemy physical attacks.
Can attack all blocked enemies.
Every attack restores 3% of maximum HP.
While deployed, allied Youkai gain 50% reduced skill cooldown time.
  • Large HP/DEF increase, medium ATK increase.
80% chance to evade enemy physical attacks.
Can attack all blocked enemies.
Every attack restores 5% of maximum HP.
40% chance to increase attack by 1.5x.
  • Large ATK increase, small HP/DEF increase.


Quotes - highlight the pink lines to see them.[]

0% We has't ample time. Doth keepeth us entertained, eh?
15% We detest boredom. We have lived for millennia, after all.
30% Astonishingly, human men aren't yond lacking valor.
50% Can thee draweth out our own full power, we wonder?
60% We has't never did imagine yond one person, much less a human sir, couldst interest me this much.
80% We has't hath lived a much longeth'r life, but anon both mine own heart and mine own corse art yours alone.
100% We shall have thee payeth dearly for making me falleth in loveth with thee, well now?
Adjutant There is nothing here to spendeth time with. Couldst thee hie up and giveth us orders?


30% Nude, missionary, suckling
100% Standing doggystyle, stretching anus
Quest Partially Clothed, Breasts Exposed, Cowgirl, Hands Holding

All-Age Conversation Scenes[]

Translated by Petite Soeur @ ulmf)

Kayou #1:

Kayou: "Hoh. Why am I your ally...?"
When I asked for her reason, she responded like she found something amusing.
Kayou: "Why? I changed into a human, and was wandering about, but when you've lived as long as I have, things'll start to get boring."
Kayou: "At that time, I heard the rumors about you. I thought you sounded interesting. Enough to pass a little time."
Smiling wryly at her carefree answer, Kayou stares at me.
Kayou: "Yes, but seeing the real thing certainly made me come to like you further. Rest easy. I'll clear away the enemy neat and tidy."
Kayou: "I'll defeat all those regarded as enemies."
That instant, a cold shiver ran down my spine. I was at a loss for words from that chilling atmosphere—her killing intent.
When I stood there silent at the killing intent that could hardly be concealed, she laughed with a chortle.
Kayou: "Kuhahah! I'm not going to eat you. However, I joined you."
Kayou: "As such, there'll be trouble if you fail to amuse me."
While twirling the pipe around in her hand, she laughed as she let out a purr.

Kayou #2:

Kayou: "About my past...?"
When I asked that, she withdrew her gaze slightly.
Kayou: "In the old days, I was working some mischief in the human world. I received the brunt of hostility from the humans."
Kayou: "I didn't particularly care all that much, but I got careless one day, and was sealed by a human."
With a bored expression, she started to tell me the rest as she groomed her tail.
Kayou: "I don't know why, but I am now currently split into another existence like this."
Kayou: "I don't understand the reason it happened, but—well—I'm living freely as I am."
As soon as I asked what kind of person was the one who sealed a Youko of her caliber, her hands stopped.
Kayou: "That's... a secret."
Like a child that enjoys mischief, she smiled at me with a grin.
Did she guess that I felt pent-up emotions in my heart? Kayou exploded into laughter.
Kayou: "Kuhahah! Don't worry. I see no one but you now."
She approached me, and then pointed a finger at my chest.
Kayou: "The sin for captivating me is heavy, you know? Prince-dono."
When I didn't say anything to that bewitching smile, she narrowed her eyes like she enjoyed it.

Awakening Materials[]

Required units (edit info)
Victoire Icon.png
Onyx Icon.png
Material 1
Elaine Icon.png
Mischa Icon.png
Tigre Icon.png
Carrie Icon.png
Elaine (Swimsuit) Icon.png
Mischa (School) Icon.png
Meer Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 2
Sanosuke Icon.png
Iroha Icon.png
Chizuru Icon.png
Kojuurou Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
Material 3
Saizou Icon.png
Kagerou Icon.png
Hien Icon.png
Kaname Icon.png
CC Icon.pngCC Icon.png
(edit info) Money Orbs
Black 300,000G 3 x Master Monk orb & 3 x Samurai Master orb


A Youko is a type of youkai with the characteristics of a fox.

In the story told by Hokusai, formed in the Edo period, the nine-tail fox first appeared in China and possessed Daji, concubine of Shang dynasty's last ruler King Zhou. She enchanted the king and brought upon a reign of terror that led to a rebellion that ended the Shang dynasty. The fox spirit fled to Magadha of Tianzhu (ancient India) and became Lady Kayō (華陽夫人), concubine of the crown prince Banzoku (班足太子; based on Indian tales of Kalmashapada the man-eater), causing him to cut off the heads of 1000 men. It was then defeated again, and fled the country. Around 780 BC, the same fox returned to China was said to have possessed Bao Si, concubine of the Zhou dynasty King You. It was again chased away by human military forces.

The fox stayed quiet for some period. Then she appeared in Japan as Tamamo-no-Mae, the most favoured courtesan of Emperor Toba.


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